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Inoichi grinned the most evil of grins as he looked at Naruto.

"Out of all the hundreds and thousands of correction bracelets I have made… You boy, have the best one…I have spent hours, weeks, months , blood, sweat and tears to create such a thing to keep you in check you punk," said Inoichi as he stood in front of the boy.

"I'm going to break you of your habits and I'm going to enjoy it… slowly,"

Inoichi turned around and walked up to Kabuto before taking up a seat that was just put there for him.

"For the next month, we will be monitoring your thoughts and feelings. From there, we will apply the seal to work according to the way you see things. In the end, once the seal has begun, for each time you think of your addiction, you will receive…consequences… and anytime after the first consequence you speak or think of it again, the situation gets….worse," Said Inoichi before snorting… his snort became a chuckle, which ended up in full blown laughter, the background changing into a dark background with thunder and lightning.

Naruto sweatdropped at the sigh of the demented pale blond laughing and pointing at him.

"Why does it sound like this was made specifically for me?" He mumbled as he stared at the contraption on his wrist.

Naruto crashed into a huge mountain like pillar, producing dust and crumpled rock as he slowly got up and dodged the next sword strike from…

The puppet currently joined by nine others.

"I have heard about your training sessions with your mother, your awareness factor, your speed training in addition to the sword dances you've learned, but what happens when you're fighting twenty people that have the same amount of speed you do? Then what?" Said Sasori calmly, his finger twitching periodically as his puppets struck relentlessly, cutting into Naruto's clothing, creating cuts on his body that healed up seconds later, just to be re opened.

Naruto jumped in the air suddenly, his figure spreading out as shadow clones appeared next to him, in the air, Naruto blew two down using wind chakra before putting his hand in a Tora seal.


The two clones ignited in front of the puppets, breaking apart three, but missing the rest,

In the air, Naruto's sword was green glowing as Naruto sent out his attack.

"Shinigami: Soul Blade."

The green skeleton became bigger as Naruto had put more chakra behind it, catching five puppets.

Naruto landed before putting his two hands on the grip of his sword and slashing downwards in a figure X motion, revealing a new attack.

"Wind release: Flying X"

Invisible blurs destroyed the remaining two of Sasori's puppets, and then Naruto stabbed his sword into the ground and smirked.

"How's that Uncle? Or should I kick it up a notch.

Sasori said nothing before slowly pulling out a scroll with '100' on it.

Naruto paled.

"I just had to antagonize a lunatic, S-class Nin with my big mouth; this is going to hurt,"

(Thirty minutes Later)

Sasori walked up to a panting Naruto with his hand on his chin, his face looked to be in deep thought. Finally after nodding to himself, he spoke.

"I give your defense a D, your offense a C, seeing as how you managed to defeat ten of my hundred and your usage Ninjutsu was good, but your hand seal speed needs to be faster, also..."

Sasori smirked.

"I see you've been working on seals," Said Sasori, noting the many seals on Naruto's body and also on his puppets.

Naruto nodded from his spot, ninety puppets with weapons poking his body, making it impossible to move.

"Thanks, I created a seal that shuts down any chakra going into and outside of the body, that's what I put on the second puppet, I was going to put a mind altering seal but you attacked me before I could start it," Said Naruto with a smile.

Sasori nodded.

"I suppose our fifteen minute break is over, so now back to training, how do you get out of a situation like this?" Asked Sasori as he sat down on top of the rock he was at. The two were training in the backyard of the private estates of the Uzumaki Clan house. So as far as any chakra being released in excessive use, there were seals placed all over, halting anybody outside to feel the repercussions.

Naruto smirked. It was finally time to go all out for once, let's see how much he could control his strength.

"Allow me to tell you more about my… situation as not only a jinchuuriki, but a power never seen before in the whole entire nation,"

Naruto closed his eyes, and focused.

Focused on that one power he had never pulled out since the time he almost died in that fight against his mother.

They forbid him from pulling it out without proper training in controlling some of it.

The power was extremely addictive yet, untamed; he could control a certain percentage.

But Five percent was already enough to take out half of an army.

He can control a measly Fifteen percent at his age,

But the main thing about the power was not how he got it, but who gave it to him.

Naruto opened his eyes, his normal blue eyes now white, and glowing. His outfit then became glowing before his body became too bright for Sasori to see, making him cover his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he seen a sight he had not expected to see.

Naruto's hair was braided, his long hair lying on his left side, stopping at his chest. Naruto wore an all black Kimono with a Hakama shown, a orange colored Obi wrapped around his waist, the outfit finished off with bandages wrapped up as socks under a pair of sandals. Unseen to Sasori, the back of Naruto's Kimono had the Kanji for 'Chosen One'

"Allow me to fully introduce myself uncle. I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, son of the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and The Red Death Kushina Uzumaki, Grandson of Hanzo the Salamander and Nephew to Sasori the Red Cloud, Special Genin under the direct order of the Hokage himself, but I am one thing few know."

Sasori staggered as… pressure began building on his body, slowly making it hard to breath let alone stand, the ground shook and started to crack as he resisted this urge to fall to his knees. What was this…this power?

"I am also the supposed Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi. The nine tailed demon, but he is not sealed into me, his power, and the Yin of his chakra is sealed into me, providing powers unseen in a normal human, but my sword… my sword holds the powerful beast at bay, Her desires are in my sword, my Partner, my Yang, my counterpart, Megumi, is the Kyuubi. As such, my power has been granted to me from a higher power, making me…"

An unseen blast sent every puppet away from Naruto as the sword on the floor glowed bright before materializing into a long sword, Fourty-three inches in length, Twenty-eight of it in blade, the handle was clothed in white bandages with the guard gold in color. The blade was flawless, looking as if it was the first time in battle.

"The avatar…of the Shinigami,"

In a blur Naruto was gone. His sword no longer in front of him but gone as well.

In seconds it was over, literally

Twenty puppets were broken and slashed into perfect pieces and laid on the ground in crumbled messes, but the remaining seventy were untouched. Naruto then landed crouched down into the middle of the remaining puppets, silently he put his hand out to his right and whispered a technique Sasori never heard before.

"Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!" Hado: Shout of Red Fire.

A blast of red energy went rocketing towards Naruto right side at the group of puppets hovering over him. The blast got rid of seven in the blast, the rest evading.

