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Ok. Uzumaki Naruto vs. Hyuga Hinata. Let's get into it.

The entire stadium was utterly and completely silent from the two words just said.

'What did she just omit?' were the thoughts permeating in the air from both Shinobi and civilian at the moment as the convoluted mannerisms of the Iwa Kunoichi reigned supreme in stupefying the audience.

Naruto meanwhile, simply breathed in slowly and exhaled in elation.

He knew one thing for sure.

He was not ready to face Harribel, and neither was Hinata. The battle would have been really bad. Hinata would have put up a valiant fight and effort, but it would have been all for naught.

'Perhaps you are underestimating the strength of Hinata, Naruto-san,' Megumi said to him in his mind.

Naruto stopped his train of thought and silently agreed. He had been too judgmental on the skills of Hinata and what he had seen from Harribel. But then again, he believed he did not see all Hinata had to offer.

He would see today.

Turning to his left suddenly, Naruto made eye contact with Harribel and after a few seconds of silent staring, Naruto stepped back in surprise.

She knew!

"How?" Asked Naruto.

Harribel simply shook her head.

"A ninja is entitled to keep her secrets. I wish you luck in your ongoing battle," Harribel said as she simply passed by Naruto, who suddenly grabbed her arm and kept his eyes forward.

"You are a little too caring and mysterious to be whom you want others to think. One day, I will get to you. Then you will understand why I know this entire front you're putting on is fake; but that can wait until after the tournament. Do not leave Konoha; we will talk," Said Naruto seriously before making his way to the ledge and jumping onto the arena floor.

Harribel outwardly did nothing but continue walking. But inwardly she laughed at the implications of that 'talk.'

"I look forward to it," She whispered.

The two were in the middle of the field staring at one another with immense killer intent permeating from one of them, and absolute nothing on the other.

This fight would inadvertently make history for Konoha and the clans of Hyuga and Uzumaki.

This was it.

Naruto had his clothing on different for this one. Neglecting to not play around, Naruto had switched his upper body for a padded black flak jacket with grey slacks and black combat boots. On the back of his flak jacket was the Uzumaki clan spiral in white for all to see.

Naruto sighed and wasted no time releasing the seals he still had on him, purposefully neglecting the final seal that was over his heart.

'I truly hope I will not have to resort to using this one,' thought Naruto.

Hinata too had changed her outfit to an all black ensemble. Black combat boots, Black ninja slacks and a black V-neck shirt, her hair still in two long ponytails with two ribbons at the end. On her arms were black arm bands and on her hip and left thigh were the customary ninja pouch and kunai holster.

Breathing calmly, Hinata felt something stirring up within her.

It was an unusual feeling she had never felt before in a long time.

Not since… THAT dreaded night a long time ago.

But it was not the time for nerves to be acting up. This battle would give her the one thing that she needed.


She needed to defeat Naruto in order to move on as a Kunoichi and as a person.

This was her moment to do so.

Kimimaro raised his hand and before he dropped it a voice yelled out for the battle to halt.

A man stepped on the field, creating shock gasps or wide eyed looks towards him as he slowly made his way to where Kimimaro was.

"I will proctor this one," Said the mysterious Nin.

Kimimaro simply nodded and without further ado, turned and made his was to a seat awaiting the final match.

"This is the final battle of this Chunin examination. However, the winner means absolutely nothing, except bragging rights. We are determining your skill based off of your execution in all aspects of technique and creativity. Show us how much you are willing to gain the upper hand. But most importantly…" The Nin looked at both Naruto and Hinata for a brief moment.

"Show the world what the will of fire is all about for Konoha," Said Sarutobi, who raised his hand in the air and brought it down in a fast motion.


Naruto and Hinata wasted no time and rushed towards one another full speed, cocking back and punching one another, their fist blocking the other's intended hit. The shock wave loudly echoed throughout the arena as a huge gust rose up from the ground and moved sand and dirt, blowing into the audience.

Naruto grinned and grabbed her wrist, pulling her in, he laid three rib shattering kicks before receiving a punch directly to his chin, sending blood flying to the floor before he went flying into the arena wall.

From one hit.

Naruto righted himself last minute, but still created a crater. Looking at her hands, he squinted his eyes as he seen the miniscule amount of chakra wrapped around her fist as she expelled her punches.

