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(Three Years Later)

The currently excitably jogging Naruto Uzumaki was of four years old and was just returning from his second day of pre-school under the new Academy Regiment. The past three years for young Naruto had been amazing! His mother apparently was asleep, (something they called a coma, but Naruto preferred asleep) and was now awake and ready to take up the reigns as the Uzumaki clan head. With that being said, today was the day he would be meeting a family member of his clan. Apparently, after Iwa attacked Uzushiokagure, a lot of Uzumaki clan members escaped, spread out and the remaining members were currently living in different parts of the elemental countries. It seemed Kushina had a long lost brother, who was currently making his way towards Konoha from Suna, and Naruto would have the privilege of getting to know him more as he would be staying in their current clan house until further notice.

The Uzumaki Clan house was pretty much the Senju Clan house being that Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki had married and the clan shared the same space. The only people that inhabited the place currently were Naruto, Kushina and Tsunade. At the moment, Naruto was sure his mother was training. She had been slowly gaining her strength back. The first year dedicated to motor movement and the next two on exercising her body back into the shape of the feared Kunoichi she was. At this point she was back to Jounin level, and would be ready to take up missions solo.

In all honesty, the estate of the Senju clan was extremely beautiful. The nature Hashirama had created to fill the house was astounding. From the gate , which had the clan mark engraved on it, requiring chakra to pass through it in order to open it, was a path way made of stone with grass on the left and right. You then came to a bridge made of literal tree bark with clear water underneath. You then came up to the front door made of water, which was interesting as it never wet you whenever you walked through, making Naruto believe that it cleansed your spirit. The house was clearly made for a big clan as when you walked in you entered a room the size of Konoha's stadium. Directly In front of you was a huge living room for the guess with chairs, table, couches and a tree that grew fruit on the spot. All around the house were small bonsai trees and flowing water. Next came the kitchen, everything was made of wood except the fridge and sink. Of course, the dishes were of fine porcelain imported from all over the nations. A counter was placed in the middle with the fridge on the left, the sink in front and shelves on the right. On both sides of the wall were two stairs that led to the second story. Naruto and Kushina's rooms were on the right, with Tsunade's room on the left side. Guest rooms were also available.

Ten rooms, with a private bath.

On both sides. Naruto felt a bit down at the fact that they were the only ones left, but he was sure his clan members would be found soon enough.

Entering his room, which would be a guest room, but was now Naruto's own, which was painted a vibrant shade of blue which included his bed directly in front of the door, about ten feet from the entrance, on the right side from bed being two doors, the one on the left being the bathroom and the one on the left being a walk in closet. The left side of the room was simply a couch with a tv in front of it, not that Naruto really used it that often. Above the entire room, hanging from the chandelier, was a training dummy Naruto used for target practice, on top of his dresser, also on the left side of the room in the corner, were draws full of various weapons and seal tags, papers, ink and more things Naruto would need as a ninja. Naruto changed from his clothing, which consisted of simple green cargo shorts and an orange shirt with his clan spiral, into black shorts with a navy blue plain t shirt, Naruto headed back out to find his mother in this huge house.

Did he mention the clan had its own sauna room, over ten different Training rooms with various degrees of nature, an underwater pathway that lead to an underground training ground inside of a cave and forty acre backyard?

Eventually, Naruto found Kushina meditating with a long sword in front of her. The sheath was red leather and the handle was wrapped in navy blue cloth. A sheen of blue chakra was around her and the sword as it seemed to sync and manifest into something else.

Slowly, but surely, the sword began to morph into… a red dragon with blue eyes. Naruto's eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight. Did his mom have the same sword he had?

Naruto knew all about his burden, how could he not, a lot of people tried to take the weapon on him, only to get a sharp shock from the weapon, yet it never affected Naruto at all. One day, it morphed into a white fox with red eyes and five tails. Then it talked.

The scream Naruto omitted could be heard in Suna.

