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Today was here.

The day of assignments.

The day he learned who would be on his squad of awesomeness.

If he could get Sasuke and Hinata that would be cool.

That or Ino, maybe Sakura, but he kind of felt like those two would probably have to take remedial courses due to the first week of school.

Remedial courses were a measure created to rid the new Genin of their 'tendencies' basically a way to turn fan-girls into strong Shinobi or convince them that the world of a Kunoichi was not for them. It was also for fan-boys, but that was a rare occurrence, one not seen since Anko was in school, but they neve had the rule so it did not matter.

Getting his outfit together, which consisted of navy blue cargo shorts, ninja shoes and a orange t-shirt, with his hitai-ate on his arm, Naruto made his way outside. Ready to get the day started.

Arriving at the gate, he turned to the right to see Sasuke leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. The boy had changed his outfit as well. Wearing Black cargo pants with a red shirt, his Uchiha clan fan on the front in a big logo, and his hitai-ate on his forehead, his hands to his arm were covered in black bandages and on his feet were a pair of black combat boots.

Greeting each other with a pound, the two made their way to the academy for the final day, ready to get their day started.

(The Academy)

The class was an awkward silence as they awaited the announcement of who was on their teams. This was a very weird moment as the group had no idea how they did anything anymore. Their was no such thing as dead-last. Everyone was a powerful Shinobi or Kunoichi in their own right. As it was, the mystry surrounding the groups was astounding.

Putting his feet up, Naruto relaxed, knowing whoever was on his team, they would take over and destroy. Simply because he was on it.

After a while, Iruka came into the classroom, ready to begin the day.

"Alright, I will spare you all the normal 'I am proud of you,' talk, as I know you are nervous and apprehensive about the future. Do not worry though, just know that whatever team you are on, you are on it for the right reasons," Stated Iruka as he began announcing the teams and the Sensei.

Finally he had arrived on the one's people were waiting for.

"Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Temporary teammate: Yugito Nii, Sensei: Kakashi Hatake ,"

"Team 8: Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Sensei: Kurenai Yuhi,"

"Team 10: Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi, Temporary teammate: Kin Tsuchi, Sensei: Asuma Sarutobi,"

Naruto nodded his head, expecting much. It seemed Ino and Sakura would be spending a couple months in remedial classes. With what he had heard, Mitarashi Anko would be the teacher for fan-girls.

Mitarashi Anko was his wife, so he would have to make sure that she took care of his girlfriend and flirt buddy.

Naruto got up as they broke for lunch for an hour before returning to get picked up by their sensei, in Naruto's case, it was running on K.H time ( Kakashi Hatake) meaning he would show up at three to be picked up.

He had a snake to find.

(Forest of Death)

Naruto whistled as he made his way through the Forest of Death. He had come here many times with Sasuke to train and get acquainted with the forest. The spiders seemed to enjoy when him and Sasuke came though, as did the tigers, the bears and the insects, as they never ceased to entertain with their fighting and arguing.

But they mostly enjoyed the boy's pathetic attempts at courting the Queen of this Forest.

Walking around a huge trapped filled with spikes, stepping on a trap that sent arrows flying at his head, which each missed with each step he took, chakra walking over swamp waters filled with crocodiles, stepping on one on the way to the other side, and walking through a huge net, his wind chakra cutting through it, and imprint left behind, Naruto stepped on a leaf that was a switch, making a snake rise out of the ground, Naruto walked through the mouth that opened. The minute the mouth closed, all the traps going back to their original spots.

Entering a clearing with one small light glare from the sun, a voice sounded off.

"Who dares enter upon my lair?" Said a voice that echoed throughout the room.

"Hi," Said Naruto calmly.

The room grew silent before a sigh escaped.

"What do you want now Naruto?" asked the woman's voice.

"Well, my friends have been put in remedial class, and I heard that you are taking care of that, just wanted to put in a special request," Said Naruto with his hands in his pockets,

"Why should I even listen to this request?" Asked the voice, as it echoed throughout the room.

"Well, how does a stop by the Dango spot everyday and getting you all you can eat for the entire month sounds?" Said Naruto with a smirk.

"Sounds like something you did when you asked me to teach you how to do the mud clone,"

Naruto nodded.

"But that was because Orochimaru wouldn't teach me how to do that one after he taught me the earth clone. Ok, I'll even add Sake and I'll let up on the marriage request for a whole two months," Said Naruto.

It was silent for a couple of minutes before finally an answer was given.


Naruto smiled. He never said when he would begin to stop asking.

"Thanks Anko-hime, I love you!"

