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The pure white canvas called the field of the Hyperbolical chamber was silent.

Not a sound was heard.

Not a vibration felt.

And even though there was no darkness, it would have felt like a rather peaceful time that made anyone in the middle of the chamber ground feel at peace.

"Fire release: Dragon Fire"

"Water Release: Waterfall Wall"

A huge dragon smashed into a wall made of pure chakra before two blurs were seen moving all across the room travelling at high speeds.

A left roundhouse kick was deflected with a right elbow block, which grabbed the offending leg and picked it up before spinning in high speeds. Finally releasing the person, who seemed to, in the air, stop and push off an invisible wall, before flying right back at the person before front flipping with a left heel drop. The attacker connected, bringing up a huge crater in the earth, before jumping away and dodging a flurry of random punches, the crater created slowly patching up as if nothing occurred.

The flurry of punches were continuously blocked, hand for hand and movement for movement as a stale mate was seen to soon come as neither attacker or defender seem to be giving up. The attacker surprised the defender however, as a hook attacked the defender in the jaw, making them twisted in the air twice before landing on his back.

A ninja sandal was placed on the chest of the heavily breathing loser.

"Good job keeping pace with me, but always keep your guard up, especially your face, it is the easiest way to knock someone out," said the lady with her foot on the boy's chest.

"Good point. Can you get off me now?" Said Naruto, as he found it hard to breath now that the air was thicker, the room literally heavy and the weights they were both wearing were steadily increasing as the day continued.

Kushina tapped her chin in thought, secretly enjoying watching Naruto squirm.

"Make me," She said in a playful tone.

Naruto's right leg flailed up and kicked Kushina in the thigh before Naruto kipped up , making her jump in the air, to which she landed and received a drop kick to her chest as Naruto back flipped off the kick and landed on his toes before jumping in the air and smashing his knee into Kushina's face, which she blocked, but smirked at his uncanny mixes of taijutsu.

"Good, now two more hours and we can finally get out of here," Said Kushina.

Naruto nodded in excitement. It had been four years, eight years in the chamber, and eight years worth of tons of training, learning and more training. It was finally time to get back into the real world.

Kushina's face turned serious however.

"There are things you need to know right now concerning the state of affairs however," Kushina said.

Naruto raised his eyebrows, what could have possibly happened in the four years outside of this room? It could not be that bad could it?

(Hyuga Clan house)

Another Hyuga branch member went flying onto the floor sprawled out and unconscious.

Another soon went flying into the wall before crashing through it.

Three more soon followed suit, another got sent back flipping to the floor and two more sent into various chairs and another through a table respectable.

Hiashi and Hizashi sipped their tea in a silent matter, moving the tea kettle as another clan member went through the table, or what would be where the table was had Hiashi not moved it. The two placed their chairs back and continued sipping calmly.

"What powerful children we have raised," Hiashi said to Hizashi, who also nodded.

In the middle of the training field, back to back, was Neji and Hinata, blindfolded, Byakugan off, using simply their senses, the two were currently laying waste to the fellow members around their age from both Main and Branch houses.

"Maybe we should call this off before their parents complain too much about injured youth," said Hizashi.

Hiashi nodded and stood up.

"Enough." Hiashi said.

Nothing can be heard but the sound of groans and walls, chairs and tables cracking. Hinata and Neji, respectively, took their blind folds off and stood at attention towards the two Clan heads.

"You both have done a good job today, however the reason we had you back to back was so that you two would cover the others weak spot. This is the most challenging thing to face as a Hyuga. Not many people know of the Hyuga weak spot as we keep that fact to ourselves. It seems your awareness training has been paying off however, as not one of your attackers have seemed to lay a hand on you. Your training for today is over, you may do whatever you wish for the rest of the day," Hiashi stated. The two bowed before making their way outside.

"Hinata," called out Hiashi.

Said person stopped and turned around, her long hair following her as she moved. Her face was the epitome of emotionless. Nothing could be seen in her eyes; even her stance was already ready for movement. Hiashi was both proud and saddened. A girl at such an age should not be as serious, but hopefully the news he had would give her something to dwell on.