After calming down, the fox explained that it was the manifestation of the Nine- tailed beast, Kyuubi. Upon asking why it wasn't as violent and blood thirsty as they made the Kyuubi out to be, the fox replied that the Kyuubi of old was dead and gone and that the chakra left behind would be difficult to control as it was the emotional desire that was still influential to the user of the chakra and the overall matter of the chakra that was poisonous as it had been the Kyuubi's for years. The fox, which Naruto learned was named Megumi, then morphed into a red haired, grey eyed (which he found pretty cool), female just about his age. Telling him that she was connected to him and would be until the day he died, Naruto had no other choice but to get to know his… life partner, as Kushina called her.

She was, for lack of better words, short- tempered, bratty and a princess, hell-bent on making Naruto's life a living hell. She was the filterer for Kyuubi's chakra, as she had been slowly leaking it into his chakra system since birth to help him build immunity. So getting rid of her was definitely not an option for him to take. As such, Naruto had to suffer the wrath of a growing Megumi. Who could pretty much shape shift into anything and grew when he grew. At the moment, her form was a dagger that Naruto keep on his left hip as a small weapon he used to train with.

Opening her eyes, the glowing blue colored eyes of Kushina soon faded into the violet shade she was known for.

Naruto was always stumped as to why her eyes were so many different colors. Green, blue, purple, red, could her eyes make up their mind? Or anyone else who proclaimed the shade of her eyes for that matter? *

After an awkward moment of Naruto thinking about all of those people that were incorrect, Naruto smiled and grabbed a small pebble, a training technique he used to do with his mother when she was getting back in shape. Tossing the pebble with all of his strength, Naruto smiled when Kushina suddenly caught the pebble with her right hand, a smirk also on her face.

Smiling at her son, Kushina stretched her back before getting up. She was currently in simple training clothing. Black sweats with a black shirt and standard Shinobi sandals, her dragon on her shoulder.

"Back from school already I see?" Kushina asked.

"Yeah, they let us out early, schools sucks, already giving us pop quizzes. I want to get to the ninja stuff! Learn cool jutsu and save princesses you know?" replied Naruto, posing as a super ninja with his hands on his hips.

Smirking slowly, Kushina ran at Naruto full speed before putting the now morphed sword to Naruto's neck, the blunt end of course.

"If you don't know the basics, how can you ever try to defend yourself against the real troubles of the world?" asked Kushina in a sweet voice, with a dangerous edge to it.

"Good point." Naruto replied, sweating nervously. His mother was fast, but that was faster than fast, he just had to ask how she gained that speed.

Danger forgotten, Kushina sighed as Naruto begged her to learn how to do that, jumping up in down in a rush of energy he was known for. If there was anyone Naruto seemed to take after so far, it was definitely her. She felt a bit bad suddenly for all the trouble she caused her teachers and caretakers growing up.

Sighing, Kushina made her way to the house.

"Maybe when your uncle gets here we can convince him to show you," Said Kushina, struggling a bit as Naruto somehow ended up wrapped around her leg.

The brat was fast in his own right, not to mention, Naruto already had the makings of a strong and powerful Shinobi. But he would have to earn his spot as there was a lot he had to learn. But with the plan Kushina had in mind, he would grow at an exponential rate.

But for now, he was a brat.

He sure did have much to learn. But Kushina was sure he had time for all of that when they began the training he would be receiving.

But for now.

"Could you get off my leg?"


Kushina sighed.


(Uchiha clan Compound, Backyard training grounds)

Sasuke watched in awe at the control Itachi presented. Every single target had been hit with amazing accuracy! This was why he looked up to his brother.

Itachi smirked at the obvious awe his brother showed watching how he trained. Soon he would be just as good if he had any say. But now it was time to motivate him some more.

"A ninja not only needs to train his body, but he needs to train his brain. This is why it is essential to get good grades at the academy and to take every class you are given seriously," Itachi said to Sasuke.

"Now I challenge you to get the top three in all grades when you officially begin and I will begin training you in things not taught at the academy," Itachi said as he turned around, knowing Sasuke would accept without hesitation.

"You got yourself a deal Itachi-nii!" Sasuke exclaimed.

Itachi nodded his head; he had many dreams for his brother. He would stop at nothing to see it completed. Even if it meant meeting with the Hokage to discuss the recently attained knowledge he had come across.

(Hyuga Residence - Indoor training facility)

Currently the clan head was training with his child while his brother, who was head of the branch house, was securing the area, even though nothing ever occurred.

