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Naruto whistled a tune as he made his way out of Kiba's room. After dropping team 8 off at the tower,and into the infirmary, the nurses simply said Kiba needed rest but wanted to keep Hinata for further treatment, Shino was simply suffering from mild bruises and chakra exhaustion so he was out of there in less than thirty minutes.

Naruto continued on walking down the hall, passing Yugito with her arms crossed, looking at him sternly as he walked by. Naruto stopped walking and whistling and slowly backed up, staring into her green eyes, Naruto raised an eyebrow before standing in front of her. He stood there for a while before moving to lean on the wall next to her, to which she turned her neck to face him slowly. The hallway was silent with the occasional faint sounds of screaming as the two just stood there looking in one another's eyes. Finally Yugito spoke.

" So you finally decided to show me that you have more power then you let on eh Naruto-kun…" she said in a silent voice…with a little hiss on the end. Naruto was confused. She only hissed when she was…


"I did what I had to do, I don't know why you're so…" Naruto never finished his sentence as a green chakra powered fist came crashing into the spot where he stood before.

"You…liar," She growled as she slowly pulled her hand out, smoke obscuring the view of her as the sounds of crumpling rocks fell out.

"What did I lie to you about sweetie?" asked Naruto in a relaxed tone, knowing fully well why she was mad but decided to let her vent.

"You fought with us. Me and Sasuke, and every time, we'd win. By a slight margin but we always won. I was on that team foreight months, and out of those eight months, the only time you won, was once. Now, suddenly you have the speed to out match a Jounin, the skill to trap a Jounin in a Genjutsu without a hand sign and the grace of anExperienced Jounin?" Hissed Yugito as she slowly slid into a crouched stance with her fingernails growing slowly to the size of cat claws, her eyes becoming silted purple and her body became cloaked in green chakra.

Naruto stared on with an expressionless gaze, knowing that he was specifically told to not let too much of his skills show. To only do just enough and be fair with everything he did, so he was and he did just that, letting as much skill show to match his opponent, but always letting them get the upper hand and win. Was he wrong? No, he didn't think so, he just believed that if he had not done years and years of training, he would lose every time to the two of them, so he went against them with the skill level of a regular Genin and not a 'Genin with the skill of a Jounin' amount that he could have done.

So why was she so…

No time to think, she wants a fight.

Yugito tackled Naruto through three walls, after the third, she threw him into a white wall, watching him crash into the infirmary...and through a final wall before crashing into a wall that finally caught him, his body becoming an imprint.


Hinata was deep in thought. What was all of that power that came leaking out of Naruto? Where did he posses the ability to take a soul out of another human being and send it to the shinigami? Was he human? Hinata vowed she would get to the bottom of this problem. As soon as she seen him she would get her answers.

IN fact, after dropping her team off, he disappeared. She could not use her Byakugan at the moment as she needed to reserve her Chakra and she knew he was still in the area. Where was he?

Hinata raised an eyebrow suddenly as Naruto crashed through her hospital room wall next to the door, get up, dust himself off and wink at her before opening leaving through the hospital door, the sounds of fist hitting skull occurring on the other side.

Hinata was too focused on what she had witnessed and how it coincidentally happened after she thought about him to notice the rose behind her ear.

(Forest of Death)

Sasuke turned around from the sight he just seen, grabbed Sakura, and high tailed it out of the area he was in. what he had just witnessed, was all around creepy. Was that a Grass Kunoichi standing in the middle of the forest humming an unknown tune and feeding a legion of Tigers like it was nothing. And did she suddenly snap her head towards him and smile? Then said she was waiting for him to arrive?

SO…back to the tower, where they will stay in there for the rest of the exam and then just…

Sasuke and Sakura dodged the snake that suddenly attacked the branch he was aiming for.

Sakura landed crouched before whipping out two black bladed daggers from her thigh holsters. Sasuke forgot to say how she changed her outfit. How wrong of him to do that.

Sakura now had her hair long but braided into one long pink braid that stopped mid back. She wore a red tank top that stopped at her stomach, showing her abs; on her back was a huge scroll with the kanji for 'Med' on it. She had on a pink skirt with black tights that stopped at her thighs, the skirt, was up to her knee, but had a slit on the side so she can move her legs. The thigh holsters were under her skirt, unseen to the untrained eye. She completed her look with black combat boots.

In all honesty, Sasuke liked the new look a lot more than her outfit in the academy but he had no time to talk about that as the Grass Kunoichi appeared on the opposite tree branch from them.

The girl smiled at them both creepily. She had light blue hair in a pony tail and red lipstick. She was wearing a hunter green cloak that covered her up to her ankle, where you could see her brown sandal combat boots. Ironically, it just HAD to be the same girl that Naruto took the hat off. It seemed she wanted revenge for that one act.

Sasuke sighed.

"You want revenge for what Naruto did…don't you?" He asked in a monotone voice.

The girl chuckled.

