The letter currently being read in the person's hand seemed to be slowly burning into a least that was what the ANBU Captain of Unit A felt like telling the Hokage as he watched the paper currently being held in the hands of Tsunade.

Tracking down the Slug Sannin was an extremely tough task as she was constantly moving from place to place, day to day. She never stayed in the same spot for more than two days, leaving no trace of them ever being there. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that Sarutobi had a garment with her scent on it, and they happened to have a Inuzuka in the Unit, finding Tsunade would have been an entire month instead of the three weeks it took.

They were currently deep in Fire Country outside of a bar, where they finally caught Tsunade just as she was making her leave. Thankfully she was not heavily drunk, meaning she was not in a violent mood and did not rip the captain's head off his shoulders the minute she laid her amber eyes on the Konoha emblem.

Though she was really tempted to do so in all honestly. But after reading that letter, she knew without a doubt she would need to come back immediately. 'Sensei has A LOT of explaining to do when I see him,' Thought Tsunade viciously.

After what seemed like five minutes. Tsunade crushed the paper in her hand excruciatingly slow before she threw the dusty remains of the paper into the air before glaring at the Unit, the paper fading into the wind to be gone forever.

The ANBU squad tensed up at this movement. Preparation for this situation was one of the many options they had discussed. With Tsunade, it was common knowledge she did NOT want ANYTHING to do with Konoha. But their preparation tactics were all for naught as Tsunade looked at her apprentice, Shizune and said nothing but six words.

"Shizune, we are going to Konoha."


Unit B breathed a sigh of relief as after a nerve wracking amount of time watching Jiraiya read the note, the Toad Sage instantly nodded in affirmation of whether he would be going to Konoha with them. But they currently wished they had chosen the method in returning back to Konoha. The reason you ask? The huge toad they were currently struggling to stay on was slowly making even the hardest and toughest veterans of the Unit B squad…



Nothing but the sound of the toad jumping and the wind could be heard as the members of Squad B watched Wolf calmly wipe regurgitated waste off of his mask courtesy of the ANBU member in front of him.

"Slug, that was downright disgusting. I am going to physically discombobulate you into an unrecognizable bloody pulp, I am seriously contemplating whether or not you did that on purpose. I am sure you knew that the wind would shift your vomit to land directly in my face. In conclusion, prepare yourself once we reach Konoha," Replied the currently vomit covered ANBU squad member in a monotone voice that promised death and a lot of pain and suffering.

Jiraiya would have chuckled at the situation if he did not have so much on his mind concerning Naruto, Kushina and the new-found knowledge on his old teammate.

"I think I'm going to throw up again..."

On second thought… the toad was just getting Slug of the unit rather sick…and this was a rather funny situation.





Hiruzen sighed as he made his next change. By now, Jiraiya and hopefully, Tsunade would be well on their way back to Konoha. As such, he had to do what needed to be done with the Council. It was time to make things known to them who exactly was boss and who was his way to the Conference room, Hiruzen breathed in one time before exhaling sharply.

"It's time," he said to the anonymous person next to him.

"But of course…sensei," Replied the person as they handed Hiruzen the papers in their hands before they faded into nothingness, not one sign of ever being there. Hiruzen smirked. But it was not one of those grandfatherly smirks he usually held, no. It was a vicious smirk, a smirk not ever seen on his face. If anyone was to see this smile, they would instantly fear the coming storm of 'The Professor.'

But as no one was there to see this smile, Hiruzen was left alone and unbothered, free to cause wreck and utterly mess stuff up the only way an experience Hokage could. Blackmail. Just like a Shinobi would. It seemed people forget that Sarutobi was a Shinobi before a Hokage. A good one at that .'The council has no idea what they are in for,' Thought Hiruzen as he opened the door.

The council at this moment was a bit confused. Where exactly were the Hokage's advisors? Usually they would be right behind him strolling in with a bit of elderly grace and confidence. It seemed Hiruzen was reading their minds at this moment as he spoke.

"I bet you are wondering where are my advisors, in which the answer to that is rather simple," Said Hiruzen as he sat down and put his foot up on the table, bringing shock to many. "They have been laid off," Said Hiruzen as if he was discussing the weather.

" YOU DID WHAT?" yelled out a civilian council member as he rose out of his seat in apparent shock at the statement made by Hiruzen.

