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Naruto sighed at his predicament. After Yugito released him and made her way to the front of the room he picked himself up and brushed the dirt off his shoulders. All his cool points just went out the window… not to mention being told that the Hokage had promoted her last night after she went to the tower. But that was expected anyway, she was a temporary teammate as Sakura had to take an extra pre-requisite class alongside Ino to cure them of their 'Fan-girl tendencies.' Their teacher was the illustrious Anko Mitarashi, who, from what he had heard, was also a part of the first exam. So then, that would mean she would be arriving…


The door on the other side crashed open, smoke hiding everything from view and after a few seconds of eerie silence, in strolled in the person he was just talking about. She always liked flashy entrances. Naruto graded this entrance a casual five in his head.

Anko Mitarashi…creepy grin plastered on her face wearing…

A Jounin standard outfit? Oh, she looked amazing with it on...standard ninja shoes with white bandages wrapping her ankle, navy blue ninja slacks, kunai thigh holsters, white shirt under a Jounin vest and her usual trench coat over that... but, look at her figure...she was a Goddess!

Naruto's eyes went as wide as dinner plates and his mouth touched the floor. Dare he say it, he was...besides drooling, he was stunned, and along with anyone else that knew her, immensely surprised. What had caused her to change her entire outfit?

"Greetings Gaki's… I am your second Proctor for this first exam… Anko Mitarashi..."

"And I am your third…" said a male voice. From out the smoke came the one person Naruto was a bit afraid of when training with him.

Kabuto Yakushi came in, creepy grin also on his face, standard Jounin outfit on, except he had on black slacks and a medical ninja pouch on his waist and his glasses shined under the light in a weird glint.

"I am Kabuto Yakushi. Now that your proctor's are all here, we will be beginning the exam. However, this is a two part exam wrapped in one. This first one is an information extraction mission. Behind us are doors with your team on it. One representative will be sent in to get the information while the rest of you will be sitting here. You have five minutes to decide who shall be going in," said Kabuto as he gestured to the doors with his head.

The teams broke into small groups to decide who would be taking this exam. Naruto smiled as he began speaking, already knowing what this 'mission' was about.

"Mind if I take this one?" Naruto asked. Sasuke soon nodded with Sakura talking a bit about strategy and what to expect, Naruto made his way up towards the door and proctors with the rest of the assembled group.

"Now, the information you have will be on the door, read it intently and make sure they do not know where you got the information from. Put the paper back in the slot on the door and then enter the room," Said Yugito.

"And good luck!" Said Anko with a scary grin. They soon began laughing in a crazy fashion while leading the selected Genin into the area with the rooms. Naruto came up to his door, read the information carefully and nodded his head. Entering the room, he instantly knew something was wrong as he felt all the chakra he had instantly drain out of him, which was saying a lot, and then the room he was in began spinning.

"I figured they didn't tell us everything…" was Naruto's last words before he blacked out.

Ice cold water splashed all over Naruto's face. He sprung up in shock and surprise and began spluttering and shaking his head to get the water off of him and shake the cobwebs out. That was when he realized about three things.

He was chained up to a wall

He was staring at a rather cute, but angry Kunoichi with… an Iwa headband? Hmm… that was a huge cause for concern as Konoha and Iwa were not as peachy as they could be when it came to things like this. And finally:

His weapons and clothing were gone…leaving him in his green boxers… with the orange and blue frogs all over them.

Naruto grinned and blushed.

"Whoops… wrong boxers to have on today it seems… so, what's the scoop Iwa-kun?" said Naruto in an relaxed tone as if discussing what he had for breakfast...( He'd say ramen but it was really three apples).

The kunoichi growled before cocking her arm back and with the force of a sledgehammer, slugged him across the face.

Naruto's face went to the right in a swift motion and his body almost went with it, he was silent for a few seconds before slowly turning back towards her with a grin on his face, the bruise healing before her eyes.

"You pack quite a punch, I like that in my woman…" said Naruto with a flirtatious tone, blood dripping out of his mouth.

"TELL ME THE INFORMATION! WHERE IS THE SCROLL?" The Iwa Kunoichi screamed in his face.

Naruto smiled, he knew what would happen for saying this but so what? He had to represent for the Club of Extraordinary Nin...or C.E.N.

"It is located…" Naruto stalled to draw her in slowly. Now he would tell her.