Naruto then picked his sword up and slashed in front of him, invisible slashes destroying more of his puppets.

"This is Naruto's Shinigami form. We've been trying to train him in using the full extent of it, but he usually doesn't last long in this form, as powerful as he becomes," Said a voice next to Sasori. Sasori was too focused on getting his puppets to attack rather than be attacked though, but knew it was the voice of Jiraiya.

"I can see that, will that be what his training sessions will be comprised of?" asked Sasori simply.

Jiraiya nodded.

"This is the equivalent of a Jinchuuriki using a tails worth of power, however, Naruto's power is truly unlimited, nor is It something that can be tamed as easily as a Demonic chakra," Said Jiraiya seriously as he noticed the fading power from Naruto starting.

"He's losing his power, you can stop the attack as soon as he falls to the floor," said Jiraiya as Sasori's puppets were attacking Naruto with more ferociousness then before. Everything looked like blurs as Naruto was dodging, slashing, parrying and sending beams out of his hands and sword.

After a few more seconds, and three more puppets broken, Naruto collapsed in a huge bright glow, making Sasori and Jiraiya blinded, when the glow disappeared, Naruto was seen panting heavily, sweat pouring out of him as he struggled to stand straight. As he finally stood up, he smirked.

"How's that for training?"He then fell, his body aimed towards the unforgiving floor, only to be caught by a transformed Megumi who carried him over her shoulder and walked towards the two, the field silent except for the sound of her steps as she came up to the two and dropped Naruto to the ground.

Sasori remained silent before he sighed.

"I can see why the Hokage ranked him as special Genin. His skill and field knowledge is pretty good. Plus his age throws people off before he attacks with the speed and strength he has, and he's the same age of Genin, meaning he could protect his peers more sufficiently. I take it that after the exams, he'll be be ranked up to the level he really is?

Jiraiya nodded.

"That's the idea, now, Naruto; do you know what you'll be training in this month?"

Naruto, who seemed asleep, rose up like a vampire, making Megumi jump and point a finger at him in shock.

"YOU COULD MOVE STILL!" she yelled.

Naruto smirked.

"I just wanted to get you to hold me; you're pretty strong. Oh! by the way…

A drop of blood flowed down Naruto's nose.

"Nice rack."

Megumi swung, her fist connecting with Naruto's face, chakra powering the hit, making Naruto lift off the floor.

As Naruto went flying into the atmosphere, becoming a star, Naruto, who was standing next to her the whole entire time, and switched with the earth clone he had created, began speaking seriously, making her jump again.

"I need to work on speed, strength , Taijutsu and speed in casting Jutsu in addition to using any field to my advantage,"

Jiraiya nodded.

"Correct, so for the next month, your schedule will be like this… speed and taijutsu training with me, speed, field and strength training with Sasori, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are my days. Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays are Sasori's. Friday is your free day. Understood?" Said Jiraiya, to which Naruto nodded in agreement.

"When do I begin?" Asked Naruto as Friday was today.

Sasori and Jiraiya both smirked.

"Today, you got six hours before your little date; I figure we start on speed now." Said Jiraiya with a evil grin as he summoned toads with swords.

"Run…and run fast." Said Sasori as every single puppet Naruto slashed, grew and connected right back into new condition.

"You'll get no help from me this time Naruto… I don't need speed training, you do. Now let's see if I'll have a nice punch to go with my nice rack," Said Megumi evilly as red chakra surrounded her fist.

Naruto did one thing and one thing only besides drop his weights silently and release his seals.


(Six hours later)

A limping but otherwise nicely dressed Naruto made his way to the Inn the Suna team were staying at to pick up Temari for their date. After getting some help from his clones, Naruto wore a black button down with a white tie, brown slacks and a pair of regular wing-tipped shoes, a gift he had received from Rin after she vacationed in the West a couple months ago. In his hand were a dozen Desert lily roses and a scroll that held something he was sure Temari would love.

As he came towards the entrance of the Inn, Naruto froze up and his eyes bulged, his mouth drooling profusely as he took in what she had on.

Temari had on a short sleeveless navy blue dress that stopped mid thigh, her Purple six-inch pumps matching the purple bag she had on. Her hair was still in the four ponytails and her eyes of course had the mascara look that every Shukaku Jinchuuriki had, but the look made her even more exotic, on her neck was a teal teardrop shaped diamond that matched her eyes perfectly; all in all she looked amazing.

Oh, and she was also surrounded by five to six men. Apparently, she did not have her gourd, Hitai-ate or weapons as she told Naruto it would be one of those civilian styled dates.

Meaning Naruto left Megumi home as well, but he wouldn't need it for some civilians.

Naruto strolled up and from where he was at heard each… complement the boys were telling her.

"Why don't you come for a walk with us cutie, we can definitely talk a bit," said a brown haired boy with black eyes wearing a white shirt and shorts with slippers, hands were the hands of construction workers, so Naruto surmised that the group were all construction workers, to which he was right as one of them wore a hard hat and boots, and had the nastiest looking teeth ever.

"Yeah baby, we can show you a good time," said the man.

Temari smirked.

"I doubt that, my date will be here soon so I suggest you guys beat it, he's rather clingy and hates when men try to make passes at me," Said Temari, no doubt feeling his chakra in the area, her chakra sensory skills were rather good.

One of the guys however, seemed as if he didn't know how to be rejected, so he reached to grab her arm.

"Look girl, you're coming…"

"With me," Said Naruto suddenly as he stood next to Temari, his hand around her waist, subtle wind jutsu applied to keep the man's hand away from her, otherwise, and the earth around her foot would have crushed it; her patience was no doubt wearing thin.

"This is your date? He doesn't look like much, I'm more then man enough for you baby!" said the brown haired fellow with a disgusting and lust filled look.

Naruto grabbed Temari's hand and walked away, ignoring the group.

"Say that when your pants aren't around your ankles, smooth one," said Naruto, making Temari giggle, watching the group try to pull their pants up as they suddenly found out just what they were wearing.

After getting away from the group of civilians, Naruto finally gave her his first gift.

"These, my sweet, are for you," said Naruto as he handed her the desert lily roses, making her blush.

"Naruto…you shouldn't have," she said as she pecked him on the cheek, leaving a blue kiss mark on his face.