"No. Just want to test you. But, not the both of you, just one of you so…"

In a flash, the girl was on the other side and behind Sakura, with a chop to the neck, Sakura fainted to the floor and was caught by the Grass Kunoichi who put her comfortably in safely on the tree branch, making Sasuke look in shock at the speed and at the finesse of the action.

"Now show me your skill," Said the Grass Kunoichi.

Then the murderous intent blasted out of her.

And Sasuke then truly wished he did not leave his room after making it inside.

(Forest of Death Tower Office)

Orochimaru sat at his desk reading a newspaper in his office. His walls were painted red and the floor was black rug made of the fur from panthers, his lights were dim and on his left side was a view of half of the Forest of Death where he could see a Team of Kumo Nin defeat a Grass team and get the scroll before heading off, they used a rather efficient method of getting that scroll with the formation and the swords, he had to admit.

But back to the newspaper.

Apparently, a Mist group was reuniting the members, unfortunately, the leader died so they were looking for a new member to be the leader. The requirement was to beat the other six… Kisame, Zabuza, Chojuro, Raiga and two other members that Orochimaru chuckled just thinking about. So strong the two of them were, if only he got a blood sample when they fought last year.

Orochimaru chuckled and flipped the page as Kabuto opened the door with a glass of hot cocoa.

What? Orochimaru loved hot cocoa on a day of death such as this.

As Kabuto came upon his desk, the room shook and his picture of Team Sarutobi fell off the wall and the hot cocoa spilled onto Orochimaru's desk.

One drop to be exact but that's a spill to Orochimaru.

Not even looking up from his desk, Orochimaru pulled out a sword and chopped Kabuto's head off, blood flying through the room before his head landed on a chair by the door. In seconds, another head of Kabuto was formed out of blood before he bowed.

"My apologies Orochimaru; It seems a fight is occurring in the tower as we speak, hence the reason why the hot cocoa spilled," said Kabuto as if nothing ever happened.

Orochimaru nodded.

"Put my cocoa down and get them to cut it out, I would hate for them to end up in my… experimentation room," Said Orochimaru in a hollow voice.

The room was silent before Kabuto snorted and the two busted out in laughter.

"As if they could get into that room, the requirements take one hour," said Kabuto with a grin.

Orochimaru nodded himself while picking up his hot cocoa.

"Indeed, you are so right; anyway, get them to stop and get the next place set up, don't forget the head on the way out," said Orochimaru as he flipped the page of his newspaper and read away, sipping on hot cocoa, Kabuto picking up his head on the way out.

"Ahh, nothing like cutting the head off of an artificial copy of my student for fun," Said Orochimaru to himself.

(Tower- ?)

Yugito growled as she pounded Naruto in the face, actually grinding his face into the concrete with each hit. Why was he not fighting back? If there was anything Yugito could not respect, it was someone who never took fights seriously, it was honestly making her mad with each hit, the fact that he could counter at any time.

"Why. Won't. You. Fight. BACK?" Yugito growled suddenly as she lifted up a expresionless Naruto from the ground.

Naruto was silent. should he really show her just what he was fully capable, or should he give her a sneak peek of his skill.

"Are you sure you want him to fight back Yugito-san?" Said a voice. Yugito whipped her head around to see Kabuto leaning on the wall in the boiler room. The abuse on Naruto had went throughout most of the tower. From the hallway they went to the infirmary and directly underneath it, into a bathroom, in which an embarrased Kankuro was caught putting make up on, his team making it to the tower in less then five hours, and finally they were in the basement boiler room, ceiling non existant as Yugito burned it with a fire jutsu.

"I want him to take me seriously and not play around, yes, I want him to show me... show me his POWER!" Yelled Yugito finally as she lifted her fist up, intending on knocking Naruto unconscious, only for Naruto to suddenly warp into water, he hands being drenched.

"Be careful what you wish for Yugito-san, I'll tell Orochimaru that you two are sparring, just keep it confined Naruto-kun," Said Kabuto with his back turned as he left the room.

Yugito could not detect Naruto, but was shocked as she heard a voice from directly in front of her.

"Will do Kabuto-san," said a deep voice. Yugito then felt pain, immeasurable pain in her abdomen as a foot was lodged there, when seconds ago it wasn't.

"Kabuto is right my sweet, be careful what you wish for. Now, do you want serious taijutsu, or should I throw her off? maybe that would work on another kunoichi... hmm..." Naruto began talking to himself, not seeing Yugito grab a kunai and lunge at him.

Suddenly, Naruto whipped around and grabbed the same Kunai she intended to plunge into his back and in two seconds, took it out of her hands and sliced her Chunnin vest in a diagonal line, watch the jacket fall off, revealing her white long sleeve shirt she changed into once she reached the tower.

Naruto's grin became feral.


