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Sakura glared into Kurotsuchi's calm eyes, the minute the girl landed, her demeanor changed from carefree to serious and ready, a face seen on Iwa Nins during the war, on the field they were the fiercest in battle.

But Sakura already knew that, she wasn't too concerned, this girl was going down for staring at her Sasuke like that. It was no secret that Sakura liked Sasuke immensely. Ever since they were twelve the two were friends. Sakura even went to therapy for beating off one hundred fan-girls with one fan-girl being used as a baseball bat.

Needless to say, Sakura was a favorite of Tsunade and Anko as she had received private training lessons.

What Sakura did not know however, was that Kurotsuchi was the grand daughter of the current Tsuchikage, and had been training since five.

But that was another story at another time and another place, such as… not now.

"Hajime!" was the call, that's when it happened.


But to the real ninjas, the battle was already in motion.

Kurotsuchi crumpled into mud and Sakura into water. The impressive skill it took to maintain a switch from raw material was more of a hidden ninja secret. Chakra control was needed to switch yourself with a clone not even made yet. In other words, the minute the two were on the arena floor, the only indication of the two switching with their clones was the shadows on the floor.

There were none.

Kunai were thrown and deflected from somewhere on the arena floor.

Kurotsuchi came rushing out of her hiding spot, The arena wall, running at Sakura who came out of her spot, the left hand of the statue in front of the floors, the two clashing their kunai and dagger, respectively. Sakura blocked a stab before pushing Kurotsuchi backwards while rushing, in a quick blur, they were on the opposite sides of each other before a line of blood appeared on Sakura's face and Kurotsuchi's forehead. Sakura licked the blood and closed her eyes as her body began shaking.

"Your blood, is so warm and tasty…I want more…" Sakura moaned as she licked more blood off the knife and shook again, making people in the room a bit nervous, none more than Kurotsuchi.

Anko squealed in her seat.

"That's my student." She said gleefully.

Naruto looked at Sasuke, whose nose was bleeding rather profusely at the sight of his teammate getting… motivated off blood.

Naruto drifted towards Sasuke, devilish grin on his face.

"Imagine if you gave her your blood eh Sasuke?" Said Naruto with a smirk, watching as Sasuke fainted, blood flying from his nose. Naruto scooped the blood up in a cup and gave it to the nurse that appeared in a shunshin before nodding and in a swirl of leaves she was gone.

Naruto looked at Haku, who had her eyebrow raised.

"Sasuke hates needles, so I have to get him to bleed for blood samples. Rather simple if you're me," Naruto said in a relaxed tone before turning to the fight.

Sakura suddenly stopped shaking and opened her eyes.

Only for snake like slits to appear.

"Time to take this battle… up a notcccch," Said Sakura in a silky voice. In two seconds, she was in Kurotsuchi's face, dagger up and coming downward to strike. Kurotsuchi was surprised as she blocked the strike, her kunai cracking after the pressure.

'Fast and strong… good, but not good enough, let's see what else she got.'A smirk slowly ended up on Kurotsuchi's face as she pushed off of the dagger and backed up.

Sakura sped up the attacks, movement slippery and hesitant, such as a snake. Kurotsuchi continued dodging with ease, receiving only one slash to her right arm, which began stinging and making her vision blurry.

"I see the medicine is taking effect. I'll have to thank the Gekidoku clan for the poison. You're about to fall asleep soon thanks to the tips of the kunai being dipped in poison, making your eye lids rather heavy. Not even a soldier pill can reverse the effect," Said Sakura with a demented grin on her face. Rushing into her defense, Sakura uppercut Kurotsuchi, her hit sending the girl in the air, Sakura jumped in the air before front flipping, heel of her foot landing dead in Kurotsuchi's stomach, making her scream in pain and crash into the floor, creating a crater from the blow.

Sakura landed calmly, panting from the usage of Chakra on the hits and jump, in addition to using most of her energy attempting to attack the girl.

The smoke cleared to find a perfectly fine and unhurt Kurotsuchi chuckling.

"I'll explain what happened before I finish this battle. My grandfather has a defense. His skin can be made into the strongest skin that not even the sharpest blade can damage," Said Kurotsuchi, making the Hokage's eyes widened at the realization of just who the girl was.