The training seemed to come easy to the child of the main branch. The movement was fluid and the mere fact that the kid was already advancing on to more Jyuken techniques made this boy a prodigy.

Hiashi was proud of his nephew, but he was even more proud of his four year old daughter, Hinata, who was currently on the other side training with her mother in Hyuga clan techniques. It seemed that the Hyuga clan Taijutsu did not fit her style of fighting, as such, Hinamori decided to take manners into her own hand and teach her a personal style she had developed.

If Hinata learned that style and mastered it, there would probably be no Kunoichi that could defeat her. No offense to the tons of powerful Kunoichi, it was just that Hinamori had smacked Hiashi across the floor with that style of hers, it was impossible to defend and attack because of the level of flexibility and the amount of different styles incorporated in the entire style.

Things were looking up for the Hyuga clan with these two growing up to lead the clan into the future. With Neji as the clan head and Hinata as the branch clan head, the Hyuga clan would definitely prosper into a new generation of prodigies.

Instantly looking to the right as he felt a presence, Hiashi had to stop the groan coming from her throat at the sight of the elders.

"We must talk Hiashi-san. Follow me," turning around, the elder walked off, with Hiashi soon following behind.

'What is it now?'

(Konoha Gates - 7:00 PM)

Kushina and Naruto were currently watching the figure coming on the road towards the gates, who was to be Kushina's long lost brother. Naruto just wanted to see who his uncle was. It was always a good thing to meet new family, and Naruto always wanted to know if his mother was really the only one still alive from the Uzumaki clan.

Finally the figure came into view. He seemed to be at the height of five foot three, with a huge beige cloak covering his face and most of his body. After going to the gate and handing his information to the guards for clearance, the man bee lined towards a shaking Kushina.

Stopping in front of her, a long silence occurred before the man chuckled.

"It has been forever tomato," Said the voice, Naruto noticing it wasn't that old a voice. Kushina said nothing before slowly walking up to the man and touching his hood.

Removing his cloak, red hair was the first feature seen, letting Naruto know immediately that this was his relative, next was the brown eyes, which was interesting as his mother's was purple, but Naruto did not question it.

"My brother, Sasori-kun," Kushina gasped, tears falling from her eyes as Sasori smiled and hugged Kushina, picking her up and spinning around in joy.

Sasori of the Red Sands, S-Ranked Shinobi out of Suna, known for annihilating over four hundred enemy forces in the third Shinobi war, with the usage of one hundred puppets, to hold off an attack on one of the main forts used for transporting goods from Konoha to Suna. Many wondered why he was not the Kazekage, to which he would simply answer that he found no desire to be stuck in the village taking care of mundane affairs.

"I tried to come and see you a few years ago, but I was told to return back to Suna as the Kyuubi attacked. But I am here now, and that is all that matters," Said Sasori calmly before looking at Naruto.

"You must be Naruto," Said Sasori. Naruto grinned and nodded.

Reaching in his cloak, Sasori pulled out a scroll and handed it to him.

"This is for you to decipher and learn from, it is something I hope will interest you enough to master. Do you know how to mold Chakra yet?" Sasori asked Naruto.

At Naruto's shake of the head in the negative, Sasori's face was blank for a while, an uncomfortable feeling for Naruto. However, the feeling faded as after a few seconds, Sasori smiled.

"Then your uncle will be teaching you how, along with many other things that will benefit you in your growth as a Shinobi," Said Sasori.

Kushina took Naruto's hand and began leading the duo towards the Uzumaki clan.

"Come, let's go back to the clan house and speak some more, I am sure you must be tired from your travels," Said Kushina.

"Hardly, I am at the peak of my fitness as a Shinobi and I have no desire to slack in my fitness," Said Sasori calmly, missing the evil gleam in Kushina's eye.

"Really? We will have to test this belief of yours to see if you can catch up with me, though I am sure you won't. Couldn't years ago, and you can't now," Kushina replied.

"Is that a bet?"

"I think it is you brat,"

"I wouldn't want to beat you into tomato paste with your dear son watching,"

"I can show you true red sands Sasori; instead it would be your blood,"

Naruto sweat dropped at the somewhat playful bantering between Kushina and Sasori.

