Here we go.

Naruto stared at the very huge monster rabbit being eaten alive by a huge snake.

If anyone was to say that the Forest of Death was the best place for a Genin team to train at...well...

Naruto would have personally found them and killed them rather viscously. This place was a dungeon, a jungle, a massacre, and a place he would not even bring his own mother into.

Even if she was the one to toss him in the horrid place for one whole week after getting caught with Tenten.

'Good times'Naruto thought dryly surverying the group. it was a bunch of Konoha teams, four Kumo teams, one of the members eyeing his Hinata with Contempt,(I will have to possibly kill him if he tries anything... Naruto thought) continuing on, he seen Waterfall, Iwa, Ame and Mist teams still there for the next part.

So many females to date, so little time...

The remaining teams were all situated outside the Forest of Death with Jounin and Chunin circling them, awaiting further instructions from the Sannin examiner.

"Well, now that everyone is here, it is time to explain the rules behind the next exam in addition to what you will be doing," said Orochimaru as he paced back and forth,white scientist coat fluttering in the wind.

Orochimaru, was the second strongest out of the Sannin and also the most intelligent. His usage of science and testing for the most interesting ninja specimen in the nation, gave him a reputation feared by many, especially foreign enemy nin captured during the war., Orochimaru would experiment on the person, stretching their limits to find out anything he can on the human body. What makes a human think? what causes diarrhea? How can he fool the heart into thinking it's the brain and vice versa, his experiments on enemies and foes, got him a job as the number one interrogator in Konoha and creator of many jutsu and health pills, seals and near immortality creations.

Plus the way he regenerated himself was plain awesome in Naruto's opinion, but that was a story for another time.

"You will be making your way as a team to the Tower located in the middle of the forest; from there you will need two scrolls, which I will explain about later, in order to get inside of the tower, you must not look inside of the scrolls until you reach the tower, the consequences might be... dire. Now, the whole exam will take a total of five days. You are allowed to kill in this exam, though it would be frowned upon, as such, soon my helpful Chunin and I will be handing out forms for you to sign. This is a waiver and signing it means we as the village of Konoha are not responsible for your deaths should you die and you had full knowledge of the expectations in the Forest of Death. I must warn you little ones that this forest is pretty dangerous and things can get out of hand really…"

Some Genin screamed or gasped as a huge bird just got eaten and brutally ripped apart by two spiders, the blood splashing all over Orochimaru's lab coat and face.

"Fast…" said Orochimaru with a creepy grin as he licked the blood off of his face…and coat… and… well, we just can't tell you where else he licked but you get the picture.

Naruto shivered. Looking around at his competition, he zoned out a bit on Orochimaru's explanation of the scrolls they would need as he already knew about that in addition to what he would have to do in order to get to the tower. The seal with the eyes was the Mangekyou Sharingan of Madara Uchiha and the seal with the tree is referring to the Shodaime's Kekkai Genkai Wood idea behind the scrolls was rather ingenious. Both were known to be the strongest of ninja in the entire nation at the time. Their respective powers however, were both tools, if they didn't know how to use the tools, they would not have been strong. The focus was that if your mind was strong, then whatever gift you had would be strong as well. Weak minded, but strong tools meant you would never amount to anything as a ninja.

His team would be given one of the two and he would have to find and eliminate an opposing team for the other scroll in order to get to the tower, plain and simple.

All of a sudden a sword came flying at him at mach speeds before he moved his neck to the left, dodging the sword as it planted itself into a tree. In two seconds, he felt a figure behind him with…her right arm around his neck and locked by the left arm that was under his left arm and her body wrapped around him like… a snake if you will.

"Are you paying attention brat? It's rather rude to ignore Orochimaru-sama in the middle of his speech," purred Anko, bloodthirsty grin on her face as she began licking the side of his cheek, where a huge gash from the wind surrounding the sword cut him. Naruto, in all honesty, was pretty bored at the moment, he already knew this stuff, so why couldn't he have a little bit of fun with the current babe wrapped around him…literally?

