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Kakashi giggled in glee as he collected his winnings from all the other people that betted on the best entrance. Placing his money on Naruto was a really smart choice. Now he could use all of this glorious money to get the child to come a nice crib, pampers, a face mask and maybe a…

A warm hand grabbed half of the Ryo notes from his grasp, prompting him to look to his left to see his Baby mother Rin smiling at him with his money in her hand.

"Why thank you so much for the free money Kakashi-kun, I'll spend it wisely," Said Rin in a sweet sarcastic tone while rubbing her belly.

Kakashi could do nothing but chuckle while sweating inside.

'At least she's in a good mood... maybe she won't know that I also did a side bet that she would take my money and I just won double the amount?... Maybe not...'

(Arena Battle Ground)

Naruto and Sasuke stared each other down, waiting for the biggest battle to occur in the match. The contestants still able to move and watch were all watching, none more than Kurotsuchi, Hinata and Temari. Bets were being made all over the place and history was about to be made during this battle. Tsunade was currently racking up paper as each and every dollar was put for Naruto.

Shizune sweat dropped as she knew Tsunade had no choice in the matter.

Naruto flared his chakra slowly, a blue sheen starting to appear around his body as he charged up. Sasuke on the other side doing the same with his arms crossed a cocky grin on his face as the small pebbles and rocks began vibrating and lifting off of the ground from their expulsions of chakra.

"I'm going to enjoy smashing you in the face for all those lewd comments you've been making Mr. Uzumaki," Said Sasuke.

Naruto simply cracked his knuckles and neck.

"Start the match."

Kimimaro looked at both sides to see if they were ready. They were, raising his hands, he could see the anticipation build with each movement he made. Deciding he had delayed enough, he brought his hand down as fast as possible, ready to let the battle rage on.


Utter pandemonium began.

But not in the way you would think. The reason was pretty simple.

Naruto and Sasuke did not move yet.

That was fifteen minutes ago.

It was the crowd that was bringing the pandemonium instead.

"FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, FIGHT ALREADY!" Yelled Kiba, his patience wearing thin.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HIT HIM!" Yelled out Ino as well, also angry at the waiting game.



The crowd chanted in approval as the two ninja continue to star each other down.

"Fools…" Hissed Orochimaru, making everyone silent otherwise they might get cruelly tortured by the Scientist of Konoha. Orochimaru pointed at the floor.

"They are fighting."

The crowd look closely to see that it was a simple stand-off, the first one to move would be the most anxious it seemed.

Finally Naruto closed his eyes and opened them, coincidentally at the same time as Sasuke.

Kunai and Shiruken began flying in the air, each one getting deflected until there was none in their arsenal.

Then the fight began.

Naruto and Sasuke ran at one another, Naruto flying in the air, bicycle kicking at Sasuke, who dodged by arching his back while sliding on the ground. Leaning on his hands, Sasuke sent a kick to the back of Naruto's head, sending him into the ground, pushing off the ground, Sasuke sent a pele kick to Naruto's head again, knowing he would be getting up again.

Blocking with his arm, Naruto grasped his leg with the same arm and tossed him in the air. Joining him, Naruto punched Sasuke in the gut twice followed by a right handed hook to his face, spinning him in the air. Continuing the assault, Naruto round house kicked Sasuke in the ribs before flipping in the air and sending him careening to the ground with a heel drop, creating dust in the air.

That dust only made the fireball arching at the air borne Naruto even more powerful.

Quickly switching with a random log, Naruto landed on the ground and created a water ball from the water still drenched upon the ground from previous battles to hit the fireball making steam.

With a huge wind blast, the steam was clear to reveal Naruto and Sasuke in the same spot not even breathing heavy.

Naruto then hopped up and down before putting his hands to his side and kicking his feet in the air, revealing his taijutsu style as kick boxing.

Sasuke smirked and got into a Muay Thai stance.

"Let's go."

Naruto rushed over before jumping in the air, repeatedly kicking at Sasuke before landing and sending a roundhouse kick followed by a heel drop and then a flurry of kicks with his right leg, Sasuke trying to block all of the kicks before grasping his leg and sending a elbow that plowed into Naruto's face, sending him stumbling back, Sasuke jumped in the air, kneeing Naruto in the face while plowing his elbows into his shoulders, making him fall back again, to which Sasuke again attacked, spinning and elbowing him in the face with alternate elbows.

