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No. Let me focus. Enjoy the double chapter. I have made minuscule changes, especially concerning the 'bracelet' some of you who read the story from before have talked about.

Enjoy this chapter. Entitled. "SNDCLSH in Vegas" ( I wonder who would get that reference. No worries if I'm the only one)


There was a group of Konoha Nins ranging from Genin to Jounin in rank where seen sitting on chairs designed in a circle inside of a rather old indoor training ground looking either somber, tired, angry or unemotional in the face.

Out of the ten people seating, one chair empty, familiar faces were seen in some of the seats. On one of them, was the Uchiha clan head to be himself, Uchiha Itachi sitting down staring hard at the person directly in front of him. Next to him was Gai surprisingly wearing a black shirt with blue jeans and hugging his jounin jacket mumbling about flames of youth and green.

Finally, there was Naruto himself. Who looked to be extremely tense and agitated as he stared a hole in Itachi's face, the two not blinking or backing down from one another. Killer intent was radiating off of the two but no one seemed to feel the murderous intent the two were aiming at one another.


Utterly uncomfortable and near deafening silence. You couldn't even hear the sounds of outside life. Through the windows, sunlight reflected onto the floor of the training grounds as the group sat there waiting for the reason they were there to enter and start the discussion.

Finally the door to the grounds opened up and in came apparently the ringleader to the whole meeting. Wearing a white medical lab coat, glasses glinting in the light, Kabuto Yakushi made his way in and sat down on the last available seat and began smiling at the group.

"Alright! everyone is here. Welcome to Shinobi Anonymous. Where Nins come and discuss their problems, and together as a unit, we help one another cope with getting over our problems and become a tight knit family in the process. As such, we have a new face in the group. Naruto Uzumaki, won't you stand up and introduce your name, rank and addiction," said Kabuto.

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed, rubbing his hands on his blue jeans as he let his sweaty palms get dried from his pants. Standing up, Naruto spoke his issues.

"Hi. My name is Naruto. I am the rank of Special Genin and I have an addiction to…" at that, Naruto lowered his voice and looked to be struggling with himself to speak his problem. At Kabuto's nod of approval and gesture to go on, Naruto sighed before speaking again.

"I have an addiction to the opposite sex."


I bet you're confused over how and why I've begun the story with our hero in a support group. Well, it's rather simple. The events leading up to this situation happened from the spa and led into the night, causing our blonde antagonist to be admitted into a Shinobi Anonymous meeting.

And it goes a little something like this.


The group of five made their way to the spa where everyone else apparently already occupied the space and were simply awaiting the arrival of the others.

Naruto walked up to the surprisingly huge group, seeing Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, Yugito (Who was still a bit mad at the fact he hid his true skills so she avoided him) Anko (Who was currently smirking and blowing him kisses) Shikamaru, Sakura, and Shino as well as surprisingly…Hinata along with her younger sister Hanabi, the two looking at everything with twin apathetic stares to everything and everyone. Naruto smirked as he now had a new victim, while he would in no way, shape, or form try to manipulate the younger Hyuga into a relationship, fearing the whole Hyuga clan try to Jyuken him into next year, though that would be rather…kinky to get with both the sisters… he could have a little fun with that… imagine Hiashi's surprise catching him in Hanabi's room…with Hinata…and Hanabi…and the three of them were doing some things with just…

"Your nose is bleeding," was the sentence from Sasuke that distracted his less than stellar thoughts.

"The joys of being a teenager…" Thought Naruto as he made his way over to the others who were waiting for them.

"Took you long enough… I thought you weren't coming… I was about to go home," said Shikamaru in a relaxed tone as he pounded Naruto's outstretched fist.

"Hush, I was just taking the scenic route, the most beautiful of things to look at sometimes, is not around you…but right next to you… isn't that right Hinata-chan?" Said Naruto, smirking as he watched Hinata stiffen a little, the sight only being noticed by Kakashi, Anko, Asuma, Kurenai and Yugito.

"The only thing beautiful to see is you under me after I defeat you," Said Hinata in a monotone voice.

Naruto, deciding to have some fun, smirked and retorted back.

"Hmm…do you also have whips and chains? Who knew! You're a Dominatrix! I think you in leather would be rather amazing to look at graaaaawr," said Naruto, eyes narrowed and face somehow morphed into a kitty cat with a purr at the end of his sentence, making the group either chuckle or sweat drop.