"I have received news that Uzumaki Naruto will be in your class this semester. I do not know if you remember the boy, but four years ago he was your best friend. I just thought you should have the knowledge of his return before someone else told you,"

The silence in the room was unbearing as Hinata still did not move or say anything. Finally nodding her head, Hinata turned around and made her way outside to attend to more training away from prying eyes of the Hyuga clan.

So Naruto would be back. That was great, but what did she care? He was not there three years ago when Kumo nin came into Konoha and tried to kidnap her and her cousin. Nor was he here when the Hyuga elders decided to place the caged bird seal on her as she was brand less and a branch member. As a matter of fact, who was this Naru-,"

A blinding amount of pain ripped through Hinata's skull as she dwelled on the boy, flashes of blonde hair and blue eyes and his smiling face went through her memory banks at light speed before she collapsed on the ground breathing hard.

After gathering herself, Hinata knew that this boy was not who she thought he was. It was obvious she brought him pain. Pain she wanted to forget about. That night she had decided to get all of her answers out of this Naruto character when they met. She would have to. Because if he did not give her the answers that she desired...

The wind shifted as Hinata's chakra flared up a bit at the thoughts she was having. A cruel smirk appeared on Hinata's face as she stood up and put her hand in a fist.

"I will crush this Naruto to get my freedom,"

(Hokage Tower)

The Hokage, sat at his seat silently appraising his new arrivals.

He had reason to do so. As the last time someone from this village came through, a quarter of the Uchiha clan were found dead and poisoned and two Hyuga clan members had been almost kidnapped, only to get caught and incapacitated brutally. Which led to the question of why Hyuga Hinata was found near the Valley of The End, unconscious and with a powerful seal directly over her heart. After Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade checked on the seal and health of the girl, it seemed that the seal was affecting the girls memory. To make matters worse, the Branch elders decided to place a branch seal on her, as if that wasn't enough, a tracking seal was located on the back of her neck in case the seal on her heart acted up. Then, to lock up her emotions, they place another seal within her branch seal. It would take years before one of the seals broke, which would slowly begin getting her back to the normal Hinata she was before this tragedy.

This led to a very heated discussion back and forth until the Raikage himself came to Konoha. When he had arrived, he was shocked to see that EVERY member in Konoha had the Byakugan, and everyone was looking directly at him. He got to the tower and once he seen the Hokage himself with the Byakugan, he understood the under toned message.

You mess with one you mess with all.

As such, the current Raikage, A, was back again, with more knowledge developed. It seemed the 'Kumo' Nin was not even a part of Kumo anymore, simply a man who had been around during the Third Raikage regime, and had still been one of the Nin who wanted to kidnap Hyuga clan members to experiment on. It seemed the man ambushed the real Kumo delegate and murdered them, taking their place, with some hired Nin of his own, they infiltrated and took the Hyuga clan head children, Neji and Hinata respectively. What made it worse was that it was on October 10th, the celebration of the Kyuubi's 'death.' They found Neji at the border and Hinata at the Valley; it seemed the man who had taken her was found dead halfway there. Meaning someone else was at foul play in this plot. Sandaime had his suspicions, but he could not develop the information needed, so sadly, the matter had to be left alone until the seal broke.

What made this whole thing even better, was that they put the blame of the mysterious deaths of a quarter of the Uchiha clan, on the Missing Nin, saying he had poisoned the water systems of the Uchiha clan house, effectively wiping out the many who planned on trying to take over Konoha in a revolt.

Next to him was the current eighth Jinchuriki, Bee, who was simply writing in his notepad, apparently he was a rapper of sorts. But the reason he was back was the currently emotionless women standing at attention behind the two, also in the room was the newly appointed temporary clan head, Mikoto Uchiha, and Hyuga clan head, Hizashi, who had arrived from watching his son and niece train not too long ago. Behind the Hokage were the Sannin themselves, also steadily watching the Raikage and Jinchuriki, where an entire squad of ANBU looking for any sudden movement of attack. The most powerful Shinobi in Kunoichi was in the room watching for the other to make the first movement.

Finally, after an intense stare down and silence, A finally spoke.