An onslaught of assaults then began as Sasuke wrapped his arms around his neck while kneeing him in the face four times before breaking with a kick to the chest and following up with a downwards elbow strike to the left shoulder and following up with three right jabs and a left cross punch before an uppercut hit Naruto's chin. The uppercut was so hard, Sasuke as well lifted off the ground and into the air before back flipping and landing on his feet, breathing a little heavy in exertion from the strike, what sounded like a primal roar echoed throughout the stadium.

"Tiger Uppercut!"

Naruto went flying in the air as Sasuke landed, crouched down, and pushed chakra into his legs as he jumped into the air behind Naruto and peppered him with bodily strikes before throwing Naruto into the ground and heel dropping into his chest, the sound of the air like that of a roaring Lion.

"Lion Combo!"

Rolling onto his feet, Sasuke panted as he waited for the dust that sprung up to appear.

Hinata watched the attack with a bit of happiness on her face.

"What will you do now Naruto? Will you continue to hide your skills now that your friend has begun to show his?"

Kurotsuchi looked on impressed at the assault, glad he didn't go into that fighting stance during their battle. But a bit angered at the thought of her not being a worthy opponent that he could go all out against.

Samui looked on with a worried expression while grasping onto the rail after that powerful strike.

"Is this the extent of your ability Naruto? Or are you too holding back?" Asked Samui to herself.

"He's holding back," replied a voice, Samui turned to see a smirking Yugito as she leaned onto the rail next to her.

"He always likes to hold back, he says it's to get motivation to get up and fight. But…"Yugito then sat on the rail and looked away from the fight.

"He's not the only one who has been fighting half- heartedly throughout the years," she said with a small knowing smirk.

Sasuke stared at the dust as it cleared. He would see how much Naruto would show before he took it up a notch. He knew full well that his friend was holding back just as much as him. He too had not been giving everything in their training bouts, but Naruto didn't have to know that, if he was to be honest, Sasuke thought he was way faster than Naruto and that was when he had the weights on.

"This cannot be all you have been training to achieve. Bring it up Uzumaki!"

Naruto smiled to himself.

"If you ask, you will receive," Naruto replied in the dust.

'Level one'

"Psycho Punisher!"

Naruto spun his body and in a swift second, spiraled into Sasuke's gut, a green sheen wrapped around his body before he arched upwards, jumping into the air, Naruto stomped on his head before jumping higher in the air and pounding his fist into Sasuke's gut, creating a crater from the impact. Grabbing Sasuke's leg, Naruto pulled him up before crashing his foot into his face, sending him into the air…

Or he would have had Naruto not grabbed him by the shirt and tried to smash his foot again, only to get his ankle caught in Sasuke's grasp as he twisted it, locking Naruto's ankle in pain as he sent him on the floor in pain as Sasuke dropped down and wrapped his legs around the ankle, adding to the pain and torture of a twisted ankle.

Naruto looked for something to get him out of the grasp before grabbing kunai and tossing it in the air, the arch aiming to hit Sasuke in the face.

Sasuke smirked and rolled at the way, chuckling as he rolled again to put the lock back in its original placement.

Naruto then gritted his teeth in frustration before grasping multiple kunai and tossing them up in the air. Sasuke had no choice but to break the hold and dodge the kunai as it came down. Naruto grabbed his ankle in pain and slowly try to stand up.

Sasuke took his chance to continue the assault and rushed him. The mistake cost him. Naruto sent a powerful kick to Sasuke's chin, sending him to the floor, laid out in pain. After a few minutes, the two gritting and panting in pain and slowly the two barely got up to their feet to continue.

Then the crowd and everyone watching became stunned as Naruto and Sasuke jumped back as if nothing happened.

"Done warming up?" Asked Sasuke.

"Yep," replied Naruto. The two then blurred away, ending up on the opposite side of the field. Again they ended up in opposite places of where they first started, Sasuke blocking Naruto's leg kick with his arm. Again, they were on another side, Naruto and Sasuke fist to fist. They began throwing fist at one another's face, their fist pounding against one another as they blocked the assault, they then flipped backwards and blurred away, ending up with their swords back in their hands.