"Don't change the subject; soon you will see the extent of my true powers. I can't say it will be much fun for you…but for me…it will be glorious," Said Hinata as she smirked and headed to the hot springs, Hanabi looking at Naruto for a bit before turning around…

Only to come face to face with the same grinning boy. Hanabi jumped back in surprised at the quickness the boy possessed.

Naruto smirked as he grabbed the girl's hand and placed a kiss against it, making the poor girl's cheeks redden.

"The name is Naruto Uzumaki… pleasure to finally meet you young girl, listen cutie… tell your father I said: the fox will eat the bird when it lands for rest upon the earth. Can you do that for me?" Asked Naruto with a grin on his face; It was blatantly apparent his piercing gaze and smooth voice was really laying effect to the suddenly nervous Hanabi as she nodded, her mind going a million miles a minute. Did he just kiss her hand? No one in the entire clan, let alone Konoha, woulddare do such a thing. Yet, this boy had not only kissed her hand, he calls her… cute?

No one knew it, but this was the beginning of the trouble with women Naruto would soon encounter. That one simple act began a chain of events that would change Naruto for the better…

Or worst…

Who knows?

Naruto's eyes suddenly widened. Absentmindedly patting the young girl on her head and walking away from her, Naruto slowly grabbed his friend Sasuke by his shirt and held onto him for support. Sweat began to build and his body began shaking as he read the sign over and over. Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he looked at Naruto and looked at what Naruto was looking at before he sighed and sweat dropped.

"Sasuke… it says no co-ed bath!"

Sasuke sighed.

"Get over it, geez, it's not like you won't try to infiltrate the other side anyway. You're starting to become your godfather. You better be careful, I'm sure your mother wouldn't like your decision making or train of thought," said Sasuke as he softly and slowly peeled Naruto's hand off of him and made his way to the locker rooms to change into relaxation wear.

Naruto ran a hand through his hair and sighed deeply. Sasuke was right; he only had one more mishap before his mother said she would take matters into her own hand. The first strike was that night with Tenten when his mom caught them kissing. The second was the situation with Anko, getting intoxicated and a bit too close for comfort in the garden. Naruto shuddered at the thought of just what would happen if the third strike occurred. He feared the implementation of…that program in his life. He was way too young to be doing such a thing and he had too much going on to be wasting time getting help for his…problem.

It wasn't an addiction.

What Naruto didn't know was that the first step was denial.


The group split up and made their way into the hot springs for some relaxation. After prying Naruto off of Ino, the men headed into their section to do some hot relaxation. Through the steam, Naruto could literally see that most of the men from Suna, Konoha, Mist and Kumo seemed to be relaxing in the springs.

"Of all people here, it just had to be these three. So troublesome," said a lazy voice the tone the three knew to belong to Shikamaru.

"Oh shut up you lazy bum. You knew the party really got started now that we've arrived. You guys look so boring and dull, now we can really relax," Said Kiba as he slowly got into the springs water, sighing in contentment.

Naruto decided to sit on the other side, Next to his sensei, Kakashi.

Sasuke decided to sit on the other side. In the waters today seemed to be Asuma, Shikamaru, Chouji, Omoi, Kirabi, Itachi, Gaara, Kankuro (without make up, surprisingly) and others,

"Ahh… what a relaxing day wouldn't you say Kakashi-sensei?" Asked Naruto as he closed his eyes and fully relaxed, putting his entire body underwater leaving his nose and up above water so he could breathe still.

"Why yes it is. Congratulations you two, on making the semi-finals by the way, in addition to moving on to the next round, I'm proud." Said Kakashi, changing the page of his parenting book (Naruto smirking as he seen the seal on each page for his 'Icha Icha Paradise' books under the name 'Child Reproduction'

"Thanks…How's Rin?" Asked Sasuke, making Naruto chuckle at the facial expression given by Kakashi.

"She's been rather violent as of late, especially when she doesn't get her food. Udon with fried eggs, dumplings, ribs and dango," said Kakashi before he began to pale.

"Then sometimes…sometimes she gets clingy. I…. her grip is so strong…she gets this look in her eyes and then she…" Kakashi dramatically closed his eye and closed the book before breathing deeply.

"She takes advantage of me…" Kakashi whispers… storm cloud appearing over his head and raining.

Sasuke patted his sensei on the back in a reassuring gesture.

"It's alright. I'm sure it will get better," Said Sasuke.

"Better?" asked Kakashi in a confused tone, in return making Sasuke confused.

"I LOVE IT! It's so amazing the way she bosses me around! This is like Icha Icha paradise book five, edition A, chapter twenty-seven when Mai and Kyoto had an abusive relationship. She'd hit him and then she make love to him,' Said Kakashi with a star in his eye.