Anko would never know what hit her.

"You have now become a statistic my snake princess…" said Naruto cryptically. The minute she opened her mouth, Naruto broke out of the hold, turned around and lunged into it with his and stole yet another kiss from her before being stabbed in the jugular… only for the mud clone to fall apart.

Orochimaru smiled. He knew teaching the kid the mud clone as a birthday gift would do him great wonders. All Naruto had to give was a little blood sample so he could experiment on a few ideas. Good trade in his book. Orochimaru had to say though, the boy learned really fast, he switched himself the minute she blinked, what chakra control!

"You have improved Kushina-child," said Orochimaru to the person next to him.

"Why thank you Snake, let's have some fun shall we?" Said Naruto, making Orochimaru chuckle. The kid would be a real treat to watch when he got serious with his ninja skills and stop flirting his life away.

"ANKO! SWEETIE! OVER HERE!" Yelled Naruto, causing everyone to see him by the Sannin and making some Genin wonder how fast he was.

Tenten smiled, knowing she played a part in his speed. The training he did to maintain his quickness put her own Sensei's to shame...

Naruto winked at Tenten from his spot right next to Orochimaru before facing Anko and pulling out the one item that he knew Anko would kill her own sensei for.

Fresh dango.

"Come here little kitty cat…" mumbled Naruto, watching her slowly stalk forward towards him, a circle forming around them, exam rules forgotten for a brief moment.

'Show these little Genin what a REAL Konoha Nin is Naruto-kun…' thought Orochimaru as he folded his arms in a relaxed position, signaling to the other Jounin to let the events play out.

In a flash, Anko was upon Naruto, striking with a quick left jab in a downward motion followed by a roundhouse kick, to which Naruto moved to the right and jumped over, still eyeing the dango. As he continued dodging her frenzied assault, which was composed of swift jabs and kicks with a snake-like precision to it, Naruto pulled one Dango out of the bag and licked it slowly, before eating it whole. Anko froze…as she closed her eyes, many felt the heat begin to drop around her as she began shaking.

"Naruto-kun… you have ten seconds to drop the Dango bag into my hand before I kill you…" she said in a sickly sweet voice.

Naruto, who had already moved, how...? No one knew, sat on top of a tree branch on the other side of the field eating her dango with a relaxed and content look on his face.

"I'll think about it Sweetie .Thought about it. No," Naruto said with a smirk as he pulled out another one.


Naruto smiled as he sniffed it, extremely slow, then sighed in contentment.


Naruto licked the Dango very slowly, getting a few blushes out of females.

"Ten… DIE!"

Anko flung kunai after kunai towards Naruto. Who with one hand, tossed the bag up, swallowed the dango whole and began jumping up, missing two kunai, he landed then moved to the left, dodging another, flipping forward, he grabbed onto the branch and using chakra, flung himself back to his feet, dodging another kunai, he then side stepped calmly the next three, before catching one and deflecting the next seven and finally he threw the one he was holding with his eyes still looking onto Anko into the tree just as the Dango bag came down, which he caught in his hand, in which he smelled the bag.

"So sweet these Dango," teased Naruto.

Anko shrieked before flying towards him, kicking up dust before planting an uppercut to his gut. Making him cough up the dango before her tongue whipped out to catch it…

Only to watch it get put into another Naruto's mouth, Shadow clone popping after she attacked it. As she continued destroying Naruto's she soon learned that each clone was not the real Naruto and the dango were even fake.

Where was he?

Anko's eyes widended as she formed chakra together and in a burst expelled it.


A whistle was heard before everyone turned their heads to see Orochimaru and Naruto playing 'Go' on top of a snake. The Genin were stumped and many lost their confidence in taking out Naruto's team, if he could move that fast and hold a Jounin to a standstill, what could the other Konoha Nin do?

And when did he trap her in a Genjutsu?

"Took you long enough, anyway… I have the last three Dango's in my possession…"

Naruto smiled before opening his mouth, placing one on his tongue, not chewing it yet,he then began talking.