"Can you too stop, you're scaring the civilians," Naruto said calmly.

Sasori and Kushina looked at one another than the civilians, who were giving the three a wide berth in the road on the way to the clan house.

Realizing they were emanating killer intent, the two cut it off before Sasori looked at Naruto in surprise at him being unaffected by it.

Which pretty much meant he raised an eyebrow at his nephew.

"Why aren't you affected by my sister's killer intent?" Sasori asked Naruto, who looked up at him and shook his head.

"You try to stop her from getting what she wants done, you know how she gets when she doesn't get what she wants," Naruto whispered to Sasori.

Sasori and Naruto both shivered, before continuing on the way to the Uzumaki/Senju residence.

Nothing like family time with the Uzumaki's.

(Hokage Tower)

Hiruzen read the scroll sent from Kumo and instantly summoned his advisors to discuss the new development.

"It seems that Kumo is interested in signing a treaty between us. It seems the Raikage wants to let bygones be bygones," Hiruzen told to the three Sannin before getting blunt.

"I don't believe this man for a second. They want an excuse to come to Konoha; no one randomly comes out with a treaty years after this Kyuubi situation occurs. I am even surprised Iwa or Kumo did not attack us in our construction efforts. But I am also intrigued as to what he is planning. I think I want to accept their talks and see what occurs," said Hiruzen.

The three were silent before Jiraiya spoke.

"Do it, then we can see what exactly they have in mind, while we have a few Root ANBU watch the group of delegates, this way we can monitor them without having to explain our actions as we don't officially 'know' about the Root unit."

Nodding in agreement, Orochimaru spoke.

"I too think something is up, but I believe we should go about it as if nothing is amiss, keeping our 'tree hugging' philosophy for a bit longer might just work out in the end. They will think we have no clue as to what is going on, only to find out that we knew from the beginning what was occurring. Besides, doing something in Konoha with all of the new security we have set up would be close to suicide.

What Orochimaru was referring to, was the influx of Kiri bloodline clans that had come to Konoha to live a new life. It seemed that the Kaguya clan, rumored to go and do battle in Kiri, had changed their minds, and also made their way to Konoha. Now, Konoha had a huge nation of Shinobi with various abilities, skills and techniques, some even being added to the Forbidden Scroll secured deep within the Hokage towers, Orochimaru had scouted out and recruited tons of new talent from Rice country, Kiri, Land of Snow, Waterfall and more, in addition, he had also added the Hyuga clan into the Konoha Military Police, which was a frowned upon move, considering the pride between Hyuga and Uchiha clan members, to after a couple tussles, the two began fully transitioning into a smooth functioning, well oiled machine with the addition of Aburame and Inuzuka clan members. As of late, the crime rate in the red light district, had all but been taken care of, with the amazing detection abilities of these clan members.

Tsunade simply stood up and turned for the door.

"Bring them, and if they try to pull a fast one," Tsunade snapped her fingers, and the three became wide eyed as the door snapped along with her fingers,

"I will personally crush them myself, nobody tries to mess with Konoha, and we are the best. Get someone to fix the door and take it out of my tab, I have more issues to attend to," with that Tsunade was gone, leaving the three in silence.

After a few minutes of literal silence, Jiraiya sighed.

"Maybe that bet to wean her off of Sake was a bad idea,"

Orochimaru and Hiruzen simply nodded in agreement.

(Namikaze House - Living room)

Kushina, Sasori and Naruto sat on the couches simply discussing life and how things were growing up, sharing with Naruto how life back in Uzushiokagure used to be.

Suddenly the sound of Tsunade entering the room changed the atmosphere to a bit tense as Sasori, who slowly stood up, and the still standing Tsunade sized each other with their eyes.

The silence was broken as Tsunade snorted and walked over to the Suna Shinobi, ruffling his hair.

"You brat, good to see you after all of these years," Tsunade mumbled as she sat down.

"I dislike when you do that, the part that makes me angrier is the fact that you know that already," Sasori said.

"That is precisely why I will continue to do it," Said Tsunade.

"How do you know each other?" Asked Naruto, a bit surprised at the encounter the two had.