'If I didn't I wouldn't have gotten a smooch on my cheek.' Naruto thought.

"Now I remember you wanting a really nice, expensive date, but something a civilian would do, so… we are going back to the estate, my mom is finally out on a mission and we have the whole place to ourselves," Said Naruto with a smile as he led her through Konoha, giving her a tour of his village and making sure she kept a smile on her face, well… with her it is was more of a cocky smirk but, that was close enough.

Finally making it into the estates, Temari knew she was in for a surprise as they went pass the door and towards the backyard area, past the backyard, and by the pond, where she gasped in awe of the sight and overall beauty of it.

There was a view of a huge pond under the moon with lights underneath it, showing tons of exotic plants underwater, but it was the island floating in the middle of the huge pond, which had a waiter, two chairs and one table right there on it, including a huge pot covering what looked to be tons of food.

"I figured I go all out on this date, as it's been a rather long time since I've seen you." Said Naruto simply as he led her by hand towards the water, to which he gently picked her up bridal style, the scroll now in his pocket, and water walked towards the floating island.

As the two sat down, the waiter poured them some heavy sake, both of them knowing it would take a lot to even get slightly buzzed.

"Enjoying yourself in Konoha?" asked Naruto as he sipped his Sake.

"A little bit too much to be honest, I love it out here. Not too cold, not too hot, the culture and everyday life of the people is amazing, nobody bickering, nobody worried about who you are, nobody looking at you like…" Temari trailed off.

"A demon?" Naruto finished for her. At Temari's silent nod, Naruto gulped down his Sake before he grabbed her hands and put them on top the table.

Looking her dead in the eye, Naruto spoke.

"Anyone stupid enough to think of you as Shukaku, deserves to die a merciless death, how dare they! You are not a demon, don't let anyone call you that, you're beautiful, your kind-hearted, you're an angel…you're my angel. Don't let them bring you down. They are beneath you, there is no need to bring them down to your level, do you understand me?" said Naruto seriously, making Temari wonder what exactly did he see in her.

"Do you know the real reason as to why I wanted you to take me out Naruto?" asked Temari silently as she slowly pulled her hands out of his to rub her arms in shame.

Naruto raised his eyebrows.

"Of course I would like to know," Naruto replied.

Temari chuckled as a few teardrops fell out of her eyes.

"I wanted to know what it would feel like to actually go out on a date with someone who cares about you," she whispered as she looked at her wine glass, transfixed by the cleanliness of it.

Naruto closed his eyes and smiled slyly.

"Well, if you get married to me, we can do a bit more then dates…"

Temari laughed a bit before wiping her eyes.

"Only you can make me laugh Naruto…" She said in the most sincere of tones.

Naruto nodded to himself, seemingly coming up with a decision as he let go of her hands slowly and got up.

"I don't want to be the one to just make you laugh Temari," Said Naruto as he pulled out the scroll and unsealed it.

"I want to make you weep in happiness under the moonlight glare." He said seriously as he handed her the item inside of the seal.

Temari's eyes opened as tears sparked out. Naruto came around, bended down on one knee and grabbed her hand.

"Let's be honest with one another Temari. From the moment I met you I knew something important about you. Something no one would ever know but me, and no one that could tell me otherwise. The fact is I knew you would be something special, especially to me. From then on, I felt something in my heart, it hurt. Whenever you were around it started to hurt more, it began to become something else, all I thought of was you, all I wanted to do, was see you. Letters, flowers, chocolates and summons are not enough for me. Temari, it's simple, I don't want you by my side… I need you there. I don't just like you anymore, you're not a crush. I…love you,"Naruto closed his eyes and sighed to release his nervousness. Looking into her teary eyes that were beginning to drop the tears he knew she would cry, he reached for the item in the scroll, picking the priceless thing up, he slowly put it on her finger.

Her ring finger to be exact.

"What I'm trying to say Temari is…" Naruto stood up, pulling her up from her seat and moving his hands to hold the sides of her face so she wouldn't look away.

"Would you be by my side in the dawn, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and in the night?"

Sasuke crashed into a tree before flipping himself up, wiping out his Chokuto, he deflected the downward slash from the assailant as he sweep kicked to make them lose their balance, the person back flipped once before doing hand seals during the second back flip, sending out a fire dragon at Sasuke, who simply slapped his hands onto the earth, producing a mud wall, as the wall dropped and the flames died out as the chakra powering it died as well, Sasuke ran through the fire, sword in his right hand, tip towards the ground and ignited by lighting. Swinging his sword upwards, a lightening dance towards the person, electrocuting them until a flock of crows began flowing out of them until they disappeared.

Sasuke closed his eyes and put his Chokuto back in its sheathe.

Training with Itachi, you had to learn that your eyes and mind needed to be ready for whatever may come.

But training with Itachi AND Mikoto, so did your sword skills.

Suddenly, two blurs occurred, one in front of Sasuke and one behind him. Swiftly, Sasuke leaned back, missing the first strike, before back flipping and landing on his right leg, the tip of his left foot kicking the sword aimed for his back, down to the ground. As he landed, his left leg then kicked the wrist before Sasuke spun his body, flames igniting around it as he spun rapidly towards the ground. The flames acted accordingly, making the two back up otherwise they'd get caught in the flames, as they did that, two swords simultaneously were aimed at their necks.

"You've done well Sasuke-kun," Said Mikoto as she snapped her hands, dispelling the area they were in, revealing them to be in the training grounds of the Uchiha backyard dojo.

"Yes. Good usage of your ears instead of relying on your eyes, if one sense is overloaded, always have the ability and training to use the next available one," Said Itachi.

"We'll take a fifteen minute break, then you will go off to your next training partner," Said Itachi, making Sasuke arch his eyebrow.

"Who would that be?"

Mikoto smiled.

"Orochimaru of the Sannin…"

(Hyuga Residence)

"What Power…"

Hiashi's eyes were wide. But they were now the size of dinner plates. He had never seen a technique from someone so young that could do as much damage as it just did.

The entire Hyuga training ground was laid to waste, trees upturned, ponds broken, plants dead and animals joining them as the castor of the powerful technique was in the middle of the field, gasping for air and holding onto her consciousness for as long as possible. The clouds she had accumulated began to produce rain, soaking the field and dousing the flames out.

Hinata smirked cruelly.