"I taught I told you already that you are too young for me boy," Said Anko as she finally landed in front of him. She wore standard Ninja shoes with shin guards and a orange skirt with a fishnet shit, a black bra covering her assets. Over that she had a huge trench coat and a hitai-ate on her forehead, her hair was styled like as pineapple and her face was annoyed as she stood in front of the smiling Naruto.

"I don't care if you are Tsunade's age Anko. I am going to be your boyfriend first. Then after a year of dating, I am going to marry you, deny it all you want, but I feel that in the bottom of my soul. It is why I am saving myself for you. It is why I have a room with your name on the door and it is why I have a ring being made all the way in Winter Country with your name on it," Said Naruto confidently. He decided not to tell her that only one of those things were true, but she probably knew that as well.

Anko sighed. The boy was going to be the death of her. Looking at the hitai-ate on his arm, she stopped her natural response.

Her mind went t two hundred miles per hour.

This was Naruto Uzumaki. The holder of the Zanpakuto that held the Kyuubi itself. The sword would not be held by anyone else for eternity. Until he died to be exact. With his death, the Kyuubi would not die, it would merely fade away, only to be summoned again, but that was most likely not going to happen. This was also the son of one of her role models, Kushina Uzumaki and her old crushes, minato Namikaze. That man was extremely handsome. If he had been alive for a few more years…

So when she looked at Naruto again, her face went from annoyance…to contemplation… to glee.

"Naruto… is that a hitai-ate on your arm?" asked Anko sweetely.

"Why yes, it is… why do you ask?" replied Naruto, a chill going up his spine as suddenly that one glow from the sun slowly began to close as Anko's eyes coincidentally began to grow.

"I think it is time I give you a little graduation gift, come here my sweet," whispered Anko as she slowly stalked towards Naruto.

"Uhm, well, see… the thing is I... wait Anko that's my arm, that's my chest, that's my neck… not there… please… no… no…NOOOOOOOO!"

His screams were all for naught as the lair was sound proof. After all, it was the tower of the Forest of the Death.

In the middle of the forest, who could hear his screams?

(Two hours later)

A hand was seen climbing out of the dirt. That hand landed onto the ground and another hand emerged. Slowly pulling itself up, Naruto came out, his body bloody and dirty yet a bright purple kiss mark was on his forehead. Making him smile as he made his way back to the academy.

"I love my wife already," he said in a trance as he stalked back to the academy, making the civilians and ninja alike sweat drop as he said the same phrase over and over.

( Academy)

Sasuke and Naruto sat back on the opposite side of the class room throwing kunai at one another to pass the time.

Random sounds of 'ouch,' and 'mark,' going on for about fifteen minutes, this was the sound Yugito had come into the room to.

"Uhm, are you two really throwing kunai at one another?" Asked Yugito plainly. Yugito had remained a Genin for the past couple of years as her team had went to the Chunin exams and passed, but she had been unable to make the first one. The second one was a fluke as she showed the potential, but did not have enough experience. The third one, experience but her teammates had gotten them to fail one part of the exam, one she needed both to pass in order to proceed. This would be her year however; she refused to let these two surpass her as a Genin no matter what.

Naruto said nothing as he caught the Kunai. Merely tossing it to her, to which she caught and tossed to Sasuke. Finding her seat, she said nothing but allowed the kunai tossing to continue.

This was the scene Kakashi came to a few minutes after Yugito came in. Sasuke had not stayed either, heading home to take a nap, wake up, took another nap, with one bed, one pillow, by himself, and no body wrote him.

Sasuke scratched his head in thought at where he had thought that last part.

"Kakashi-san, if you mind, we would like to just skip all the stupid formality and get down to the body bags," Said Naruto.

"Body bags?" Asked Kakashi.

"The part where we get to assassinate people and put them in a body bag," clarified Sasuke.

"Drug Kingpins…" said Yugito.

"Bodybag," Said Sasuke.

"Illegal drug traffickers," Said Naruto.

"Bodybag," said Sasuke.

"Missing Nins,"

"Put their body bag in a body bag," Said Sasuke.

"And of course those who abandon their teammates in a mission, thinking it more important to take care of the mission than their teammate," Said Kakashi.

"Bodybag," Said Sasuke.

"Burn it," Said Naruto.

"Piss on it," Said Sasuke.

"Burn it again," said Yugito darkly.

"Piss on it,"Said Sasuke.

"Burn it again," Said Naruto.

"Then bury them," finished Yugito.

Kakashi said nothing. Merely nodding his head to times.