"Now, the reason why I'm not asleep is, while the poison is impressive, it barely even effected me, only giving me a blurry vision which has since then cleared up. So…" Kurotsuchi whipped through hand seals.

"Rock Release: Hands of Stone." Earth from the same crater she was in sprung up and formed into huge stone hands as she rushed at the slightly winded Sakura, jumping in the air, Kurotsuchi came down with a huge punch that created a huge crater and made the ground shake.

Naruto's eyes widened along with Sasuke.

"If you two was to get married, you do know who's going to be wearing the pants in that relationship right?" Whispered Naruto in a wise tone.

Sasuke looked at Naruto blankly before slapping him upside the head and turning back to the battle.

"Shut up," Mumbled Sasuke, inwardly agreeing with Naruto.

Back on the battle field, things were not looking too good for Sakura as the dodging from the rock hits were slowing down, signifying she was getting tired.

Kurotsuchi suddenly stopped chasing after her and slammed her hands onto the ground

"You've fallen for my trap. Levitate!"

Suddenly, the two slabs of stone slammed Sakura with brutal force, making her scream in pain before she was punched in the face by Kurotsuchi, sending Sakura speeding through the wall.

Or she would have had Sasuke not jumped down and catch Sakura from any more suffering.

"The match is over," Said Sasuke seriously. Kurotsuchi calmly looked at the Uchiha, stare unwavering for seconds before the rocks fell from her hands and she silently began walking towards him. the footsteps were heard as the arena went silent, waiting to see what would occur. Jounin sensei's were getting ready to jump down in the event the Iwa nin attacked, the hostility in Konoha at the Iwa nin was stifling and would continue to be so for a long time.

The only people not concerned about it were Naruto and the person Naruto was walking towards. He was tall, very tall. Taller than the dark skinned Jounin next to him. He was dressed heavily armored, wearing "steam armor" with a furnace on the back that emitted steam. He had brown eyes and his armor extended all the way to the bottom half of his face, covering it up. Aside from his red armor, he also wore a red kasa (conical straw hat) that seemed to be composed of metal. Over his armor, he had on a black gi, with the sleeves seemingly torn off and black gloves. The person was Han, The Jinchuriki of the Five Tailed Dolphin, and Sensei of the last Iwa team in the competition. The person next to him was Killer Bee, The Jinchuriki of Kumo, holder of the Eight tailed Ox. The two were currently conversing about something unknown, with Killer Bee scribbling into his note pad and occasionally saying something as well.

Naruto stopped in front of them, causing the two to look up at him and stop talking. Nobody witnessed the standoff besides Temari, Yugito, Gaara, Hallibel, Team Kumo and the Sarutobi.

Kurotuschi stopped in front of Sasuke and Sakura and said two words to him before walking past him.

"You're next."

Sasuke looked at her with determination on his face, he never liked hurting kunoichi in battle, but he would do that in order to win and avenge his teammate's loss.

Back up in the stand, Naruto was still staring at the two Jinchuuriki who were looking at him as well, the tension rising to uncountable measures. After a while, Naruto smirked.

"Han… Megumi says to tell the dolphin to shut up," Said Naruto.

Killer Bee rose and eyebrow at Naruto and Han glared at the boy before his eyes softened up.


Naruto nodded slightly.

"Somewhat. It's a weird story," Replied Naruto, Han nodding in understanding. Naruto then turned to Killer Bee, both their eyes glinting.

"Killer Bee, what's the matter?" Said Naruto with a straight face.

"Silence is messing up my rapping chatter!" Replied Killer Bee, small smirk appearing on his face.

"So why not add a little rhyme to the silence?"

"Cause rapping in heat only adds to violence."

"What attitude is that, you should make some noise!"

"Skill and rhyme could go together with poise."


"And Killer Bee!"

"We've been rapping since Konohamaru was three!" The two said simultaneously, pounding a fist together. Han sweat dropping next to them.

"How do you know my sensei?" asked Samui suddenly. Naruto looked at her before smirking in a charming way.