"Wahnt iht?" He managed to get out before closing back up his mouth. He raised his hand slowly and waved it in a 'get over here' motion.

"Cowme ghet i…"

He never got to finish his sentence as Anko's tongue was currently occupying it. The group all turned a bit grossed out, some aroused, at the exchange and killer intent was leaking out of some of the females at the scene of the two kissing and exchanging Dango from mouth to mouth.

Yugito was in a rage. All this time, he could use all this fighting skill and he played around and slacked off? How dare he!

Ino too was mad. How dare that hussy kiss her… boyfriend? Was she and Naruto even still together? Did that 'relationship' count? Well after this exam, she was going to have a little talk with him.

Tenten felt some kind of way, but also did not care that much, she knew Naruto was hers after that date in Suna.

Temari was going to kill Anko. Then she was going to kill Naruto. No one… No one. Put their mouths on Naruto except her.

Hinata simply shook her head. Such wasted potential and he went ahead and acted a fool. Not to mention his flirting was getting on her nerves. He was supposed to be using his tongue on he…

Hinata froze up. Where did that thought come from? She held her head and turned away from the scene, which did not go unnoticed from Shino and Kiba, who gave each other a knowing look.

One particular girl from a Kumo team looked on in mild interest. He was strong, that was for sure, but she really wanted to see what his skill with a sword was. Her teammate on the other hand.

"Perverted brat, if I get a chance, I am going to bash my fist into his face," Said Karui to Omoi.

"Well, what if he is a womanizer traveling the Nations, kissing girls and making them cry? Maybe he is an infiltration specialist, then he would be well adverse to making angry woman happy, what if you come up to him and he kisses you?" Said Omoi as he put his lollipop back in his mouth.

Samui inwardly agreed with all of those except the first, first he kissed and spoke to a Kiri girl all day, and was now fraternizing with a Konoha Jounin? Something was definitely amiss with this boy. She would find out.

"Shut up," Said Karui, a blush on her face from thinking about Naruto kissing her.

Haku raised her eyebrow, it seemed the boy she was slowly starting to look like was a bit of a woman's man. She then shrugged her shoulders, he was still better looking and stronger than half of the Genin… no, ALL of the Genin in Kiri. So it mattered little to her.

Sasuke was a bit traumatized… did he just pull another out of the bag and put it in his mouth again? And did she just go into his mouth with her mouth to eat it? That's a nasty exchange of saliva… so much kissing… it was…

"Dude, your kunai is showing…"

Shikamaru sighed as the mid-puberty males all as a unit moved to the side to fix their pants…

"Troublesome…" Shikamaru mumbled as he too fixed himself.

"Ok… now that the exchange is over…" Said Orochimaru, paying no mind to the two frolicking and rolling in the floor, moaning and getting just a little bit too… into it.

"The exam permits the usage of killing as I said before, however, to make sure no issues arise, we will now be passing out those disclaimer forms I mentioned, letting your village know that you consented to this exam and in the event you die, we, Konoha, are at no fault," Orochimaru pulled out a zip lock filled with bloody eyeballs...before chuckling nervously and putting it away.

"Wrong pocket…"

Passing out the waivers, chuckling as some Genin actually backed out, Orochimaru walked toward the first gate and prepared to start the next exam.

Naruto, after cleaning himself up and getting the tree leaves out of his hair, and wiping off the kiss marks on his face...and snake out of his pants...pun intended, signed the paper without even reading it and, after careful talking with Sasuke, decided to let Sakura hold the Tree scroll they received.

Then automatically wished they didn't as they watched Sakura eat the scroll whole.

Sasuke paled and looked really spooked and freaked out.

"You alright?" whispered Naruto as they watched her walk over to Ino, the two chatting like nothing ever happened.

"I'm scared Naruto… I feel scared…yet, a bit excited at what I just seen," Sasuke replied in a hollow and timid voice. Naruto patted him on the back in a friendly manner before deciding to mess with him some more.

