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Desolate was the land as of this moment. Not a sound could be heard in this land at the moment. The power just witnessed seemed to blow away nature itself. This silence was interrupted by the presence that had arrived.

Blue eyes opened and peered around him to see the aforementioned land .Getting up from the floor he was just unconscious on, he peered around and came to a valid conclusion of his surroundings. He had no way of finding out both where he was or how he had gotten there. He was for all intents and purposes…Lost.

"Hello?" He asked out loud; only to hear the echoing effect of his vocals reverberate off… the…walls?

How was that possible? All he could see was grass and field and the night sky. Did that mean he was in a room? If that was the case, then someone had to be watching him; which also meant he was either captured or placed here on purpose. He thought all of that in less than thirty seconds; his analytic mind again showing why he was considered a legend.

"Minato Namikaze!" A voice suddenly called out. It was not the voice that scared him. He was a Shinobi, trained to detect minuscule movements and move at a moment's notice. It was the fact that the man was directly above him floating in the air was what scared him.

The man was old, which was apparent from his long white beard and huge cane, small beady red eyes and long eyebrows. Scars were prevalent on his head, with a pair of long perpendicular scars above his right eye, making it obvious this man had seen some battles. His outfit looked rather familiar to Minato. Especially the black hakama, and shitagi.

"Who are you?" Minato asked the elderly man. The man stared at the blonde haired Shinobi in front of him before replying.

"Some call me General Shigekuni Yamamoto. Some call me old man (to which Minato sweat dropped) but you have called me. I have responded, as such, you are now here,"It took Minato a few seconds to comprehend just what the man had said. His eyes widened.

The Kyuubi! Through the usage of seals, Minato Namikaze called up the Shinigami to seal the demon into his newborn son, condemning him to be the Jinchuuriki without his say in it, saving his village of Konoha and giving up his life as fourth Hokage, why was he… here?

"I have to return, the Kyuubi…"

"Has been taken care of," interrupted the Shinigami calmly.

"What?" Minato asked in shock.

"You have no idea how essential your boy is to that world. But I do. As such, I have granted specific power's to him and him alone, he will need as much as he can get for the trials ahead," Yamamoto stated.

"I…" Minato was speechless.

However, the Shinigami was not finished speaking. "More importantly, I cannot in good conscious take your soul, especially with the knowledge of your achievements and power as a human. With that being said…" Yamamoto did something others would never believe. He smiled.

"What do you know of the Shinigami?"

(Sometime later- Hokage Tower – Conference Room – 3AM)

The council was in an uproar.

Emotions were blatantly apparent on the faces of the people who organized and maintained the village of Konoha as the commotion was heard all throughout the tower. Nobody was quiet and for good reason. How could you be quiet at a time like this?

Despite all of the chaos within the room, there were people who were patiently waiting out the chaos currently occurring and waiting for the leader to enter. The recent events have definitely caused a lot of silence and shouting.

The nine-tailed demon, Kyuubi, being released from Kushina, the death of the Fourth Hokage, and the sudden disappearance of the Yondaime's body and the Kyuubi. Finally, the newborn child found in the arms of his still breathing mother, Kushina Uzumaki, seemingly in a coma, in the middle of a forest outside of Konoha's walls.

The door opened, and like a mysteriously powerful jutsu being set, the room was silent.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, newly re-instated Sandaime Hokage, entered into the room. Swiftly applying a silencing seal, Hiruzen made his way towards the seat of the Hokage. Sitting down, Hiruzen breathed in softly before releasing his breath. After a pregnant silence he gave birth to words.

"A lot has happened in the past few hours…" Hiruzen closed his eyes and was silent again. The members in the room unable to say a word, each person would not forget the weary and tired look of the elderly 'God of Shinobi,' as he took a moment of silence to gather his thoughts.

"Now I am Hokage again…"At this his eyes snapped open. An emphatically powerful feeling of confidence, power and control took over the room and the occupants, civilians and Shinobi alike knew that without a doubt…

The God of Shinobi… was back.