"I visited Kumo when I was six with my mother, we met him in the tower, he introduced me to rap, and I introduced him to notebooks," said Naruto with a shrug.

"Hmm…" Samui said before turning around and watching the next names appear.

Nara Shikamaru vs Aburame Shino

Naruto slowly looked at the names, then the two, before whipping out a scroll, in which a huge couch fell out, making the Kumo Nin and Han looking at him and then around the room, in which Sasuke too pulled out a couch, Kushina a chair, and Kiba leaning on the wall with his dog sitting.

"Why are you all pulling out chairs?" Asked Karui to Naruto. The two had come to an understanding. Karui would kill him after the exams were done, and Naruto would stop kissing her until after the exams. Naruto would have disagreed, but her sword was kind of hitting a very dear part of him in the situation.

"Sit down and you'll see," Said Naruto. Karui hesitated before sitting on the end of the couch across from Naruto. Omoi sitting next to her and Samui choosing to sit directly beside him. Naruto smirked in a charming matter.

"Couldn't resist my charm, I knew you'd be back baby," whispered Naruto to the pale blond Kunoichi. Samui turned to him slowly with an expressionless face, causing Naruto to get nervous yet again.

'Geez, her stare is as penetrating as Harribel, you think they are related?'Asked Naruto to Megumi.

'That would actually make a bit of sense…' replied Megumi, actually agreeing with Naruto.

'If that's the case, and I play my cards right, I could have both of them!' Said Naruto, his insides bursting in delight at the thought.

'Idiot…' mumbled Megumi.

Samui finally spoke.

"Don't touch me, and I won't hurt you." Was all she said before turning around.

Naruto shook his head. They all played hard to get, the only girl he had an easier time flirting with was Tenten, Anko,Mikoto, Temari and Haku. Hinata and Karui wanted to kill him every time, Samui and Harribel blank stared at him, it took him a few weeks to break Ino, Yakumo just put him in scary Genjutsu's whenever he hugged her, Kurenai always used her boyfriend to get him away from her, what was it with not letting him work magic? It was a conspiracy against him!

But Naruto smirked, all was working according to plan, all he needed was another female, and his plan could be put into action.

A small thing interrupted his train of thought. The small thing was on his hand, now arm, now neck and now forehead. Naruto picked it up by the tail and smiled.

His godfather was here!

Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru paled as they watched the medium size salamander swaying in Naruto's hand before Naruto petted it on the couch.

"His Godfather is here…" Orochimaru whispered.

"I hope he doesn't want to fight today…" Jiraiya whispered back to Orochimaru.

"I need a drink…" Mumbled Tsunade, Sarutobi hiding his mirth by coughing into his hand.

Back on the field, the other nin learned why everyone from Konoha was sitting down.

The two weren't even fighting. They were playing Shogi. For the next two hours, the two played, occasionally the sounds of 'Troublesome' or intense buzzing would occur.

Finally, the two were finished.

"Proctor, this match is a draw, nobody can win in the next three moves," Said Shikamaru.

"I concur," Said Shino. The two got up and walked off the exam floor, massive sweatdrop occurring everywhere in the arena.

The next match occurred and Naruto's eyes widened significantly.

"Of all people to fight. It had to be them… just my luck."

Samui looked at him with a questionable gaze before looking back at the names.

Tenten vs. Temari Su Baku

Sasuke chuckled from his seat.

"Good luck consoling the loser," Said Sasuke with a smirk.

Naruto smiled back.

"How about I console your mother?" asked Naruto, grabbing the Kunai suddenly thrown at him.

"Too easy," Naruto said as he leaned on Samui's shoulder. Who was going to tell him to get off her but decided to let him live just for once. Or until her name was called. But according to her calculation as to who was left, her opponent would be the weird spandex kid, the light aquamarine haired kunoichi from Waterfall, one of the three from the team as they had yet to fight, The Sword wielding mist, the girl she seen Naruto flirting with, and Omoi.

Temari whipped out a scroll and Naruto's eyes, if already widened, got bigger.

"Oh… this is going to be a good fight," Naruto mumbled, pulling out popcorn and snacking on it.