In a blur, Naruto was gone, Yugito felt a punch in her side, but that wasn't right as a punch had hit her in the gut again, making her bend over to receive a kick to her chin, making her literally do a backflip from the force of the hit, Naruto then grabbed her to her feet from hair, making her shriek in pain and kissed her cheek before rubbing his cheek against his soothingly.

"Tough love my sweet," Naruto kicked her in the chest, sending her smashing through a boiler, smoke obscuring the room.

Yugito pulled herself out of the steam to see Naruto's sword stabbed in the floor.

"I won't use Megumi on you... just to show that this is all me," said Naruto as he appeared in front of her with his eyes a shade of deep blood red and long blond hair looking frizzed and shaggy.


In a flash…Yugito was grabbed by the neck before being tossed through the ceiling, as she landed on the second floor, Naruto axe kicked her spot, watching as she rolled to evade the kick, the ground breaking under his kick. Naruto slapped her downward claw strike away, in addition to her backhand, dodging her pounce, her bite, and every move she made. Naruto seemed to be one step ahead.

Naruto suddenly grabbed her punch with his own fist and pulled her in before kneeing her in the stomach, making blood spill out her mouth and sent an earth shattering punch, sending her through three walls and into a huge room.

Yugito struggled to pull her self up, vomiting blood and what she had for lunch. What had she asked for? He really wasn't lying when he said he was stronger then she thought. Was the boy she liked really this strong? How was this possible? could it have been those summer training trips he went on back in the academy days? She did not take what he was saying into consideration, even though he constantly talked about it. It seemed now she was paying the price for it.

Naruto waltzed in the room, sword in his sheathe and hands behind his back. Yugito growled, so what if he was strong, he was going to take this fight serious! Yugito pushed herself up off the floor and rushed at him, war cry in full effect.

Naruto dodged the strikes effortlessly. He slapped her jab away before punching Yugito in the gut three times and smashing his forehead into her face, breaking her nose. He then grabbed her hair with his left hand and pounded his right fist into her face before grabbing her by the scruff of her Chunin jacket and tripping her onto the floor before lifting his hand up and slapping her in the face again before jumping on top of her and grabbing her by her Chunnin jacket again and bringing her beat up body up to his unaffected face.

"Now do you see why I don't go full out? Do you understand why I do things? I don't think you do, so let me tell you…" Naruto dropped her to the floor and pulled off his shirt showing countless seals on his body.

"Limiter seals, Chakra Seals, Suppression seals, all of these are on me because of the strength and age, I am the only one that can be here to protect the people of Konoha, I do all the things most nin can't do, This is not a gift, this is a curse, I didn't ask for this, but I will do what's needed for my Village. I was told not to show full strength in my fights with fellow Nin in training because when I fight full out…"

Naruto's eyes changed to blood red and chakra leaked out of him, he whipped his sword out from behind him and stabbed it directly next to Yugito's ear, ignoring her scared face as he came up to her until his nose was touching hers.

"Baby, I fight tothe death," Naruto whispered. Suddenly, Naruto whipped out his hidden kunai and aimed it at the person in the room watching the whole thing.

Anko sat there chewing popcorn, Kurenai had a huge blush on her face, Asuma dropped his cigarette and Kakashi smiled and put a thumb up.

"That's my student!"

Naruto looked at them silently before realizing what he was wearing and who he was on top of.

It seemed like he was schizophrenic as suddenly a charming grin appeared on his face.

"Now you got me all hot and bothered Yugito, if you wanted to make love in front of people all you had to do was ask, now come here my little kitty!" Grabbing her shocked face, Naruto kissed her in her lips, savoring the taste of her mouth before he was assaulted by Yugito.

Literally, her fist sent him crashing through three walls again.

Green chakra leaked out of her as she crouched like a cat ready to pounce.


With that roar, she jumped off and attacked Naruto, producing a scream that sounded like a female in a horror movie.

(Tower entrance)

Sasuke came into the tower looking spooked as the Grass nin held his battered and bruised body. The abuse was catastrophic. He had no chance. Fire Jutsu, taijutsu, he even showed new techniques and she kept coming at him like it was nothing.

Just when he thought he was going to die as he was unable to move.

She made a proposition to him.

"So you want…"Said Sasuke slowly.

"Yep," Nodded the Grass Kunoichi.




"That's right,"

Sasuke looked at her and slowly nodded his head.

"I can do that."

The Grass Nin nodded and patted Sasuke on the back.

"Glad we can have this talk, I'll see you in twenty-four hours," said the Grass Kunoichi as she whistled a tune to herself and made her way further in the tower. Sakura, who was awakened and silent the whole walk, was confused. How were they still alive. Not to mention who was this person, she walked around as if she knew the place. Not to mention the application of her…jutsu was… weird; very weird. How did she produce… crystals out of nothing? It was quite a powerful technique, Naruto would have been amazed.

Speaking of Naruto, where exactly was…

Less than one second after the Grass Kunoichi left the area, Naruto came crashing through the ceiling, shirt gone and pants half way ripped with, what looked to be cat scratches, on his body.

