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The ninjas assembled in the Hokage's office sat in wait for the Hokage himself to discuss the possible unsettling news Naruto had to announce.

Kakashi, Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru, Itachi, Hizashi, Mikoto and the other clan heads sat in a huge round table with Naruto on the end of the table, still playing with the Salamander that had the Sannin on edge still.

After a while, the group heard talking and chuckling from outside getting steadily closer to the door as they waited for the people on their way.

Finally the door opened and in came Homura, Danzo, Sarutobi and Koharu come in with the one person few did not one to see and some did.

Hanzo the Salamander strutted in. Pale blond hair stopping on his shoulders, his outfit was rather simple. Green Ame flak jacket with the Ame Nin symbol on the back etched into it. Black slacks, ninja shoes and a navy blue cloak around his body with a huge Lizard on a lease in his right hand and a scroll in his left, to which he promptly threw at Naruto, who caught it with a smile on his face.

"How's my godson?" Said Hanzo as he took his spot on the other side of Sarutobi, who sat at the top of the table, across from Naruto.

"I am doing well," Naruto replied, putting the scroll away for later reading.

"Being careful I hope. You can never tell who is trying to attack you," Said Hanzo. Naruto sweat dropped. Just like most elders who had seen wars, they were always wary of everything and rather careful and senile when it came to normal things. He remembered the first time he met Hanzo. He had to be searched by twenty guards before being washed down with water and air dried before Hanzo patted him on the head and gave him a pet lizard.

The same lizard on his head right now.

"Now, we have come here to inform everyone of the disturbing news we have come across. Madara's descendent has awakened," Said Sarutobi in a grave voice.

Silence. Absolute silence. The room became serious at the dire news. The Uchiha clan had used a very fragile jutsu to seal up the direct descendent of Uchiha Madara, an evil man with intentions to destroy the world using the Bijuu to create the Juubi, a terrible and powerful demon that would destroy the entire nation if Madara got a hold of it. Fortunately, The Yondaime Hokage sacrificed himself and Madara to not only seal the Kyuubi into the sword Naruto held, but also to take both his heart and Madara's heart, condemning the reason Kyuubi was in Fire County destroying Konoha to life inside the Shinigami's stomach with him.

After the Hokage had learned the information through his dream, he went on a rampage of changes, including how Konoha was run, and informing the Uchiha clan of the evil intentions Madara had in mind. This decision, Sarutobi mused, was not a good decision as the clan went on to find anyone closely related to Madara and killing them brutally. The one direct descendant of Uchiha Madara however, was kept alive but sealed away in a very distant land away from Konoha. However, the clan made a fatal flaw, The descendant had learned of the plans Madara had and what the Uchiha clan planned on doing before being sealed and now…

She was back. Ready to destroy anything Uchiha. With the Uchiha being a founding part of Konoha, that hatred extended to Konoha, with power reminiscent of Madara Uchiha himself, Machi Uchiha was on a war path to destroy Konoha.

The people assembled in the room were the only ones that knew of her existence. This was the most well kept secret in Konoha. The discussion began.

"What do we do now?" said Chomaru Akimichi.

"It is only logical that we raise our security and train our ninja extensively," Said Shibi Aburame, glasses glinting in the dark room.

"I agree, however, how do we make the ninja know we are training harder without alerting them of the current status of things?" asked Tsume Inuzuka.

"We don't. We simply tell them that as the strongest out of all the nations, we must continue to be strong at all times and never relax in our strength. This way, we can always stay at the top of our game," Said Sarutobi as his smoke filled the room before disappearing.

"With that being said, changes will be made to our training curriculum at the academy; I want less time spent on history, and more on Taijutsu, Battle tactics, Ninjutsu, stamina training, Genjutsu and medical training. Also, Orochimaru, you and your students will begin experiments on stronger jutsu and techniques. Finally, I want you, Tsunade and Jiraiya to take up apprentices; it's time for another batch of Sannin. In three years, they will go through a challenge to see if they can handle the title of Sannin of this generation," finished Sarutobi, generating small snippets of discussion throughout the room.

"What would this challenge be?" asked Tsunade.

"They will face me in battle," Replied Hanzo the Salamander, striking fear and worry throughout the room at the idea of anyone facing Hanzo in battle, even in his old age, his strength did not waver. The nin only hoped he would become weaker in the years to come so mercy will be rained down.

"I have chosen my apprentice," Said Orochimaru finally, arms folded and a look of finality on his face.