"As I have stated in my letter, the men who had attempted to kidnap the Hyuga clan head's son and niece, and further poisoned the Uchiha clan, was a missing Nin for over twenty years. The bodies of my official delegates were found buried in a ditch not too far from Kumo. I, personally do not see why my village is at fault, but seeing as the man was out of my village, and we had yet to have captured him, causing stress and problems for Konoha, I am here to make a trade with you and if possible, strike an alliance and deal,"

If Hiruzen was anybody else, his mouth would have dropped and the pipe in his hand would have dropped, but the shocked look on Hizashi's, Mikoto's, Tsunade's and Jiraiya's face had spoken volumes as to how surprising his announcement was.

"I am all ears Raikage-san," Hiruzen said.

"No matter what the decision is, I have decided that I will be giving the Uchiha clan, as a small token of their tragic loss, over ten of our most forbidden techniques and one million yen. Though I know this will not bring back the lost souls my Missing Nin has brought, it is still something I believe I could do to help the pain of such a great loss. I will personally pay for the funeral services as well. Finally, I will be giving to the village of Konoha to enter your ranks, a Kumo nin to be both the trading piece and ambassador for Kumo. As a sign of good faith, she is one of the strongest Genin out of Kumo, and the Jinchuuriki of the two tailed cat, Yugito Nii.

Now Hiruzen did drop his pipe. He was now immensely interested in such a thing.

"What do you want in return?"

A sat up straighter.

"I want the body of my missing nin, and I will be giving you the price for his head as it is you who have captured him. The next part of what I want may be controversial. But I see it as another sign of good faith. I have been told that the Hyuga clan has both a Main and Branch clan. To me, personally speaking and to be blunt, I find it inhumane to put another family member in servitude and have them be under you at your beck and call, it is as if the branch clan are no longer humans of their own will as they are enslaved by their own kin,"

The tension built before to the shock of the group, Hizashi chuckled.

"Raikage-san, I have never met you, but I can already see you are a man of unwilting belief that the strong will always persevere. I too agree that the customs of the Hyuga clan is too old fashioned and inhumane. I can see where you are going and what you are requesting. If I am right, you wish to have my branch clan members, if they choose, build another clan in Kumo, to strengthen the possible alliance we would have, and one would also be an ambassador of Kumo. Am I right?

A simply smiled as well and nodded his head.

Sarutobi was stunned. It was not a bad plan at all. Kumo and Konoha would become allies, they would give up their two-tailed jinchuriki, and in exchange, the branch members, all with caged bird seals, so their secrets would be protected, would form a clan in Kumo. They would also receive the bounty for the missing Nin and probably more if the talks continued.

"I will think of this decision, for now, we have a luxurious hotel room for your stay as we think about this proposal, but as you have stated, since Yugito is now the ambassador for Kumo and Konoha, I think it is only fear she stays with one of the prominent clans in Konoha. I was thinking of…"

Suddenly a voice called out.

"I shall take care of young Yugito Hokaga-sama,"

Red hair flowed in the wind, ANBU mask on her face of a fox, ANBU gear on her person and a maroon, nearly black, cape flowing in the wind as this person stood on the window seal. Removing her mask, the recognition flowed in the eyes of A, Yugito, and Killer Bee as there in the flesh (or so they thought) was Uzumaki Kushina.

It seemed the Uzumaki clan was back from vacation.

Mikoto smiled at the fact that Kushina was back in Konoha from her 'vacation.' If there was any time she would be in need of a friend, now was that time.

Yugito bowed down to the floor, it would be an honor to be under the care of one of the strongest Kunoichi in Konoha next to Tsunade, Tsume Inuzuka, Anko Mitarashi, Mikoto Uchiha, Kurenai Yuhi and the late Mito Uzumaki.

"Then it is decided. Please enjoy your stay in Konoha," Hiruzen said.

(Hyperbolical time chamber)

The locks clicked silently before the sound became louder. The door clicked open and a huge billow of smoke flowed out of the room as three figures emerged. Out came Sasori Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki and Naruto Uzumaki, stronger then they had entered, none more than Naruto Uzumaki, who was extremely silent as he contemplated the current events.