Naruto looked at his teammates and smiled, saying three words before running away.

"Yugito's in heat."

Yugito must have heard that, because a boulder went flying through the door Naruto ran into, a green chakra burst as well, and a loud hiss before a female scream occurred.

Sasuke snorted and shook his head.

"At least he's alive," He said as he headed back to his room, plans to ruin other team's chances long forgotten as he wanted to get the weird encounter with… Guren out of his head.

(Day three)

Naruto, wearing a gray shirt and black slacks, with no shoes, whistled a tune as he walked towards the infirmary to check up on Hinata.

The bandages covering his face and body, with only his hands mouth, blue eyes and nose visible? Let's not talk about that.

As he made his way into the room, he knew that she was still going through the events from the forest.

Sitting down next to her, Naruto said nothing. The beeps of the monitor and drip of IV were the only sounds in the room at the moment.

Finally, Naruto spoke.

"You have seen it. Did you not?"

Hinata didn't move or answer, just continued to stare at the ceiling, emotionless face on.

"It's a part of a series of mysteries concerning both you and me. Did you know that?" Naruto said, as he slowly rose up out of his seat and faced the window, seeing the sun rise over the forest.

Hinata slowly, meticulously moved her head towards Naruto's direction before she whispered something.

"Naruto… if I ever get to fight you…" She whispered, slowly raising her finger to point at him.

"I will defeat you, and you will tell me everything about these secrets. Now leave my presence," said Hinata as she turned back around, her eyes slowly closing as she fell asleep.

Naruto smiled.

"You know, I think you not only love my presence, but you want to fight me to prove yourself to your clan and family, that you are not who they think you are, you are not a princess, but a warrior," said Naruto silently before walking up to Hinata's sleeping form and softly planting a kiss on her forehead. Before walking towards the door, stopping with his hand on the door he spoke once more.

"I wait patiently for the chance to fight you Hi-bana-chan. Then and only then, can you call me a worthy opponent…"

'and husband…'

Naruto left. Once his steps were gone, Hinata opened her eyes and snapped her Byakugan on to make sure he was gone. Once she was sure, she touched the back of her ear.

The rose was in her hair again. Hinata sighed softly before speaking to herself.

"You flatter me… Naruto-kun…"

(Tower Hallway – Day Four)

Naruto walked down the hall to find some food, wearing the same exact outfit from the day before, as he turned the corner, he came face to face with the one person he rather did not want to see right now.

"YOU!" growled Karui as she lounged at him, Naruto ducked her wild swing and side stepped her jab, he skillfully dodged each fist she sent him before grabbing her hands and pulling her into him before doing 'it' again.

Karui's eyes widened as she felt lips on hers yet again, her spine felt cold and her insides burst in bliss, how was he doing this? What kind of technique was this?

Karui shakily pushed him away, breathed in and out very slowly before pulling out her double edged sword and with a war cry, chased him.

Just like that, Naruto was on another run from another girl.

(Hours later - Tower - Lunch room)

Sasuke sighed as he sat down; Naruto just had to get into more female trouble. Now he was back in the infirmary being treated for cuts and blood loss.

'He did get another kiss, in his book that's a fair trade…'

Sasuke's thoughts were interrupted however as a tray came smashing on the table across from him and Kurotsuchi sat down across him, her pink eyes looking dead at his obsidian ones.

"Uchiha," She said.

"Beauty," Sasuke replied, smirking as she blushed a bit before crossing her hands and leaning on them before peering into his eyes.

"Sasuke Uchiha, I want to defeat you in battle. That is the sole purpose of me being here in Konoha in the first place, your teammate is not a mere Genin, your other teammate is insane, and you are the little brother of Uchiha Itachi, making you a target, and I intend to defeat you to show all of Iwa that you're nothing but a boy that can never be Itachi," Said Kurotsuchi as she sipped on her tea with a smirk on her face.

Sasuke smirked slowly before taking her tea and stirring it with his finger.

"Very admirable goal, Kurotsuchi-san, and you are indubitably accurate in your observational deductions, Naruto is not a mere Genin, my teammate is infatuated with me and I will never be my brother, but if I train with both Naruto and Itachi, what makes you think you can defeat me in battle, in all honesty pinky…"

Sasuke leaned across the table until he was in front of her face.

"You wouldn't last one minute against me, and that's just on a weekend," Said Sasuke. Kurotsuchi also leaned forward, their noses touching.

"I beg to differ…"

The tension rose slowly as the two looked at each other in utter silence as seconds passed before Sasuke spoke.

"You know I could kiss you from where I'm at," said Sasuke suddenly as he put her tea in front of her and sat down, smirking at her blushing face.

"I'm sure we won't fight each other for a while however, so until then, how about we settle for learning about one another and eventually we can worry about that fight when we come to that point. What do you say?"