"To make things clear, Minato and Kushina had planned a seal called the Shiki Fujin, which is an SS-ranked sealing Jutsu is created by the Uzumaki Clan. I cannot go into the full usages of this technique out of respect for the Uzumaki Clan, but to make a long story short, the Kyuubi was to be sealed into their son, Naruto, to save the village from further destruction and making the boy the next Jinchuuriki."

The civilians, not aware of the techniques that ninja did most of the time, were about to yell for the murder of the child to rid the demon. But the eyes of Hiruzen silenced them abruptly.

"This did not happen."

The confused faces of the council, Shinobi and civilian prompted Hiruzen to continue.

"Minato-san has sealed half of the Chakra of the Kyuubi into an Uzumaki sword with unknown properties. The sword is currently sealed up in a location I will not reveal to you. Minato split the other half of the Kyuubi's power within Naruto . The goal is that when Naruto gains control of the power within him, he will be able to access the second half of his Chakra." Hiruzen stated calmly.

That sentence alone put shock upon the faces of many. Half of the power of the Kyuubi was now in a sword that only one can wield? Thoughts of gaining the boy's power by choosing to adopt the boy began rising like well-watered plants in the minds of the power hungry within the room while humble wishes of helping the boy attain full mastery of his sword were the thoughts of the selfless ninja of Konoha.

Undeterred, Hiruzen continued.

"No one must know of this. As such, we will tell the entire village that the Hokage did defeat the Kyuubi. This is a SS-Class secret and if word gets out…no… the word will not get out. Because if one person who was not in this room finds out; or someone I gave no permission to gain such information comes across this. I will not kill that person… I will murder every inhabitant in this room. Do NOT test my patience," Snapped Hiruzen as more intent permeated the room and again put the Shinobi and civilian alike at a loss of breath.

Sarutobi continued as if talking about the weather.

"As for Kushina Uzumaki, she is in a coma with no news as to when she will awake. As such, Naruto will be under the care of Hatake Kakashi, I want the strongest member of each clan providing protection for the two, as I am sure Kakashi can take care of himself, I have learned to always be extra careful. Let me make one thing clear… if something happens to Naruto…"

Hiruzen glared. An oppressive magnitude of killer intent began permeating the room, making the occupants shake and sweat to build around the heads of the clans and civilians. There was no mistaken that Hiruzen was not playing with this statement.

"Something will happen to you. For now, let me hear the damage report and the funding it will take to repair my village… Nara, tell me…"

(Hours later)

Hiruzen finally dismissed the council as he had a lot of things to think about.

Such as the dream he had dreamt this morning.

What a vivid account of how the future would have looked like if things went on without any interference. Destruction as a result of mistrust, anger and fear. These feelings can motivate the human mind to act so harshly upon one another. Such acts were saddening to Hiruzen as he watched the crumbling of the entire Shinobi world. Dream or not, Hiruzen was determined to bring change to Konoha. No more would he let affairs slide like this.

Pulling out a scroll, Hiruzen began writing down things that needed to be done tonight, and what had to be done in the upcoming future. Snapping his fingers two times, two squads of ANBU was at his desk ready for orders.

"Unit A. You are to track down Senju Tsunade and give her this letter. If she does not obey, you are to use force. I have written down another set of instructions on how to get her here if she uses force, read and enact ONLY if she begins to rebel. You are dismissed!"

Unit A dispersed to carry out their orders as accurately as possible.

"Unit B, same for Jiraiya. You are dismissed!"

As the team disappeared, Hiruzen buzzed his receptionist. As she opened the door, Hiruzen stood up slowly and tossed her a scroll.

"Give this to my scientist; it is time he comes back."The receptionist shakily caught the scroll and left in a daze. If HE was coming back, the situation must really be serious. Hiruzen sighed in exhaustion. It was time to sleep. In the morning, things will continue to be changed. But Konoha was not built in a day. As such, the changes could not be done in one day either.