Sasuke slid his chair over, after giving Sakura over to the nurse in the infirmary, Sasuke came back to watch the rest of the fights.

"Naruto, I have a question that has been confusing me concerning Temari," Sasuke said as he sat right beside Naruto.

"Let me guess, you want to know about her situation correct?" said Naruto, popcorn mysteriously in Karui's hand, Naruto turning to Sasuke and leaning in.

"It's rather simple. The third Kazekage used the seal my father used on me, except, he divided the Bijuu into two halves, he put the soul of the Jinchuuriki into a sword and awarded it to Gaara, but he gave Temari all of the Bijuu's power, in a sense, Temari is the Bijuu, but she's human. Making her a jinchuuriki. Makes sense?" finished Naruto. Sasuke digested the information before asking the next question.

"So does that mean Gaara's sword has the soul of the Shukaku?" asked Sasuke.

Naruto nodded.

"The mad priest was ripped apart by Shukaku apparently, making the entire process rather smooth. Gaara holds some powers, such as the ability to use the Shukaku's natural affinity, Wind and Sand. Temari however, holds both the affinity, and the chakra. Hence the gourd on her back. It holds sand in addition to something else, which, if she's mad enough, you might see, it's a rather interesting skill." Said Naruto as he grabbed his empty bag of popcorn and sighed heavily.


Back on the arena floor, the match just began, and already Tenten was on the offense, slapping her wrist, with held a Kanji on both sides for 'throw' in a blur of movement, shuriken, Kunai and spikes came flying at a calm Temari who simply snapped her fingers once they got close.

And sand rose up from the ground to block out the thrown weapons before tossing them back at Tenten, whose eyes widened and she dodged some spikes before whipping out her hands, making all of the weapons stop in midair.

"Chakra strings, impressive," Said Temari.

Tenten smiled.

"Wait until you see what happens next," Tenten then threw them all back at Temari, confusing most people as the kunai, spikes and shuriken stopped in a circle around her. Tenten smirk before flipping through handseals.

"Massive Breakthrough: Explosion!" The items around Temari detonated. Blowing smoke in the air. As the smoke settled down, Tenten whipped out a katana and made her way towards the smoke before jumping in the fray. The sounds of shrieks, grunts and metal grinding against metal was heard before a shout rang through the stadium.

"Slashing Wind Skill!" Massive amounts of win cleared the smoke revealing both looking a bit ragged and winded but still ready to fight. Temari closed her fan before using it like a sword, clashing with Tenten's weapon. Temari feinted a strike before sending a kick to Tenten's shin, followed by a kick to the stomach, and finally ending with the same leg kicking Tenten in the chin, making her body spin before being batted into the front with the fan. Temari then slowly made her way to her gourd before holding her hand up. The cork popped open and Iron Sand came flowing out.

Naruto sighed.

"The fight just got worse, Said Naruto to Sasuke and Samui.

Tenten picked her self up but felt most of her items slowly gravitating towards Temari.

'is that… Iron sand?'Thought Tenten, watching as all of the metal weapons she used stuck to the sand and a hurricane began swirling around. Tenten instantly removed the weight seal she had on, knowing she would probably have to start dodging weapons before she suddenly recalled learning a Jutsu perfect for this situation. Going into her scroll, Tenten pulled out a bamboo stick. Closing her eyes, she focused her natural affinity and lightning began sparking the top of the bamboo stick before smoke began showing, slowly, the spark began to ignite the stick, turning into fire with the occasional spark running through it. Tenten dashed into the tornado suddenly, flame following her movement.

Kushina looked on impressed at the technique. But slowly backed up knowing what the metal and electricity mixing would do.

Tenten jumped in the air before shouting out her technique.

"Thunder flame Slash!"

A huge explosion occur as soon as the iron and electricity connected, the fire adding to the strike. Temari and Tenten went flying to the opposite side of the arena, crashing into the walls before no movement was heard, the flames seen slowly burning on the ground. Slowly but surely, Tenten began getting up, arm feeling limp and face marred in dirt, Her pink top ripped up, showing her red bra a little. Temari herself was making her way up from the ground, lavender shirt with a rip going through the middle, showing a bit of cleavage. Naruto's nose began bleeding and he quickly covered his nose and looked away, mumbling incoherent thoughts.