Kurotsuchi was a bit excited… for reasons unknown, the way he moved and talk, he was confident, dark and mysterious… so who was she to deny getting to know Sasuke Uchiha?

"So Be it. Let's just get the big stuff out of the way. My grandfather is the Kage of Iwa… and…"

(Tower – Indoor battle ground- Day Five)

Naruto was yet again, bored out of his mind, now they had to fight in a preliminary because too many people advanced, Naruto groaned, females ruined his idea of ruining some teams from advancing, so be it, whoever he faced, he'd just smack them in the ground and move on to the next round. The only person he had no idea he would win against easily would be Tenten, Lee, Temari, Gaara, Sasuke, Samui, Halibel and surprisingly, Hinata.

Naruto zoned out the Hokage's explanation of war and how this was basically a showcase to how strong the village is yadda yadda yadda. But then… then was when the exam changed and Naruto decided to pay full attention.

"YADDA YADDA YADDA! I'll take it from here gramps! Hey! Brats! Pay attention, I am your next Exam Proctor! Dattebane!"

She wore blue ninja shoes, white bandages wrapped around her ankles, blue ninja slacks, kunai pouch, holsters on the outside of her thighs, red long sleeved shirt, and a Jounin flak Jacket.

And the longest sword strapped on her back, white sheath and handle wrap.

Her red hair flowing in the air, somehow.

Kushina Uzumaki. Also known as the red death or red tomato in the academy, ex-Anbu captain and now… the next exam proctor.

Naruto's soul exited his body and shrieked rather loudly.

"Now! We are going to have a tournament to deduct the size of the Genin in this room, out of the thirty of you, only fifteen will make it, unless you both get knocked out, then it will be a draw. Now, face the board behind me to see who will begin the matches. When the names are called, Only the competitors must be on the floor, everyone else goes upstairs.

The board on the wall came to life and names flashed before stopping on two names.

Uchiha Sasuke vs. Kiba Inuzuka

Sasuke looked dead in Kurotsuchi's face and whispered silently to watch how the battle would go.

Kiba smirked.

"This should be a good battle eh Akamaru?"

His dog barking in agreement.

Sasuke stood in the arena floor waiting for Kiba to come down.

When he arrived, Kushina called the match to begin.

What happened next surprised the rest of the Nin who never seen the changes Konoha academy went through.

Both sent smoke bombs to the floor, covering the arena in smoke.

Sounds of fighting, growling and techniques were called but not seen as the battle continued. When the smoke cleared, neither of them was seen.

Suddenly the ground shook and Kiba went flying before crashing into the wall, wiping the blood off of his mouth, he ran towards the Sasuke that just came out of the hole and screamed his technique.

"Piercing Fang!"

Spinning like a drill, Kiba went flying towards Sasuke who slashed downwards, a torrent of flame went flying towards the drill, the drill then became a fire drill, still making it's way towards Sasuke, who began talking to himself.

"Good job Sasuke, Summoning: Rashomon!"

A door with a demonic figure sprung up from the ground, halting Kiba's spin. Kiba back flipped and landed, only to receive a punch to his gut, as he looked in Sasuke's eyes, the match ended as he fell into a deep Genjutsu.

Kiba spun in circles and ran into a wall before knocking himself unconscious.

In reality, Sasuke put subtle Genjutsu changes on him from the beginning of the match and used that to his advantage.

"Much work to be done with Genjutsu when the exam is over," Said Kurenai to herself.

"Sasuke has won the match, next!"Kushina announced.

Hinata Hyuga vs Yamanaka Ino

Hinata walked down towards the floor silently.

Ino jumped over the rail to get to the arena.

"Hajime!" Said Kushina.

Ino's outfit was the most changed out of the group. She had on a simple purple tank top with a white skirt that stopped above her knees, a utility belt which held scrolls, pouches and kunai were on her waist and she finished her look with white socks and purple combat boots that went up to her shin. Her hair too was put in a very long braid that stopped at the back of her knee, she finally held huge red gloves that stopped mid arm with a Konoha symbol on it.

Hinata's outfit was simple. She had on black sleeves that stopped at her elbow with a bare back sleeveless black v- neck outfit with a yellow sash around her waist and Chinese slippers. It seemed her inspiration was Soi-Fon from the Bleach Manga they often read, if Naruto was to tell you how she dressed. The only thing that was crazy were the two angel wing tattoos on her back. Naruto thought they were seals but who knew if she wanted to be a rebel in the clan or not.

Ino and Hinata met in the middle of the arena, Ino started her attack with a roundhouse kick with her right leg, to which Hinata blocked, and then followed up with an axe kick with the same leg, which Hinata also blocked, only to deliver to Ino a punch to the stomach, to which Ino got a Tenketsu closed…about ten in three seconds before being pushed back, Ino back flipped to make some space before rushing back into the Taijutsu exchange.

Ino front flipped, making Hinata bend backwards to dodge Ino's leg, before Hinata sent a chakra burst towards Ino, who used her gloves to take most of the hit, her boots skidding across the floor before she stopped and put her hands back up to fight again.