Running at each other full speed, Naruto sent a slash at Sasuke, who dodged but got a strand of hair chopped off. Retaliating, Sasuke sent a thrust at Naruto, who parried and aimed another slash towards Sasuke's chest, connecting this time, before a tree trunk replaced Sasuke. Turning around swiftly, Naruto received three slashes on his back before blocking one for his chest and kicked Sasuke in the chest, making him stagger backwards. Naruto attempted to send a Soul Blade at Sasuke, but had to dodge the windmill shuriken that flew towards him.

Sasuke manipulated the shuriken as it landed right next to Naruto, whose eyes widened as he seen the explosive tag slowly fizzling out. Running toward Sasuke, Naruto jumped as the explosion went off, propelling him at an even faster rate, Naruto spun as a green sheen went off his body.

"Psycho Crusher!"

Sasuke simply smirked and took one step back, charging up electricity in his arms.

"Sonic Boom!"

Naruto's attack stopped him in the air as the electricity coursed throughout his body, making him land on his feet and put his hands on the ground to stabilize himself, leaving Sasuke with the perfect opportunity to finish.

Running full speed, Sasuke stopped and sent a back flip to Naruto's chin, more electricity coursing through his leg and into Naruto.

"Flash Kick!"

Naruto flipped twice in the air before landing on his stomach, the crowd groaning with a collective 'ooooh' at the sound of his body hitting the floor.

Sasuke smirked as he found that he had gotten stronger. He still had a ton of tricks up his sleeve however.

Naruto slowly got up off the floor, the electricity slowly wearing off.

"Do you wish to continue?" Kimimaro asked.

Naruto simply nodded and swiftly took his shirt off, as it was tattered beyond repair. Breathing in and out slowly, blue sheen began to rise from him as he calmly began breathing heavier. Moving his hands back and forth, he put his hands in the air and with a yell, the ground began to move before dust rocketed in the air.

When the dust cleared the crowd gasped.

"What!" exclaimed A as he jumped out of his seat and got to the railing to get a closer look.

"He did not do that!" Said Jiraiya as he smacked his hand to his face. This would open up yet another big can of worms.

Kushina simply smirked.

"He had to do it some day, why not now?" Said Kushina.

"He is an Uzumaki after all,"

Chakra chains wrapped around Sasuke from the ground as Naruto picked him up off the ground and sent him flying into the wall. Wasting no time he sprinted towards him and jumped in the air, just as Sasuke was getting up, Naruto superman punched him in the face, landing and catching his head with his foot, pushed him back up just to smack him downward again, axe kicking, Sasuke rolled out the way and send a right jab, only to get caught and pulled into Naruto who laid three swift jabs with both hands and a drop kick that sent Sasuke reeling. Naruto landed on his hands and feet and pushed up while spinning in the air, landing a head butt to Sasuke's stomach, making him nearly throw up. Naruto kipped up and sent a strong kick to Sasuke's face, sending him all the way to the other side of the arena wall.

Naruto slowly put his leg down. And smirked.

"We are evenly matched." Naruto said simply.

Sasuke nodded, He knew it to be true as well.

The two flipped through jutsu.

"Fire Strike: Air Rocket Strike!"

"Water Strike: Tital Wave!"

A huge fire flame in the shape of a rocket went flying at Naruto as he also sent a huge wind to attack Sasuke, the two clashing and slowly turning into nothing but steam. Naruto and Sasuke jumped in the air and suddenly swords appeared in a flash, the two clashing as they began falling to the ground, Naruto sent a downward slash as Sasuke blocked it before pushing off him and thrusting his sword, causing Naruto to spin in the air but for his troubles he received a kick in the face that sent him crashing into the stands, a sleeping Shikamaru rolling out of the way lazily as he smashed into the chair.

Sasuke landed on the rail, directly in front of Sakura, who simply waved at him, to which he waved back.

Sasuke calmly continued through the arena, deducting Naruto went flying into the bathroom, if the hole in the wall was anything to go by. Entering, he was greeted with a toilet seat smashing into his face, leaving him in a stupor he was thrown out through the bathroom door on his face.