"In my boxers; do you want to get it? I must warn you though cutie; it's quite a BIG scroll,"

Needless to say, he received another punch to the face.

"Answer me or die. Give me the information I need?" said the Kunoichi as she wrapped her hand around his neck and began squeezing for life.

Naruto sighed despite losing oxygen.

"I don't know..."

Naruto started to see the room waiver and seen something else that caught his attention. He inwardly smirked before finishing his sentence.

"What you're talking about…Cutie,"

The kunoichi growled again before suddenly smiling.

"So be it, I didn't want to use this but it seems I will in order to get the information I need." The woman made her way to a briefcase,humming an unknown tune before opening it. When she opened it, with the audible *click*, she pulled out a leather whip with sharp spikes attached to the ends.

Naruto looked at her with a blank face.

"You're kinky too? Did not know Iwa got down with the S & M method of torture. Just my day… now, do be gentle with that…maybe I can take you out on a date after wards… how does dinner and a movie sound?" said Naruto with a smirk.

She smiled as well.

The whip cracked across his chest, eliciting a growl of pain…

"I take that as a no then?" Naruto mumbled out.

(Two Hours Later)

Blood was on the floor and two people were panting in exhaustion and pain.

"Why won't you... tell me the information?" The Kunoichi panted between breaths. She had been hitting him with everything in the briefcase, freezing cold water with ice cubes in them would be splashed on his body before another application of more whips with pointy sharp objects, cutting the small insides of his hands with kunai and countless sharp objects and many other forms of torture.

Naruto smirked as if he was unaffected.

"That my sweet… is simple…" The bloodied up Naruto dissolved into mud. In a blur, the Kunoichi was pinned on the table with a fully dressed Naruto on top of her, pinning her hands to the table. After a few seconds of shocked silence on her behalf, she finally asked how he had got out of the trap.

"I switched places with a water clone using the water on the floor then switched places with a mud clone when you were getting the whip. You were so focused on abusing me, you never noticed me get dressed and sit down on your chair, sipping your tea in the process. Jasmine tea is a pretty good choice might I add…now…"

Naruto suddenly turned serious and murderous intent spilled out of him as he looked at the red haired, brown eyes kunoichi he was currently on top of.

"I need to get to the next objective in this exam. It is pretty obvious that if I give you the information, my team would fail. I get the exam. You didn't tell us everything about this 'mission' because that's what usually happens on missions; missed information. Also, when enemy Shinobi or Kunoichi are captured, they are tortured until they give up the information, a sign of betrayal to one's village. Now, about that date…" Said Naruto, before the room blurred and Naruto found himself on the floor.

"You pass," Said an unknown Chunnin standing at the door. Naruto looked around to see that he was in a Genjutsu just then…which meant…

"So, that Kunoichi wasn't real?" asked Naruto suddenly. The Chunnin sweat dropped.

"No, it was a Genjutsu set up by a Kurama Clan member," Said the Chunnin. Naruto nodded his head.

"Yakumo?" asked Naruto suddenly. He had met the girl when he was in the academy and helped in the extraction of the inner demon she possessed. He then took her out on a date. She really loved the countryside and chatting. Too bad she didn't like him…

Didn't stop him from flirting with her whenever he could though. So she would probably do something like this. Naruto then wondered what did everyone else got.

"Correct. Congratulations on the pass, you may make your way back to the classroom for the next examination," The Chunin said to Naruto.

Naruto whistled as he left, hands in his pocket.

"Piece of cake this examination,"

Naruto made his way outside to see he wasn't the only one who passed.

"Ahh, Temari-Chan, Hinata-Chan, you passed too eh?" said Naruto as he walked up to them as they were walking back to their teams.

"Fate determined that I would pass this part with ease," Said Hinata as she made her way away from the two and towards her team.

Temari smiled at the girl as she walked to the team.

"Tough crowd eh Naruto-kun?" Temari said, she soon chuckled watching Naruto crouch low with a ghost-like figure coming out his mouth and wailing.

"Hinata-hime is so cold to me…" he mumbled.

Temari sweat dropped before walking away. Naruto was so animated sometimes…pun intended.

Naruto's soul went back in his mouth as his new team walked over.

"How was the exam?" asked Sasuke, eyeing Naruto's still black eye from Itachi a week ago with a small smirk on his face.