"Well, you pass the teamwork part of the Genin squad well enough, I suppose we can have some fun training before doing some mandatory teamwork formation training, learn each other's affinities, weaknesses, strengths and then we can get out first C-rank assassination going," Said Kakashi as he left. His Genin team soon following.

(Training ground 7)

The group was seen standing there ready for the next assignment.

"We will be sparring today. First up, Naruto and Sasuke," Said Kakashi as he sat down and opened up his Icha Icha book.

Naruto smirked as he bit his finger and wiped his finger over a tattoo on his arm. Instantly smoke appeared and a sword with it's sheathe was in his hand. Naruto took his katana out of it's sheathe and held it up in the air before giving a few swings to test it. Sasuke simply pulled out two kunai and held them in reverse grip. Naruto finally held it with both hands in front of him and nodded before rushing at Sasuke.

Sparks flew as their weapons met. Sasuke could see that this katana was sharper than most as after the second time the weapons met, his kunai cracked from the pressure. Sasuke stepped back and tossed shuriken at Naruto, who rotated his katana like a helicopter and deflected them all.

What happened next shocked the group.

The tip of the katana morphed into the face of a white haired fox with red eyes and a scowl on its face.

"You know that hurts you baka!"

"Oh shut up and get back in your form, every time you hit something you complain it hurts, what kind of Demon are you if you whimper from pain?" grumbled Naruto as they stopped to argue with one another.


"Oh? Well then you little fluffy fox, bring it," Naruto tossed his katana towards a tree, before it hit it morphed into a Red haired female with red eyes wearing navy blue spandex shorts that stopped at her knees with black ninja sandals and a white shirt reveling a bit of bust.

The girl pushed off the tree and swung at his head with a right hook. Naruto grabbed the arm and sent a left knee to her stomach, which connected, but not before receiving a punch to the face. The two grappled on the floor, biting, scratching and clawing at each other in a manner unbecoming of a Shinobi.

Finally Naruto was sprawled out with Kyuubi straddling him on both sides and about to drop a huge spit bubble on his face.

"I yield! I yield! I…. I'LL KILL YOU!" Naruto flipped his legs up and caught the Kyuubi by the neck with it before pulling her down and getting on top of her. He then licked the side of her face and got off of her with a laugh as she tried to get the saliva off of her.

"I hate you so much…" mumbled Kyuubi as she wiped the saliva off of her. It was then that the two noticed that the entire training ground was silent. Naruto and Kyuubi looked to see a pale Kakashi, with his book dropped, a blushing Sasuke, and a red in the face, growling and killer intent leaking Yugito.

Naruto simply scratched his face.

"Oh, this is Megumi. Or the Kyuubi, it is pretty weird to explain to be honest," Said Naruto as Megumi simply sighed and shook her head.

"I am not the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi is gone. All that is left is it's chakra. I am a mere guardian and guide of the chakra. I know how much to give Naruto and how much he needs. Throughout his life I have been slowly filtering chakra into his system to get him used to the feel and overall content. He is getting the purified version. However, he still has years to attain full mastery over the chakra of the Kyuubi, let alone the sword itself," Said Megumi.

Kakashi nodded, knowing some but now that he knew about who this person was, it made sense. As crazy as the entire thing seemed.

Naruto got up and rushed full speed before catching Sasuke off guard as he uppercut him into the air with both arms before kicking him with both legs. Pushing off of the floor, he grabbed Sasuke by the face and slammed him into the ground.

"I win," Said Naruto with a smirk on his face.

Before a huge blast of fire sent him flying into the floor as the Sasuke he was holding exploded.

Sasuke came from out of the trees he was hiding in, knowing Naruto would do something foolish like attack him when he was unfocused.

"You win a face full of grass," Said Sasuke with a cocky grin.

Naruto rolled into the ground trying to get the fire out of his clothing as Megumi stood by and watch, Kakashi picking up his book and putting it into his pouch and Yugito sending a small water jutsu to douse the flames.

"This is my team. A Pyro, a Jinchuuriki and a insanely strong Genin, and all three are holding back their tue strength. Not to mention the real teammate is the newest apprentice to Anko Mitarashi and Tsunade. Meaning she'll come back breaking boulders and poisoning her teammates. Just great," said Kakashi as he made his way to Naruto, who was still on fire.

"Walk it off Naruto… just walk it off,"

( Three hours later - Uzumaki Residence)

Naruto sighed as Tenten laughed herself to the floor as she heard of the spar between him and Sasuke.

"Not funny," Said Naruto as Tenten kept laughing at him, finally getting off of the floor and patting him on the head.

"Sorry, you just don't seem like the type to get caught off guard like that," Said Tenten.