Growling, Sasuke got up punched Naruto in the face, breaking the door down as he stepped inside. Grabbing Naruto by the face, Sasuke smashed his face into the bathroom glass, cracking it with his head, attempting to do it again; Naruto stopped his smash before elbowing Sasuke in the nose, making him stagger back. Naruto punched him in the chest, making him bend over, before wrapping his arm around his neck and dropping him into the concrete floor. Picking himself up, he grabbed Sasuke by his neck and kicked him again in the gut, making him drop down again, picking him up in the air, Naruto slammed Sasuke through the bathroom stall, breaking the stall and smashing his head into the bathroom stall, water spraying out and hitting Naruto in the face.

Slowly getting up, Sasuke picked up the toilet seat and smashed it onto his head making Naruto stagger again. Charging up chakra into his fist, Sasuke yelled and cracked his fist into Naruto's chest, sending him crashing through the bathroom wall and onto the stadium ground. Sasuke slowly walked out of the bathroom, the two missing the bathroom stall in which Rock Lee was currently letting his…

Youth flow…

(Arena Floor)

Naruto picked himself up and grabbed his Zanpakuto to block the downward slash coming down to cut him in half. Naruto took a slash across the chest after falling for a feint sword thrust, putting a line across his shirt again. Naruto growled before slashing at Sasuke, sending a Soul Strike at point blank range sending Sasuke flying to the ground.

Sasuke finally had enough and closed his eyes before opening his eyes, revealing his Sharingan eyes.

Naruto braced himself, inwardly knowing the fight just got started.

Sasuke rushed Naruto and began throwing fist at Naruto, with the blonde dodging some but getting hit most of the time, Naruto blocked one and sent a right jab to Sasuke, who seen the attack coming from a mile away and dodged the strike before striking with a chop to Naruto's neck, making him choke, switching the style to Orochimaru's "Snake Strike" taijutsu Stance.

Naruto dodged the next slash, a hissing sound as it blew through the wind as it passed his ears. Sasuke kicked Naruto back and as Naruto prepared to move and attack, a sharp sensation went through his body, making him realize he had been poisoned. Then a snake emerged from the ground to wrap around him.

Sasuke smirked and jumped to the other side of the arena before he began doing hand seals before grasping his wrist.

"If you won't get serious in this match, I will. I think I will take that Hyuga for myself. Prepare for you defeat," Said Sasuke.

Naruto suddenly stopped struggling and put his head down, which meant nothing for Sasuke, who was running full speed with a Chidori lighted up.

Naruto suddenly snapped his head up and ripped his right hand free, wind chakra cutting the snake into shreds and he swiftly grasped Sasuke's hand with the Chidori sparking dangerously in his face before looking at Sasuke seriously.


The Sharingan eyes had a useful ability of seeing a technique and analyzing it, copying it down to a science and learning how to do it in mere seconds. The one disadvantage the eyes came with was that if the opponent was faster than the eye, they would be unable to see or replicate it.

So when Sasuke got punched in the face three times before getting kicked so hard his head jerked back before getting powerfully kicked in the chest and another soul blade sent at his back, he knew right there and then he wasn't as fast as he thought.

Naruto grabbed his arm and kicked Sasuke back and forth with his foot before kicking him in the chest, as Sasuke tried to back up; Naruto pulled him in and grabbed him by the neck, choking him. Picking him up in the air, Naruto slammed him into the ground before sending a heel drop for his neck, Sasuke rolling out of the way, missing the strike by inches. Naruto kicked Sasuke back into the air and rushed him to end the fight when a column of fire rose up from the ground and made Naruto stop otherwise he'd be burn to a crisp.

Out of the flames a fist went flying at Naruto, which connected, sending him sprawling to the ground. The flames wrapped around Sasuke's hands and feet and Sasuke rushed at the now getting up Naruto, flames trailing his every movement.

Naruto grumbled at the technique and dodged a flaming fist that was meant to leave him burning. He continued to dodge the barrage and finally got an opening as Sasuke over extended a straight punch.

Naruto sent a flurry of uppercuts into Sasuke's gut, dispelling the fire from his hands and feet as his concentration wavered. Naruto then kneed him in the nose and threw him in the air. Jumping in the air, Naruto held Sasuke in a full nelson hold, the two plummeting to the floor. However, in a last minute assault, Sasuke head butted Naruto, loosening the hold. Swiftly moving his body in the air, Sasuke kicked Naruto off of him but the two had no way of breaking their fall from the sky.