"I believe I am the old man who should be asking what, but seeing as how you are also approaching the elderly range of age, which results in loss of hearing, among other things, I will repeat. After that, I will be pulling out more tricks from my Hokage hat. Now, Masahiro, I believe I said they have been laid off, the reason is rather simple, I have decided I have no need for advisers around the same age as me, especially when their services in their respective fields would be better used being taught to my ninja. As such, they will be the new educators for a special course that is mandatory for every Shinobi and Kunoichi the rank Chunin and up. They will be educating my ninja in the world of politics, after all, who better than my ex-advisers, who knew the inner running and outer running of Konoha and more? Now, if you ever scream at me again, Civilian or not, you will find you will not have a box to channel your voice through, do not disrespect me. KNOW YOUR PLACE!" barked Hiruzen, who throughout the entire dialogue, moved from his relaxed, feet up on table position, to directly in front of the civilian, channeling a bit of KI to make Masahiro pale in fear.

"Now, I want quiet as I do what Minato, Tobirama and I should have done years ago but have not had the chance to." Turning towards the window which showed a spectacular view of Hokage, Hiruzen smiled, unseen to anyone but the Hyuga Clan head. "Tell me Shikaku, what kind of a village is this predominantly?" Asked Hiruzen.

"A Ninja village," replied Nara lazily, his analytic mind creating possible options as to where Hiruzen would be going with this question.

"Precisely, now, who fights the battle whenever we face war?" Asked Hiruzen again.


"Who teach the classes at the Academy?"


"Who goes out on the mission and brings in an astounding Seventy-five percent of the village's earning?"


"Great answers Nara. Now someone tell me…"

At this Hiruzen spun around and pointed to the left side, which currently had seven civilian council members. " Why do I have SEVEN council members putting their ideas, views and thoughts into how MY village is run?" Said Hiruzen quickly.

"Who gave these people jurisdiction to take the earnings of my ninja and raise the village trade prices? Who gave these people permission to take fourteen percent of the money used to fund my ANBU and place it in treasury? Who told Shizuka she can live in a huge mansion sitting directly across from the Clan members when my ninja have been stuck in horrible lead infested houses, some struggling to pay rent?" Fired off Hiruzen as his anger peaked to another level as he took the hat off of his head and placed it directly onto the lap of Masahiro.

"Why has he been sitting in my seat when I am not here? Do you want to be the Fire Lord of Konoha Masahiro? If so let me know now, we can go out to the stadium and do battle for title of Fire Lord, I'll go easy on you too, shall I bring the bananas you said I should eat, how about I do to the banana what you said you would do when you thought I was not here? You don't look too well Masahiro. Are you ok?" Hiruzen leaned down until he was nose to nose with Masahiro and smiled. Placing the folder he walked in with on the table and calmly opening it, showing pictures of Masahiro and Shiziuka in some...compromising positions, and began talking again.

"Do you need… perhaps… some more medicine from Shizuka that you got last night, I thought you were married but perhaps not, my apologies," Said Hiruzen as he slowly stood up and took his hat away, the Ninja of the Shinobi council all shocked and extremely close to laughing at the hilarity of this moment, Tsume Inuzuka even going as far as biting her arm to stop from howling in laughter and the Uchiha clan head, Fukagu Uchiha even coughing to cover up his laugh.

"This ends now. As of now, with the power granted by the Daimyo of Konoha, I Hiruzen Sarutobi disassemble the Citizen council. As of now, Hiroshima Shinji will be the spokesperson for the civilians, you have any issues you discuss it amongst yourself, and you bring it to him. Now, I want my money back in my shinobi's hand by midnight, or so help me Kami I will personally walk into each and every one of your houses and take my money by force, do I make myself clear?" Asked Hiruzen sharply.

The civilians were too petrified to even speak as this moment, everyone but Hiroshima Shinji, who smiled in amusement and bowed to Hiruzen.

"Crystal clear Hokage-sama," replied Shinji. Hiruzen nodded in approval of his comment.

"You civilians may now take your leave, the continuing matters are for the ninja only, Shinji, I shall see you tomorrow to go over finances, continue to do the good and honest work you have been doing for years, you seven are dismissed," Said Hiruzen simply as he sat back down.

The minute the civilians left, which was rather speedy in all honesty, Tsume, Choza, and even Aburame Shibi howled, laughed or chuckled in laughter at the situation. "I have been waiting for years to see you do such a thing Hokage-sama," Replied Chouza, a small smirk on his face.

"I too have been waiting for such a thing to occur. Why? But the mannerism in which you completed such an expulsion was unexpected yet sufficiently satisfying," Said Shibi in his monotone voice, though if you really focused, you could hear the mirth in his voice.

"I am glad you all enjoyed the show, now comes the serious part," Said Hiruzen as he set his hands on the table and the atmosphere became extremely serious and businesslike, this was how the council should have been run. It would remain this way for years to come.