"Imagine if the scroll was bigger…" Naruto chuckled as Sasuke's nose started bleeding.

Turning around suddenly, feeling a presence behind them, Naruto and Sasuke came face to face with some Nin, and the entire area was filled with overwhelming tension suddenly.

First off were the headbands… all Iwa. They all were dressed differently… from the short, black haired female, with a scowl on her cute face, wearing a red shirt under a black vest and black slacks with combat boots and a kunai pouch on her hip…on both sides, to the scantily clad blonde female with a red high collar, sleeveless jacket that covered her mouth but only showed her beautiful aquamarine eyes. The jacket stopped at her belly button… but her body was amazing…hourglass figure, abs glistening in the light...and at such a young age? This honestly made no sense to Naruto, but he knew , Iwa nin or not… he would take her out on a date…no, he wanted her hand in marriage... and back to her eyes! They reminded Naruto of the ocean,so, finally was the biggest man… or boy, he should say,Naruto had ever seen wearing a huge hammer strapped to his back, Black shirt and brown ninja slacks, red combat boots ( rather nice looking boots too in Naruto's opinion) huge hands, weird red bandana on his head, he seemed like a nice person though, with a relaxed smile on his face. The huge scarf around his neck reminded Naruto of Konohamaru.

The Black haired girl with the scowl then pointed at him.

"You're not a Genin are you?" she asked suddenly, bringing a smirk to Naruto's face.

"What's it to you Iwa-nin?" answered Sasuke as showed up, arms folded as he looked the girl up and down before putting on his patented 'Uchiha grin.'

The pink eyed kunoichi blushed a bit before looking directly at Sasuke while pointing back at Naruto... not knowing he was not in the spot anymore.

"I was talking to the blonde, Uchiha, wait your turn alright handsome," said the girl in a mocking tone...or flirtatous, Sasuke couldn't tell, before looking at Naruto to find no one there.

"I am not a Genin, you're right, but neither are you three… I'll be seeing you guys later on…I'm sure of it," Naruto said with his hands folded behind his back. Slowly walking up to the silent kunoichi, Naruto grinned.

"Especially the aquamarine-eyed beauty. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and soon I'll be taking you out on a date… what's your name cutie?" said Naruto, as he stood directly in between the three, shocking the female and the big male. The blonde haired female however, didn't even bat an eye at his speed.

"My name is Halibel…" she then slowly pointed at the girl, her rich brown skin added to her exotic outfit, making Naruto want to spirit her away and walk around with her around his neck like a medallion.

"She is Kurotsuchi and he is Akatsuchi," was all she said before putting her hand down. Naruto quickly grabbed her hand before leaving a small kiss on it...only to almost get his lips stuck...they were so... cold... her hands...weird.

"I hope you make it to the next round, so I can get to know you better. Your eyes are so cold yet smooth…like the ocean. I want to swim in them...You little shark you," said Naruto in a playful tone. Harribel stared at him silently, making Naruto feel awkward.

What she said next would put him on edge yet confuse him until they met again.

In two silent steps, she was in his face and whispering in his ear.

"The shark can always drown the fox before eating it," walking away with her teammates, Naruto watched her walk, mesmerized by the way she moved, almost like a fish, flowing and smooth...Naruto sighed in bliss before closing his eyes and putting his hands in his pockets.

"Kissed a cold hottie from Mist, Got a date with a Jinchuriki from Sand, kissed my crush again in front of everyone, and now I got a female that wants to eat me up... What's next Sasuke?"Asked Naruto to his friend as he turned around.

He was soon answered as he bumped into yet another pointing female, this time with a Kumo headband. She had really beautiful features but seemed mighty feisty, he said this because he was grabbed by the scruff of his ironed white shirt and held up nose to nose with her…

A mistake, he was about to rectify.

"What business do you have touching all the girls and kissing them, you PERVERT! What do you have to say for yourself?" Yelled the Kumo kunoichi, with a white bandana over her red hair and a long black dress with a green sleeveless vest with a pouch in the middle. Her gold eyes and brown skin made Naruto feel extremely rich…but her lips… as they screamed words he did not hear… her lips were so full… and now…

He had to meet them...with his.