"I used to visit The Land of Whirlpool when clan relations were great, I actually knew of most of Kushina's relatives, especially this little brat," said Tsunade cheekily.

Kushina chuckled before clearing her throat, bringing attention upon herself. Looking at Sasori and Tsunade and nodding, Kushina turned to Naruto and looked at him seriously.

"There is actually another reason as to why your uncle is here Naruto. I was waiting for Jiraiya but it seems I will have to begin without him. The reason why Sasori, Tsunade and I are here all at once is because we are going to be starting your training to become a Shinobi," Said Kushina.

Naruto's eyes widened and he swiftly jumped on the seat of the couch.

"YES! I CAN BECOME THE COOLEST SHINOBI OF KONOHA EVER, BETTER THAN EVERYONE BEFORE ME, THE STRONGEST, QUICKEST, AND COOLEST EVER; I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL ME FRIENDS!" Naruto shrieked while jumping up and down in his excitement. Only to get pulled back to reality as Kushina grasped his arm.

"However, you won't be able to tell your friends Naruto. The training you are to be going under will take many years to complete and as such, you will not be seeing your friends for a rather long time," said Kushina as her eyes softened at Naruto's curious expression.

"How long will I be training for?" Naruto asked.

"That's when I come in," Said a voice from behind him. Turning around to see who it was, Naruto smiled upon seeing Jiraiya come into the room.

"You see, the training you will be going in is a very advanced type of training. It has only been used a few times because of the strain put on your body. In real life, you will be training for four years, but in the room you will be training in,"

At this, Jiraiya became extremely serious, to the point of making Naruto gulp.

"You will be trained for eight years worth of combat, skills, knowledge and more aspects of a Konoha Shinobi."

Naruto was a bit silent at the newly told information. He had but only one more question that needed to be asked.

"When do I begin?"

Kushina knew this question would come, and as much as she wanted it to begin now, she knew he had just begun school so they would have to wait a bit.

"At the end of the semester, for now, enjoy your couple of weeks in school, make friends, because soon you'll be leaving school to go on a 'family vacation' that you will not return for until you turn eight and that will be around the time to enter the secondary education classes at the Academy," Kushina.

Nodding his head, Naruto was silent before he smirked and grasped his right wrist with his left hand and balled his right hand into a fist. Looking his mother into the eyes, Naruto spoke.

"I will do this training and I will succeed, that's a promise of a lifetime," Naruto said, his eyes sparkling with determination.

Kushina, Tsunade and Jiraiya smiled while Sasori chuckled, at the same time, the four thought similar thoughts,

'He is definitely an Uzumaki,'

Suddenly, a knock interrupted the discussion, getting up to see who it was, Kushina opened up to find a rather irritated looking Hiashi standing at the front door, his wife Hinamori behind him also looking worried.

"We need to talk, it's about Hinata,"

*Time skip- Final day of semester*

"Have fun on your vacation!" yelled out Kiba, as he grabbed Naruto in a headlock and ruffled his hair with a noogie.

Over the years, Naruto had gained a lot of good friends in primary pre-school, none more than most of the major clans of Konoha. His two best friends, were the sometimes shy, sometimes unemotional, but sometimes out spoken Hyuga Hinata and the calm, level headed Uchiha Sasuke. The three could always be seen playing together, eating together and even napping in the same row of their bunkers whenever it was time to sleep. This in turn created good relations with the Uzumaki, Hyuga and Uchiha clan, which already had a great foundation, despite the prideful rivalry between Hyuga and Uchiha clan members, Mikoto, Hinamori and Kushina could always be seen having tea time while their kids were out in the backyard being kids, it seems at a young age Hinata was smitten with Naruto, always blushing whenever his attention was upon her. It also seemed that a small friendly rivalry was apparent in Naruto's and Sasuke's actions as they always attempted to outdo one another.

Walking towards the Uchiha compound with Sasuke and Hinata, the three stopped at the gate.

Sasuke said nothing with his back facing the two, before swiftly turning around and holding out his pinky.

"I want you to promise on your Uzumaki name that when you come back we will fight and see who is the strongest," Sasuke said to Naruto, with a grin on his face, which was soon mirrored by Naruto.