"So have I," Said Tsunade as she slowly sipped her sake.

"I too have chosen the appropriate apprentice," Said Jiraiya with a smirk.

"Care to inform us then?" Asked Danzo in a small voice, himself wanting to know who they would choose.

"I have chosen Uchiha Sasuke as the Snake Sannin's apprentice." Said Orochimaru, generating a gasp from Mikoto at the opportunity.

"I have chosen Haruno Sakura as the Slug Sannin's apprentice." Said Tsunade with a grin, the two looked at Jiraiya who merely pushed off the wall he was leaning on and walked towards the front before putting his hand on the person of choice, making the room smile.

"I choose Naruto Uzumaki as apprentice,"

"I will help out in the training of Naruto," Said a voice. The group turned around to see Uzumaki Kushina standing up and flaring up chakra, daring anyone to object.

"I will help," Said a voice. The group whipped their heads around to see Sasori of the red sands stalk out of a shadow in the corner of the office, making the room wonder how long he had been there.

"How good of you to join us." Said Sarutobi with a smile. Facing the room again, Sarutobi turned serious.

"This is the time of dire change. Groups are preparing for something big, as such, as so should Konoha. Train your sons and daughters, students and friends well. Prepare for war. Even in the calm of the storm. Be strong. Be stealthy. Be Konoha. Meeting dismissed.

Danzo smirked. He had chosen who he would prepare in battle as well.

'Uchiha Sasuke, you have been on my watch for a long time. I think it's time I pass on my knowledge to you before my time comes…'

Naruto silently made his way to his home from the crowds of people in silent thought, So it had finally come to this. Finally, it was the time to prepare for all the coming destruction and death. He had so much to prepare for, the Chunnin exams, the swordsman trials, the uncertain enemies hell bent on destruction. Not to mention the descendant of Uchiha Madara being awakened and focused on destroying Konoha and more.

Naruto silently turned his head to the right to see his uncle and godfather on his right and his mother on the left.

"Naruto," Said Sasori after a minute of just walking through the village.

"It is time to rise up your level of training my son. Times are coming up and you need to be ready for what's to come," said Kushina seriously.

"With that being said. After the Chunin exams, we are taking you to the only place to properly train you in what we have to give you,"

Naruto didn't need to be told where the place was, he grew up there.

"Back to the Time Chamber. For how long though?" said Naruto, looking up for the response to his question.

Kushina smiled.

"Four years,"

Naruto silently nodded his head seriously. He had spent six years in there and came out stronger then a Jounin. If he did another four with not only his mother, but Jiraiya and Sasori…

"So be it."

Jiraiya smiled.

"Now my boy, it's time for your month of training for the exams. Tomorrow, you'll meet team 7 at the training grounds you usually meet up at, Kakashi has an announcement. I'll see you around, I have…research to do," Said Jiraiya, giggling perversely.

Before being backhanded into a tree by Kushina.

"Perverted frog sannin. Anyway, I have a mission, I will be seeing you in three days," Said Kushina looking to her son.

"What part?" Asked Naruto. Kushina smiled.

She replied Kumo while inwardly laughing at where she was really going.

"I'll see you then Kaa-san," Said Naruto. Kushina grinned evilly before blurring into Naruto, kissing him twelve times on his face and blurring away again, her son left on the floor shrieking in discuss at the kiss of death.

Sasori calmly sighed before walking away from the shrieking Naruto, sisterly kiss mark on his forehead.


Continuing his pace, he began talking, knowing Jiraiya was beside him.

"He's not really going back into that chamber to train is he?"

Jiraiya nodded.

"He is not. But I think him thinking about going back in there will prepare him for where he's really going," Jiraiya replied seriously.

Sasori nodded in agreement.

"Just where would he be going?" Sasori asked.

Jiraiya simply smirked and walked away, not answering at all. Putting two fingers up before his shunshin, Sasori's eyes widened.

"Of all places, it has to be there... so be it," Said the red haired Shinobi to himself.

A figure sat on the top of a raining building looking up at the skies. Their feet were left hanging off the edge and their cloak was drenched in water.

Silently, they put up their hands and immediately the rain stopped hitting them.

"Manipulation of water has its pros and cons… wouldn't you say so…Zabuza?" Said the figure to another cloaked figure standing behind them with their arms crossed.

"True. But come. The time for the Seven Swordsman is soon approaching. The leader has been chosen. We have a ceremony to announce," Said Zabuza.