"Crap, Tsunade is all over that. So be it," Naruto whispered as he dropped down and pulled out twenty shiruken and began tossing them at Hinata rapidly while running towards her.

Hinata back flipped, avoiding three, grabbed one, threw it in the air, arched her head to the left avoiding two more, before spinning on one foot, missing three more, and caught the one she threw to deflect the one coming straight for her eye.

The rest?


All the shuriken and Naruto himself went flying backwards, Naruto landing on his feet and flipping through handseals.

"Wind release: Air Cutter!" slicing his arm in the air, Naruto send his wind jutsu into Hinata's Kaiten, which exploded and sent her flying, leaving Naruto still standing as he stuck chakra to his feet, his hair whipping in the air.

Hinata crashed to the floor and kept rolling before looking up and finding Naruto directly in her personal space.

With a harsh punch to the gut, Naruto dropped Hinata before picking her up by the hair and roundhouse kicking her with his right foot, which she blocked and held onto his leg before pulling him towards her and punching him with another Chakra-enhanced punch, which would have sent him flying again, had she not grabbed his foot swiftly and began spinning him around. Throwing him up in the air, Hinata went through hand seals.

"Water Release: Great Dragon!" A Huge dragon expelled from Hinata's Mouth to swallow up Naruto, who waited for just the right moment before wrapping himself up in a ball, and as the Dragon ate him, Exploded in a shower of water as Naruto sent a burst of Wind chakra before jumping literally on air and flipping higher into the sky before he cocked his fist back and expelled more wind chakra that had him violently and swiftly coming back to the arena floor, his hand looking like a fire bird and aiming straight for Hinata, who was flipping through hand seals swiftly.

"Falcon Punch!"

"Water Wall!"

The blast sent steam into the air that cleared once Naruto waved his hand, blocking a Palm strike by putting his finger on the wrist of Hinata and stopping her assault, she tried another one, to which Naruto again struck her wrist and every other attack got the same treatment. Seeing the assault going nowhere, Hinata switched modes and faked a strike before elbowing Naruto in the face, cracking his nose, as he staggered back. Hinata jumped and put both legs on his shoulders before flipping backwards, sending Naruto onto the floor, which Hinata capitalized by rolling onto the ground and swiftly axe kicking him on his chest, making him cough up blood. Hinata flew to the ground, powerfully punching him in his face and saddling on top of him, began laying vicious right and left jabs, hooks and crosses at him as he valiantly tried to block the shots.

Sasuke shook his head and tightened his hold on the rail he was holding. After being released, he had arrived just as he heard Harribel give up, meaning Naruto and Hinata would fight. But it seemed like Hinata was running the entire match.

"He is hesitating, and I do not know why. What is stopping him from performing to the best of his ability?" Sasuke said to himself.

"That is simple. He does not know if she can endure the amount of power behind him," Said Kushina, who was standing there with Sasuke.

"But the scary part is she can; and she might be even more capable of enduring it than Naruto can handle," Said Kushina ominously.

Sasuke simply looked back on the field and became angry.

"STOP PLAYING AROUND!" He yelled uncharacteristically loud, silencing the audience and halting Hinata's brutal assault, letting her catch her breath.

"I REFUSE TO BE BESTED BY SOME WEAKLING WHO ALLOWS SOMEONE TO DICTATE THE ENTIRE FIGHT. MAN UP AND REALIZE THAT YOU NEED TO GO ALL OUT IN ORDER TO WIN. SHE WILL NOT COWTOW TO YOUR PHYSICAL LACKLUSTER EFFORTS. GET IT TOGETHER!" Sasuke finished as he huffed and looked away from everyone. The outburst still making Kushina chuckle and pat his head, to which he slapped her hand away.

"I couldn't have said it better. Now let us see if he listens," Said Kushina.

Naruto shook his head and sighed as he looked directly at Hinata, wounds healing in front of her face.

"He's right. Sorry for underestimating you. I won't do that anymore," Naruto said seriously.

"How can you say such a thing when you are under my control?" Hinata asked as she tilted her head to the right, showing her curiosity.

"Because this is all merely testing your abilities; and it seems I cannot assess any longer without people questioning my strength. It seems now I will go off what I know about you from previous encounters and matches, even if I know you have more to you than meets the eye," Said Naruto plainly.

"Assess? Then show me your true strength," Said Hinata with a smirk.

Naruto mirrored her smirk and nodded before he spoke.