"So, Hinata is sealed up, her memories pretty much non-existent, making her basically a Hyuga clan robot. Half of Sasuke's clan has been wiped out in an accident that involved water being poisoned through a leak of their gas, making the clan move further into Konoha, in fact not too far from us now, and Mikoto is the clan head as Fukagu was found dead apparently chasing after the delegates from Kumo, who were in fact missing Nin?" asked Naruto.

"Yes. That and we will be having a new possible clan member staying in this house, as such, I want you to treat her with the utmost respect as she is older than you," Said Kushina.

"Understood," Naruto replied, making Kushina smile. The training for young Naruto was extremely beneficial, as he had abandoned his childish ways and fully embraced the Shinobi ways, making his own nindo to never give up and fight for all that is right, unknowingly following the Uzumaki clan creed.

"Good. One more thing, in about a month, the Kazekage herself and her family will be coming to get their jinchuriki's seal checked out. Sasori will be returning with them. I want you to build good relations with the clan head and her family, especially the jinchuriki. Reports state that the children in Suna do not interact much with the Su Baku, as such their jinchuriki has starved for attention other than from the family," Kushina stated.

Naruto nodded.

"Can I go lay down now? I am tired," Naruto asked, making Sasori and Kushina sweat drop.

"Fine, go on brat," Kushina said, letting Naruto make his way to his room, that he had not been in for four years.

Naruto made it to his room and instantly collapsed into the bed, hoping the area was not dusty.

After a few minutes of feeling the comfort of being back on his bed, Naruto sat up and sat Indian position; he had to take care of some business and configurate his thoughts.


Naruto's mind was rather simple. It was all white and had ten doors; four on one side. One directly in front of you and four on the other. The door behind you was the door you exited and entered. Each door was marked as following:

Childhood Memories

Life Lessons

Thoughts and Ideas

Educational Facts

The middle door however, directly across from Naruto was not open. Simply, because he had no way of getting it to open. No doorknob. In fact, whenever he came close to it, an invisible force would deny him from walking any further. He was sure that when the time came he would be able to enter but for now, he was here for a specific reason.

On the other side was the door he needed. The other three were simple.

Megumi's room

Mental training facility

PDMI Room (Puberty Development and Maturation Infrastructure)

Chakra Room

Making his way into Megumi's room, Naruto sighed as he seen the girl laying on her bed. Her room was pretty simple as it was basically red everything. The floor was red carpet, the bed was a queen size with red bed sheets and a bunch of pillows and two doors on the right of the room with a bathroom and closet ( which Naruto had no idea what for as she was able to form anything she wanted).


Said person groaned and got up, her long red hair flowing before setting her grey eyes on Naruto. She, like Naruto, had also grown up as she currently had a lavender shirt on with a black skirt, which was moderate and went up to her knees. In the real world, she was no longer a dagger but a Wazakashi with a maroon handle. This had the effect of making Naruto come to love the shade of Maroon, though he would never ever tell that to Megumi.

"What now?"

"You already know what I am going to ask so let's get this done already, how should I deal with this new information.

Megumi was silent before shaking her head at Naruto.

"You don't," Said Megumi as she smiled at Naruto.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. How would he not do anything about?

"It's rather simple. You do not know what to expect yet, so just see how things are and then go about it once you understand what needs to be done," Said Megumi as she shook her head at Naruto.

Naruto nodded his head. He would gain information from the sources on his own, and then he would decide his next step from there.

"That would make sense. Now, what should I do about my training with you?"

Megumi smirked.

"You already know how complicated this whole process is. As I told you already, I am not the sword itself; I am simply your guide. You will have to bond with your sword, which you already have. So far you have, by accident, gained your Shikai in that battle you had against Kushina and Sasori, where you almost died. But achieving Bankai will take many years of practice. If I was to guess, maybe when you reach sixteen you will be able to begin training. For now, just practice with your partial release. Other than that, I personally would leave it alone.