The figure however, did not move at once. Finally, after what seemed like minutes, the figure suddenly got hit with rain, each hit making the cloak get soaked more, slowly the figure melted into nothing but a black cloak.

"Let's go then," Said the person behind Zabuza suddenly.

"I hate it when you do that," Said Zabuza as he turned around to follow the figure.

The person smiled underneath their cloak.

"You should see what could happen if I taught the skill to my daughter." Said the person as they turned around and walked off.

Zabuza shook his head.

"May Kami help us if you do…"

The rain continues to fall from the sky, trees and flowers rising up as the figures passed them.

The times in Mist had changed for the best as the civil war finally ended.

But the war for the top swordsman was still alive.

(One Week Later)

Naruto sat in the middle of a huge clearing, reading Icha Icha Paradise and thoroughly enjoying his day off before the beginning of his training for the exams. He had no fear of his opponent, as he had been training longer then Gaara. His concern was Hinata, Sasuke and Harribel. The most he knew of the Iwa Nin was that she was incredibly fast. She was calm and very methodic in her movements. She never wasted energy. She never released chakra unnecessary, she was rather beautiful, which could prove to distract many in battle, a fact Naruto could agree would be his downfall if he wasn't careful.

Speaking of the woman, Naruto closed his eyes and smirked. She can fool his chakra detection, but she could never fool his nose.

"Show yourself why don't you?" Said Naruto suddenly as he sat underneath a huge tree reading his Icha Icha Paradise. From behind the tree he was leant on came Harribel, arms crossed underneath her bust and eyes peering deep into his. The wind blew, making the tree leaves, her blonde hair, tied up in three small braided locks and Naruto's hair, not tied at all and left in a messy mop of blonde hair, fly up before stopping.

"What do you live for?" Harribel asked suddenly from in front of him.

Naruto slowly raised his eyebrows. What an odd question to ask suddenly, she was such a mystery this Iwa Nin. What was her purpose of asking him such a thing? Naruto answered anyway.

"I live for my family I live to be not only the Strongest swordsman in not only Konoha but the entire Nation. I live to make those around me happy and strong. I live to make my mother and father proud. I live for love, and I live for peace," Said Naruto finally. Before slowly putting his right leg across his left and closing his book and laying it on his lap before putting his hands behind his head and leaning further on the tree.

"What do you live for?" Naruto asked in return. Harribel remained silent, looking at Naruto silently before turning around and peering up at the sun. It was then Naruto realized she changed her clothing. White long sleeve turtleneck, again covering her mouth, leaving her nose and eyes to be seen, the shirt stopping at her belly button, with that she had on white tights underneath a white skirt and white ninja boots. Her sword strapped horizontally across her back like Naruto preferred to have it. After a while, she spoke.

"I live to fight. Nothing more and nothing less," Harribel said in a monotone tone, Naruto slowly sat up in attention as he had a notion that she was not finished.

"I was raised to fight since I was able to walk. My clan believes in battling until you die. I will never die of old age; I will die on the battlefield. There is no other option in my life other than to fight to the death. With the belief of my clan, I am the lone survivor of them all. They refused to let me go out in battle. They left me unconscious and told me to wait for a worthy cause, a worthy opponent to do battle with." Harribel turned around slowly and her aquamarine eyes pierced Naruto's.

"You are that worthy opponent. I want to fight you. If I die, I die, knowing that it is your sword that has cut me that kills me. If I win, I will know that you were not the one destined to kill me. I will not take no for an answer. I will attack you with everything. So prepare yourself; Because either your death is approaching swiftly like a shark, or I am hunting for your blood. Once that first drop of your blood touches the earth…" Harribel slowly walked up to Naruto, watching as he also rose up to stand as she came closer to him until they were a nose length apart. What happened next surprised Naruto entirely.

Harribel grabbed him by the neck with her left hand, choking him slowly before pulling down her turtle neck revealing full lips with a scar going across her throat. Her lips smashed into Naruto's before biting down on his lower lip, producing blood. Pressure began pushing against Naruto harshly and swiftly, making him stagger a bit at the unexpected force she exerted, but unable to move from her sensual assault. Slowly, Harribel's eyes became black and like a shark they dilated as she sucked the blood out of his bottom lip and the pressure got stronger. Naruto felt weak under her assault… a feeling he hadn't felt since training with his mother for the first time and being on the brink of death.

'What power!'

Finally the pressure stopped. Harribel finally licked his lips and slowly pulled her scarf up before releasing him.