Sasuke was no better, nose already leaking heavily, in addition to half of the hormone raging Shinobi in the room. Various Genin covering their nose, eyes or fainting.

Temari slowly lifted her hand up.

"The match is over, you have given me a challenge no other Genin kunoichi can say, for that I thank you. Now…"

Sand suddenly sprung up from around Tenten before holding her in a cocoon. Tenten futilely tried to struggle out before sighing.

"I yield."

"Winner, Temari of Suna," Yelled Kushina, the sand falling apart. Tenten went into a scroll immediately and pulled out a direct replica of her pink gi.

Temari chuckled as she too pull out a scroll with her lavender shirt.

"Didn't know you kept a spare shirt as well, rather smart," said Tenten as she unbuttoned her shirt slowly.

"Yeah, I actually carry three with me; never know when you'll need more. Rather pack more then less." Said Temari as she slowly went down to the bottom of her shirt and began pulling up her shirt.

The male Genin were slowly falling out, Naruto chuckled silently.

"They are teasing us, rather funny." He said, nose clean and face full of mirth.

"I agree," Said Sasuke suddenly, eye twitching as the two got further with the clothing coming off. The two put their hands up and silently dispelled the Genjutsu.

The third Hokage smirked as he watched them figure it out.

"They'll make fine Chunin," Said Sarutobi, dispelling the technique he put up, causing most of the male Genin to look confused.

The next battle commenced without further delay.

Samui vs. Omoi

Samui slowly looked at the boy, who looked at his sensei.

"Quicker you fight, quicker we leave, forfeit or take the beating you'll receive!" Rapped Killer Bee.

Omoi sighed before pulling out a lollipop.

"PROCTOR! With the impending doom that would occur in this match up and full well knowledge of my teammates ability, I hereby forfeit," Said Omoi in a relaxed tone.

Kushina nodded, announcing Samui as the winner, leaving four fights remaining. Samui sighed in relaxation as she sat further into the couch.

"I hate you," Said Naruto suddenly. Samui smirked.

"Why is that?"

"I had to fight a demented mist nin, bent on killing me, and you simply get to relax and make your way to the finals easily, no fair," Pouted Naruto, arms crossed.

Samui simpled chuckled and looked back onto the floor.

"You'll see my strength in the finals. Or maybe you can find me after this and spar with me." Said Samui in a dismissive tone, meant to strike his interest.

It did.

"I like the sound of that, how about it then? After these next few matches, we can have a little spar of our own…tomorrow, Meet me in front of the North entrance Gate, eight on the dot," Said Naruto seriously.

"I'll see you there," Said Samui before looking away. Naruto smirked, Mission commenced.

"She can be number five...sweet!"

(One Hour Later)

"Still fighting? Hurry up and finish…" Mumbled Shikamaru, who just woke up from his nap. The rest of the matches were going smoothly before the last one occurred.

The fight after Tenten was Suigetsu against a weird Waterfall Nin named Kazuki. The entire match was just a jutsu fight, with the both of them, somehow knocking the other out, Suigetsu hitting Kazuki with a Dragon Jutsu and Kazuki sending a dragon of lighting, electrocuting both of them as they were both standing in water courtesy of Suigetsu's avid use of water techniques.

After that was Dosu against Kankurro, Dosu displayed impressive Genjutsu techniques against Kankuro, making him become disorientated until Kankurro fell apart, revealing it was just a puppet. The match ending with Kankurro, who was behind Dosu the entire time, sending twenty puppets to poison Dosu, making him forfeit once the poison hit his system, making him go unconscious.

The next fight was Fu against Rock Lee, ending in forfeit from Rock Lee as Fu had the ability to turn her body into hard rock shell, making everything Rock Lee threw at her immensely light. Even opening the gates did little to nothing, eventually; Fu went on the offense and beat a weakened Lee into unconsciousness, even then, the boy still in a stance to fight, and getting respect from a surprised and in awe Fu and the respect of his Konoha peers at the perseverance and determination Lee showed.