What Megumi was referring to, was a training session in his Kenjutsu that had gotten a bit too hectic. Kushina and Sasori wanted to see what Naruto's limit was. As such, Kushina engaged him with the intent to kill and Sasori with about five puppets whenever she needed to defend, to keep him on his toes and give her time to recover before coming in.

It was the first time Naruto got access to one of his sword abilities:

Kushina struck with more fervor as Naruto blocked with his dagger, this was insane! He was covered in cuts and holes in his clothing as the two siblings constantly put pressure on him.

Kushina feinted before kicking him in the chest and sending him in the air, to which he spun and deflected Senbon being launched from one of Sasori's puppets, landing in a crouch, Naruto rolled to the side before receiving a kick to his chin, making him spin in the air before crashing onto the unforgiving floor.

Struggling to stand, Naruto gasped as Kushina spun through hand seals.

One handed seals

On both hands

"Ice Release: Dragon's Beam!,"

An ice dragon with red eyes formed out of thin air and a beam of Ice came flying at Naruto, who already was flying through hand seals.

"Fire Release: Lava Wall!"

The attack canceled out as the fire melted the ice, Kushina suddenly dashing backwards as Naruto smashed down with a powerful heel kick on the spot she occupied a few seconds ago, putting weight on his right hand, Naruto pushed off the ground and sent two kicks to Kushina, who dodged, before Naruto landed and sent right roundhouse kicks and straight kicks to the blocking Kushina, who caught a right kick to the ribs but held onto Naruto's leg with chakra before lifting him off the ground and sending him flying at Sasori, who's puppets struck Naruto on his back with senbons before one of them volley ball spiked Naruto onto the ground.

Crashing onto the ground, Naruto coughed off a glob of blood, then groaned again as he seen Kushina charging up another two elemental jutsu, but then balked as he could not move, the senbon's must be poisoning him.

Kushina stopped on a rat seal.

"Water release: Electric Tsunami Drop!"

Naruto would then receive another shock as another voice was heard, this time by his uncle, who he had no idea, used jutsu!

"Rock release: Hand of the Earth!"

On one side, a huge hand made entirely of earth, picked off of the grounds, the spot already shaping back as if the ground didn't just shift into a hand, before coming down to smash upon Naruto.

On the other side, A huge wall of water, that was filled with electricity appeared out of Kushina's mouth before heading towards the immobile Naruto, who surprisingly, was low on chakra as he had been deflecting attacks with different Chakra elemental counters, pushing chakra through his limbs and constant body replacement techniques for the past THREE HOURS! Going through a million different ways to get out of this situation, Naruto closed his eyes as he realized he was not going to get out of this one.

He would die.

Then, time stopped. Literally.

The sound of clapping was heard. Naruto opened his eyes to find he was currently in a place with literal orange skies and dark blue clouds. It was where he was that held surprise.

He was literally on an island with flowing blue water that went on for days. The grassland was normal, green grass and palm trees, and even a boat was seen not too far from the sand he was currently on.

In the sky was a black sun that seemed to be moving a bit too fast, looking to the other side was a red moon, which was also moving too fast.

"It seems finally you have been in enough despair for us to meet," Said a voice, a feminine voice.

Naruto turned around to see a really beautiful woman. She had black flowing hair and red eyes, making Naruto wonder if it was that Chunin he had seen not too long ago, but he soon realized, as beautiful as that lady was, she had nothing on the one in front of him. She had an hour glass figure, but she simply wore a flowing black dress that went down to her ankles. She had no shoes on and on her wrist were gold bracelets. Behind her was a huge pyramid that was also red.

"Where am I?" Asked Naruto. His first question.

"You are currently in your inner world," Said the lady, her voice echoing through the room, and laying a smoothing foundation upon Naruto. Even her voice was beautiful.

Naruto thought for a while, before realizing that this must be his Zanpakuto.

"Are you…"

The lady smile and nodded.

"I am your Zanpakuto. But time is short; you will have to use my power to get out of the predicament. But first you need to hear my name. It is…"

Naruto face palmed as she continued her sentence after pausing.

"Not going to be told to you unless you answer my question,"

Naruto sighed and stood up.

"What is your question?"

The lady smirked.

"What do you want my power for? To just survive to see another day, or to take over the entire nation?" Said the lady.