"The shark will feast upon your delicious body for more of your sweet blood when we do battle Namikaze Naruto. Just as my father died in battle to yours all those years ago, the fight will change not only out lives… but the world," Harribel faded away, her eyes back to aquamarine and eyes shining with something Naruto noticed rather well.

"Megumi…did you see that too?"

"I did… her eyes were lying. Something is wrong. There is more going on then what she is saying that involves you. In any case, I advise you to train hard and train stronger in reaching the true state of your sword. If she was that fast, what is to say that she isn't faster with the sword out?"Said Megumi to Naruto, who nodded his head in agreement.

Naruto silently closed his book and put it in his pouch on his left hip before putting his hands in his pocket before pulling them back out to find them shaking. Naruto silently smiled to himself before chuckling softly, his chuckles turning into full blown laughter as he walked away, peering at his hands throughout the fields.

"Finally! I have found someone to test my skills with that is uncertain in skill. I will enjoy doing battle with you Harribel. Even if you have taken my first kiss…I will get to the bottom of your reasoning. Then and only then can I rest easy… you're on my list. Welcome! You have joined the names of Uchiha Itachi, Hoshikagure Kisame, Momochi Zabuza, Chojuro,Kurosaki Raiga ,Hanzo the Salamander, The illustrious Misty Mistress of Kiri, and the leader of the Seven Swordsman of Kiri. My day will come and when it does…"

Naruto stopped walking before yelling out his final thought, Chakra and pressure bursting out of him, sending grass flying into the air and actually uprooting trees and creating a whirlwind.


The ground shook as Naruto whipped out his sword and swung it diagonally, horizontally and downward consecutively for ten seconds before putting it back in his sheath. Chuckling dangerously as red chakra began pouring out of him, along with blue, turning his chakra to royal purple, Naruto finally charged a beam on the tip of his finger and pointed it at the sky before blasting it into the sky, chuckling evilly as it busted in the air and destroyed ten clouds.

Finally letting his chakra died down. Naruto breathed heavily before calming himself down and letting his bloodlust die down, the area around him absent of grass and threes.

In a five mile radius.

"I will consider myself to be strong when I can destroy a twenty mile radius… much work to be done, Megumi. Prepare for the trials ahead." Said Naruto as he put his hands in his pockets and walked off, not seeing that Harribel did not leave the premises and witnessed the power he held.

Nodding to herself, she turned around and walked off.

"Father will be pleased to know I have found a worthy opponent."

(Konoha Hospital)

Sasuke placed the roses on Sakura's nightstand before peering at her sleeping figure. Smiling as he received news that she would be fully recovered in a week and be ready to train again. He had never seen her so bruised up, but there was a first time for everything.

Sasuke placed a small peck onto her forehead and whispered in her ear to get well, getting a mumble of his name in return, bringing a smirk to his face as he turned around and closed the door with his face to the door and his eyes closed. His eyes remained closed and he remained not moving before turning around with his Sharingan eyes in full blast and peering into Kurotsuchi's pink eyes and smiling face as she leaned on the hospital wall across from him.

It was amazing that no one bothered the two, let alone pass through there as they stared at one another for a long time before Sasuke spoke.

"What do you want?" he asked silently.

Kurotsuchi pushed off the wall and shook her head.

"Nothing. I just want to apologize for how brutal I was to your… friend. I don't know what exactly came over me; I sometimes get wrapped up in the heat of battle sometimes." Replied Kurotsuchi as she walked towards Sasuke slowly who was still glaring at her. Sasuke did not break his glare for a few seconds longer but could not continue as Kurotsuchi looked back at him with a huge smile on her face throughout his staring session. Closing his eyes and sighing he walked away, knowing she would follow.

"So what do you Konoha folks do to have fun?" asked Kurotsuchi. It was apparent that she was in a mood to relax as she had on green camouflage shorts with a red shirt and her Iwa- nin band wrapped around her waist like an obi.

"I suppose you want me to show you some places?" said Sasuke in a low tone, eyes back to the onyx color.

Kurotsuchi smirked.

"Such a smart nin," She replied as they left the hospital to relax. Even if they were to fight one another in a month, the time was not now.

(Hyuga Residence)

Hinata stood at Neji's bedside watching him watch the ceiling in patience. The boy had been in contemplative silence ever since she entered his room to give him tea and soup to help his recovery. No doubt, his thoughts were stuck on his embarrassing and humiliating loss to the Iwa Nin in mere seconds. Hinata contemplated speaking to him to get him to acknowledge the fact that she had brought in the tea for him to take.