'Naruto-kun…I hope you're ready. I will be the victor. Then you will tell me all I need to know,'

(Undisclosed location)

She meditated.

Her sword laid across her lap, an unseen energy was wrapped around her as she communicated with her sword, trying


Trying to become one, with her Zanpakuto.

Her mission, her objective would not be failed.

After all, he sent her here for one objective.

Test him.

If he passed, join him.

But if he failed, the answer was simple.

Kill him.


The Mizukage stood in front of the Village gates, her troops with her for the journey to Konoha, next to her was an old buddy she had met during one of the Chunin exams, of course, she was a bit older then her, but somehow, they began to become good friends as they admired one another's hair.

Both the color and the length.

"Would that even be possible for me to be the last swordsmen Mei-chan?"I'm not even in this village.

"I'm the Mizukage; anything I wish will be done. Besides, you defeated the other six, they have no choice but to make you the official leader of the Seven Swordsman or Kiri, despite your current allegiance," Said the Mizukage.

The lady walking next to her smirked; the group was making their way to Konoha, and she was assigned to protect and guide the Mizukage back to Konoha safely, of course, the people with her would make any bandit have second thoughts about attacking. Especially with the Blue skinned buffoon behind her. Not to mention the two red heads behind her that loved driving her son and his friend wild. As, different as they were, it was undeniable that their strength in the respective areas of Genjutsu and Chakra detection were second to none.

"Just wait until my son hears this information, he'll flip," said Kabuki, her red hair flowing in the air under the warmth of the sunlight.

(Konoha- Uzumaki Residence)

Naruto sneezed, making the senbon pierce his skin.

All one hundred of them

"I'm going to feel that in the morning."

Naruto and Haku met early in the morning to go out on a date as Jiraiya and Sasori got called last minute to go to the tower, along with all the jounin from the other village. Naruto, taking this as a free chance to connect with the Kiri beauty, quickly found Haku and asked if she would like to train a bit with him, telling her not to go all out as they might end up fighting one another in the exams and it would be better to not know the other's ability.

So as he was about to dodge, he felt the distinct feeling that not only was someone watching him, but talking about him. This in the end made him freeze, causing him to sneeze and catch every senbon.

Haku was by his side in an instant.

"Are you ok?" she asked as she began pulling out the senbon. Naruto smirked.

"I'm better, now that you're here beautiful," Said Naruto as he grabbed her and pulled her to the floor, playful grin on his face as he pecked her lips three times.

Haku giggled as Naruto began making his eyebrows arch up and down.

"Now it's just you and me, in an empty training grounds, on the floor, close to each other, and I wonder…what should we…do?" Said Naruto as he used his right hand fingers to walk along Haku's arm, making shivers go up her spine. Stopping at her lips, Naruto suddenly grinned evilly and pulled away before using his other hands to touch her sides, making her eyes widen.

"Tickle Tickle…"

Haku Shrieked in laughter. The two never seeing the squirrel watching their movements as it suddenly went away in a cloud of smoke.

(Next week Saturday- Undisclosed location)

Two females sat in the middle of a campsite which, from the looks of it, was dead quiet as everyone was asleep for the night.

The two red heads stared at the flames for a minute before the first one began talking.

"Your man is getting older Tayuya," Said the first girl in her Chunnin outfit, her glasses shining over the flicker of the flames,"

Tayuya smirked.

"Yeah that little twerp has been avoiding me for years, but now that he's gonna be fifteen soon, my blonde baby is gonna be all…mines… or I'll kill him…" said Tayuya with an evil demented chuckle as she petted the squirrel that was curled up in her lap.

"Then I'm going to kill all of those little heifers… how dare they try to stake my claim when I'm away on a mission, their lives are forfeit," continued the girl, also wearing a Chunnin standard Konoha outfit, complete with a orange hat on her head, a gift from Naruto.

The two red heads were in actuality sisters; they were just as close as friends and they became known as such, their attitudes and tempers made them so alike, along with their tandem fighting skills, the fact that they were so violent kept the men away, except for Naruto and Sasuke, making the two the objects of their affections.

"When we return to Konoha, I'm going straight to see Sasuke-kun at his match," Said Karin with a squeal at the end.

That was when the differences ended. While Tayuya rarely showed any fan-girl tendencies, Karin was not afraid to squeal, yell and cry for her little Sasuke-kun. Tayuya was more of an abusive relationship kind of girl, punch Naruto in the face, receive a punch back, tear up the training grounds, then try to take advantage of him.

Tayuya smiled again at that thought.

"I think it's time I stopped playing around with Naruto and be public with who I really want," Tayuya said seriously.

Karin looked at her in surprise.

"But you kept that secret for so long, are you sure he's going to accept?" Asked Karin.

"Of course, I've been speaking to him for the past year, I can't wait to see him… and soon…"

Tayuya looked at the moon and smirked.

" Soon we'll be making a mess… on the earth…and in the bed…"

The flames were the only sound that was heard through the forest after that.


Naruto was walking to Yugito's room as he knew they needed to talk. Before he knocked on the door though, a weird sensation took over his body, his eyes widened and the door began to look blurry, chills went up his spine and his body shook as his face began turning blue, grasping his throat for air, Naruto fell on the door, making a loud banging sound as he tried to get air he desperately needed to breath at the moment. Yugito opened the door and stared blankly at Naruto's blue and cold body before grabbing him by the leg and dragging him into her room.

Despite appearances and her overall roughness, Yugito's room was rather clean and girly. The walls were painted red and all over the bed was heart shaped pillows. As you walked in, directly across from her room was a nice window that gave a view of the backyard. In front of the window was her dresser, filled with her notebooks from the academy, her diary, that was sealed up with fifteen different things needed to open it, a picture of Her and Naruto when they took a trip to the newly made Spring Country, and tons of cute teddy bears and cats, gifts from her admirers in school, the village and Naruto.

On the left side of the wall were two doors, the first one being the bathroom and the second being a closet filled with ninja gear on one side and formal/casual clothing on the other.

On the other side of the room was a queen sized bed with twelve small heart shaped pillows in pink red and white and a huge pillow with a smiling Naruto as the cover, a gift for her from him.

Yugito put Naruto on the bed and covered him up with her red cashmere covers.

"Another girl trying to rape you with her thoughts?" sighed Yugito. Naruto nodded quickly and leaned onto Yugito, who wrapped her arms around him to warm him up.