"You got yourself a bet, you better train hard, when I get back, I am going to beat you," said Naruto, to which Sasuke scoffed.

"Yeah right, in your dreams, see you in a few years, Naruto," Said Sasuke, as he entered his clan compound, happy he had a friend he could train with once he got stronger.

Naruto smiled after a while before chuckling. Grabbing Hinata's hand, who blushed at the touch, Naruto made his way to the Hyuga clan compound to drop his friend off for what could be the last time in a long time.

"SO, Hinata, are you going to be training to become a strong Kunoichi too?" Asked Naruto to his red faced friend, who nodded in affirmation.

"I plan on being the strongest Kunoichi in Konoha, as well as…" Hinata trailed off at the end, cheeks read at the thought she was thinking to herself about.

Thinking it was something girls just did when they did not want the boys to know what else they dreamed of, as most of the girls in his classroom did that when they were shy, Naruto continued.

"I believe you are going to be strong! Then I will come back strong, and we can be strong together, and maybe even get married and make strong kids, wouldn't that be great Hinata?... Hinata?" Asked Naruto, as he caught the fainting girl, Naruto had a lot to learn about girls at four years old, talking about marriage was something ingrained in any young girl's head, especially with their first crush, which in Hinata's case was Naruto.

Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto sat down by the tree in front of her house and put her head on his lap, patiently waiting for her to wake up, not seeing the camera or hearing the flashes from the person taking the pictures.

When Hinata awoke, she found herself leaning on the now napping Naruto with her mother standing in front of her, a smile on her face.

"You two had been sleeping for a couple of minutes, I didn't want to wake you two up," Said Hinamori.

Getting up, which in turn, woke up Naruto, Hinata whispered a 'sorry' to Naruto, who waved it off.

"I have no idea as to why you fainted, but it is alright, I have to go home now though, mom says I have to pack for my trip once school is done, but this is for you," Naruto reached into his pocket and handed her a red box with nicely designed blue flowers on the outside.

Opening it, Hinata gasped as two navy blue ribbons were seen inside. They seem to be made of metal and looked rather sturdy. All in all, it looked like a rather expensive gift.

"Mother said I should give that to you, seeing as how navy blue is one of your favorite colors, I think it's for your hair," Said Naruto, rubbing the back of his head nervously, he did not know why she was making him feel weird, was he hungry? His stomach was acting up. He would ask his mother what this was about as soon as he arrived home.

Hinata went up to Naruto and hugged him, thanking him for the going away present. Naruto hugged her back before letting her go, with a bow to Hinamori, who simply smiled at the cute little boy, Naruto was on his way home, leaving behind a blushing four year old girl and a futuristic thinking mother who was already thinking of ways to get her little baby what she deserved.

Happiness and freedom from the old fashioned mannerisms of her clan.

(Namikaze House)

After packing his necessary items he would need for the years to come inside of his scroll, Naruto was currently with Kushina and Sasori standing in front of what looked to be a huge vaulted door. He had no idea that this place was in the clan house, but he had yet to discover the many aspects of the clan house, so he was sure there were other places that he had never been that was just as amazing as the vault in front of him.

If only he knew.

"Behind this vault is the room everything will be occurring in. Get acquainted with this door, because for the next couple of years, you will not see it," Kushina said as she looked at Naruto to say anything she was sure he would.

She was not disappointed.

"How are we going to know about the current events of Konoha? How does this time chamber work too?" Naruto asked.

Kushina smirked.

"We will be having a few special guests visit us from time to time to help with your training. The way it works is rather simple. One hour is equivalent to one minute in this chamber. Yet the effects of your body will not become affected. This technique has been passed down and worked on by the Toad sages of the past until now. The limit used to be one day is equivalent to a year, but after testing different theories, we can now enter for eight years, when in real time, only four has passed," Kushina replied.

Naruto then remembered the question he meant to ask Kushina.

"Kaa-san, While I was giving Hinata the gift you told me to give her, my stomach started to feel weird, like there was something inside of it, my face felt hot and my palms got sweaty, am I coming down with something?" Asked Naruto.

