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The crowd mentally prepared themselves for the next battle between the Iwa Kunoichi Genin and Konoha's own Uchiha as they awaited the arrival of Sasuke.

Naruto, who now wore the same outfit, shirt replaced and fresh, leaned on the rail next to a slightly twitching Gaara as they awaited the next battle.

"I gotta say bro, you have gotten mighty stronger from last time we sparred," said Naruto to Gaara.

"Yeah, I figured out that I needed to be more intense in my speed and power moves, but nothing beats the mind, no matter how strong the person is, if the other person has intelligence, it's only a matter of time," replied Gaara, to which Naruto simply nodded and looked away.

Gaara then decided to get some answers out of his fellow swordsman.

"So, did you really ask my sister to marry you?" Asked Gaara.

Naruto said nothing before chuckling.

"I did. I told her that we will talk about everything after the exams. I want her to focus on winning the tournament, " Naruto said calmly.

Gaara said nothing before squinting his eyes.

"You have changed. Your entire demeanor and speech is even and your conversation is more structured. What happened to you?" Gaara asked.

Naruto simply smirked as he looked off into the distance.

"I woke up,"

(Exam floors)

Kurotsuchi stood in the floor, patiently awaiting Sasuke to arrive. Tapping her foot, while secretly stretching chakra out throughout the ground, Kurotsuchi filtered through her brain what she would need in order to defeat the Uchiha today.

'Knowing him, his affinity would probably be fire, which won't be a problem at all seeing as that is also an affinity of mines. He'll need to be fast in order to dodge all of the earth releases I send his way, what sucks is the fact that I can't make eye contact with him, let alone the fact that he did not display any of his skills in the preliminaries. Hopefully this will get into a taijutsu bout; I doubt he could honestly contest with me when I form rocks on my fist. We'll see.'

Finally sounds of a whisper in the wind began sounding, alerting many that it was time for Sasuke's entrance.

Up in the sky, the clouds warped into a dark circle which slowly moved and covered the sun, coincidentally, turning the sun into the Mangekyou Sharingan eye and putting Konoha in total darkness with red sheen lighting up the arena floor.

A wolf howling in the forest was heard before what looked to be stars began lighting up the sky.

The stars began shining brighter, finally to the point that it began blinding everyone. When the lights disappeared, the crowd gasped in awe.

Millions of shining stars were seen in the dark sky, slowly forming into one huge star, which slowly began to plummet, the afterimages showing dazzling twinkles.

The sound of violins and harps were playing throughout the air before the star crashed into the arena, making even more blinding brightness. When everyone opened their eyes, the sounds were done and the star was seen stuck in the earth.

Suddenly an explosion occurred and guitars began blaring

(Kane's opening theme song – Finger Eleven – Slow Chemical)

In the middle of the star a hand cracked the shell; red fingerless gloves slowly pulled themselves out, followed by black bandaged arms. Then the figure jumped out and landed silently in a blur, black combat boots on their feet. They had on red ninja slacks with white bandages wrapping the bottoms, strapped on the outside both thighs were holsters which held what looked to be long daggers. The figure wore a long-sleeved white turtle neck with the Uchiha symbol on the right side of the shirt.

Sasuke Uchiha had arrived.

The field was of no movement at all as the two competitors stood across from each other. All the talk they had made before the finals was senseless and worthless if they couldn't back it up.

The only thing on the others mind was…

"Offensive," Whispered Sasuke as he slowly reached for the dagger on his left thigh.

"Or Defensive," said Kurotsuchi to herself as she set herself up in a defensive stance.

Most people would tell you that in the ninja world, one mistake would cost you your life.

No matter what occurred, never make a mistake when fighting an enemy Nin.

Kurotsuchi wasn't one to make mistakes; she had trained relentlessly in making sure not to make eye contact at all with Sasuke, knowing she needed to escape a repeat of the preliminaries. Those Sharingan eyes were powerful and deadly, but also beatable.

But for Sasuke, his objective was to make eye contact. It would get him the defeat.

"I know why you are really here Kurotsuchi. I know all about your mission,"

Kurotsuchi's eyes widened and she looked straight into the boy's spinning eyes.

Then it happened

Suddenly the ground behind Kurotsuchi broke apart as Sasuke emerged, the one across from her also began running towards her.

Sending a backhand to the Sasuke that emerged from the ground to attack her, she then used that same fist to punch the Sasuke in front of her, chakra powering the strength of the hit, sending the two crashing into opposite sides of the arena floor. Looking down at the lighted explosive tag at her feet, she tried to jump, only for two hands to emerge out the earth and hold onto her ankles.