Her two teammates' faces were of shock as Naruto grabbed her waist suddenly and laid a kiss on her. They did not know what to do however, when he deepened the kiss, leaning her forward to add to the effect. The kunoichi's hands slowly fell from his shirt and her eyes wide before closing in bliss.

As Naruto pulled away, letting her sway a bit to get back into focus from the mind shattering kiss, he smirked as he pulled out a paper and wrote another mark on the paper.

"Another victim…sweet," moving past the still shocked Kumo Nin, he walked up to the other two and asked who they were.

"Omoi is my name, this is Samui and the girl you just kissed is Karui. Takes a lot of guts to do that, she'll be trying to kill you every time she see's you," Said Omoi in a relaxed tone, a lollipop stick hanging out his mouth.

Naruto nodded.

"Most females play hard to get my friend, just got to get them buttered up before they warm up to you," Said Naruto as he patted Omoi's back in a friendly gesture.

"Naruto… Yugito told me about you," Samui said plainly. Naruto looked at her and froze, his mouth literally dropped and his eyes glazed as he stared at her.

"The pictures, they truly do you no justice, it is nice to finally meet Samui, hopefully after this exam me and you can get acquainted," said Naruto smoothly as he took her hand and pecked it.

Samui raised an eyebrow but nodded.

"That sounds good, I look forward to it," She said calmly.

The sound for the teams to get to their gates was sounded off suddenly and Naruto turned back to the two.

"Well, I hope to see you guys in the exams further, I do want to have a sword fight with each of you, one swordsman to another, Samui, again, pleasure to meet you, I believe in having more then one wife and if you ever find yourself in need of a husband, I am your guy, Omoi, stay safe…Karui…my sweet..." Naruto couldn't finish as a punch shook his core as Karui struck his gut, then growled as he turned into mud.

"I'm going to kill him…" she mumbled to herself in a tone of finality and an aura was wrapped around her that screamed of darkness and insanity as she plotted on how brutal his death would be. That perverted pig! He stole her first kiss! His life was now forfeit!

Samui looked at the boy with indifference as he walked to the gate, she seen him switch, the minute he said Karui he changed places… his speed and control was unmatched, his confidence was at it's peak… just who was this boy?

Samui resolved to look into that matter as soon as possible.

(Gate Twenty-Five)

Naruto and his team stood by the gate waiting to enter and begin the exam. They had gotten the tree scroll, so they would have to get the eyes first before moving on to the next part of the exam.

"So how many days you want to do the exam in?" asked Sakura to Sasuke and Naruto.

Naruto smiled.

"Who set the record for the fastest?" asked Naruto suddenly.

"Uchiha Itachi, Inuzuka Hana, Uzuki Yugao, three hours, fifty-two minutes and five seconds, three scrolls obtained and a scroll with the contract for hawks from a dead Kusa nin," said Sakura in a rapid fire answer.

Naruto grumbled.

"… and ten numbers…" he said under his breath.

"Let's do it two hours, then come back outside and sabotage others," said Sasuke as he strapped his gloves on and channeled chakra through it, watching as fire flew out before disappearing.

"We could do that, two hours it is… Formation C. Ambush Thirty-one-DG. Northside stomp. Then to the tower," Said Naruto, watching the two nod in agreement.

The Chunin stood shocked. Since when did Genin learn formation C?

Suddenly a huge fireball was sent out into the air before a Water dragon ate it, causing a huge mist to occur over the forest, also signifying the beginning of the exam.

"Let's go," Said Naruto seriously and in three blurs, the team was into the exam…and Forest… of Death.

As they moved, Naruto suddenly sighed, his seal was acting up, meaning one of the people his other mission was about, was currently being attacked, and losing, if the loss of chakra was any indication.

