If you are reading this, then I regret to inform you that this story is officially discontinued.

For the new year, I have decided to literally look at my stories and do an audit, looking and combing through what I have written and seeing whether or not it would make sense to continue with the story. Unfortunately, this story makes the list as it does not make any sense to stretch out this story unnecessarily as I did not have a proper conclusion.

This just means I can spend more time coming up with a viable ending for the other stories I am working on.

But, if you think maybe you could have done a way better job with this story, you do not have to message me to as. I say right here and now that whatever aspect you want to pull out to implement into your own story is for you to take a run with. Call it a… clearance sale of ideas if you will. Take it and go, I don't even ask for any credit. If you want to, that's cool too! And I will thank you for reading this story and reviewing. One review meant a lot. To reach 100 is a blessing.

Good luck in the remake if you are interested, if not. I thank you for journeying with me through my weird creativity.

So here is what I was trying to work on in this story:

If you couldn't tell, I made Hinata the 3-tailed Sanbi jinchurriki, an action that1. Was a massive change from the original battle ( I had planned for Hinata to lose her memory again, very cliché so I rethought the situation) and 2. The result of her being a Jinchuuriki would have resulted in a lot of flak from Kiri, as this was the demon sealed within their 3rd Mizukage, now under the possession of Konoha.

I didn't really favor the Obito method from Kishimoto, so I tried to create a female OC of an Uchiha banished on the grounds of being a direct descendant of Madara Uchiha, who found out her ancestors planned and went off to create them.

I was going to have Fukagu Uchiha as a villain and member of Akatsuki. A simple staging of his death, while he left Konoha to travel into Ame, Somehow I would've tied it in. He would have been the character that Sasuke would do battle with.

Naruto… I really had no true direction for him except a MASSIVE harem and fighting the remaining members of the Kiri Swordsman. Only to learn that 1. His mother was the final member 2. Tenten's mother ( OC of course) was also a member, which would lead into a serious drama between mother and daughter.

Hinata was to be a major character and the opposition for the Madara descendant, as she was the one who sealed the beast within her.

I figured with some members of Akatsuki taken out and made into a good character, some bleach characters filling in would've been a more than fair replacement seeing how many of the aspects of this Naruto Universe had Bleach inspiration.

Harribel was a wild card. She and Naruto were going to have a huge fight once I hit the time skip. I noticed she looks a little bit like A- the Raikage, so I messed that possible idea up of having Harribel be his long lost daughter, but I am sure I could have pulled it off.

Sasori being Kushina's brother. Definitely a thing I seen possible. But I went overboard with the Hanzo. I should have made him into a villain and one of the evil opposition for Konoha and other nations to face.

Naruto's Harem would have consisted of: Hinata, Ino, Samui, Haku, Temari, Tenten, Harribel and Yugito. I was literally playing around with the idea of turning the Madara descendant into good in the end but… no.

Sasuke's harem was just Karin, Sakura and Kurotsuchi

Tayuya was going to end up with Itachi ( I know, left field)

Obito, I was thinking of turning him into a brainwashed Iwa operative.

Kushina's nemesis would've been Konan

Pein's opposition would have been Itachi

Orochimaru being a good guy would have been forwarded into a massive rematch between the Sannin and Hanzo. Hanzo would have killed them all. Eventually, this would lead into Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura battling Hanzo, and succeeding in his defeat.

For a brief second, I was messing around with the idea of the Chunin exam being turned into an 'invasion' after the conclusion of Naruto/Hinata's battle, but it would have been a massive Genjutsu to test the Genin in their decision making, done by the clan members of the Yakumo clan.

Naruto would have went through another massive change. He would have gotten into a altercation with an Akatsuki member ( I was looking at making Grimmjow )earlier and soundly defeated, causing him to reassess his life and strength.

EXTRA: Each chapter title was a song title or album.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS. I apologize for not having the time to truly go about implementing these changes. But for that motivated writer who does want to take up the task. This story has pretty much been given up for you to do justice to it.

Happy New Year and I hope somebody actually does see the possibilities and takes this story to the next level.

Until next time,

The Soul of A Warrior