A loud crash echoed throughout the arena. The crowd was utterly silent in anticipation of who would come out of this match on top. Finally, the dust was clear and the two competitors could be seen getting up from the ground, panting in exhaustion and holding their arms or stomach in pain from the harsh drop.

Naruto sighed and nodded at Sasuke, signifying that this was the last stand.

Sasuke nodded and flipped through handseals before holding his wrist.

A loud screech emanated from his hands as a bright glow began showing from his hands which became what look like a ball made of lightening. The screech became louder as Sasuke poured more chakra into it. Finally, flames began to cover the Chidori itself.

Naruto nodded at the technique and held his hand up. a blue glow began flowing, showing his chakra. But slowly a green bright glow began fusing with the blue chakra, making it look like a ball of seawater.

The two then blurred to one another, holding their final technique out, ready to hit the other one with it.

"Shinigami: Rasengan strike!"

" Katon: One Thousand Birds!"

The two techniques clashed and a loud sound was heard as the two fought for dominance over one another.

Sasuke's technique slowly began to win the war of power as it slowly began over powering Naruto's Rasengan. Sasuke smirked, he was getting stronger! He was finally able to say he could go toe to toe with his best friend and rival. Which brought him one step closer to Itachi. He could do it!

Naruto grunted in exertion of the technique. He could not lose here. Not now, not when he had to show the other nations just how powerful the Uzumaki name was... he had to finish his mission. He had to win the entire exam. He had to beat Hinata...


Hinata stopped in a dark hallway, her back still facing Naruto. Turning around, Hinata had the most serious look on her face ever. Then she smiled.

"I see you have finally awakened,"

Naruto nodded.

"Yes, I have. But that is not why you wanted me alone now is it?" He asked.

Hinata nodded.

"You see Uzumaki, I have been thinking of your face for the last five years and it has caused me nothing but pain and suffering. Every single time I hear your name I get chills, I start to shake and I get hit with visions of the past, a past I try to forget. So I planned at first on killing you…"

At this Naruto slowly began reaching for his sword. He would not be caught unaware. Hinata was deadly.

"But I no longer want that. The thought of you dead does not appease me. In fact, I want you alive. More than ever. You see, I remember more and more each time I interact with you. All my feeling and thoughts of you, and believe it or not Uzumaki, you have made me a stronger Kunoichi alive than if you were dead. But I know one thing for sure," At this Hinata smirked, a vicious and diabolical smirk that promised nothing good for Naruto.

"If we do meet in the finals, and you do not beat me, I will know for sure that you were simply destined to be a stepping stone for me to become great," Said Hinata resolutely.

Naruto said nothing before slowly walking up to Hinata until they were face to face.

"You know what's funny? Your mouth spouts all of that foolishness with confidence, yet your hands are shaking and your palms are sweaty, your breath is rising at the very moment and you can't resist that voice in the back of your head telling you to ravage me and tell me how you truly feel about me Hinata. Stop denying it and why don't you grow up and be real with yourself. For all of these years, your stupid mask fools everyone but me. But I see you for who you truly are. A scared Kunoichi who decided to put up a hard front because her memory got sealed and she is a branch member who is stronger than half of the Hyuga clan. A girl; a little girl who is afraid of the moment where that person who took you away will be back to finish the job. For someone with the 'all-seeing eyes,' you definitely see nothing," Said Naruto.

An echoing smack was heard by none but the two in that hallway.

Naruto turned his head back to where he was originally staring at as Hinata put her hand back to her side.

"Yes, I have finally realized my true calling as a Shinobi. I have gotten my mind thoughts and abilities together Hinata. And the fact that you raised your hand against me proves not only that I am right, but the one thing the confused Naruto of old knows for a fact," Naruto turned around and walked off.

"You love me…"

Naruto left the area, never hearing the tear drop the landed on the floor, or the silent, silent 'I do,' that was said minutes after.