"First thing first, the academy regiment will be undergoing changes, in approximately three days we will have the new curriculum. This will be the new schedule for years to come. Secondly, I have requested the return of all Hunter Nin, Undercover nin and more for the new classes I have previously spoke of. Finally, I have called for the return of the Sannin," Said Hiruzen in conclusion.

The range of facial expressions was quite amusing for Hiruzen to see, from surprise, to approval, to confusion, to surprise and then finally shock, even Choza dropping chips and Nara looking rather awake from the announcements. After a few seconds of silence, Hiruzen chuckled.

"In fact, one has been listening to the entire conversation from the start. Isn't that right?" Asked Hiruzen.

"Why yes, yes, it is correct," said a voice from the shadows of the room., the person revealed themselves as they stood next to Hiruzen, bringing outrage to the council.

"YOU!" screamed Tsume in a rage, ready to jump and attack the person.


The Kazekage read the letter sent by the Hokage days ago and let out a sigh of relief. If there was any reason to be happy of the current alliance between Konoha and Suna, now would be a great time to be thankful. The letter sent from Sarutobi stating they have receive word of their current mission deficiency and have begun taking measures to stabilize the flow and fairness of who missions went to between the two villages.

Patting the baby currently being held in the Kage's arms, a tear escaped the eye of Karura Subaku. The Godaime of Suna after the death of her husband, the fourth Kazekage who sacrifice his life to seal the one tailed demon into her child.

Another part of the letter spoke of how in a couple years, she should make a visit to Konoha to get her child's seal checked for any deficiencies as another sign of good faith, to which she herself agreed should be done.

Things were finally looking up for Suna.


The Mizukage stared at the full squad of MIST (Maximum Intelligence Squad of Termination) with a face of apathy.

"Exterminate anyone of any sort of bloodline. No mercy, I want them all exterminated. Rid the world of such demons, Go!"

In a second all three hundred members were gone.

Yagura, Mizukage of Kiri and Three-Tailed Jinchuuriki turned around to stare at the dark hall.

"I have done your will my master,"

"A good deed you have done my servant, go and rest my sweet," Said a silky voice to Yagura as he nodded and left the premises. "Soon...revenge will be mine..." Said a voice as chuckles faded into the night. Red eyes blinked once before becoming nothing.

(Konoha Hospital)

In the room, which was heavily protected by the best ANBU and Trackers Konoha had, Kushina Uzumaki slept, unaware of the current state of Konoha or the things that were going to happen to her son, Naruto Uzumaki, or to her in the next few minutes.

The door silently opened up, revealing a figure, whose hands glowed an eerie green light, signifying medical jutsu being applied. By the person's feet were the unconscious bodies of the ANBU and trackers.

"Time to check up on this patient," Said the person, their glasses shining under the sheen of the midnight light.

(Konoha Conference Room)

"Whoa! Whoa! No need to be so hasty to kill me! I told you I was sorry about peeking on you all those years ago" Said Jiraiya, who stood behind Hiruzen as Chouza and Iniochi tried to hold back the irate Tsume.

"I am going to enjoy neutering you when I get the chance!" growled Tsume who forcibly took her arms out of the grasp of the people holding her and sat down with a huff. Hiruzen sweat dropped before continuing.

"Now that we have Jiraiya here, we must wait for the other one, as no doubt, the other will arrive in…"

At that moment, the door smashed open and smoked filled the room as a figure was seen through the smoke standing there, and unconscious Nin in their hand. Softly tossing the Nin like paper, to which they rolled and slid across the Conference room table to stop directly at Hiruzen's hand, to which he simply patted the unconscious nin on the head and whispered a job well done, even if the nin could not hear him.

After a while of silence, the person spoke.


"Tsunade, what a joy to see you again," said Hiruzen with a smile at his student's eccentric entrance.

"Cut all the formalities; are you serious about what you put in that letter?" Tsunade asked skeptically.

"Extremely," Said Hiruzen.

"What is she referring to, if you don't mind me asking Hokage-sama?" Asked Fugaku Uchiha, his interest peaked as to what was occurring.

"Yes, Sensei, why don't you tell the group why HE is here in this room?" growled Jiraiya, his carefree expression vanishing, showing how fast he can become all business when the situation called for it.

Hiruzen sighed.

"So be it, I must ask that everyone hear me out at this moment and do not interrupt me. I have specifically sent out Shinobi to handle secret missions as they are the best at what they do. Currently, Nin that you have viewed as dead, traitors and more, are in fact, still loyal Shinobi and Kunoichi of Konoha. Such as Rin, Rokusho Aoi, and more Shinobi to be named at a later date. One of those still loyal to us, despite the reports and information gathered on what he has been doing, is the final member to the Sannin. The only people who knew of this information are me, him and…"


Heads turned to the area in which the voice was heard from to gasp in shock and surprise as in strolled in the Daimyo of Fire Country. Next to him being the man Hiruzen had been discussing.