Ino pulled out ten shiruken before tossing them one at a time to Hinata.

Hinata side stepped one, jumped over another, spun in the air, letting two pass by, kicked one out of the air, caught the sixth one to deflect two and threw one back to Ino while the same Shiruken she kicked, landed in front of Naruto, who caught it and chuckled, not seeing the shocked look on Haku's face at the aggressive nature of the two Kunoichi. Not a word was spoken between them, no petty arguments, just pure fighting. This was a true kunoichi, deadly, beautiful and powerful.

Ino whipped out two kunai and rushed Hinata, who moved to the side at the last minute rather slowly, her eyes betraying no thoughts or emotion, which was the opposite to Ino who had an insane glint in it.

Ino jumped in the air before throwing one kunai full force at Hinata, as she landed, she rolled onto the ground before jumping in the air before she reached Hinata, her leg kicking Hinata in the chin and pushing chakra in her leg, twisted her body upwards before doing a back flip.

"Cannon Spike!" chanted Ino as she crouched and Hinata crashed onto the floor before picking herself up.

Hinata got up and sent a hand thrust towards Ino, a huge wave of water flying towards Ino, shocking half of the room at the skill as water manipulation out of thin air was something not seen since the 2nd hokage.

Ino ran head on towards the water. She lunged forward feet first, spinning her body she went through the wave and almost hit Hinata before she dodged.

"Spiral Arrow!" Said Ino as pushed off of the floor and rushed Hinata.

As Hinata dodged the first punch and sent a Jyuken jab with her right hand, she underestimated Ino's speed and technique as Ino spun on her right foot, and was behind Hinata with her arms around her waist, picking her up, she suplexed her onto the ground and then pushed up. As Hinata got up, Ino sent another spiral arrow attack, this time connecting. Again, Hinata got up, only to get brutally kicked in the chin sending her into the sky. Ino then jumped into the air, spinning like a ball, her legs caught Hinata in the air by her head before spinning down towards the floor, crashing into the earth, dust sprung up before Ino was seen over Hinata's neck with two Kunai to her neck.


Hinata was silent before smiling.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that as I have just begun fighting. Kaiten!"

Ino went flying as a ball of chakra smashed into her at point blank rage, as she flew into the air, Hinata sprung to her feet before sending a water whip to crash into Ino's chest in the air, smashing her onto concrete and sending air from her lungs, as she struggled to get up, Hinata was already in her face and said two words that sent Ino crashing into the Arena wall before being knocked out from the pure force of the hit.

"Thunder Strike!"

Naruto whistled from his spot on the railing, watching next to Haku, who was watching the match in appreciation of the craft the two kunoichi were displaying.

"That was a harsh finish. That moves sends sparks throughout the body and amplifies the body functions, sending her nerves into hyper drive and then with a push of chakra, sends the recipient flying," Said Naruto as he played with Haku's hair.

"How did you know about that move?" asked Haku.

Naruto smiled in a somber way.

"I helped her create the move. She just doesn't remember."

Haku nodded silently after a while.

"Hinata Hyuga wins the match; Ino Yamanaka is unable to continue. Next Match!"

Naruto smiled. Finally, he would see what this mysterious person was made of as the next match was shown.

Harribel vs. Neji Hyuga

Harribel was in the field, having walked there rather slowly. Neji made his way to the ring and put his hands up in his stance, confident that his opponent wouldn't last long.

"Hajime!" said Kushina.

Harribel looked at Neji, the room silent, she then turned around, and…

Walked away.

The 3rdHokage sat there in his seat amazed at the kunoichi from Iwa. She was fast, deadly and precise with her movements, If Iwa was to go into war again and they had more of her, Konoha would be in trouble.

Kushina whistled softly. What power and speed, she would be a good match for Naruto, he needed a woman who can abuse him and bring him back down to earth, and hopefully this would erect a stronger desire to train more.

Neji didn't move, he couldn't. His eyes wide and his body shaking in fear, awe and surprise. What speed!

He had lost this match.


Naruto stood there shocked. What just happened in that match?

The minute the match began, the entire thing was over in less than a minute.

Neji was taken to the infirmary, multiple slashes over his body and then fully incased in ice.

Harribel was already back in her place besides her sensei. Looking Naruto dead in the eye with her aquamarine orbs before she looked away slowly towards the board for the next match.

Naruto was now not only a little worried, but excited, finally, someone strong enough for him to fight relentlessly, could she be a challenge for him? He counted one hundred strikes on Neji but knew she hit him more than that; she was fast, faster than him.

His mother looked him in the eye and a silent sentence was told between them.

'Time to up your training'

The next names came up and Naruto slowly slumped before sighing loud.


"HEY! SQUIRT! SHUT UP AND WAIT YOUR TURN!" Yelled back Kushina, making Naruto's eye twitch.