"I…wanted to apologize for holding back in every spar I've done with you," said Naruto after a while of getting warmed up.

Yugito nodded.

"Apology accepted, I suppose I was acting before thinking about the reasons why you did such a thing, maybe holding back was a good idea seeing as how you're much stronger than I thought," replied Yugito with a somber look on her face. She felt really bad for screaming at Naruto like that, she had a lot of time to think about her actions and she could truly say she felt sorry.

Naruto nodded as well as he struggled out of the blanket and put his legs on both sides of Yugito, one on her lap and the other behind her, holding her hands, he looked at her seriously before speaking again.

"I've been training since I was young, and my mother never held back her punches, strikes or jutsu hits, they were done to teach me to be stronger, more tolerant to pain and quicker to react then to dodge, So when I was told I had to hold back in my fights with my friends, I was a bit not used to doing such a thing, as such, seals were placed on me in the case I go overboard, whenever my Jutsu flairs up, the seals would lessen the power behind the jutsu… but all the while, I really am sorry for not telling you Yugito-chan. You're my friend and it would be wrong of me to lie to you," finished Naruto.

Yugito felt like crying. She had never felt or heard words like that in her life, especially from someone she cared about quite possibly more than the Hokage himself. Yugito was getting lost in Naruto's eyes… She was lost in him… her feelings for him were getting worse. This wasn't a petty admiration filled friendship.


Said girl looked up suddenly, surprised she got lost in her thoughts. She decided not to rush it, she would just let things run it's course and see where this friendship took them, Smiling at Naruto, Yugito grabbed a pillow and smashed it into his face.

"You might be able to beat me on the battle grounds, but you'll never win against me in a pillow fight," she said with a smirk.

Naruto tumbled to his left before grabbing a pillow and hitting her back.

"Two can play that game,"

The two laughed and crashed pillows into each other's faces as they giggled and dodge the pillows thrown from the other.

Naruto, finally tired of getting hit in the face multiple times, tossed a pillow and tackled Yugito off the bed, the two tumbling onto the ground, where the fight entered a biting and pinching fight,

Naruto found himself in another déjà vu situation as he was on his back with his hands held far away from him. Yugito smiled as she leered at him, telling herself to let go off all of her fears and go for it.

So go for it she did.

Yugito crashed her lips into Naruto's, letting go of all the pent up emotion and admiration she held for him in a powerful emotional filled kiss.

Naruto, was in heaven, not even caring about the beeping of his bracelet or the fact that one of his best friends was roaming his mouth with her tongue, Naruto had been trying to figure out how she felt about him, using rather horrible methods such as flirting with other girls, paying her no mind, then flirting with her repeatedly to test her out.

Now that he knew how she felt, he had no problems giving her the affection she desired, cause he had the same desires for her ever since he met her all those years ago.

Finally breaking from the lip lock to breathe again, Naruto looked at her cute face, her blushing and embarrassed face as her blond hair tickled his nose, making him sneeze in her face.

Naruto and Yugito stayed where they were, both thoroughly embarrassed before they laughed their disagreement, lust and passion away, finally finding time to relax before it was back into training and protocol.

But they would cherish these moments as much as possible, because a ninja can die any and every day.

(Ninja Anonymous)

"Alright group, today is the day. We have our findings and recording concerning every single time you've thought or hinted towards the reason you have come to this group. To the ones who have gotten low scores, rejoice, for your bracelets will be taking off, but to the ones with the score of one hundred and above…"
Kabuto's glasses glinted dangerously, his smirk not making matters any better.

"You will enter the next level, in which the bracelet will leave a rather… shocking surprise every time you think of your addiction,"

Papers were passed out, some faces either ended in immense happiness, or they fell apart slowly.

Naruto's however, was absolutely…devastated. His world was ending; they were out to get him. This was a conspiracy. He knew it. He wasn't able to think about the one thing that made him a man, the one thing he strived for besides becoming Hokage and defeating the Seven Swordsman of Kiri, his beautiful girls… his lovely girls… his sexy…

The rapid beeps on his wrist alerted him that things would be changing from now on… and it wouldn't be for the best either.

As the effects kicked in, Inoichi smirked. His smirk again turned into a snort, which evolved into a chuckle, the chuckle then became loud near to insane bouts of evil laughter as thunder began lighting up the room, making the other occupants a bit hesitant to move, or else they be caught in the mix of the situation.

Itachi sighed.

"Five years, five years of this Anonymous course and I still haven't graduated. What is wrong with Pocky? There is really nothing wrong with it. I'm sure of it…"

Surprisingly (and a rather good idea that it didn't as this…edited the bracelet on his wrist let out a mild buzz, saving the room the sight of a rather apocalyptic Itachi.

Don't touch his Pocky, and DON'T surprise him. The fifteen dead Kusa Nin were testament to that fact.

(Undisclosed Room)

Naruto was strapped up to a chair with Inoichi and Kabuto on the opposite side.

"Remember when we told you that the bracelet would shock you for everything you thought?" Asked Kabuto, to which Naruto nodded.

"We lied," Said Inoichi, making Naruto question just what the bracelet did then.

"What the bracelet was truly doing was monitoring your mood and processing them into a chart of the many thoughts and emotions quire interesting. A normal day, the results were quite interesting," Inoichi said.

"This is the specific method we have to use for you in order for this to work. By radically amputating your thought process, the healing process can continue and you can be mentally sound in your capabilities. To make a long story short Naruto, you have been suffering through schizophrenia, where you become multiple personalities in one day. This is the real reason behind your random bouts of hormonal lust, rage, bloodlust, calamity, goofiness and seriousness," Said Kabuto as he looked at his chart.

"This means we have to do some surgery as your personalities must come into a fully merged person with a valid balance. The wrist thing does not simply process your thoughts. In addition, when I activate the secondary function, it then limits your chakra and keeps you in a vegetable state so I can enter your mind and help stabilize it all. The good news is you have a week before the exams start, and the process will last five days which gives you two days to come to grips with who you are and become an overall normal growing boy in his puberty stage. Do you understand what needs to be done?" Said Inoichi seriously.

Naruto nodded.

"Let's do this,"

Inoichi flipped through hand seals and touched the sides of Naruto's head. Closing his eyes, he became one with Naruto.