"Easy as cake… I hope you two played safe, kissing during the exams is not cool," said Naruto with a smirk, eyeing Sasuke's many kiss marks.

"Shut up… the examiners are calling us over, let's go," Said Sasuke, making his way to the crowd surrounding the examiners.

As Naruto passed by, Sakura came to his side.

"So I heard about what happened with Itachi," said Sakura in a somber tone.

"Yeah… it's tough…" Naruto replied, touching his eyes. The two were silent before a snort was heard, before another. The two simultaneously busted out laughter after a few seconds, with Naruto peeling off the 'black eye' and putting it over Sakura's left eye.

"The eye healed the minute I left his premises, it's just really funny seeing his mother fuss over it," said Naruto to Sakura.

"I figured so; you always were known to heal fast. But let's get over to the examiners before we miss the next exam," said Sakura.

As they made their way over to the double doors on the other side of the door Naruto came in, the examiners waited for two minutes before talking.

"Congratulations on passing the first part of the first exam. The next part will be taking part shortly, if your teammate has not made it back out of the doors, you are hereby disqualified from taking part in the next exam," said Anko, watching some of the group grumble and walk off. Yugito then spoke.

"To the rest that has made it, the second part of this exam is behind these doors, good luck…"

"And think before you act," Said Kabuto with a smirk. They all disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Seconds later, the door came crashing open and in rolled in Morino Ibiki with a murderous look in his eyes.

"This is the next exam, walk to your assigned seats and sit down for further instructions," Ibiki said before turning around.

"Didn't even say his name…how rude of him," whispered Naruto with a smirk. He knew of Ibiki but never met him, in all honesty, he was a bit afraid of the man and his detection skills, but that was to be expected when you were one of the heads of the Interrogation Department.

As Naruto sat down, he realized who he was sitting next to and sighed.

"Of all people on earth to sit next to, they put me next to a guy that wears eyeliner and fights in my shadow," said Naruto loudly as Gaara sat down with a calm expression on his face.

"Your mother," Was his curt reply. Naruto got a perverted grin.

No one could out talk Naruto when it came to mothers, as Gaara was soon about to learn.

"What did you say?" Naruto asked politely. Patiently waiting and ready to strike him verbally.

"I said your beautiful, strong, single mother who I'd love to take out time and time again. Tell her she has the best cooking and me and her could make tons of red haired kids in the future," said Gaara smoothly. The room got silent at that proclamation. In the background, Sasuke palmed his face with his hands, already knowing Naruto knew no limits to talking about mothers.

"Enough about my mother. Let us focus and discuss your mother, Yes let us get real and talk about your cute, fine and sexy mother. Now, that is a Kage I would not mind being punished by. I would take EVERY SINGLE personal mission she would assign me and make sure it's S-Ranked, she can personally interrogate me anytime of the day… we could even practice interrogation. I would be a traitor and she can... EXTRACT information from me...at a cost of course... would you not agree Gaara?"Asked Naruto as he leaned up on the table and checked his fingernails for dirt.

Gaara said nothing.

(Ten Seconds Later)

Naruto sat down next to his new seat by Haku. In the background was a raging Gaara being held down by four Chunnin while screaming how he was going to kill Naruto.

"Geez, you say something about someone's mother and they get offended so fast…people these days right cutie?" whispered Naruto to the blushing mist Nin who had not forgot about what he did to her this morning. Haku was by all intents and purposes, the coldest Kiri Genin in the whole village. She would freeze anyone who looked at her the wrong way and turn down men, boys and even girls with ease. She even had to resort to telling boys that she too was a boy, which actually worked and threw people through a loop time and time. It was quite funny after a while. But it seemed doing that to this boy next to her was something that would not work. But she had to admit. After seeing him and his teammate, she knew that Konoha had some really cute boys.

"NO MORE TALKING! Now! For this exam, you will be given ten questions to answer. You all begin with nine points; three points to each teammate. For each time you get caught cheating, you lose a point, if three points get taken off, you will be kicked out. The final question will be given as soon as everything is done. The exam begins…"

In a poof of smoke, papers appeared in front of narrowed his eyes as he took in the information and processed it.


As papers shuffled and pencils moved in the background, Naruto closed his eyes and focused inwardly.