The slowly weakening Rasengan began growing bigger and bigger, overlapping the Chidori and striking Sasuke painfully in the gut, but not before Naruto receiving a shot in the chest on the other side of his heart, the technique piercing skin and hitting muscle. Finally the rush of wind backfired, sending the opponents into opposite sides of the arena, crashing through the walls, adding another hole to the already damaged battleground.

Kimimaro calmly looked at both sides for seconds... after counting to twenty, He rose his hand up, ready to call the match when rock began crumbling on his right side. Looking over to the hole, a hand was seen grabbing onto the ground for support. The hand was followed by another hand and hair slowly came out of the hole, blood caking the clothing and body of the panting person.

Slowly pushing themselves up, he looked at Kimimaro dead in the eyes before shaking his head, the sounds of the roaring audience fading away as his eyes loss focus and he crumpled to the floor unconscious.

Naruto, slowly pulling himself up out of his self dug grave, caught sight of Sasuke coming out of the hole and knew he had won the battle as the Uchiha's eyes were dilated and his steps were shaky, as if he was in a daze.

Standing up slowly, Kimimaro looked Naruto in the eyes for a full minute before nodding.

"Winner, Uzumaki Naruto!"

The crowd was silent. Only to hear a loud woman yell out in apparent joy.

"THAT'S MY BRAT! YOU'VE MADE YOUR MOTHER SO PROUD! A TRUE WARRIOR! WHAT A FIGHT!" Kushina yelled, in her Jounin outfit, making some wonder if she was there the whole time.

Naruto was silent before putting his thumbs up.

"I love you mother," He said in reply.

Kushina's joyful face turned into shock before utter bliss as she held her hands to her chest and got misty eyed.

"My son…"

Sasuke awoke to find himself in the infirmary. Realizing he lost his match, Sasuke chuckled to himself and then turned to talk to the people at his bedside.

"Hi," he said simply.

"Hi," Kurotsuchi replied.

The two went silent after a while and finally Kurotsuchi spoke up.

"How did you poison me?" She asked suddenly.

Sasuke simply arched his lips and made a kissing sound.

Kurotsuchi nodded.

"I figured as much, but I did not taste poison,"

Sasuke smirked.

"I've learned to mix poison in a different solution that makes the person think otherwise about being poisoned. It also helps that the scent is odorless," Said Sasuke simply.

Kurotsuchi chuckled.

"I want you to know about what you just did when you put your lips on me,"

Sasuke arched an eyebrow.

"What did I do?"

Kurotsuchi shook her head.

"You kissed me, the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage, with him in attendance, with his son also in attendance, my father, even if he was watching the entrance with the rest of the Kage envoy, I imagine my father has been informed. Needless to say, Uchiha Sasuke, you are in trouble. There's only two ways to get out of what you have coming to you," Said Kurotsuchi smoothly.

"What are those?" He asked.

"Fight both of them and defeat them, which I can assure you, you are nowhere near their level yet. Or…" She smiled cruelly and Sasuke felt his stomach drop at the sight. He would not like this one.

Kurotsuchi simply whispered something in his ear, making his eyes go wide and his heart monitor beep louder.

"You have three full days to decide, I can only cover for you for so long; happy thoughts Sasuke," Said Kurotsuchi as she sauntered out of the room.

Sasuke stared at the ceiling for a full three minutes before looking to his right into the corner that was dark.

"Did I do good enough?"

The person nodded.

"When the exam is over, you will begin your true training. We only have but three years to bring you up to the level we expect you to be... prepare young one..."

Sasuke nodded.

"I will... Shisui-san."

"May Hinata Hyuga and Tia Harribel come to the floor!"

Naruto, who had a quick patching up and was self healing and leaning on the rail, watched in anticipation. He knew either outcome, would be painful to watch the other lose in. He wanted to touch blades with Harribel, but he also wanted to finally prove to Hinata that she could rely on him in the future.

The field was quiet as the two kunoichi came upon the battleground. You could hear the steps the two took as they slowly stood in front of one another. Both of them looking determined. One apathetic, and the other one as emotionless as can be.

No one was ready for the battle or the direction it would take.

The winner would be talked about for years, the battle would be a legendary piece of history.

Because as soon as the Match was started.

Harribel slowly rose her hand in the air and looked into Naruto's confused eyes to utter words that would crush his hopes and dreams.

"I forfeit."


And Bad news.

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