Neji however was well aware of the fact that she was in the room, he simply wanted to gather his thoughts before he asked Hinata the question he wanted to know. It was as Hinata was heading out of his room when Neji finally spoke.

"Do you…"

Hinata turned slightly to show she was paying attention.

"Do you remember the day you defeated me in a spar in front of the Branch houses?" Said Neji silently. Hinata for once showed an facial expression besides the usual stoic face that Hyuga's seemed to be stuck with.

An eyebrow rose in thought and confusion at the question. She remembered that day vividly. She was getting defeated before she crashed in front of a boy with golden hair who…

Hinata's eyes widened as a memory split through her head

"Are you ok?"

Warm hands grabbed Hinata's hand and lifted her up to her feet. Hinata's breath was the only thing heard in the courtyard as everyone stood in silence, refusing to help or say anything about the interaction between the young teens.

Through her already swollen eyes, she could see his blue eyes piercing into her eyes, giving her strength, comfort and warmth all at the same time.

"You can win…you know that right?"

The area began to blur before the voice said a final sentence.

"Go get them Hibana-chan."

Hinata held herself up and used the wall next to her for support as she shook and her sight remained blurry before she silently left the room.

Neji nodded to himself in contentment before looking towards the corner of the room.

"You seen that as well I take it?" Neji said to the corner, looking rather insane before the area he was looking at warped.

The person asked faded into view and nodded to Neji.

"I believe it's time to do some… experiments," Said the person as they blurred away chuckling in anticipation for the work ahead.

(Ichiraku's Ramen Stand)

"So this is the best place to get ramen?" said Kurotsuchi as she and Sasuke sat in the stand and ordered Miso Ramen respectively. The two had went roaming Konoha and Sasuke showed her some of the more exotic places around Konoha, causing concern for some, but everyone believed that Sasuke knew what he was doing as he was the next Prodigy of the Uchiha clan as Itachi named him. It was still unsettling to some to see an Iwa nin talk so comfortable with an Uchiha of Konoha. But after a while people began to not care about their interactions and focus on what they were doing before.

Sasuke nodded as he out his hands up for two before making some signs, to which Ayame smiled and nodded before turning around to get the order done. Making Kurotsuchi wonder how they came up with their own hand signals for food.

"Yeah, Normally Naruto likes to appear out of nowhere next to me and try to scare me," Said Sasuke.

"Right you are Sasuke-san… I'm glad to see that you're actually talking to people." Said Naruto, sitting on the chair between Sasuke and Kurotsuchi, making Kurotsuchi actually grasp her kunai in surprise at how quiet and silent he appeared next to her, while Sasuke sipped his Miso ramen with a relaxed expression.

"Shut up, you know exactly why I don't make conversations with people." Sasuke said calmly as he slurped his ramen. Kurotsuchi watched yet again as Naruto put up a three before some more hand signals, to which Ayame nodded again and got to cooking up a batch of Naruto's food.

"True, cause the females try to jump your bones and the men try to introduce you to females that try to jump your bones to get a piece of the Uchiha fortune…then it's…them," Said Naruto in a haunted voice, eyes becoming darkened and expression stoic and expressionless.

Sasuke also had the same face, scaring Kurotsuchi a bit at how serious these…them people were.

"Demonic seductive powerful Kunoichi capable of finding you in the pouring rain in Ame itself and destroying a whole Yakuza gang just to get that date out of you…" Said Sasuke.

"Kage leveled and faster than messenger Nins on a soldier pill…"Said Naruto.

"Even the Hokage can't stop them from getting to you. He too is weak under their glare…" Sasuke said, chopsticks shaking in fear.

"Just who is this person you two are speaking of?" Asked Kurotsuchi, thinking it was a group of S-class Nin bent on world domination and capturing demons to rule the world with an iron fist.



Hidan looked fearfully at Pein as he had just did one thing he had never seen… Pein sneezing… with his eyes open! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, to sneeze with your eyes opened.

His respect for his leader went up a notch, right until the snot came out.

Hidan prayed to Jashin right after as the snot literally dissolved into nothingness.

"I am getting too old for this…"


"The sisters… The illustrious Red head twins…" Naruto and Sasuke said at the same time as thunder hit the ground in the background and the skies became dark. The two suddenly looked at each other in fear before slowly changing into confusion…and then finally smiling.

Outside, the sky changed back to its normal blue skies, worrying people from Konoha just a little bit at the quick change, but it was a Nin village so the worry didn't last too long.