"Orochimaru, one of my deepest undercover Shinobi for the past few years," Said Hiruzen with a cocky grin.

'Yep, I still got it. They should know better than to question me and why I do things. After all, in the jungle they should know who runs all the monkey business.'

(One Year Later)

"How …is... he… doing. This?" Kakashi asked in shock watching the situation unfold in front of him.

"Well, think of his family and the answer should be pretty apparent," replied Rin as she held her hands out for the running one-year old boy to come to her in laughter.

" Rhen, rhen, rhen!" Said Naruto in laughter, attempting to say Rin's name.

"Aww, he's so cute, I can tell you're going to be a stunner when you get older," said Rin as she held the laughing one-year old boy.

Kakashi shook his head in amusement. Already running and jumping, Naruto was truly the child of Minato as he began standing up at seven months and walking at nine. Like it or not, Naruto had the genes of Shinobi in him, if this amount of development was anything to go by, he'd be a powerhouse by sixteen. Suddenly Kakashi turned to his left to see ANBU personnel walk towards Kakashi. After handing him a paper, a swift Shunshin and he was gone from the area, leaving Kakashi to read the note and see what the matter was. After skimming through it, Kakashi looked towards Rin and Naruto, who was also looking at Kakashi and smiled as Kakashi smiled at her behind his mask.

"It's time to see the Hokage," Kakashi simply said.

(Conference Room)

"This mission must be carried out swiftly and secretly, we must evacuate anyone who wants to be evacuated. Leave no person behind, do not get caught. If you are found out, I will not acknowledge that you took this mission or that I even assigned it. Do you understand?" Said Hiruzen.

"HAI!" Chorused the inhabitants of the room.

"Godspeed then to you all, get back safe and healthy," Said Hiruzen as Unit A through C headed out towards Kiri for their special assignment.

Heading out of the office, Sarutobi made his way to his office as he had a bunch of meetings today that had to be taken care of. Especially the recent news he had received from Konoha Hospital about…

Entering the office, Hiruzen had to pause a moment at the amount of pandemonium all over his office. Books laid out amongst the floor, juice on his desk, ripped paper, loud laughing and four guardians looking on in mirth and amusement. Yes. This would be the LAST time he ever arranged a meeting with the Uchiha Mikoto with Sasuke, Kakashi and Rin with Naruto and Hyuga Hiashi with Hinata.

"Kids…" said Hiruzen as a drop of orange juice landed on his head, making the three kids laugh.

"So, Hokage-sama, what is this meeting about?" Asked Mikoto as she picked up her son, Sasuke, who seemed to take well to little Naruto as the two had made the mess in the office, the only innocent one being Hinata. It was rather spectacular the rate of development for babies of Nin, Hiruzen thought to himself. Finally getting into business mode, Hiruzen made his way to his seat, in which even more paper was seen shredded, making it known one of the two had been sitting there.

As Naruto walked over the midnight hair colored girl, the three being left to their own devices, Hiruzen sat down with the four guardians.

"To get straight to the point, I have come across a bit of good news I figured you four would be the first to know, seeing as how the person has been a great factor in your lives and to my knowledge, you were the closest to her," Said Hiruzen.

Anticipation began to build in Mikoto and Rin while the tensing of the jaws of Hiashi and Kakashi were the only thing that could be seen in their features.

"To get straight to the point, Kushina Uzumaki…"

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" yelled a voice from outside. Everybody's head turned to the door to see a bunch of commotion come from the other side before the door was opened and in came Tsunade carting in on a wheelchair, a pale looking woman with long red hair and purple eyes that seemed to change colors periodically. Looking at the kids for a bit, her eyes widened as she laid eyes on the one year old blonde haired child who was currently walking towards her.

The atmosphere was silent as the two looked at one another, one in curiosity and the other in rising joy at finally seeing her son. After what seemed like minutes, which was really seconds, Naruto walked up to the teary-eyed woman and instantly seemed to know who she was. He put his arms up in the air, as a signal for her to pick him up. With watery eyes, Kushina scooped up Naruto, albeit a bit slowly as her strength was not all there and began laying pecks to her son's cheeks.

"wed haire!" Said Naruto as he grabbed a fistful of hair and giggled.

"Yes, red hair Naruto, Red hair," whispered Kushina as she cried while holding her son for the first time,"

Tsunade and everyone else in the room smiled at the reunion between mother and son. For that one second, all seemed to be right with the world. But in the life of Ninja, one second was all that could be salvaged before everything left is disaster.