Kurotsuchi's eyes widened as the blast went off, sending dust and fire everywhere.

Suddenly two kunai were sent into the fray, and a loud audible clang was heard before all the dust was sent away as an untouched Kurotsuchi stood there a wall of earth slowly going down, showing that she held up a last minute shield.

A clap was heard, everyone turned to see Sasuke standing next to the proctor, also unharmed and relaxed.

"Good. You didn't fall for the Genjutsu. Now…let's take it up a notch."

Sasuke blurred and appeared in front of Kurotsuchi, dagger already in motion, aiming for her neck. Kurotsuchi back flipped, avoiding the slash, as she landed, she quickly rolled to the right to avoid the strike Sasuke continued with. The movement did not stop there as Sasuke feinted a stab and turned swiftly, rewarding Kurotsuchi with a punch in the face, running towards her staggering appearance, Sasuke sent an upper cut with his right fist into her gut, lifting her off the floor, a poof of smoke appeared and another Sasuke was next to him, the two laid a powerful assault filled with elbows, knees, punches and slashes to have her flying in the air farther, using the clone as a springboard, Sasuke punted Kurotsuchi into the air before flipping through hand seals

"Fire Release: Fire Dragon,"

As the dragon approached the air borne Kurotsuchi, Sasuke smirked knowing the dragon wouldn't immediately kill her, but rather it would simply give her a couple scorch marks on her body, couple burns at worst. She'll live.

Then she did something rather unheard of in his book.

She spun the dragon around in the air and directed it right back at him.

Sasuke's eyes widened at the sudden reversal, not knowing of her fire affinity, let alone the level of mastery.

Quickly switching with a tree trunk, Sasuke watched in dismay as the fire dragon burned both the trunk and inwardly, his entire plan of attack.

'Ok, she can use fire. So any attack of that sort will be deflected or turned back to me. So the only other option I can do at this moment is…'

Looking up, Sasuke noticed one thing.

Kurotsuchi was still in the air with a bunch of rocks levitating around her, about twenty in number.

As if reading his thoughts, Kurotsuchi finished his sentence with a cocky smirk.


(Arena Stand)

Naruto chuckled lighty at the sight of Sasuke running.

"He should have known that she could fly, seeing her grandfather can, what made him think she would not? Though if she could use rocks and fire, that could mix for a rather nasty jutsu if she has that ability or bloodline, which I believe she does," Naruto said to himself, or the person standing next to him… leaning on him, as if there was nothing wrong with the world.

"So how would you beat her?" asked Temari, Gaara, on the opposite side, also wondering.

"I'd put her into a state of false security while trapping her on the ground, straight up taijutsu and Genjutsu will throw her off immensely and I would overwhelm her with that, Or I would use a couple water jutsu, which I am sure Sasuke has under his belt.," Supplied Naruto.

Temari raised an eyebrow, expecting Naruto to say something perverted.

"So you wouldn't use any of that sensual offense you joke about to get her to drop her defense?" Asked Temari in curiosity.

Naruto shook his head before looking into her teal eyes and smirking.

"I only use that for my wife,"

Temari chuckled and put her hands on the sides of his face and smiled.

"I can't wait,"

Gaara, meanwhile felt like throwing up.

"Get a room," Gaara mumbled, leaning on the rail, attempting to cover his ears.

Unknown to Naruto were the stares he was receiving from the other girls in the area, who was not just looking at the girl on him at the moment, but the attitude and aura he had shown up with.

"Who is that chick?" Asked Haku to herself, with Samui overhearing it.

"She's the daughter of the current Kazekage. Temari Subaku," Said Samui to answer Haku.

Haku nodded.

"Why do I get the feeling that her and Naruto are more than friends?" She asked again.

Samui looked at the two blankly and stood up from the seat she was sitting in.

"Who knows, why not find out?" Asked Samui.

Haku simply nodded, the two making their way over to Naruto and the two Subaku siblings.

Naruto felt the presence and calmly turned his head to the approaching woman.

"Samui, Haku, how are you two doing?" He asked.

"We are fine, how are you?" Asked Haku.

Naruto tilted his head to the side.

"Never felt better," Naruto said in reply.

"That is good to know. We actually came here to watch the match closer, that and maybe join into your conversation. It's kind of boring sitting around not talking, may we?" Asked Samui smoothly.

Naruto simply nodded.