'Megumi… you heard what I heard?'

'Of course I did Naruto-kun. They want you to cheat without getting caught, even if they know that you are cheating. Blatant cheating is foolish. You have to be cunning and sharp. Not to mention creative,' Megumi replied to Naruto.

'Oh, you know my style Megumi-chan… that's my forte… I am the C in cunning… the S in…'

'Shut up and focus…'


Naruto closed his eyes and focused. Digging deeper inside of himself, he thought of creative ideas to get through the exam.

'Sasuke will use his eyes, Sakura is smart, Hinata would use her eyes, Kiba would communicate with his dog, Ino would switch minds with someone…what could I do?'Naruto wracked his brains before smirking in an extremely devilish way.

Naruto pulled out a kunai. Slicing the tip of his finger, he let some blood flow a bit before going through hand seals.

"Blood Levitation!" he whispered. The blood slowly and steadily floated towards the still fuming Gaara like a snake before a word began forming in front of his sand eye that was currently behind an unknown genin's paper taking his answers.


Then all hell broke loose.

Killer intent began bursting through the room before Gaara pulled out his sword and screaming.


He jumped on his table, hopped to the other side and in the air flew towards Naruto and then swung his sword, which was deflected, but he still got the party started by punching Naruto in the face and tackling him into the table. The two began biting, punching and scratching before the Chunin's got the two off of each other, with Ibiki telling him that if they acted up again he would disqualify both teams.

Throughout the entire thing, not one person except Ibiki and the Chunin's noticed that all the paper's that the hidden Chunin posing as Genin had were gone.

'That was smart kid. Very Smart,' Thought Ibiki as he watched a smirking Naruto pull out a sheet and began scribbling notes before switching to another paper to see if it was right.

After a while, Naruto looked up and into the eyes of Ibiki before nodding, to which his was returned.

He then turned to Haku and began talking in her ear, causing her to giggle like a school girl and whisper back.

Finally, it was time to get to the next question.

"Ok! Pencils down, time to get to the next question. This is the predicament… If you decide to take this tenth question, a series of event happen, "said Ibiki in an ominous tone.

"Such as what?" Kiba asked loudly.

"Simple, you have the option of leaving this exam before answering the question, or staying and facing the consequences," said Ibiki with a smirk.

"Like what?" asked a Random Waterfall Genin in a cocky tone.

Ibiki smirked at him.

"If you stay, you wil be given the question. If you get it wrong, you not only fail the exam, but you will remain a Genin in your village for the rest of your career, never able to get to the next level," replied Ibiki with an evil grin.

"WHAT! THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" Shouted Ino suddenly as she jumped out of her seat in a rage.

Ibiki smirked.

"Try me… I do have the ability to do such a thing. The minute you walked in here, you have been under my jurisdiction, do not tell me what is not possible Ms. Yamanaka, I could have you cleaning graffiti in the slums of this village with a toothbrush and you would not even have a say in what to do, here. Right here, in this room…"

Murderous intent leaked out of Ibiki, causing Seventy-five percent of the room to freeze up.

Naruto whistled, this man was amazingly good and he could truly bluff his way into making the Genin doubt. He should be an actor at the plays the theatre held in the village during the summer, he would surely win a lot of awards.

"You are in my jungle and I am king… make your decision."

In less than two minutes, many of the teams left as if one person quit, the others would follow. Hands were raised and Genin were escorted out for a full ten minutes before Naruto fell out of his seat in laughter.

"This… is some really good stuff. So many mentally challenged, pitiful and scared people in this exam for no reason; I must say Ibiki. You're good. Messing with people like that, telling them what you can and cannot do… I tip my hat to you… if I had one…" Naruto picked himself up walked over to a Grass Nin, put it on, tipped the hat, put it back on his head, then placed it back on the grass Nin before walking back to his area and back in his seat as he said his sentence.

"There we go," he said, making Haku and other Kunoichi and Shinobi giggle, even some Chunin before Ibiki glared at them. Making them cough into their hand to straighten up.

"So you don't think I can keep you as a Genin?" said Ibiki suddenly, inwardly smirking as Naruto's funny face turned serious.