Naruto blushed. He was allowed to have off days, this was one of them.

Tenten dropped by from her team training on most days, the two would end up hanging out and working on new things with weapons, Tenten idolized Naruto's sword and almost every day tried to get him to show it to her. She had even met Megumi on numerous occasions and would talk about weapon cleaning and make up and whatever else vicious girls spoke about.

" Yeah, yeah, I am alive and my hair did not get caught. That is all that matters," Said Naruto calmly.

Tenten sat back down on his bed and giggled again.

"Remind me not to put any explosive notes by you. You might catch on fire from that too," Said Tenten with mirth in her tone.

Naruto blank stared her before growling, tackling Tenten, he began flicking her in the forehead, rolling around his king sized bed giving Tenten pain with each flick. Tenten pinched Naruto in thew arm, making him yelp and get off of her, pinching her back in the arm, Tenten retailiated by pinching his pecs, making him reach for her breast but stopping as he knew he couldn't do that, making Tenten do it again with both hands.

"Name five ramen flavors," She said fast, huge and evil grin on her face.

"Uhh, uhh, OWW, Miso, uhh, Chicken, uhh, uhh, Beef, uhm, Vegetarian, OUCH, ok, ok,ok, Shrimp, let go!
Said Naruto fast in pain as Tenten did and yelp as Naruto grabbed her and pinned her down before biting her in the neck, giving her a hickey. Tenten struggled under his grasps and got him on his back before trying to pinch him again, making Naruto move faster and get her on her back again, biting on her cheek, Tenten retaliated by biting him on his cheek, Naruto and her breathing hard finally made eye contact and emotion ran rampart as they froze up.

"Naruto…" said Tenten after looking dead in his eyes.

Naruto said nothing. Merely staring at her brown eyes.

"Yes…" he said after a while.

"Don't…" She whispered, still breathing hard, but not in exhaustion.

Naruto slowly moved his face until they were centimeters apart.

"I going to do it, out of revenge," Said Naruto before putting his finger in his mouth and digging it in her nose.

"Wet Willy," He giggled. Tenten growled in disgust as she got his spit out of her nose.

"You always do it, why don't you listen, it is so nasty," Said Tenten.

"What are you going to do about it though?" Said Naruto as he got off of her and pointed at her while dancing.

"Nothing, nothing, you not doing nothing, Tenten is a Nin but what's a Nin to Hokage," mocked Naruto before Tenten sent a pillow to his face, shutting him up.

"Shut up," She said as she wiped her nose. She kind of wanted Naruto to do something else, but for some weird reason she said 'don't.'

Naruto meanwhile picked up the pillow and laid down, Tenten soon lying next to him with her facing him. They would do this often. Tenten being such good friends with Naruto since she was young would sometimes stay at his house and sleep at his house, when it was a storm outside one time; she had come to his room and slept there. He didn't seem to mind at all, which is what made Tenten smile when it came to him. He was such an understanding person and a good friend that genuinely cared.

"I heard about what you did to Neji. I don't know why you did that Naruto, but… thanks," Said Tenten honestly.

Naruto faced her as well on the bed.

"You know it was nothing big. I would do it again if I got the chance to. You're my friend, and anyone who puts down my friend, puts me down," Naruto said with a smirk.

Tenten nodded. This was by far her best friend out of everyone in the village.

A boy.

Her friend.

Boy friend.

Tenten bit her lip, looking at Naruto longer than she usually did, seeing him in a different light.

Wordlessly, she pecked Naruto on the cheek.

Naruto simply raised an eyebrow before doing nothing.

Tenten felt a tingle in the pit of her stomach the minute her lips came into contact with her skin. She found she liked the feeling of his skin. Doing it to his nose, the feeling came back stronger. Slowly inching her body to Naruto's face, she pecked him in the lips, feeling the spark happen for longer as she left her lips on him.

Naruto did nothing. He was too shocked to do anything. His best friend just kissed him.

'Well… if she's kissing you, what's to say you can't kiss her back?'

'what about…Anko…and Ino… and…'

'So? What they don't know won't hurt them. Besides, you and Ino aren't in a real relationship and Anko is a grown woman, who no doubt has friendships with other men. Meaning, go for it!'

Naruto kissed Tenten back, feeling a comforting emotion as well. Utter bliss, the two smooched some more, deepening the next one further as they got more into it. moving her on top of him, Naruto began putting more feeling into it as they began touching one another in the midst of it all, lost in each other.

Slowly reaching for her shirt to raise it up, the door opened.

Naruto and Tenten froze and removed each other's lips from each other as Kushina came in with a shocked expression.