Naruto was silent for all of ten seconds before answering.

"Neither, I want to fight for all that is right, and justice. I will never give up, Even if you decide not to give me your name and power, I will leave and find out a way to get out of my predicament .I will win!"

The lady said nothing, but if anything, her smile got bigger.

"Correct answer Naruto. You have passed my first test. You may know my name. It is…"

Naruto's eyes widened at the recently attained knowledge as he heard the name and seen her lips move, the information and techniques of what he had to do coming into his mind.

Nodding slowly. Naruto closed his eyes and willed himself back to the world.

(Real world)

As the wave and hand of earth came closer to where Naruto was currently, the blonde opened up his eyes and whispered a few words before he began to glow.

A bright flash was seen that made even the water stall before weakening in its strength. There was a completely different Naruto. Outfitted in a black Shinigami outfit, complete with a unique coat that had maroon trim throughout the outside of the coat. His dagger had also morphed into a forty- three inch sword with the blade being twenty- seven. The scabbard and handle was made of cotton cloth, to which Naruto shrugged off the cloth with a mere flick of his wrist. The hilt was made of what looked to be a multi sided diamond and was made of gold. Looking up, Kushina backed up as a harsh but invisible pressure hit her, making her almost lose grip of her sword as she looked into the sharp, icy eyes of Naruto…

Before he blurred away, only to end up behind her as she blocked the strike. His speed had increased drastically as a cut was seen appearing on her right side.

Disappearing again, Kushina was confused as after images were seen coming in and out of view before Naruto. Finally, she blocked the attack, yet still felt slashes upon her back, Backing up to get reorganized, her confusion turned into shock as Naruto's energy seemed to form yet again, before he turned to Sasori and held his index finger out.

"Byakurai(Pale Lightning),"

A shock of lightening went through Sasori, who had no time to defend, paralyzing him from the usage of his puppets. The shock at the speed of the attack, and the attack itself, as they had not thought Naruto about such an attack, had caught the S-Class nin off guard, though it would not happen again as he would never underestimate Naruto for the duration of the training.

Naruto rushed Kushina, and a deadly duel of sword blocks, slashes and strikes were engaged for the next five minutes before Kushina got caught with a feint slash only to get her sword kicked out of her hand and a sword to her neck, drawing blood.

The seriously focused Naruto suddenly smiled and his sword morphed back into the dagger and his clothing returned into the body suit as he slowly fell into his mother's arm.

"Finally made you…bleed," Naruto said as he faded off into unconsciousness.

Naruto nodded. He would have to meditate and train with his sword to reach that state.

But still, who would have known that the name of his sword was such an interesting name.

A sound was heard, which made Naruto realized the guest must have arrived and Kushina was calling for him.

"Until next time Megumi," said Naruto as he made his way out of her room.

Megumi said nothing before sighing.

"You didn't have to hide from him you know," She said to apparently no one before the person came into view.

"True, but he still has a few trials he needs to endure before seeing me, If he seen me now, too many questions would be asked." Said a male voice.

Megumi sighed before laying back down.

"Whatever you say,"

(Outside World- Senju/Uzumaki clan house)

Naruto left his room, changing into black slacks and a maroon shirt, his hair all over his face as he decided he did not want to tame it, his mother said he looked like a young Minato anyway, so he preferred it that way, though he did put some red dye in it to make him look more of an Uzumaki.

He had grown a bit more, from the intense training and healthy diet he was force to endure. He was the peak of a healthy eight year old boy. But that was besides the point, time to get this over with.

Making his way to the stair case, Naruto decided to be a bit flashy to show off his new attained training. Jumping down the steps, while flipping twice in the air, Naruto landed on his two feet and flipped his hair up and smirked.

" I'm here Kaaaaaaaa….." Naruto's face turned instantly red as the Hokage, The Sannin, The Raikage of Kumo, his guards, and the Jinchuuriki of the eight-tails and two tails, Kushina and Sasori, who looked at him with various faces of amusement, confusion and mirth.

"Nice of you to join us, Naruto. I'd like to introduce you to the Raikage and his brother, Kirabi, and Yugito, who will be staying with us for the foreseeable future.