And the sorting of his mental processes began.

(Day of the Chunnin Exams)

It had arrived. The day had come. He had trained long and hard for this day, but it just seemed as if he knew it would not be an easy bunch of matches.

There sat a boy on the ledge of his balcony, seals all removed except the one on his bicep and the one on his stomach of course. He would hold nothing back. The only thing he would keep a secret, is that one jutsu he had managed to learn. Thanks to the seal knowledge his mother had, the research of Orochimaru, prior field experience from Jiraiya, speed theory from Gai, affinity training with Itachi, History of weaponry from Tenten, Medical accounts of physical health from Shizune, Chakra theory from Tsunade, Chemistry studies from Kabuto, Reading a book based off the history of power by Sarutobi and physical training with Lee, he had finally managed to use the jutsu.

One time, before his chakra was the level of below Genin

All these years and he was that much further from figuring out that jutsu. Hopefully no one had a devastating field wide jutsu that laid waste to the entire area in a manner of minutes.

Gaara, making his way to the stadium, Sneeze, sand coming out of his nose.

Hinata, already at the stadium, in her stoic face, simply squeaked, before maintaining composure as everyone looked at her in shock at the sound of her sneeze.

Harribel twitched. But otherwise did nothing else.

Sasuke loudly sneezed into his hands, scaring a sleeping Shikamaru who was in the stands leaning on a rail, making him fall to the ground, land on a cloud of dust, which Akamaru inhaled, making him sneeze on Kiba, who was sipping hot chocolate ( What? It got cold in the early morning in Konoha) to spill it on Hana, who screamed jumped up and accidentally slapped her mother, Tsume, in the face which caused her to fall out of her seat and land onto Asuma's foot, Making him yell in pain, which made Kurenai jump from her spot before also falling as Asuma was moving her towards Ino, who was now in disgust at the fact Sasuke didn't have a hand sanitizer, making her yell a loud "Ewww!"

Sarutobi palmed his face with his hands. Only his ninja could be so clumsy.

Then Jiraiya landed in front of him, unconscious.

It was utter silent before The Kazekage snorted, making Sarutobi shake to hold in his laughter. Finally the two Kages busted out in laughter at the whole situation, making everyone look at the two as they tried to get themselves together before the other Kage arrived. Apparently, all five Kages would be gathered in Konoha, which meant the tension would be rather thick, but with everything going on, sometimes laughter was the best medicine.

(Sometime later)

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the finals of the Chunnin Exams!" said the new proctor, Kaguya Kimimaro, one of the strongest Jounin of Konoha and also one of the best out of the Kaguya clan, wearing standard Konoha Jounin gear, flak jacket, navy blue shirt, white ninja wrap and black slacks, his long white hair and dots on his forehead made him a rather exotic looking man.

But his focus was to please Hokage-sama, he could focus on women when he retired.

Didn't mean he didn't like to go out on dinner dates now and then, but uhh… back to the story.

The first fight is between Gaara Subaku of Suna against Naruto Uzumaki of Konoha, the other contestants are now asked to exit the field.

Out of all the contestants, the only two not there was Sasuke and Naruto, no doubt, the two of them were going to do their best to outdo one another in entrances.

Kakashi sat back and pulled out his wallet. Sighing, he placed his money on the table of the Jounin lounge.

"I got twenty on Naruto,"

The room was silent before Asuma placed another twenty on the table.


Then the bets began.


Gaara patiently waited for Naruto with his arms crossed, deciding to go with a different look, Gaara wore a fishnet shirt, showing his abs, making the ladies blush, with a red utility belt tied lazily as it went diagonally, with brown cargo shorts and black combat boots, Gaara leaned on his sword that was put into the ground, knowing that Naruto would soon be here to fight. The main question was how he would enter.

Suddenly, a cloud began skyrocketing towards the stadium ground before exploding, causing dust to form and a dark mist to appear. Suddenly, chants and sounds of Old Catholic hummings were heard… twenty figures draped in dark brown robes were seen strolling in the mist , ten of them holding a huge carriage fit for a prince.

Huuh uhhh huuuh uhhh haaa uhhhh

Huuh uhhh huuh uhhh huuuh uhhh

Huuuh uhhh huuuh uhhh huuuuuuuuuh

Huuuh hah huuuuh huuh haaa huuuuh

Huuh uh huuh uhhhhh huh uhhh

Huuuuh uhhh huuuuh uhhhh huuuh uhhh

Then the guitars came….

(Halo Theme Song…)

The mist slowly started to spin in circles, forming small miniature hurricanes as the carriage was placed in the middle of the arena. The robed figures began warping away with the miniature hurricanes. Finally all that was left was the carriage. From the sky, people began to panic however, as a huge flaming ball that soon became known as a meteorite, crashed into the carriage creating carnage.

Then the song changed… as a glass broke.

(Stone Cold Stunner theme)

Out of the flames walked out a figure. He wore a huge white cloak that covered his entire body. After walking for a bit in the fire, he removed his cloak, and the huge piece of clothing fading away into sparks of light as if it were a magic showing, making the audience gasp. White combat boots with white bandages, his slacks were white, his shirt was sleeveless but he had two long bandages wrapping his arms on both sides. On his neck was the Konoha hitai-ate but it was the coat that made people gasp in awe as the flames faded away.

Naruto Uzumaki stood there with his sword in a new position as it was secured on his right side. A stoic on his face as the flames died away and the music faded out.

"Gaara," came out the deep and calm, steady and confident voice that was the real Naruto.


Gaara yanked his sword out the ground and rocketed towards Naruto. As he swung his sword as if to take Naruto's head off, Naruto simply leaned backwards, in fact, he leaned so far backwards, with his feet still planted on the ground, his hair scrapped the hard dirt floor and the sword sailed harmlessly over Naruto as he rose back up, Gaara sent his sword the opposite direction, making Naruto bend again. The crowd was in awe at the simplicity of the dodging; such skill and flexibility seemed rather astounding.

Gaara however, just got angrier.

"Stop dodging and fight back," Gaara yelled as he began swinging his sword faster, making the sword do figure eights in the air with his right hand, showing his strength in wielding such a big sword. Naruto moved his body from the waist up at a faster pace, avoiding every sword strike.