Kushina chuckled, while Sasori simply rose an eye brow. It seemed the boy would have to learn about the birds and the bees a bit earlier with the way things were going.

"It is nothing more then the feeling of nervousness Naruto. It is a feleing that is quite normal, so there is no need to be concerned, you were not hungry, just nervous, it is uncomfortable, yes, but it happens to all of us," Said Sasori, answering for Kushina, who's chuckle had turn into full blown laughter.

After recovering from her hysterics, Kushina turned before flashing through hand seals, slapping her hand on the fault, the sound of metal moving and a loud 'chink, chink, chink,' sound emanated before the door slowly but surely began to open and a bright light began emanating from the other side.

Turning to her son, Kushina nodded, meaning for him to enter the room so they could get started.

Nodding his head in understanding, Naruto made his way towards the doors, which would be locked for a long amount of time.

In would enter the four year old Naruto, but exiting will be a Shinobi with knowledge and power to defend Konoha and his family to the best of his abilities.

(One Year later- Konoha , Undisclosed location 12:00 Am Midnight)

The room was extremely silent at the recent information received from the person in front of them. This was no ordinary room. During the founding of Konoha, the 1st Hokage had constructed a meeting area located inside of the biggest tree in Konoha, which was surrounded by many other trees. This tree also led to many different exit routes and entrances that all of the clans of Konoha were able to use whenever the need for a secret discussion came up.

At the moment, Hiruzen and his students, also named his new advisors, were sitting down in front of the current person who set up this meeting.

Uchiha Itachi, current Uchiha clan prodigy, ANBU captain and one of the most talked about Shinobi in Konoha, had just informed Hiruzen and his new advisors about the fact that his clan, the elders and his fathers, in addition to some of the Konoha police force, had been speaking amongst one another about ending the life of Hiruzen and taking over Konoha with Fugaku being the Godaime Kage. They felt a bit angered at the fact that, as co-founders of Konoha, they should have their hands in the affairs of Konoha. Some said they were placed in the corners of Konoha so they could be watched easier.

Apparently, some of the Uchiha clan members did not agree with this coup'd'eat and were trying to talk sense into the unreasonably belligerent Uchiha members, only to come up empty as they continued to plot, causing Itachi to report to Hiruzen.

But that was not the reason the room was silent as Hiruzen had already known of the coming storm, which was why he had recently gotten rid of his advisors, the decisions they made in his dream came back to bite them in the future, even if it was a dream, he made sure to change that as soon as possible.

"This is what you will do Itachi. Find out who disagrees with this decision, write their name down. Find all of the conspirators that want to take Konoha for their own. Then I want you to take a mission out of town. In fact, the entire group of people who are Shinobi that believe in Konoha first, will be away on a mission. I want the non-Shinobi members of your clan to watch the children tonight. I will be having a 'meeting' with the remaining members of the clan. From there, I will take care of the rest. Have no fear young Itachi. Everything will be taken care of. I know how hard of a decision it was to report to us about the current situation of your clan but please know that you coming here has saved more lives then what would have occurred if you had not come," Said Hiruzen.

Bowing slightly, Itachi nodded and made his way out of the chambers. Once the chamber doors closed, Hiruzen wasted no time.

Tsunade, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, how do you think we should take care of this?

Not wasting a second, Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya answered.

"Seal off the entire room," Said Jiraiya.

"And in there, we will release an odorless scentless virus that affects the brain, implementing situations in which they are not really in, but every action they do, will cause them to react, while a paralyzing sensation corrupts the body slowly and meticulously," Entered Orochimaru, his voice full of glee at the thought.

"Or you can enter the virus in the tea as well to deepen and quicker the effect," Said Tsunade.

"But you must also get a bit sick in the midst of the meeting, causing you to end the meeting early, but you arrive late to not arouse suspicion," Said Jiraiya.

"The virus will cause them to suffer a heart attack, brutally kill themselves, or become a vegetable with no cure. The beautiful thing about the drug I have created, which me and my apprentice have called it ' The Scarecrow' is that the air virus will fade from the air after about five minutes, you must make sure some people do not attend that meeting however, we do not need them all to die suddenly. Keep two or three members alive, then send them on a mission in which they fail… with their lives,' said Orochimaru.