Naruto laid eyes on Yugito and instantly the room disappeared because all he could she was her.

Long straight blonde hair, dark eyes, she had on Kumo gear, her headband proudly on her forehead. Purple blouse, Black pants and ninja shoes with a red belt around her waist, kunai holster on her right thigh, purple fingerless gloves, white beads around her left hand and an expression of emotionless, but in her eyes he could see she was full of wonder at who he was, and a hint of attraction, which was all Naruto needed to make her his.

Jiraiya slowly smirked at the expression on Naruto's face as he went from shocked to emotionless, and then his eyes and whole stance changed as he stood up, instantly he shifted into true Shinobi ready to move like a well-coiled spring and graceful in his movements as he, in what seemed like three steps, crossed the huge dining room to wear Yugito was seated. Bowing down on one knee, Naruto took up her right hand and laid a small kiss on it, making her show an emotion of surprise as her eyebrow rose.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Yugito-Chan, I hope me and you can become great friends in the foreseeable future and I will be your guide for Konoha and hopefully more, call me Naruto," the boy said smoothly, and if you could hear, a Genjutsu was created with smooth sounding jazz playing in the back ground as Naruto's tunnel visioned eyes peered deep into Yugito's eyes, giving her a feeling of a… fox hunting it's prey?

A slowly smirked. The boy was good. He was respectful and knew how to comfort people. Not to mention, he knew how to make an entrance. Not a wasted movement in his landing and jump.

Blushing a bit, Yugito simply nodded, as words escaped her. She never had to deal with this too much as most of the children around her age knew of her status and were afraid to even try to step to her, but this boy, about seven years younger than her, was unafraid to touch her, look her in the eye, and welcome her.

Maybe Konoha would not be so bad.

Kushina growled and grabbed Naruto by the ear.

"When I said make her feel welcome, I did not mean to seduce her, this is just as bad as when you met Anko.

Naruto's eyes became glossy as he remembered meeting Anko, his future first wife if he had any say in it:

Seven year old Naruto was preparing for the next part of his training, he was to be doing his sixth month doing poison and detection, Sasori had to step out to take care of some Suna issue so he left tons of notes for him to study with, thank Kami his uncle was extremely thorough in his explanations as he understood everything perfectly.

But now was time to meet with his next training partner.

"Ok, Naruto. This is Orochimaru and one of his students, Anko.

Naruto looked up from his book with a bored look in his eyes before they shifted into the same tunnel vision Jiraiya had taught him about.

Her hair. Was wrapped up like a pineapple, but it was the shade of purple and her brown eyes that had him mesmerized. Her outfit was simple. Long tan trench coat over a Black long-sleeved shirt with a tan skirt and fishnet stockings with Combat boots, Kunai holster on her left thigh and a chain with a snake on her neck. She was in perfect shape as for a Kunoichi and looked to be about seventeen years of age.

Naruto wasted no time putting his book aside and standing at attention, focus solely on her.

'I have found my first wife.' Was Naruto's thoughts.

Anko knew that look, poor boy would be broken when she began torturing him…wait… TRAINING, him in the usage of poison, though if she had to say so, he looked really cute, but was just too young for her taste. But she was sure he'd be a looker when he got older.

She had no idea that Naruto. NEVER. Gave up.

Orochimaru simply chuckled. The boy was staring at her like a fox during a hunt. But you couldn't' tell unless you were looking into his eyes, which meant Jiraiya probably trained the boy in espionage and the etiquette of a proper Shinobi. Which was superb.

But the training must begin.

"Marry me," Blurted out Naruto, making Orochimaru tilt his head to the side, Kushina's mouth open and Anko to look at the boy in shock.

Not because of JUST his declaration, when did he get her hand and where did the ring on her finger come from?

Kushina sighed. She was going to kill Jiraiya.

Naruto shook his head and looked at his mother.

"This is different."

Naruto then sat directly next to Yugito, and the two made small talk into the night.

The next day would be back to business for the Uzumaki clan house, and it was sure to be an amazing first day of school and Kunoichi work respectively.

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