Sasuke sweat dropped and Naruto fell underwater before re-emerging.

'My best friends…perverts…my brother…pervert…even my sensei is a pervert…I am no exception to the rule however…'

Sasuke suddenly interjected into Kakashi's discussion.

"Mai wasn't pregnant."

Kakashi nodded his head. Already knowing his two students also enjoyed the book and had a collection that rivaled his… but Kakashi never told them that he had a house in between Mist and Wave that had his collector's item Collection. But neither did he know about the Uchiha's private stash or Naruto's seal on his body that held all of his exclusive writings he implemented into the Icha icha series.

Nor would they tell one another about those issues. After all, a ninja needs to keep his secrets.

"True, but the relationship was rather close to mines… she even left him for a few years on a business trip of sorts, and when she came back, Kyoto confessed to her and they got together," said Kakashi in a serious tone.

"Well noted… the situation between Oranuto and Nihata is rather interesting…" Interjected Naruto as he too jumped into the conversation.

"True… what a triangle," Said Sasuke.

"That is a weird situation I must say," Said Kiba as he jumped into the discussion.

"I mean, how is it possible that she just simply lost her memory and how they were madly in love with one another, and how does Oranuto get with so many girls? Even teachers and mothers! What a player!"

Naruto smiled.

"I sometimes like to think I was Oranuto…"

"Kiba, Sasuke and Kakashi looked at Naruto then each other then Naruto again before answering simultaneously.


Naruto merely nodded after thinking about it himself.

"Yeah, that's impossible…You guys are right."

As the group continued to talk about the book that held their attention, it was then that everything in the day would soon take a turn for the worst, and everything went to hell in a hand basket.

It was the fault of one person and one person alone.


It simply went like this.

Jiraiya was as usual, peeking on the woman's side for research purposes, forgetting that times have changed and skills have been upgraded. Not to mention the fact that Tsunade had been learning about his exploits and planned on utterly annihilating him if he was to peek again.

What she did was groundbreaking and definitely in the magazine of "Kuniochi Weekly, which featured, coincidentally, Kushina Uzumaki in her Jounin outfit with a smirk on her face in a background stacked up to the sky with empty ramen bowls, her son Naruto was also on the cover leant against the bowls in a small miniature Hokage outfit, the title reading

"Uzumaki Family: Like Mother, Like Son"

But that was another story for another chapter, what Tsunade simply did was have seals put all over the outside of the Hot Spring area and building itself.

Within a ten mile radius.

Jiraiya was unaware and would remain unaware, despite being pounded in the ground within five minutes of peeking.

He was on minute three when the seal glowed.

(Tsunade's office)

Tsunade's seal went off on one of the walls with the map of Konoha, specifically the hot spring area, alerting her of the pervert that was invading privacy and getting away with something rather personal.

Growling at the unknown offender, Tsunade snapped her fingers twice, signifying the arrival of ANBU, except this group was the all female group consisting of Rabbit, Chicken, Duck, Tiger and the captain, the only one without an animal mask, but paintings of a regal Kabuki mask.

"What is the disturbance Tsunade-Sama?" Asked the ANBU serious tone showing they were ready for business.

"Perverted disturbance at section C of the Hot Springs. I want lethal force, the Kunoichi must also be notified of the problem. I want any and every pervert in that radiance interrogated. Go!"

In a blue, the group of five were gone. Tsunade smirked.

"Why aim for one when we can get all of them in one fell swoop. I know you're there Naruto, it's time you've been weaned away from the foolish influence of Jiraiya and come to my side..."Thought Tsunade with an evil laugh and aura, making Tonton slowly oink and back away, sweat drop forming on her head.

(Hot Springs)

Jiraiya's Anti-Perverted Seal began acting up, making him pause in his observations and shunshin away quickly, narrowly missing the exact arrival of the ANBU team.

What Jiraiya forgot, was his notebook, which rolled down the top of the hill he was at, bounced off a tree branch, slide down the dirt road, bounce off a rock at the bottom of the hill, and coincidentally land on a male Genin's head.

Naruto picked the book up and grinned in glee at the notes he had come across, his mother would never know about this.

"Hey guys, want to see what I just found?" said Naruto in a semi-low voice, slowly inching his way to the locker rooms, his friends agreeing and heading out of the springs to see what new item Naruto had in his arms.

What Naruto did not know was he was being watched by a rather furious ANBU captain who had decided to wait a week before leaving on her mission for Ki…Kumo.