"Why must she be so wrapped in mystery? Always the pretty ones…" Naruto said to himself. He turned to Sakura and Sasuke as they made their way toward the tower. He was in the back of the group as he was the chakra sensor of the group, Sakura was in the middle as she was the most vital being both a medic and the scroll holder, and Sasuke with his Sharingan eyes, could see anything.

Suddenly Naruto stopped moving and said he had to use the bathroom.

Moving to the bushes behind him, Sakura sat down and Sasuke leaned against a tree. Soon after, a smiling Naruto came out, refreshed and ready to go.

"Alright babes, let's get going," said Naruto as he put his hands in his pockets and waited for the group to move.

Sasuke sighed after a period of silence, making Naruto fidget a bit.

"Whatever Dobe," Sasuke said, turning around. The group moved out, taking to the trees and periodically having Naruto stretch his chakra out for any enemies, a move which really started tiring Naruto. After a while, Naruto started to realize that something was wrong as they had come across the same path for the fifth time.

"You do know… that you've been in a Genjutsu for the past hour and when you wake up, you and your team will be half naked and in the middle of a forest full of tigers with meat underwear right?" said Sakura suddenly as Naruto froze and put himself in a fight stance. Only for everything to blur and spin in a mixture of brown and green.

The Ame nin that was impersonating Naruto found himself, just as they said, wrapped up with his teammates with underwear made out of meat… and a bunch of roaring tigers about to pounce on them… so he did what he had to do for his team…

He screamed.


"Double Genjutsu is just really genius," Said Naruto as he walked with Sakura, arm around her shoulders. The group was the first ones in at two hours and one minute, breaking apart Itachi's title. After opening their scrolls, they stood in the tower talking and heading for their room.

"You are so right Naruto; it's amazing how easily they fell for it. You are such a genius! " Said Sakura as she nuzzled into Naruto's shoulder.

"You're the cutest when you call me smart, knowing your smarter than me, you're amazing my Sakura-hime," Said Naruto, bumping his forehead against hers before pecking her forehead.

"Aww...that's so touching... but,no…you are smarter then me, my sweet Naruto-kun," Whispered Sakura, Naruto whispered in Sakura's ear, making her blush and giggle like a little school girl.

Sasuke felt some kind of way seeing Naruto all over Sakura, hugging her, laughing with her…kissing her, it just wasn't… wait…WHAT!


The image blurred as Naruto was chuckling right next to Sasuke along with Sakura on his other side. Giving each other subtle eye contact, Naruto smiled and then walked further into the tower, his teammates following.

Sasuke looked at the floor to see something he figured had occurred.

"You know… we can tell whether or not you're a mud clone by now right?" said Sasuke suddenly. Naruto stopped walking before asking a simple question.

"How long?"

"Did we know? The minute you really stepped out of the bushes, mud clones don't make footprints in what they came out of," Said Sakura with a smile.

Naruto stared at her before smirking in a cocky way.

"In another world Sakura… I would be a loud hyperactive brat vying for your attention on a daily basis, believing in my heart that you'd marry me one day… your intelligence knows no boundaries. You're going to be a powerful ninja… and your body… men will drool… blind or Byakugan they'll drool over your figure… just thought you should know that my sweet," said the clone before pointing outside.

"He'll be back in ten minutes; he had something to take care of. You will know when we replace, but for now, we should head to the rooms and relax, then we can go and sabotage, once Naruto returns," Said Naruto clone.

Sasuke nodded before looking at Sakura with his normal relaxed and calm face, making her blush.

"Come, let's go," said Sasuke as he walked into the tower to go to his assigned room.

Naruto sworn he seen the girl slink off after him like… a snake?

Must have been seeing things…

(Team Hinata)

What a massacre!

Kiba lay unconscious and Akamaru was trapped in a stone wall, Shino, currently fending off against one squad of Kumo in exhaustion, The nin were slowly wearing and tearing on him. Who would have thought that the leader of this team was the son of the man who tried to kidnap Neji all those years ago?

Hinata did not, but it didn't matter now, what mattered was they were about to die. She had taken out two of the six members out of these two teams, and was working on the son, but everytime she'd hit him, he'd just get stronger while she was getting weaker.