Finally, Gaara feinted a strike before turning his sword sideways and slamming it into Naruto, making him skid backwards for a few yards, dust rising up in the air at the movement.

Naruto smirked.

"My turn,"

Pulling out his sword, some people had to cover their ears as a loud ringing sound was heard as he slowly released the sword from its sheathe. Grinning maliciously, Naruto took off, making a huge cloud appear in the air, Gaara was now on the defensive as Naruto swung aiming for his head, before getting blocked and bringing his sword back for a thrust to Gaara's gut, making him dodge again, Naruto began speeding up as he continued aiming to get a strike, a stab, a slice or more, but Gaara seemed to also know how to dodge and use his huge Zanpakuto defensively. Naruto jumped back and threw his sword in the air before flipping through hand seals.

"Wind Strike"

A gust of wind pushed into Gaara, sending him back, Naruto jumped in the aire, grabbed his sword and began rotating into the air, the current speeding him up faster and making him look like a miniature hurricane as he used wind chakra to sharpen his strike.

Gaara flipped upwards as he bounced off the wall and, seeing Naruto's strike, glowed blue for a bit as he channeled Chakra through his sword.

"Tanuki Roar"

The head of Shukaku went flailing towards the spinning cyclone, surprising everyone as the Chakra-laced jutsu was sliced in half, the residual chakra fading away. Gaara growled as he grabbed his arm, focusing on strengthening his arm, he picked up his Zanpakuto and sent a powerful blue colored crescent moon-shaped beam towards the spinning Naruto, canceling the strike and sending Naruto flying to the other side of the stadium, the eyes of the crowd amazed at the power behind the strike.

Gaara slowly lowered his Zanpakuto, cocky grin on his face.

"That was a nice warm up, let's really get this party started though," Gaara closed his eyes and let his seals release, power starting to build up from within him as his 'love' tattoo began glowing, bridled unfiltered power suddenly began leaking out of Gaara as his features became…darker. Bloodlust and killer intent started leaking out of him, rage and insanity starting to take over his mind as his only objective, only wish and only focus was to defeat the person now standing across from him, holding his side and panting, grin on his face.

Naruto closed his eyes and released one seal, bringing his power to just about Gaara's. Putting his sword in his sheathe, Naruto cracked his knuckles and stretched his right leg out before crouching down and putting his right leg in front of him, left leg on the balls of his feet, closing into a tight fist, Naruto put his right hand in front of his face and his left hand dropped to his right elbow. Gaara, on the other side, stabbed his sword into the ground before crossing his arms, as he dropped them, leaving them both at his waist, sharp claws were seen as Gaara's demented face began drooling with saliva, anxiousness building up as the two changed the fight from Kenjutsu, to Taijutsu.

Naruto took a small step, Gaara the same before…

They both faded away.

The crowd and watching Shinobi and Kunoichi gasped at the speed and the Hokage and Kazekage respectively smirked at the exchanged.

"Rather fast for a Genin," Said Karura to Sarutobi.

"I could say the same for your son," Said the Sandaime in exchange.

The Raikage sat up a bit at the thunderous sound as the two were seen in the air, Naruto's fist impacting outstretched hand of Gaara, grins on their faces, in the air, Gaara scratched Naruto diagonally, ripping his shirt, but received an elbow to his jaw, making his head twist, falling downwards, Naruto pounded his right fist into Gaara's stomach, getting an 'oomph' sound out of him, before front flipping and letting his right heel plow into Gaara's face, making him tumble to the ground that much faster. Before he crashed, the ground rose up and caught Gaara like a baseball, but not before seeing Naruto's hands come together and his body to rotate as a purple glow began emanating from his hands and he began rotating.

Ino's eyes widened a bit.

"He learned it already! Oh that's sexy!"

Chouji sweat dropped at her comment.

"Psycho Crusher"


Harsh and hard pain filled through Gaara's gut as the strike hit him hard, sending him crashing underground, the drilling effect ripping up his shirt, Naruto jumped from his strike and back flipped back out onto the ground before blurring away, Gaara gone from his spot on the ground as well,

Throughout the stadium, Sounds were heard and grunts and laughter as well as the two turned everything into an item.

Naruto crashed into the bathroom wall as a hot dog stand impacted his body, the remains of a bag of popcorn being his choice to Kawarimi with.

Gaara was sent flying through the tree on the field as Naruto hit him with one of the rails surrounding the stadium. Naruto then side stepped a random chair thrown at him before catching the girl that was also thrown at him, showing the new mental state of Naruto, he softly dropped her back on the chair without a word to her and sent a piece of hot dog toward Gaara, hitting him in the face.

Naruto then jumped into the air, with Gaara doing the same, kicking each other in the face at the same time before punching the other in the face, making them do multiple back flips before landing on the ground both with their knees crouched.

The two stared at each other, unblinking and serious as the silence continued throughout the Stadium at the thunderous start.

The rookie nine were amazed, how strong were these two, the speed they were going at and level of jutsu knowledge was crazy! These two had to have been Chunin already.

Harribel stared at Naruto throughout the whole fight, seeing that he still had tricks up his sleeves and weights on his body.

'Trying to up your speed in the event we fight in this tournament, smart. But there will be no use, they won't help you today.'

Naruto slowly unstrapped two weights on both of his ankles, throwing them in the air, the crowd watch perplexed as the weights dissolved into water.

Orochimaru, who was one of the guards for Sarutobi, eyes bulged out in shock.

"He was wearing… those weights?" He whispered.

Tsunade, who also knew what Orochimaru was talking about, explained to the unknown Jounin.

"Those weights were a part of the reason Hanzo the Salamander was so feared, those weights are made out of the user's natural chakra and affinity, serving as both weights and storing the user's natural chakra, in other words… Naruto's affinity with water just went up a notch.

Meanwhile, Naruto let the rain hit the ground before leaving it alone, knowing Gaara would not count on the water and forget about the small gesture, this would simply cost him the battle, Gaara was predictable in battle, and if Naruto played everything correctly, he would win the match in five moves.

Naruto sped off, moving faster than before, shocking Gaara slightly.

Gaara suddenly leaned back, dodging the daggers that had appeared out of the seals on Naruto's wrist, Upper cutting Naruto from his spot with his left hand, Gaara arched back, Planted his right hand onto the ground and kicked Naruto in the head downward before back flipping, feet on top of Naruto, before jumping on the floor and grabbing Naruto into a full nelson, slowly choking him out.