The leader did some hand signs and the group split up, two to alert the woman in the hot springs, the other two to watch the exits and the leader herself narrowed her eyes as she seen one Naruto Uzumaki laugh with his friends as he exited the hot springs and headed to the locker room.

"Smart Tsunade, using the situation to force a strike three, cunning, the boy will never know about this…" thought Kabuki, her red hair swaying in the air.

(Female Locker room)





Hearing device.

Sealing papers.

Killer intent just waiting to be released.

The Kunoichi were angry. Someone had been spying on them! And the culprit was in the male locker rooms! He was not just dead. He was going to be cremated and then spread across the elemental nations.

"Ready? Good. Kunoichi…time to find this pervert… and make him a pervert no more…" Said Anko as she licked her Kunai, her students following her actions with an equally disturbing gleeful look.

(Male Locker room)






"Kiba… that's just wrong dude… do that at home," said Sasuke with a blank face.

"I don't know Ke… sometimes urges just really begin to rage with emotion, I mean, the lust and passion of a man can easily drive him to doing things he usually wouldn't do," Said Naruto in a sage-like voice.

"Troublesome… I think you should do that in your own privacy," Said Shikamaru as he lay down on the bench, staring at the ceiling.

"What privacy! I lived in a clan full of trackers; if I even pee on myself a week ago they would know. Here I can take care of business and shower to get the traces off of me," Yelled Kiba, frustration obviously on his voice.

Naruto was silent as his friends were arguing before he held his hand up, causing the group to go silent.


Shino's glasses shined under the glare of the light.

"You will go to the stalls if the urge arrives. Self-fornication amongst males would be considered highly inadequate and unfitting of a straight man," Said Shino as he pushed his glasses once more, signifying he was finished.

With that being said, the group of Men in the room, consisting of Naruto, Kiba, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Shino, Chouji, Kotetsu, Izumo, Kankuro, Gaara, (the two had just entered the hot springs area before Naruto grabbed them along as well) Kakashi, Lee, Itachi, Aoba, Genma and Iruka.

Naruto opened the notebook.

A golden ray emanated from the book, making all the men gasp in surprise and awe.


"So amazing!"

"Her body…her description is…"


"A Goddess… A goddess I tell you…"

"I want her to have my child!"

"I want her to have my children… all ten of them…"

"I'm going into shock!"

"I'm going into the bathroom stall…"

"Her image… we must not let this image go…we must remember it…"

"Brother…My Sharingan… it just became sharper."

"This is the secret my brother…to true immortality."

"This is so wrong…but…but so right."

"Turn the next page…"

As they turned the page, the gasp and awe at the images, descriptions and more put most of the nin in a glazed state…

Then all hell broke loose.

"Fire Release: Molten Lava Dragon!"

"Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!"

"Sand Storm: Hurricane drop!"

Simultaneously, the three jutsu collaborated in the air to make the effect of glass shards flying at all of the men in the locker rooms, in mere seconds, the room looked like a war zone as the wind knocked over tables, seats and lockers, towels, boxers and the notebook itself went tumbling in the air. The Shinobi watched in slow motion as sand wrapped around the book and could feel their hearts begin to break as Temari closed her fist.

Only for nothing to occur.

The sand fell to the floor as Gaara also put his hand up, dispelling the technique, causing the book to land in a loud clatter in the middle of the now clear locker room floor as the women were aligned on their side of the room, ready to burn the book, and the men stood on the opposite side, with Kiba running out of the stall and seeing the situation before running to his side of the room.

Kakashi, who throughout it all, was still reading his pregnancy book, closed it before putting his hand in his pouch to pull out a kunai.

"Now, we can do this the easy way…which is, you leave this locker room and do not touch that book…or we can do this the shinobi way and have a huge brawl in this locker room resulting in docked pay, injuries, unnecessary hospital visits and therapy…I would go with the former if I were you," said Kakashi calmly.

The room became even more tensed up as Tsunade herself came in, Shizune as well the two in Jounin outfits ready for battle.

"I've been waiting to let loose for a long time now…"

The men blanched and their spirits started to become defeated now that the kunoichi had Tsunade on their side. But Naruto was not at all worried or afraid at the latest acquisition as he slowly went through hand seals before the room began to get rather windy as Naruto released his wind seals.

"If we're going to throw down… I'm going all out for this."

Anko growled.

"Brat! We want the book!"

"You can't handle the book woman! Know your place!"