"As you wish,"


The Naruto underneath her exploded, sending her off of the ground, before two Naruto clones rose from the dirt behind her, kicking her into the air, Another Naruto rose higher and kicked her upwards again, A clone jumped off of that clones back and laid a backhand punch to her face with a wind push to her chest, sending her crashing down onto the ground, before that clone plummeted as well with both knees plowing into her chest, making her gasp in shock and spit up blood mixed with saliva.

Yet another Naruto rose from the earth, punching her onto her feet, where she received a super kick to her chin, which led to a clone kicking her in the chest and stunning her cold onto the ground. All the clones dispelled, making the audience wonder where the real Naruto was, only to gasp as he appeared behind the Hokage untouched and fresh as a daisy.

"Come Hinata, I know that's not you at all. When do the games stop?" Naruto questioned.

Hinata got up and wiped the blood from her mouth as she began shaking, breathing in heavily she began chuckling, which unnerved everyone when it became full blown maniacal laughter.

"Yes, Yes Naruto. This is exactly what I wanted. Now the games can stop and we can seriously begin fighting. Show me more. Show me everything!" Flipping through hand seals, Hinata turned the battle into a new frontier with one move.

"Water Release: Exploding Water Shock Wave!"

Tons of water poured out of her mouth and filled the entire field, The Hokage simply moving to stand on the rail, while Naruto stood there, channeling chakra to his feet.

Suddenly everything hit Naruto like a ton of bricks and his eyes widened. This leading to a chain of events that spread like wildfire if you were smart enough to understand just what was occurring.

Naruto ran for Hinata to end the jutsu before the inevitable occurred. But his realization was far too late as the jutsu ended and Hinata put her hand into the sky.

Clouds began forming in the sky and soon a light drizzle occurred.

Naruto stopped running and began flipping through hundreds of hand seals, moving frantically to end what was about to be a huge and powerful jutsu.

But the time was too short for him.

With a cruel lashing of control and power, Hinata jumped into the sky and threw her hand down.

"Lighting Release: Hand of Zeus!"

A lightning bolt faster than the eye can see, came down and caught Naruto directly in his chest and left him slowly submerging into the water underneath him. It was where the jutsu struck that created a murmur among the audience.

That place being right in his heart.

Ino gasped in shock and was about to scream and run towards Naruto before a firm hand grasped her arm.

"If you believe that Naruto would lose so easily, then your faith in his abilities is extremely disappointing and you bring dishonor on him as his girlfriend," Said Kiba resolutely.

Ino looked at Kiba in various displays of emotion before sighing and breathing in and out, calling herself down and composing herself.

"You are right. Thank you," Said Ino.

Kiba nodded. But the tell tale sign of him grasping his other hand until blood was dripping on the floor showed his worry in his friend as well.

Sasuke looked at the water and the still sinking form of Naruto before abruptly turning away from the scene.

"I feel immensely sorry for the upcoming events now that she has just done that," Said Sasuke.

"Wh-what are you talking about? She struck him directly in his heart. For all we know, he could be dead?" Said Kurotsuchi.

Sasuke turned around and in another show of emotion snapped at Kurotsuchi.

"Shut up,"

Kurotusuchi's eyes widened and anger took her visage. But before she could rebuttal, Kushina held her hand up.

"I watched his hand and every hand seal, I know what he just did. If anything, Hinata simply helped speed up the process. I do not know what kind of jutsu he just did, but we are about to see. In fact, why not look at the slowly rising body and tell me what you see for yourself. I think things just got entirely complicated for both Naruto and Hinata," Kushina said seriously. Sasuke nodded in agreement before walking away.

"Where are you going?" Asked Kurotsuchi, anger forgotten as an explanation was given.

Sasuke stopped walking and pointed upwards.

"To the top of the arena to get a better view. Coming?" Sasuke asked.

Kurotsuchi stared for two seconds before walking to catch up.

"Why not, the water is slowly overflowing here anyway," Which was the truth as they were currently knee deep in water, but Kushina seemed unaffected. As was Samui, Harribel and half of the other competitors.

Naruto slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean before moving to meditate. The shock to his heart did indeed both hurt and stopped his heart for a few seconds. But it was necessary for his heart to stop for the jutsu he had just subjected himself too.

"And now..."

Jiraiya smirked at the sight of the bright light that suddenly appeared at the bottom of the water.

"Finally! It begins," He said to himself.

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