"WHAT YOU CALL ME?" Yelled back Kushina, killer intent spilling out, making most of the room freeze at such levels of death spilling out of her.

Naruto felt this in his sleep however.


Kushina brought out her katana, sound humming off of her sword as she pointed it at Naruto.


"Ehh uhm."

The group turned to see the two competitors standing on the floor awaiting for the battle to begin.

"Ok, Next match Gaara Vs Zaku Abumi, Hajime!"

Gaara sheathed his sword and twitched before pointing at Naruto and smirking.

"That's how you do it, Naruto-baka." Said Gaara calmly, red rose appearing in his hand suddenly as he tossed it to the floor on the unconscious form of Zaku. The match was good, Zaku having Gaara on the ropes with his impressive amounts of Wind jutsu, but Gaara pulled his sword out and with one Tanuki Roar slash, Zaku was knocked out unconscious as he dodged the slash but not the sword butt as Gaara used the slash to get behind Zaku and knock him out.

Naruto waved his hand as he pulled ear wax out of his ear, ignoring Gaara.

The next few matches were interesting. But fast, just like Konoha nin's were trained to be. Kamui vs. Kin was a match filled with Genjutsu and Kenjutsu, the match going to Karui as she added an electrical element and, using the water from Hinata's match, shocked Kin unconscious.

Chouji and Akatsuchi was next with the match ending in an all around slugfest as the two continued to trade blows before both succumbed to knock each other out with a final punch. The two were now in the side talking about food like the best of friends.

The next match appeared on the boards and once the names were seen, Naruto's demeanor changed from surprised to happy and then to calm.

It was his time to shine.

Naruto Uzumaki vs. Juugo

Naruto looked at Haku and pouted.

"I'm fighting your teammate, anyway I can get any tips out of you?" said Naruto.

Haku giggled, making both her Sensei, Suigetsu and Juugo back away slowly in fear and surprise at the heavenly sound. They had never heard Haku laugh, who was this boy to get her to do so?

"Juugo is very strong. That is all you're going to get from me. Good luck Naruto-kun," She whispered. Naruto pecked her on the cheek and grinned before jumping over the railing backwards, seconds before landing face first, he flipped up and landed on his feet.

"Show off," Mumbled Sasuke.

"You're one to talk…" said a female's voice; Sasuke didn't even look to know it was Kurotsuchi next to him.

"I was proving a point. I hope you got my under toned meaning," Said Sasuke with a smirk. Kurotsuchi smirked.

"Well, maybe I should prove my point when I fight that I can handle you when we fight?" said Kurotsuchi in a teasing tone.

Sasuke was going to reply but felt killer intent roll off someone behind him, his eyes came across a sweetly smiling Sakura and knew what would occur.

"So, who are you, and why are you talking to my boyfriend?" asked Sakura sweetly as she stood on the other side of Sasuke who palmed his face.

"Kurotsuchi, Sakura, my teammate, who had to go to rehabilitation training for a rather… violent accident. Sakura this is Kurotsuchi, A kunoichi from Iwa who thinks she can defeat me in battle," Said Sasuke in a bored tone.

"Nice to meet you Kurotsuchi-san, hope you can beat Sasuke, maybe you can bring him down to earth, pun intended," Said Sakura as she shook her hand before pulling her close.

"Touch my man, and your life is forfeit," Growled Sakura into Kurotsuchi's ear.

Kurotsuchi smiled evilly.

"I'll do more than touch him, my personal mission as of right now involves way more than that."Thought Kurotsuchi.

(Arena Floor)

Naruto nodded at his mother before facing Juugo, who was currently looking at his hands and mumbling something. Naruto raised his eyebrows before shrugging his shoulders.

The minute 'Hajime' was yelled, the battle really started.

Juugo punched the ground, sending a boulder to come crashing into the air before Juugo caught the boulder with one hand and flung the huge item at Naruto, who had his eyes closed. The boulder was cut clean into three halves and Naruto had his sword out, eyes serious and ready.

"The cuts were supposed to be four." He mumbled to himself.

Juugo screamed at him and ran at him, arms changing into stone as he swung his fist, hit being blocked by Naruto's sword, but he went skidding across the floor.

'Strong, that actually kind of hurt,' said Megumi to Naruto.

'Yeah, I have a feeling this won't be an easy match,'replied Naruto back.

Juugo grabbed half of the boulder before closing his eyes, the rocks crumbled onto the ground leaving…

"Is that a hammer made of earth?" asked Kakashi to the Mist Jounin who nodded before pushing his glasses up.

"Juugo has in ability to create anything from anything, his Kekkai Genkai is an unknown one and we are still learning about his Jutsu.

Kakashi nodded at the Mist sensei.

"You do know that my student has a dream of defeating you right?" Said Kakashi as he watched Naruto dodge a hammer strike which put a huge dent into the Arena wall.