Gasp were heard at the reply that Naruto yelled back, his eyes cold and ready for war, this was the mode that Naruto was in when he began to get serious, the face and stance of a leader, just like his father… Anko would lie if she said she was not a little turned on and intimidated at the same time.

Naruto slowly walked into the front of the men and whipped out his sword.

"You want the book!" Naruto snapped his fingers and the group watched stunned as the book flew into Naruto's hands who without looking away from the group of Kunoichi including, Anko, Shizune, Tsunade, Kurenai, Yugao in her tiger mask, Hana, Tsume in her Chicken mask ,Temari, Haku, Tenten, Yugito, Ino, Hinata, Hanabi, Mikoto in her Duck mask, Ayame…thought many didn't know of her undercover exploits as Rabbit in ANBU, Kushina in her Kabuki mask across from them( as intimidating the amount) and handed it to the new arrival of the Leader of the perverts.

Jiraiya himself.

"Come and get it…" said Jiraiya in a steely tone. The tension built to unbearable levels as the numbers were set and the battle was soon to begin.

Suddenly, coins were heard jingling, causing the group to turn around to see Orochimaru walk towards the jukebox before depositing a coin in and leaning on the system.

Drums began playing…weapons were drawn.

As the guitar played and the drums began getting grittier, the group bent down, one Nin had a drop of sweat that fell from his forehead and stayed at his chin before dropping.

Coincidentally, as soon as his sweat dropped touching the floor of the men's locker room, the song began, and the fight…was on!

(Guns N Roses- Welcome To The Jungle)

Naruto clashed with Tenten before receiving a kick to the face, which made him stumble before he ducked under a slash and sent a wind blast to the girl, sending her crashing into a locker, the fight switched to Sasuke dodging strikes from Shizune, cocky grin on his face before a feint for his stomach became a real punch to his chest, caving it in and sending him stumbling back coughing up blood at the unexpected hit, no time for him to recover as he ducked another strike before sweeping Shizune's leg and punting her into Ino who jumped and Spiral kicked him in his chin, his body flying through the ceiling before landing on the complete opposite side of the locker room, crashing into the showers.

Kakashi calmly dodged Anko's frantic blows with ease while attacking Hana at the same time, his summons taking on Hana's three dogs.

Tsunade destroyed everything in her path as Jiraiya dodged every strike she sent him, grinning along the way as he worked on hand seals before sending out a huge water dragon at her, to which she slapped her hands together, the wind making the dragon fall apart, the water becoming ice, to which Tsunade skated on, fist cocked back before smashing Jiraiya in the face, sending him through five lockers, a wall and outside into the night as the fight and jutsu releases kept going.

Shikamaru was holding on to Kurotsuchi, waiting for Chouji to smash into her, but the attacked failed as a wall of metal sand became the shape of a huge baseball bat, smashing into Chouji and making him become a pancake onto a wall.

Kiba smashed into his own sensei with a Gatsuuga, only to be caught in a Genjutsu by her, roots covering his entire body, before Kurenai could attack him, Kotetsu sent Shiruken at her, one slicing Kiba on his cheek, dispelling the Jutsu.

Naruto, in the middle of fighting another irate Yugito, looked directly across from him to see Aoba get smashed in the face by a fist before kicked in the leg, causing it to bend at an odd angle, before he could scream, a chop to his Adams apple made him choke, followed by the person putting her hand over his face and tripping him into the unforgiving floor, knocking him out cold.

Naruto's eyes widened as he peered into the eyes of Kabuki.

Cold sweat…

Killer intent began leaking off of Kabuki as she slowly made her way to Naruto. Side stepping a bloody Sasuke and bruised Ino head butting each other, Anko slicing into Genma with her Kunai before being forced to move from another fire Jutsu being sent from Itachi, who was fighting with not a scratch on him and chewing on pocky before being punched in the face and dodging a sword strike from Mikoto, surprising Itachi as he had not known his mom to be in the room until making eye contact with the mask that was on her waist. Instantly knowing he was in trouble now, Itachi put his hands down and stopped fighting as Mikoto nodded and turned, watching Kiba, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Chouji stop attacking as their mothers were all in the room currently.

Kabuki fully stopped in front of Naruto, who had by now finished with Yugito and after kicking her in the stomach before grabbing her by her arms and viciously suplexed her into the ground before pulling her leg and swinging her twice before letting her go, watching as she crashed into Temari before she could attack Gaara, who was busy with an unknown Kunoichi, Naruto whipped his sword out, the sound of his blade bringing a fight to a slow halt as Kabuki brought out her sword as well.