"No. Not for one second do I believe that either. You are not a Kage of a village nor do you handle the ranking of a Kage's subordinates so that would be illogical to give you jurisdiction on whether a Genin can advance in rank… but say you could do such a thing, I find it even more funny to take out Jounin squads as a Genin, just makes my village that much better then others. I mean, who would not be afraid, utterly terrified of a team of Genin squads destroying half of a village? I would be… so no, I personally am not afraid, give us the question, so I can get on with life, and taking some beautiful woman out on some dates," Said Naruto with a smirk as he sat back down and began talking to the Mist kunoichi again.

The room was in utter silence. Most would not expect him to break into monologue and state exceptionally sound logic, but then again,with his entrance and verbal tendencies, you kind of had to be a fool not to expect the unexpected from Naruto of Konoha.

Ibiki said nothing but began shaking with his eyes closed. The room stiffened a bit as he started making the room they were in shake with his chakra.

They all face faulted when he started chuckling.

"You guys hereby pass the second part of this Chunin exam and there is no tenth question," Said Ibiki casually, causing the room to all face plant except Naruto and get into a loud verbal uproar.

Naruto whistled through his mouth loudly after a few seconds of chaotic noise.

"So senseless is this generation of Genin. He does not have to explain anything to you all; you should know already what these exams were geared towards… now I gotta stop my flirting…I'm sorry Haku-chan, hold that thought, LISTEN!" Naruto walked towards Ibiki's desk and sat on the table right next to the man with his arms folded.

"It is actually real simple. In the first part, we were not told ALL of the 'mission' parameters, simply for the fact that, not all missions will have the information given; you will learn things you will have to adapt to. Sometimes, you will get caught, and you will be tortured for precious information you have concerning your village's secrets, or more, leading into this exam, in which we were to gather information by not getting caught, as ninja, this is what we are made to become, through training and proper training trials, we learn this skill. This then, is a key reason why Genin are Genin and Chunin are Chunin," finished Naruto to an again silent room as he walked back to his seat and put his foot up.

"So, what's the next part of the exam?" Naruto asked with a bored look as he checked his nails.

'Cool points… replenished. I…am…the man.'

Naruto soon wished he never asked that as soon, the window crashed and the hugest purple snake with red eyes he had ever seen slithered to the front before standing up and vomited slowly.

Black combat boots were seen, white bandages came next, the black slacks, then a purple bow wrapped around the waist, kunai pouch on thigh, Jounin vest, pale skin… long…hair… snake…eyes. The person…now identified as a man, petted the snake before it left in a huge amount of smoke. With the white lab coat on, people began shaking in fear at who exactly this was... The Scientist of Konoha was the next examiner?

"Hm… Greetings, lovely Genin, I am Orochimaru of the Sannin and I am your Proctor for the next exhilarating exam. I hope you will enjoy our trip to my home… the Forest of Death," Orochimaru's voice hissed through out the room in a eerie manner that reminded most of a vampire or...snake...(Go figure!)

Naruto paled suddenly at just what he would have to do next and turned into a pile of mud.

Ibiki chuckled.

"Safe to say, I think you scared this batch of Genin," said Ibiki, the two sharing a laugh.

"This is nothing however, to what they will go through next. But for now, I think I will change it up a bit. Tomorrow you will be heading to Training Ground 44 for the next test. Arrive at 0700 Hours. Do not be late, you would not want to miss the festivities. Until then," Orochimaru then walked towards the window his snake summon just crashed into and jumped out. The room was silent before Naruto formed back into his human skin from the pile of mud.

"This exam just got terrifying," Naruto mumbled. He then looked at Haku.

"Hold me?"

Haku said nothing before holding her arms out. Naruto came into them and rested his head on her bosom, looking dead at Sasuke and winking, making Sasuke shake his head.

If only he knew the trouble that would come in the forest.


A man with a huge black cloak with red clouds sat at the edge of a huge sky skyscraper like building surverying the village. A hoodie covered his face from view but in his hand was a sword that he kept on cleaning in peace.

This peace was interrupted by another figure who as well held a similar black cloak with red clouds who stood behind him and waited patiently.

After a while, the man cleaning his sword stopped and stood up slowly, putting his sword back in it's sheath and facing the patiently waiting man.

"Aoi," the man finally spoke.