Naruto brought his knees up, trying to break the hold, but it was to no avail, looking for something, Naruto slipped his combat boot off and put it in the air before kicking it into Gaara's face, breaking the hold, while Gaara was holding his eye, Naruto slipped his boot on and kicked Gaara in his chin, sending him spiraling in the air,

Towards the Kage booth.

The Mizu, Tsuchi, Kaze, Ho and Raikage all prepared to halt the flying Genin from hitting them, before Naruto blurred in front of them and volley balled Gaara into the arena floor, a huge dust cloud springing up.

Naruto turned back towards the Kage straight face and calm.

"No need to worry Kage-sama, I have this matter currently under my control," Naruto said he made eye contact with all of the Kages before stopping at the current Mist Kage.

Her auburn hair went down to her mid back, it was tied at the top with a dark blue bang, and four bangs shaped her face, covering her right eye, under her mesh outfit that covered her smooth and succulent flesh was sleeveless blue dress, the bottom stopping around her knees and the top stopping midway towards her shoulders and showing some of her amazing breast, a lot, but not too much, her luscious light green eyes looking dead into Naruto's dazed blue ones, playful smirk on her face as she undressed him with her eyes.

Naruto nodded to her slowly and turned around, muttering one word to her.


Mei raised an eyebrow at the sight, she had to be honest, the boy was pretty handsome, and strong, fast and did she mention handsome? If only he was older and she was younger… and not her good friend's son…then it wouldn't be so awkward to want some young flesh to her, but then again… in four years, he will be eighteen and ripe for the picking.

Terumi giggled to herself; she would be keeping an eye on this young one.

Naruto suddenly felt a hand grasp his ankle and knew things were not going to end well.

A bloody mouth, dirty and bruised Gaara panted and growled with a huge smile on his face.

"This fight…is not over," Picking him up and spinning him by the ankle, Gaara sped up, causing Naruto to look like a white and yellow blur before Gaara sent Naruto into the sky. Producing his sword from his back, which he had just picked up while Naruto was transfixed, Gaara charged up another blast for him.


Time seemed to stop as the beam connected with Naruto in the air, who was too high to counter, swap himself with anything, let alone too weak to flip his hands into any seals as he couldn't even feel his hand. The beam seemed to be coming closer, was this it? Had he been so sidetracked that he did not see or feel Gaara, maybe his friend was right it seemed, Underestimated opponents would always be the death of any ninja.

But it was time to get a bit more serious in his abilities.

Naruto closed his eyes and let the silent whispers of the wind and the coming chakra heat warm and soothe him as he accepted the impending chakra loss.

Suddenly, Naruto snapped his eyes opened, revealing white pupil-less eyes again, hopefully no one would see this technique.

Silently Naruto whispered his move just as the Getsuuga was one second from him.


The stadium shook as the shockwave reverberated and a very light flash blinded everyone from the sight of the explosion. After a couple of seconds to let the attack fade out, Nobody seen Naruto, making people wonder if he had been obliterated by the assault, others were not even worried about the sight, knowing he wouldn't get caught so easily.

"Your Genin is rather fast…" Said A, The Yondaime Raikage of Kumo already knowing where Naruto really was, him and the other Kage, Jounin and Sannin already witnessing just what really happened.

"What's more surprising is he isn't even at his fastest," Said the Hokage in a boastful type of tone, making the Raikage raise an eyebrow and grin.

"I would like to fight this boy when he gets older, it would be a rather interesting fight," said A.

"I'm sure you would, that can be arranged in the future. I will keep that request in mind once he makes Jounin," replied Sarutobi.

"Hmm, he reminds me of Harribel, she's just as fast, but that's with her weights on, these young Nin and their speed, what happened to fighting on the battlefield with your kunai and your strength," Mumbled the Tsuchikage, Onoki to himself and anyone who was listening.

"I suppose this generation is passing us by," said Sarutobi.

Onoki nodded his head.

"Little brats are getting stronger, hopefully these old bones will get to see the new generation at its prime before my time comes," Said the Tsuchikage to his old rival of the past.

Sarutobi nodded.

"Me too…me too…"

(Back on stadium floor)

Gaara, who by now made his way calmly to the arena floor from the Kage booth, made his way to the ground and leaned against the Zanpakuto he stabbed into the ground, ironically the same spot Naruto had stood.

A costly mistake.

In seconds the battle was over.

Naruto touched Gaara's shoulder and spoke one sentence.

"Gaara, I hope you understand, but I proposed to your sister a few weeks back. She said yes,"

Volts of electricity sparked through Naruto from his Jutsu spark, briefly electrocuting Naruto, but not as powerful as it shocked Gaara as he was standing directly in the water, the water conducting even more powerful shocks as Gaara was shocked into unconsciousness but through will power alone, managed to get some words out.

"Congrats… aBOUT,My SistErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…."


As the two went flying into opposite directions, Naruto flipped up and landed on his toes before stumbling a bit. Sparks continue to arch out of him but Naruto managed to stay upright, clutching his bleeding body as the healing process would take a while as Gaara had used some demonic chakra, which messed with his own Demonic chakra.

The field was silent as the proctor checked Gaara over, not bothering to touch him as he convulsed periodically, showing he was much alive, Kimimaro pointed at Naruto.

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki."

The field was silent as most people were trying to get over the amazing match. Finally a clap was heard. Everyone turned to watch in shock as Hanzo himself, the Strongest out of Ame, stood up and clapped for his godson, standing on top of the biggest salamander anyone had ever seen, outside the stadium, surrounded by twenty guards and three smaller summons.

The Hokage sweat dropped but joined in the applause, slowly getting everyone to clap as well and cheer for the blonde juggernaut.

Naruto snapped his fingers and a rose suddenly appeared, throwing it in the air, the rose flew silently in the wind and landed in the lap of the Mizukage, who smirked at the charm of the boy.

Turning around with his eyes closed, Naruto put his hand up in the air and put his hand in a fist, his scarred image and smooth and handsome look making woman swoon.

"Let's see Sasuke beat that entrance," Naruto said to Kimimaro as he collected his Zanpakuto, watching nurses attend to his other rival and best friend.

The exams were started… and the fights… were just getting better.

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