"You do know what happens after this fight do you…boy?" Asked Kabuki as she stood in her stance.

Naruto nodded as he slid his two fingers across his sword, the green sheen spreading across it.

"I do… I won't go down without a fight… You're not going to get me so easy…I'll fight till all the chakra is gone… if I'm going down… I'm going down swinging,"

"Oh? You don't think so? I saw you with the book. That's the third strike. Whether you win or not brat, you're going…" Said Kabuki as she slowly shifted her feet to get a bigger control on the earth, tensing as Naruto smirked.

"Oh I know I'm going… the main question is… How long will it take for you to get me…Shinigami: Soul Blade!"

A screeching green skeleton flew at Kabuki before she put her sword in her sheathe and kept walking, the skeleton hitting her yet before it could touch a piece of her clothing or hair, dissipated into nothing, making the group stare in awe…

Who was she?

As if hearing the question, Tsunade smirked as she threw the Jiraiya into a laundry chute on the other side of the room, efficiently putting him out of the fight.

"This is my most trusted and personal guard, Kabuki. One of the Strongest Kunoichi of my all-female Squad… She has never failed a mission, no one on her squad has ever died, and she has done over One Hundred and Twenty-Five S-ranked missions… this year," said Tsunade, making the fights stop all together.

Kiba and Sasuke stared at each other before looking at the spot Naruto was at and then at the figure of Kabuki, who apparently already knew Naruto, even though few of the people knew just who was behind that mask. It didn't really add up to them. Didn't Naruto say his mom was on a mission? Then who was this Kabuki person? She had the same long red hair as Kushina, even the sword, this just didn't make sense… unless…

"Cut the foolery out, we all know the person behind the mask is my mother, good grief…so much for secrecy," Mumbled Naruto before a blur suddenly went into his gut, creating a huge shockwave to go through the room before Naruto and the blur went crashing through some more lockers before the person landed on a fallen locker as Naruto went flying into a wall, smoke from the impact blinding most from the rubble and probably injured body of Naruto. The group looking at who attacked him to find Kabuki perched on the locker before she went up and removed her mask, revealing it to be just as Naruto said.

Kushina smiled an evil grin.

"I never said when I'd be leaving for the mission brat," Said Kabuki as she jumped down and entered the smoke that began to disappear, revealing a half unconscious Naruto reeling from the impact and surprise attack he had just endured.

A hand grabbed his leg and picked him up in the air, the watchers shocked at the strength Kushina possessed, Tsunade looking on amused at one of her favorite students literally beat the perverted nature that had suddenly possessed the blonde boy.

Kushina looked the upside down and dazed Naruto dead in his eye before smirking.

"You will be entered into the program… and for the next six months… you will pass, or no more Ramen for a year…" said Kushina, making Naruto realize just how serious she was about breaking him of his habit of…flirtation with women.

Naruto finally gave in a sighed in defeat at the loss. But never forgetting the feeling, he never wanted to feel it again.

Kunoichi = 1

Shinobi =0


Naruto was a bit put off at the item he had placed onto his wrist, what exactly was this? Why did he have to keep it on his wrist, and why was the light constantly blinking red? Why not a better color like blue, Naruto made it his ambition to seek Orochimaru as soon as this session was over. Maybe he could get it off, or at least get a better color put onto the item.

As if hearing his question, Kabuto then began answering.

"What is put onto you just now is a mind- reading seal that has already connected with your chakra. We will be using this to monitor your movements, thought patterns and content watched in addition to the words you say in a daily life. The first couple of weeks will just be us strictly monitoring and watching before we switch the second stage of the bracelet's purpose on, which none of you I hope has to learn the hard way," Said Kabuto with a smile.

"Monitor? Who was the fool that came up with that?" Asked a Nin, making some of the others snicker, however, Naruto began to pale and shake in fear as he read the fine print on the bracelet.

Naruto snapped his head up and looked dead into Kabuto's eyes.

"He is no idiot… they used someone they should not have used!" Said Naruto in a mysteriously worried voice.

Kabuto smirked.

"I suppose we should introduce the person. You may enter!" Said Kabuto.

In a few second, there was the sounds of a door knob being turned before opened, the creak easily heard, creaks on the floorboard were heard before the lighting in the room gave light.

Black boots, gray slacks, gray shirt, interrogation uniform, black trench coat

...and platinum blonde hair to go with the dull blue eyes and smirking face on the tall man.

"Hello…Naruto," Said the man.

"Inoichi Yamanaka," Said Naruto, his head in his hands.