"Of course,"

Haku wasted no time in standing by his side. Wrapping her arm around his other arm, opposite of Temari, Haku continued to stare at the matches.

Naruto looked into Temari's eyes, who could tell from the move alone that she was trying to take up her territory as Naruto's object of affection, but she held her tongue as Naruto shook his head at her and winked.

'I know he told me about other women but this is ridiculous. I count six other woman in tot…' Temari was interrupted in her thoughts by the presence of yet another woman.

"Uzumaki Naruto. May I have a word with you," Said Hinata suddenly as she stood a couple feet away from the group.

Naruto sighed and smoothly shrugged both Temari and Haku off of him and looked at the three Kunoichi.

"You three play nice. Tell me what I missed, this will not take long," Naruto said as he turned and followed the Hyuga.

Gaara slowly made his way over to the other section, where the normal people were.

"I am so glad I only have eyes for one lady in my life," He said to himself, his eyes looking at the sole woman that he wished to court.

(Arena Field)

Sasuke smirked suddenly, reading every single thing from Naruto's lips. While he was not planning on pulling out that bag of tricks for this fight, he realized that it would most definitely help him get the win in this match up. So it was time to pull out a couple pages from the Naruto book.

"Are you going to stay up there and away from me? What a coward, it seems you are definitely an Iwa nin in more way than one," Taunted Sasuke smoothly.

Kurotsuchi chuckled.

"Are you trying to taunt me into coming down into the ground?" Kurotsuchi chuckled.

Sasuke shook his head.

"No. Just wondering how good your flying skills are in the kitchen," Said Sasuke.

Everything grew silent. Before a barking laugh came out of Kiba and Kankuro, a chuckle from Shikamaru and a smirk appeared on Gaara's face.

Eyebrow twitching, Kurotsuchi's eyes twitched and her fist tightened.

"What did you just say?"

"Kitchen maid, Kunoichi, Kurotsuchi. See? three things you can be. IN the kitchen serving me food, a kunoichi when I feel like you need to stretch your bones, and yourself when I go to bed. Now, how good can you chop a steak on a mission?" Said Sasuke calmly, dodging rocks smoothly in the middle of looking at his reflection off of a Kunai.

"See, your throwing skills are off. You know what they say anyway, behind every great Shinobi... is a woman in the kitchen cooking Miso soup," Sasuke said with a smirk.

Kurotsuchi snapped as she flipped through hand seals and a eight foot humanoid rock statue rose from the ground. Breathing fire onto it, Kurotsuchi activated the figure that had lava running all over it, drops creating steam from the ground.

"Feel the wrath of my Lava Mummy," Said Kurotsuchi in a venemous tone.

Sasuke merely smirked.

"It doesn't have any mummy wraps though. What a foolish name. Can you make Lava cake though? My wife has to cook, and come up with way better names than that," Said Sasuke smoothly.

Sending her hand out, the rock figure sent a blast of lava at Sasuke, missing as Sasuke burrowed underground, popping up on the complete other side of the field.

"Honey, question, how many kids would you like to have, and if they are females, you should teach them how to iron, cook and clean like the domestic house wife you will be,"

Kurotsuchi shrieked and sent her monster at Sasuke, who dodged the fist that smashed onto the ground. Sasuke capitalized and climbed the monsters arms, jumping into the air and smashing into Kurotsuchi, who was surprised by the speed.

Crashing onto the ground, Sasuke immediately began laying Taijutsu onto her before she could even fly up. Sasuke smashed his fist into her face, but recoiled upon touching nothing but solid rock, and a fist to his gut, tearing his shirt up and sending him flying into the rock monster who swatted him into the sky like a baseball, giving Kurotsuchi the perfect opportunity to fly into the air and began her aerial assault.

Sasuke flew into the air still working on the next plan.

' She'll be here in the air, about to assault me. Then I can begin the next plan, disorientating her every thought,' Sasuke thought as he removed his shirt, and midair tossed it at the flying form of Kurotsuchi, who burned it swiftly.


Kurotsuchi smirked as she answered with a fist to his face.

But it was not to be as Sasuke dodged it in the air, Sharingan activated and a cocky grin on his face.

"Missed me missed me now you got to…"

Sasuke grabbed Kurotsuchi's fist and pulled her in, putting her arm around his neck and holding it, putting his other hand around her waist, Sasuke smirked as he smashed his forehead into hers.

"Kiss me…"

Naruto's eyebrow rose. He had returned from the talk with Hinata and was right back in his spot with both woman on his arms and Samui next to Haku.