"Leader has called for us to assemble," Said the now introduced Rokushou Aoi, S-Class Missing Nin of Konoha. His skill with the stolen 2nd Hokage's Sword of the Thunder God was legendary. After nearly killing Idate Morino and his two students,when he was a sensei, along with injuring Jounin Asuma Sarutobi and Hatake Kakashi, his name was known among the elementary Nations. He defected to Rain Nation, where he was acknowledged by the current leader of Akatsuki and raised up to become a prominent Jounin and then member of Akatsuki. His loyalty was official as he completed every mission assigned to him.

"So be it, I really don't like meetings and I don't understand why we can't just find these Jinchurriki and capture them already," The man said gruffly.

The two made their way into an underground cave which currently had a huge table with two empty seats, to which the two sat in.

After a while, a hologram was shown in the middle of the screen and a dark figure with the fabled Rinnegan eye appeared.

"I have called this meeting to let you all know that it is time to begin taking up our Jinchuriki. But for now we are to watch their abilities. If an opportunity presents itself, then I advise that you take it. At the moment, I will be assigning who is to be following who and your partner for such a mission,"

"For the One Tailed Shukaku. I am assigning Deidara to simply observe. She is currently in Konoha for the Chunin Exams,"

"Uhn," grunted Deidara

"For the Two Tailed Nibi. I am assigning Kuzuku and Kazushi to observe. She too is located in Konoha," Said person nodded before looking towards his partner, his little brother, who simply smirked. .

"The Three Tailed Sanbi is currently out of its Jinchuriki. We have it's location and we will leave it alone at the moment,"

"The Four tails, I am assigning that to Nadare Roga,"

Said man, Missing Nin of Yukagure, nodded his head silently.

"Five tails will go to Akahoshi and Nobu Inuzuka,"

Nobu Inuzuka smirked, his fangs glinting under the dim lights. The father of Kiba and Hana, the man defected years after Hana was born, defeating Tsume and severing ties with the Inuzuka clan and Konoha. He had been a wandering Missing Nin, feared for his lethal ability and more.

The Hoshikagure Missing Nin, who defected after assassinating the Third Hoshikage, nodded his head solemnly.

"Six Tails will be Rokushou Aoi's responsibility,"

Said man nodded.

"Seven Tails will be watched by Yahiko and Zetsu,"

Yahiko, waved his hand with his attention focused on the object in his hand, a rice ball.

"You've got it Nag,"

Nagato simply nodded, ignoring the fact that he was not addressed as his leader name.

"Eight Tails will be observed by Hidan. At the moment his whereabouts are unknown, but we will have you stationed in and around Kumo for any information,"

Said man waved his hand in the air dismissively.

"Finally I am assigning the Nine Tailed Kyuubi to both Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Vega," Said Pein in finality.

Vega and Grimmjow looked at each other before killing intent rose.

"What a weakling, " Grimmjow said dismissively.

"Coming from such an ugly man, it means little to nothing to me,"

"We will see who is ugly when I snap your neck Vega," Growled Grimmjow.

Vega simply 'hmm'ed' and turned away.

"Your mission will begin in one month from now, as that is when the Chunin exams will begin. I think it would be the best time to observe your necessary assignments as most of the Jinchuriki will be under one roof. Prepare yourself for the mission. That is all. Dismissed.

As Pein finished up. He turned around to look at the two woman sitting down observing him.

Konan stood by the window which showed a view of the rainy village, her blue hair currently wrapped up in a bun with a paper rose sticking from it.

The other figure, had her foot on the table of his desk, and she was currently sitting in his chair without a care in the world.

She was the true leader of Akatsuki, but was more or less nameless, her orange mask over her face with her black hair flowing to her shoulders.

She paraded around calling herself 'Tobi' and would act foolish. But it was an act.

She was the true orchestrator and manipulator.

Amaya Uchiha. SS-Class missing nin and Niece of Madara.

"It has taken you long enough to begin. I did not think acquring the funds for such an operation would take so long," Said Amaya

Pein, or Nagato, simply nodded.

"Rome was not built in a day,"

Amaya chuckled before standing up.

"This is true. However, I am glad you have begun your mission. It seems the time has come for Akatsuki to truly show the Nation what it means to truly change the world," Amaya said serenely.

Nagato nodded his head again.

"It has begun,"

As the thunder struck outside, the bodies illuminating, the faces of seven unmoving individuals were seen patiently waiting for their next objective.

Their Konoha, Kumo and Kiri plates glinting in the light.

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