"I am well aware of his wish, uhh… unfortunately, I can't get into any confrontations with Konoha Genin during the Chunnin exams," Said Chojuro, the last member of the Seven Swordsman of Kiri and also sensei to the team of Suigetsu, Haku and Juugo.

The first person Naruto needed to defeat in order to reach his dream. Of being the best swordsman on earth.

(Arena floor)

Naruto was waiting for something from this man, the entire time he's been swinging the hammer relentlessly, crashing into the earth and making a bunch of craters, it seemed as if he was doing something in a systematic way though. Almost as if he was…

"Naruto's eyes widened as Juugo dropped the Hammer and slapped his hand onto the floor.

"Earth Dome!"

A huge column of earth covered over Naruto and Juugo, blinding everyone from seeing the fight.

Haku gasped and Suigetsu palmed his face.

"It's over for your little boyfriend, you know what happens when he decides to do this move," said Suigetsu.

Haku shook her head.

"It is not Naruto that I am worried about…" Said Haku silently.

(Earth dome)

Naruto stood there silently, Sword changed back into Megumi who looked in the darkness for the opponent.

Suddenly, dark chuckling was heard before the chuckling grew into laughter. Naruto sighed.

"Another crazy one eh Megumi?" Said Naruto to his partner.

"Just like that mission in Kusa with the female with that long tongue." Said Megumi to herself, shaking her head as Naruto began drooling.

"FOCUS!" she yelled suddenly as she formed into the sword again and deflected spikes made out of the earth. Naruto was on alert as hundreds of spikes were sent at him.

Sliding his finger across his blade, green sheen following right after, Naruto sent a Soul Blade towards the spike, watching the skeleton deflect them all.

"Ok Juugo, I'm busy, you're busy, let's say we finish this now that I know exactly where you are.

The chucking stopped and a strange voice began talking before Juugo appeared in front of him, eyes dilated and arms fully built. His hair had become white and his skin became black.

"I'mgoingtokillyou!" Said Juugo with a straight face but a crazy grin.

Naruto sighed.

"Maybe we can't finished this match, we're going to be eaten," Said Naruto to himself.

'You know, you could take the seal off too,' said Megumi to Naruto, who sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"I don't…" Naruto never got to finish his sentence as Juugo punched him in the face, sending him into the ground, Juugo swung his fist repeatedly, pounding his fist into Naruto's face, almost crushing his skull. Blood began to cake Juugo's fist and Juugo began foaming at the mouth as he continuously sent his fist into Naruto's face.

Finally, Naruto's eyes snapped open and with one arm swing, Juugo's arm came off, making Juugo scream relentlessy as he backed up, holding his arm.

Naruto rose up like a zombie from the grave, blood on his face and shirt ripped from the harsh abuse but eyes blood red.

"You should have killed me from the beginning of the match, now you've hit me in my pretty face, no more games," Said Naruto as he held his sword in both hands and in front of him.

"Shinigami: Quantam Slash."

In one second, Naruto was in front of Juugo. A slash went across Juugo's chest, two seconds, two slashes, three, three slashes. The hits sped up and the slashes kept coming. In sixty seconds, over one hundred slashes were on Juugo's body before the slashes stopped.

"Minute one finish, Minute two commencing," Said Naruto in a serious voice.

One grueling hour later, Naruto lifted his sword high and put it back in his sheathe. Snapping his fingers, the earth dome crashed apart, showing a half-dead Juugo on the floor.

"Each slash shows your life from a baby until now. Your life flashed before your eyes. Consider each moment precious," Said Naruto seriously before ripping his shirt off and pulling out a completely fresh shirt.

"AND PEOPLE STOP RIPPING MY SHIRTS!" Screamed Naruto before walking back up the steps, arena silent at the condition of Juugo as the medics carried him out.

Naruto sighed as he leaned on the rail.

"You said strong, not crazy and deranged."Mumbled Naruto to a smiling Haku.

The next two names came up, and instantly the tension began to build.

Kurotsuchi vs. Sakura Haruno

Sasuke inwardly smacked his hand against his head.

'Of all people to fight.'

"Watch your girlfriend closely Sasuke, you'll be seeing her in the medic room soon enough," said Kurotsuchi calmly.

Sakura simply jumped over the rail and got ready to fight.

"Good fighting Naruto." Said a male voice.

Naruto nodded his head.

"Thanks uncle." Naruto then realized something…

"Uncle why are you here, only sensei's of teams are able to be in the are…na." Naruto's words died in his throat as he turned to see Sasori right behind Gaara, Temari and Kankuro. Which made Naruto realize one thing.

"You and Gaara related uncle?"

(Konoha Gates)

The two Chunin guards sat shell shocked at the figure standing in front of them with his salamander looking at them with ruby red eyes.

"I am here to see two people. The Third Hokage. And Uzumaki Naruto..."

He then looked at the guards and smiled slowly.

"My godson,"

Hanzo the Salamander had arrived in Konoha.


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