"Temari, I'm starting to think that Sasuke heard me," He said suddenly.

"What makes you say that?" She asked.

"Well, he's pretty much doing what I would do in this situation, throw the opponent's tactics off and disorientating them, before confusing them to a stupor, where they are incapable of functioning the way they were at the beginning, then swiftly capitalizing on this and relentlessly assaulting them and easily attaining the victory," Naruto replied.

Looking up and watching Sasuke kiss Kurotsuchi, Temari nodded.

"Yeah, that looks just about… wait, how many Kunoichi have you used that tactic against?" She looked back to ask, only to see Naruto no longer there, but a perplexed Samui in his place.

"Naruto…" Growled Temari.


Kurotsuchi felt, on fire… literally, this boy… was kissing her… and he had really soft lips… and


Kurotsuchi snapped her eyes open and grabbed him by his neck, wiping her mouth with her other hand her eyes became red with anger.

"Rock Release: Fist of the Rock God,"

Rocks covered her hands and with no remorse, Kurotsuchi landed a cross jab to Sasuke's face, that one hit sending him rocketing into the ground, only to be stomped on by the Lava monster that was still waiting.

Landing on the ground, she jumped into the crater and began laying monstrous punches upon his face, picking him up and upper cutting him in the chin, making him back flip five times before getting caught by the arena walls, creating another crater. Sasuke dodged the follow up hit that put Kurotsuchi's arm through the wall.

"Looks like she's going for the kill," he mumbles to himself.

Sasuke looked at both Kurotsuchi who was catching her breath, and the beast and deducted that he had no other choice but to use that jutsu he was saving for later.

Sighing, Sasuke flipped through hand seals.

And grasped his hand.

The sound of birds chirpring began sounding off in the air, and Kurotsuchi rushed Sasuke, trying to stop him.

Punching him in the face, she smirked as the light that was in his hand began dying down and again he went flying in the air. But the sound was still…


Rushing around, she watched in dismay as Sasuke put a hole through her monster, that sent him on the other side of the giant, where he instantly followed up by using one hand seals with both hands to unleash a wind jutsu and then water justu that turned to ice and cooled her giant off. Turning towards her and snapping his finger, the bombs he placed all over the giant blew up, rocks flying everywhere and fire appearing behind him as his hair blew from the wind.

"Now it's just you and me," Said Sasuke smoothly.

Kurotsuchi simply levitated into the sky.

Sasuke sighed.

"Back to square one," he mumbled to himself.

(Arena Kage Stand)

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes.

"He's not thinking of all the possibilities of taking care of an aerial foe," Said Orochimaru,

Jiraiya agreed.

"I see five possibilities,"

Tsunade chuckled.

"Five, I can count thirteen and that's with him still being on the floor,"

Orochimaru nodded.

"He will get it soon enough. He is my apprentice after all,"

Meanwhile, Onoki had his fingers locked together as he contemplated the Uchiha in the arena.

'Should I get him arrested for kissing my granddaughter, or should I simply tell her father to teach the boy a lesson? Or maybe… maybe this is the push I need for the future events… yes, I will get started right away, how could I have forgotten that battle, as long as the boy wins, I can strike and get the best outcome for Iwa,'

Onoki smirked at his thoughts as he sent for one of his guards to deliver a message.

'I'm still telling my son though,'

Sasuke shuddered suddenly at an unknown feeling before sneezing slighty. Sighing, Sasuke bit his finger hard and then cracked his knuckles before he went through hand seals.

Time to end this.

"Summoning Jutsu!"

A huge poof of smoke occurred before Sasuke stood with a medium sized purple snake.

Jumping on the snake, Sasuke jumped like a launch pad and flipped through hand seals in the air while gripping his wrist, in the air a Chidori formed.

Kurotsuchi smirked and moved out the way slowly as Sasuke missed completely.

Only to get shocked paralyzed as the Chidori still connected.

"What…" She said to herself as she was sent plummeting into the ground. Dust cleared after a while to show Sasuke with a kunai to her neck.

"I had already poisoned you with venom that does not even affect the body until five minutes later. You time that correctly with a small Genjutsu that makes it look like I'm in front of you, when really I was nowhere near to you, you simply floated into my range thinking you were dodging me, which leads you into feeling the effects of paralyzed poison that you won't be able to counteract without the antidote. Why? Because it's from the sword of Kusanagi," Said Sasuke as he caught her and landed on the ground softly, the purple snake wrapping her up immediately.