"But their currently on a mission as one of the Twelve Guardians of the Daimyo," Said Naruto with a smirk, his fist rose up in the air.

"They won't be back until next month," said Sasuke as he hit Naruto's fist.

"We can relax knowing we won't be put in any weird situations," Said Sasuke.

"Crazy dates," Replied Naruto.

"Tea times,"

"Shopping sprees,"

"Meet the parents,"

"Walks on the park,"

"Training sessions wearing three-hundred pounds on your body,"

"Genjutsu training with those Demons,"

"Not to mention being punched in the face for no reason then almost raped the next."

"And the crazy spontaneous make out sessions in the Hokage's stock room."

The room went silent at that proclamation as Naruto and Kurotsuchi looked at Sasuke wide eyed.

Sasuke shrugged.

"I can't say I didn't like it."

Naruto nodded.

" I learned one day that my cousin is hiding a secret,"

"Really?" Asked Sasuke in surprise.

"Yeah, what happened was…"

As Naruto and Sasuke talked to Kurotsuchi about the history of the red headed twins they spoke of, the two never saw the squirrel that watched their entire interaction before disappearing in a plume of smoke.

(Half an Hour Later)

The three laughed and talked about the exams and their experiences growing up, sharing small little embarrassing stories and more about life before the flap opened up and Ino and Kiba came in.

"What's going on handsome?" said Ino as she crawled into Naruto's lap and rested her forehead on his.

"Nothing before my sunshine came in, now my days are beautiful with blue skies and golden light," said Naruto, referring to her hair and eyes.

Kurotsuchi felt a bit out of place watching the two flirt and speak words kids their age shouldn't be saying like…

"I agree though, the Potassium in the average human body is highly underrated and the achievement of what Orochimaru did with a banana- tasting soildier pill works out efficiently in the longevity of a Ninja's Career." Said Naruto with Ino nodding.

"I agree. Anyway, a bunch of us are heading to the Spa and Hot Springs and we wanted to know if you guys wanted to come."

Naruto nodded his head immediately before grinning wolfishly.

"Is it…co-ed?" asked Naruto as his fingers ran up Ino's leg, making her shiver.

"I bet you would like that wouldn't you?" whispered Ino in Naruto's ear, making him shiver as well.

"I would. Only if it's you… and me…" Said Naruto as his husky breath made Ino breath harder.

Sasuke slammed his money on the table and quickly grabbed Kiba and Kurotsuchi.

"It's going to get worse real soon, and I'd rather you not see what happens usually,"Said Sasuke with Kiba looking at him with a confused expression.

"What? It looked like they was about to get it on. How bad could that be?" Said Kiba.

Except, what happened was the exact opposite of what he expected.







Sasuke, Kiba and Kurotsuchi sweat dropped at the sight of a half dead Naruto getting pounded in the face repeatedly by an irate Inoichi as Ino tried valiantly to pull him off.

Finally Naruto's face began to crumble until nothing was left but dirt. Inoichi began breathing hard, head down and killer intent pouring off of him.

"When I find you Naruto… I'll kill you for trying to continue the mission. When I said to make Ino into a strong Kunoichi, I didn't mean into a woman too." Inoichi whispered to himself silently before stalking off

Sasuke sighed before turning around to see Naruto leaning on the store across form Ichiraku's with a nervous expression on his face, black eye healing right in front of the three, surprising Kurotsuchi at the healing rate he had.

"That was close, I'm glad I had time to switch out into a Mud clone after the fourth punch, anyway, let's go relax before this Chunnin exam continues." Said Naruto as he walked off with his hand out, to which, in a blur, the hand was held by Ino, who surprised Sasuke a bit at her speed.

"Are you wearing weight seals?" asked Sasuke.

"Why yes I am Sasuke-kun…want to take them off me?" Said Ino in a flirtatious tone.

Sasuke sighed.

"I'd rather not."

Ino pouted.

"No fun, it's a shame you still play hard to get still Sasuke… though I have heard some things concerning you… but I'd rather keep that info for myself." Said Ino as she whispered something into Naruto's ear, making him chuckle and whisper back into her ear.

Kiba, with his ever so sensitive ears, heard what they were whispering about and chuckled as well.

"Man, that's funny, I want to see his face when he learns that," Said Kiba to Naruto, with Naruto nodding too.

"We must be there; we got to take a picture of that," Said Naruto with a smile. The two looked at Sasuke, then each other, and chuckled again.

Sasuke shook his head.


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