(Next Morning- Chunnin Exam Stadium)

Hiruzen Sarutobi stood in the middle of the field with his hands behind his back. He had conducted a meeting with the people in this arena. They were the teachers at the Academy. These were extremely vital people to the development of his ninja and ninja to be. These people were heavily relied on to shape the future of Konoha and as such, their jobs must be treated with the upmost importance.

"We are making changes to the curriculum of the Academy. I have done some research into the lessons and class activity and in all honesty, it disappoints me to see how low we as a village have dropped in terms of standards. The Academy is a place where we bring in children, of civilian families and of ninja clan, and develop them into loyal members of the village, they will grow to become soldiers, and the bar has seemed to lower with our complacent views seeing as how war is no longer among us…however,"

Sarutobi stopped the pacing he was doing and faced the ninja in the stadium. "We are ALWAYS at war. Even when it seems we are not." Sarutobi finally sat down in the chair provided to him and crossed his fingers.

"So we are going to change it. If you have ideas, plan them, you have one month. We will meet again; when we meet there will be a discussion about what changes should be made. Seeing as how school will begin soon, there is no room for error, am I understood?" asked the Hokage.

"HAI!" chorused the chosen Shinobi and Kunoichi alike.

"You are dismissed!" Hiruzen said sharply as the group disassembled. After a while, Hiruzen went into his robe and retrieved two scrolls. With the snap of his finger, another ANBU squad unit was at his desk.

"I am giving you this mission to deliver this message to Suna. After that you are to await further instructions from the Kage. With the completion of this delivery, you will then deliver this to the Fire Lord, it is time we address an issue that has been affecting the way my Konoha has been run," Said Hiruzen. After the group dismissed, Hiruzen got up. Creating a shadow clone to take care of his office and daily affairs, he made his way to the clan house. It was time the old bones of this Kage got a second wind.

(Hatake Clan residence)

Kakashi was a simple man. He loved his Icha Icha and he loved his ANBU missions, he loved training with Rin and visiting the Memorial Stone. But what he did not love at the moment was this assignment. This assignment was anything but simple. The reason was simple. But not a good simple. The boy simply just would not… STOP CRYING!

"Is there a way to put a Genjutsu on this kid to make it silent?" Asked an exasperated Kakashi to Rin, who was currently smirking at Kakashi's predicament. "Of course not, why would you even think of doing such a thing? Give him to me," said Rin who, the minute she received the boy, whispered soothing sounds into the baby's ear, quieting him instantly.

Kakashi looked at the woman with a blank stare before taking his hand and face palming slowly. "Only a woman can ease a baby of its crying… How troublesome,"

"What can I say Kakashi? You may be a genius in Shinobi arts, but sometimes the simplest things can stump the smartest on earth, isn't that right little wittle Naru-kun," said Rin playfully to the kid.

"It's going to be a long couple of years…" Kakashi mumbled as he and Rin were assigned to watch the boy until Kushina awoke from her coma. Indeed it would be. Not just for Kakashi and Rin, but for Konoha, and the entire Shinobi world itself.

(One Week Later)

Sarutobi sat down calmly watching the two in front of him. After years and years, the three of them have finally come to sit amongst one another, which was very detrimental to the development and wellbeing of Konoha and its future endeavors.

But it was this decision that would change the way things ran forever.

"Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane; I suppose you are wondering why I have asked for you two to come to my office at this time and during such tumultuous times. The reason is simple; but before I tell you, I hope you know that as my good friends and fellow teammates, I do hope that you see my reasoning and allow me to explain further. But to cut to the chase…" Hiruzen placed two papers on the desk and slid it towards them. The letters on the papers made the eyes of Homura rise and a gasp to exit Koharu's lips.

"I am relieving you both of your positions as my advisor and giving you the new assignment of being political overseers for the new lessons I am creating for my Shinobi."