"If you don't get an antidote, the side effects are nasty. Give up the fight… or…"

Electricity formed into Sasuke's other hand.

"I can show you what other skills I learned to shock an individual into a vegetable state," He said seriously.

Kurotsuchi struggled to move but realized she simply could not. With crushing anger, she realized she lost this battle.

"I give,"


Instantly the snake poofed away and Sasuke pulled out a vial, opening her mouth, Sasuke poured the antidote into her mouth and watched her swallow it.

"You should be able to feel your arms and legs in a few minutes. But until then, I'm taking you to the infirmary, whether you like it or not," Said Sasuke as he scooped her up bridal style.

Kurotsuchi fumed.

"When I move again, I am going to kill you for making me look so weak,"

Sasuke simply smiled as he made his way off the field, the sound of the cheering crowd in the background.


Sakura watched Sasuke leave the field holding Kurotsuchi and beant the rail she was holding.

"That no face hussy has the nerve to try and put a move on Sasuke! I will kill her."

Ino tried to calm Sakura down before she got too delusional. She had a mental side to her that was rather crazy and had the strength of a chimpanzee, which was the equivalent to strength of ten angry mentally challenged men.

"Sakura, he put poison in her, she can't move. I read her lips, she said she's going to kill him for making her look weak, nothing more," Ino said, hoping to douse the flames.

She simply tossed a log in it now.

"NOW SHE WAS TO KILL HIM! IWA NIN OR NOT, HER HEAD IS MINES! I WILL GUT HER LIKE A FISH AND FEED HER TO HERSELF IN A BABY CHAIR WITH BABY FOOD!" Yelled Sakura as she put her leather gloves on and ripped the chair she was sitting on off the hinges, making her way to the infirmary.

Ino smacked her hand on her forehead and grabbed the walkie talkie on her hip.

"Father, I think you need to do what you did for Naruto to Sakura, her otherside just popped up...over"

A static was heard before Inoichi replied.

"I seen her, taking care of it now, over,"

A scream was heard in the background, before the sound of something going flying was heard breaking through a window and the repeated scream of " SHE IS DEAD!" went through the walkie talkie before it went silent.

"Situation handled dear, over,"

Ino nodded and simply sighed as she put her hands on her face.

"I'm so glad my man is no longer like Sakura," she then looked up and blew a kiss at Naruto, who caught it and put it in his pocket. Confusing the women around him before they looked at Ino, who drew her thumb across her neck and pointed at them.

"He's mine," She whispered.

On the other side Naruto sighed at Ino.

"I hope this situation simmers down fast," He said to himself. He needed to have a sit down with all the girls in his life and get things on solid ground as quickly as possible.

There was too much coming over the horizon for them to be bickering like this.

Hinata and Haku met up on the field for their match.

Hinata noticed that Naruto was more serious and more determined, which made her wonder what had occurred to make him into the Shinobi he was now. It was about time. It seemed that the discussion they had in the hallway was not for games. It definitely shed some light on her questions. There was a small fluttering feeling looking into those serious eyes of his. He made her feel like…well, whatever he made her feel, that was another discussion for another time; it was time to focus on the matter at hand- defeating the Kiri opponent in front of her.

Haku readied herself for Hinata, keeping in mind that she could not let Hinata get close to her, and she would use her abilities in long- distance fighting to do her best.


Haku instantly sent senbon at Hinata, who picked up two and deflected the rest. Haku kept up on the offense and sent more senbon at Hinata, who grew tired of the senbon and rushed her.

"Water Release: Water Dragon!"

Hinata jumped on the dragon and flipped over, sending an axe kick to Haku's head, to which she dodged and out of ice came two Kunai, to which she used to deflect each hand thrust from Hinata.

Swinging again, Hinata dodged and sent a hand thrust at Haku's chest pushing her back a bit.

Haku took the Kunai and smashed them together, manipulating them, the kunai morphed into a claymore.

Haku sent strike after slash after thrust at Hinata, who dodged everything fluidly. Haku finally feinted, to which Hinata got caught when Haku capitilized and was rewarded with a slash across Hinata's stomach.

Hinata growled before jumping away and switching her style into mantis style, to which Haku rushed her, not knowing the attack at all.

Hinata in a blur, ended up on the opposite side of the arena after sending Haku into the air and bouncing her around like a volleyball.

"Zan'ei!(Mantis Super) " Whispered Hinata.

Landing on the ground, Haku got back up and flipped through hand seals at mach speed. Stomping on the ground, behind Hinata arose senbon made of water.