The final fight was just beginning as a robed figure made their way down to the arena, Haku on the other side also coming down. Then it happened.

When the person removed their robe, which was covering their entire body, making people wonder whether it was a male or female.

The robe came off, revealing… A dude. Black hair tied in a pony tail, charming black eyes, wearing a red shirt with black ninja slacks and ninja shoes with a sword on his back. The females in the arena thought he was cute, and then he smiled.

Handsome became their new word. Naruto growled in anger at the way he was looking at his next week date.

"Sleezy black haired snob! I should murder him brutally for eyeing my date! Who does he think he is, being all mysterious… " Mumbled Naruto, murderous thoughts going in his head and killer intent leaking out, making Sasuke and Samui look at him weird.

"Let us do glorious battle, and may your sweet shouts of power bring pleasure to my ear…" Said the boy, slowly pulling out his sword, red light illuminating his weapon as a singing sound emanated from the blade.

Then the name was announced and Naruto's face changed from anger, to immense worry.

"Oh… No,"

"What's wrong?" Asked Samui, actually seeing worry and fear on Naruto's face.

Naruto slowly faced Samui and spoke up.

"That boy… is not a regular nin..." Naruto slowly stood up and looked around to see that everyone but him was caught in the Genjutsu. Which meant that the user aimed it at him. But when did he look into his…

The moment the match began, the boy's eyes shifted before going back to normal.

The match was done.

Haku shrieked as she fell to the floor, her screams echoing to the room, only to be caught by Naruto as he looked the boy dead in his eyes.

"When I find the real you, I'm going to enjoy killing you," Said Naruto.

The boy merely smiled at Naruto. Red Sharingan eyes spinning as he looked at Naruto

"You know nothing of death until I rip life out of your lungs…Naruto. I was just showing you how below me you are, we'll meet again… and that day, will be your death,"The boy faded into nothingness and suddenly the world warped before Naruto woke up before looking directly across from him.

To see the figure looking directly across from him, red Mangekyou Sharingan eyes illuminating in the darkness. The figure winked before the cloak fell to the floor, nobody inside of the robe any longer. Confusing the group as the person literally disappeared.

Naruto glared at the robe, red clouds adorning the inside of the cloak.

"I'm going to enjoy killing your descendant… Madara."

"Winner by… default, as the competitor is no longer in the arena, Haku," Said Kushina as Haku stayed on the floor, waiting instructions.

"The winners of today's matches come down and select a number from the pouch I'm holding,"

After the members did what was needed, the next battles were announced on the board.

Uzumaki Naruto vs. Subaku Gaara

Kurotsuchi vs. Sasuke Uchiha

Hinata Hyuga vs. Haku

Harribel vs. Kankurro

Temari Vs. Samui

Karui vs Fu

The minute the matches were seen, Killer intent poured out of Naruto, Gaara, Sasuke and Kurotsuchi respectively as they looked into the eyes of one another, each grinning in anticipation for the Chunin exams.

"The matches will take place in one month, giving you time to train and prepare for each of the opponents Dattebane! Now, you do not have to win the competition to get a Chunin vest, you simply have to show skill, cunningness and be sharp enough in your battles to impress the judges. In a month, each of your Kage's will arrive to watch how your matches will are and evaluate you. They will be your judges, with that being said. See you guys in one month," Said Kushina as the group began dispersing. Naruto was in front of Kushina in two seconds.

"Godfather is here… and it has awakened," Said Naruto in an ominous tone at the end. Kushina's eyes slowly widened before she signaled to the Sannin and Hokage that they needed to talk immediately.

The pieces were moving faster than expected. Naruto and the rest would need to be prepared.

To further explain the 'Madara's Descendant' part interaction a bit more, Naruto looked into the eyes of the person when they took the mask off, unknowingly getting caught in the Genjutsu which was meant specifically for him. It showed Haku being defeated swiftly and the person and Naruto solely interacting before the Genjutsu was dispersed. IN actuality, the Genjutsu occurred and the person left, Genjutsu broken as well.

Last time I had Hanzo as Naruto's Grandfather, but decided to change it to Godfather because I felt it would fit more.,

That is all. Until next chapter.