Hiruzen nodded.

"Good idea, but why not just put the virus in their water and alert the loyal members do not under any circumstances use any of the water from the system they have?" Hiruzen asked.

The three sannin blinked owlishly at their sensei at the idea.

"Why did I not think of that?" Jiraiya asked himself.

"That makes more sense actually, it would show that we had nothing to do with the death, it was a simple virus in the water system," Tsunade said.

"In fact, let's up the ante, poison everyone, just to show that it was not a conspiracy," Orochimaru said.

"But then people would also have to pass away to show it was not a fluke," Jiraiya said.

"That is also a good point. How are we going to do this without causing suspicion?" Tsunade asked.

"Who said they had to die in one day, accidents… happen all the time," Hiruzen replied.

After a while, a chuckle came from Orochimaru, followed by a snort by Jiraiya and a loud guffaw from Tsunade. The ideas were endless. As the group discussed the many methods they could do to get rid of this issue, more pieces of the future were being moved, especially the most important Shinobi in all of the elemental countries, the legend to be, the phenomenon that had untapped ability and intelligence that would rival Uchiha Itachi and Hatake Kakashi respectively.

His name….would grow to be a house hold name, the savior of the nation, the one ninja that would become the strongest of the strong, the elite, the remarkable, the boy…

(One year= Two years Hyperbolical Chamber)

"UZUMAKI NARUTO, YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO GET TO MY FEET NOW, WE HAVE WORK TO DO. GET UP NOW!" bellowed the voice of Kushina Uzumaki as she stood in the middle of the huge area, awaiting her son to come.

…well, maybe in a decade or so, but not now.

Naruto arrived, albeit rather slow as he tried to adjust to the new heavier density in the air. It seemed as if he was wearing fifty pounds just walking. Apparently this would work out his strength training.

His outfit was simply a navy blue body suit that felt like it molded around his body. He had grown a bit taller in his years in the chamber, and it seemed the body suit had grown with him, his hair had him looking more and more like Minato, as he had not had the time to cut his hair down, not that he wanted to anyway.

"Alright, I am here. So what are we going to be doing?" Asked Naruto, to which Kushina's smirk disappeared, replaced with a very serious and combat ready look. Walking up to a board which was rather organized, to which made Naruto question inwardly, where did the board come from, Kushina began speaking.

"It's rather simple. For the past two years we have been training you in chakra control exercises, which included tree climbing, water climbing, waterfall traveling, weighted rock climbing, leaf balancing, and various test in your level of knowledge, information gathering, training your body to memorize the basic stances and kata (choreographed patterns or movements) in over five different styles and worked on the speed of your hand seals, both with both hands and single handed seals. For the next six years we will be working on the following:

Year One: Taijutsu (Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sasori)

Year Two: Kenjutsuv (Kushina)

Year Three: Genjutsu (Kushina)

Year Four and Five: NInjutsu (Kushina, Jiraiya)

Year Six: Specialized Fields (Jiraiya, Sasori)

Month one and two: Espionage (Jiraiya)

Month three: History of Konohakagure and Uzushiokagure (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kushina, Sasori)

Month four: Etiquette of a clan member and clan head (Kushina, Sasori)

Month five: Medical Rules and Regulation(Tsunade, Shizune)

Month six: Poison usage and detection (Kushina, Jiraiya, Orochimaru)

Month seven – twelve: ?

What are the final months about kaa-san? Also, who is Orochimaru, and why are the months of seven to twelve with a question mark?" Naruto asked, to him, the more training the better, so he had absolutely no problems with training further in the skills department.

"That is training with Megumi; she will be the one explaining that particular section of your training. You will meet Orochimaru when he arrives, but for now do not worry about him, you won't see him for a rather long time, though I wish it was never, but it has to be done. But today is the beginning of Taijutsu, so to prepare you, we will be going through the kata and then we will put weights on you.

At this part, a murderous grin appeared on Kushina's face.

"Then the torture can truly begin,"

Naruto's face slowly turned into a nervous visage, he was now certain that his mother was losing it.

But whatever was going to happen. It was going to be a long time before Konoha would see Naruto again.

But when they did, no one would be prepared for the new and improved Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

No one.

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