"Water Release: Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death!"

Hundreds of Senbon came at Hinata, who merely smirked and unleashed another talent.

"Water Release: Wall of Defense!"

A wall of water rose and held each senbon in.

Haku was shocked at the defense. She could use water as well? She had no other choice.

Flying through even more hand seals, out of the water rose mirrors. These mirrors surrounded Hinata in the middle and Haku jumped into one, her form appearing in the middle. immediately senbon upon senbon were sent at Hinata, who dodged most but received many piercing senbon on her body, making her scream in pain repeatedly at the assault that seemed to never end.

"This is not good," Said Naruto suddenly.

Samui nodded.

"You're right, this attack looks powerful, I don't know how Hinata is going to get out of this one," Said Samui.

Naruto frowned.

"It is not Hinata I worry about,"

Hinata dodged another assault from the needles, her body holding a few in her body. It seemed from all Sides, Haku can attack. This was an interesting jutsu, rather powerful too. Unfortunately, it was the wrong opponent.

"Give up, I do not want to lay anymore damage upon your form," Said Haku from within the mirror, read more senbon out of water.

"It is ok Haku-san, as you will no longer need to," Said Hinata with a scary amount of confidence in her tone.

In a matter of moments it was done.


Haku was blown away from the force and pressure of Hinata's attack and was sent flying. Before she could even land, one hundred and twenty-eight Palm strikes shut her entire chakra system down.

Before she could smash into the wall she was for sure going to crash into, Naruto caught her swiftly.

"Winner, Hinata Hyuga!" Announced Kimimaro.

Hinata looked at Naruto and scoffed.

"That is how you defeat an opponent swiftly,"

Naruto simply stared at her and walked off with Haku, handing her to the nurse, he continued towards the waiting area for the next match.

Hinata watched his form as he walked away.

"Yes, you have become a true Shinobi. You will make the perfect husband,"

Unknowingly, the seal began to glow a bit.

"For me. And me alone," whispered Hinata as she too followed him.

The next matches past in a flurry before it was finally time.

A lot of the matches ended up with either a swift forfeit ( Via Kankurro before Kimimaro finished speaking) Or double knock outs ( In the case of Fu and Karui and Samui and Temari, electricity and metal being used in a fight was not a good mix) but at last the moment many had been waiting for had arrived.

The Semi-Finals

Naruto vs. Sasuke

Hinata vs. Harribel

Naruto cracked his neck and turned around, looking face to face with his competitor.

Sasuke put his hands in his pocket and smirked.

"Met your inner self?"


"More focused and serious like a Shinobi should be,"


"Still betting the books?" Sasuke asked with a grin.

Naruto smiled.

"A bet is a bet,"

"You ready?" Asked Sasuke seriously.

Naruto simply put his fist up, to which Sasuke pounded.

"I was born ready Uchiha,"

Sasuke nodded.

"Then I will see you on the battlefield," With that Sasuke walked away towards the steps.

Naruto simply turned around, seeing Sasuke already on the field waiting for Naruto with his arms crossed.


"Uzumaki," Interrupting his movements, Naruto looked to his left to see Harribel simply staring at him.

"Yes?" He asked in return.

"Good luck to you in your match up," She said simply.

Naruto tilted his head to the right.

Saying nothing he jumped onto the railing and then turned to her.

"Thank you," With that he jumped to the floor.

Harribel watched him go, Hinata standing next to her also looking at him.

"You have no idea of just how powerful he is Hyuga," Harribel said suddenly.

Hinata shook her head.

"The same could be said for you as well," Said Hinata calmly.

Harribel and Hinata stared at each other silently, appraising the other before Harribel simply turned around and looked down towards the floor.

"Let us see how powerful he is then Hyuga," said Harribel.

Hinata stayed put before slowly standing next to her.

"For some odd reason, I believe this encounter I have with you will be the first of many. While I dislike the majority of the Kunoichi of Konoha, I feel as if you are one worthy Kunoichi worth my friendship," Said Hinata plainly.

Harribel looked at her from the corner of her eye and…


"I agree Hinata. Let this blossoming friendship transcend the most bitter rivalries in all of the nation," Said Harribel smoothly.

In another part of the stadium, a figure with an Anbu mask of a smiling Lion with a huge cloak covering it's entire body watched the two boys in the arena below.

"Show me what you have…Sasuke,"

Who is the person in the mask?

What do you think about this new development concerning Harribel and Hinata

Who will emerge victorious in this battle?

All this and more in the next chapter to come.