"It's really simple cute one…" the boy replied, his black muscle shirt had a big Kumo logo on the shirt, his eyes shone years of insanity and madness and his mouth was foaming as he crushed Hinata's hands under his big hands, his black combat boots met her face before sending her flying towards two trees, breaking through them she landed in the water. A hand palmed her face before bringing her up.

"My clan specialized for the next few years on absorbing chakra. Your clan does nothing but chakra infused strikes, I've been sapping your chakra for the past twenty minutes. I will avenge my father by killing you. Then I'll be honored by my clan by bringing them back to their former glory and more…or…"

His eyes changed into one of lust.

"Maybe I can keep you around for a bit…" his other hand grabbed onto her rear as he held her by her hair. Kissing her face, he chuckled as she spat in his face. He then punched her deep in her gut, knocking all the air out. His hand then slowly began undressing her shirt.

"I like my women feisty…"

"But I like rapist dead," said a cold and emotionless voice.

In two seconds, the Hinata he was holding crumbled into mud before he looked over to see his entire team knocked out by the boy who just landed with Hinata in his arms.

"Hime…rest… I'll take care of him and then I'll take you to the tower.

Hinata could do little right now but nod, her mind assaulted with memories of the past and traumatized by the near de-flowering.

Naruto placed her down between a panting Shino and a knocked out Kiba, Akamaru now licking his master to wake him up.

"Watch her. When this is done, I'm taking you three to the tower," said Naruto in a no nonsense voice.

Shino nodded.

Naruto turned to the Kumo nin and slowly pulled out his sword.

"I would usually play around with people like you. Cocky, arrogant and overbearing. But right now you've done the unforgivable…" Chakra and murderous intent poured out of Naruto like a geyser, freezing up the Genin.

"Prepare for my original attack, as it will be the first and last thing you see." Said Naruto as he slid two fingers across the sword, a green glow following.

"Shinigami: Soul Blade!"

A green skeleton went flying at mach speeds at the Frozen Genin, hitting his gut and turning his whole body green from the inside out. His heart was red and black.

"Your heart shines in the darkness, but it itself is dark, you've been judged, GUILTY!" Naruto walked towards him, sword held upwards. The walk turned into a pace, then a jog, then a run, and then a sprint before he jumped up in the air, from across the field, Naruto held his sword high in the air before bringing it down into the Genin's head.

"Death awaits you. Justice stab!" blood began flowing through the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of the Kumo Genin as his eyes went white and his body began slowly shaking. Naruto removed his sword and the soul and tossed a paper onto the now falling Genin. Closing his eyes and putting the sword in its sheath, he tossed the soul into the sky where it dissolved.

"You have been served."

His body exploded in a great green light that shined throughout the whole forest. Naruto kept walking, undisturbed by it. He suddenly snapped his eyes to the left to see Halibel standing there on the other side of the clearing with her arms crossed. The two remained silent but stared into one another's eyes. In a blur they switched spots and did not move before a strand of the other's hair fell to the floor.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and his eyes glinted with happiness before retaining their emotionless gaze upon her calm expression. She was fast, very... but he knew she was holding back because so was he. Of the fifty slashes, only three connected, a testiment to how fast he had to move to defend. Who was this beautiful but deadly foe?

"You interest me… Namikaze…"

Naruto's eyes widened slowly at what she just called him. How did she know?

He knew one thing, she was either an enemy... or an ally, and he would scope her out soon enough.

She then faded into nothingness. but her eyes were still there glowing in the darkness before blinking away as well.

Naruto did not move for a few seconds, digeting everything that happened before sheathing his sword and walking up to team 8. He picked up Hinata and Kiba, one over his shoulder and another scooped in his other arm before looking at Shino and Akamaru.

"Let's go."

Little did Naruto know, Halibel, Shino and Akamaru were not the only ones who seen the exchange.

Hinata shivered from her position.

"What power… are you hiding for yourself to bear… Naruto?"

Until next chapter.