Naruto's hands made matters worse as they were positioned on Tenten's rear.

"Tenten," said Naruto with his mouth still open,

"Yes?" she asked. Mouth equally open.

"Don't forget me…" Said Naruto as he did a Kawarimi with a log and jumped out the window, breaking the glass and landing on the floor before rolling onto his feet and running for his life outside.

It took all of five seconds for the verbal bomb to go off.


Like a demon possessed, Kushina broke down the entire wall and ran after him, her hair flying in the air as she chased after him.

It would not be until the morning time that Naruto would wake up in a hospital hooked up to an Iv.

That was the first time he had to heal naturally as his mother had beat him to the point of his natural healing factor being a non-factor.

( One Month Later)

Team 7 was seen standing in the Hokage's mission room awaiting their next mission.

Naruto had had enough with all the formational work and the group had been performing flawlessly with it. It was time to up the ante.

"Hey! Ji-Ji, when are you going to get us a C-rank mission! I am tired of these teamwork drills!" said Naruto in a loud voice, to which he got a glare from Yugito.

"Show some respect." She hissed.

Naruto smirked before bowing before her.

"Of course Neko-hime," He said in a soothing voice. Yugito blushed before stuttering.

"C-cut it out," She mumbled. She was a bit mad at hearing about what happened between him and Tenten if she was to be honest; she had developed a rather mean crush on the blonde boy. He was charismatic, charming and cunning. The three C's she personally looked for in all her men. If only she knew how he felt for her, it would make things simpler. But as it were, she was just as confused as ever.

'Just like his mother,' Sarutobi mused to himself.

"I do believe the time has come," said Sarutobi with a smile as he looked towards the doors of the room.

"Call in the man!" Sarutobi said in a loud voice.

After a short wait, the doors opened and in came an old man who smelled heavily of sake who looked at the group and snorted.

"These are the people who are guarding me? They all look week. Especially the blue eyed blonde boy," Said the man as he brought up his sake to drink…

To find it in the blonde boy's hands.

"Now… I dare you to say it again," Said Naruto as he quirked his eyebrow and took a swig of the sake in the bottle before turning back to Sarutobi, smirking as he seen the man sputter in embarrassment.

"Your mission is to assassinate Gato of Gato enterprise and escort Tazuna home," Sarutobi said as he handed a scroll to Kakashi, who soon nodded.

"Meet at the gate in thirty minutes; Team Kakashi, Dismissed," Kakashi said as four blurs left the room.

This mission…would be the first of many that would make Naruto a household name.

(Thirty minutes – Konoha Gates)

Naruto showed up and nodded his head at his teammates outfits for the mission.

He was currently wearing black ninja slacks, bandages wrapping his ankle and ending in his black combat boots, with a sleeveless white shirt, showing the many seals on his arms and wrist, making him look like he had many Tattoos. Over that shirt was a huge sleeveless navy blue trench coat with a hood, covering his blonde locks. The jacket also held hidden pockets and seals all over and a huge Uzumaki clan symbol on his back, a standard kunai pouch on his right leg and another pouch for his other weapons on his left waist. His hitai-ate planted on his forehead.

His sword was unsealed today, and was currently was located around his waist at a horizontal angle, providing quick draw as he simply had to put his left hand to his back and the sword handle was there for fights. He had gotten the idea from reading one of his favorite Manga, Bleach, and reading about how Soi Fon carried her sword made him do the same.

Yugito was was wearing navy blue ninja shoes with bandages wrapping her ankles, navy blue ninja slacks, burgundy long sleeve shirt that stopped at her stomach, showing her lean abs, blonde hair was put in one long braid and her eyes ready and serious.

Sasuke had on black shirt with black cargo pants, with red ninja bandages wrapping his ankles into his black combat boots. He also had a black windbreaker with yet again, the Uchiha fan on the left breast pocket . on his back was a standard Konoha backpack. His hands this time had fingerless gloves with metal plates on the knuckles.

The group met up at the gates of Konoha prepared to make the trip to Wave. Even Kakashi showed up on time, wearing standard Konoha Jounin gear, making Naruto sigh as he was hoping to see Kakashi in true warrior gear like he used to wear in ANBU. The group began traveling at an extremely slow rate before Naruto got fed up.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" In a poof of smoke, a medium sized Toad appeared. After some convincing, Tazuna hopped on the back, where a small seat was wrapped around the Toad for convenient traveling. The group headed off to Wave at a faster rate than before.

(One Day Later)

The group arrived safe and sound, though the group had to henge to move away from the bandits that Gato had spread all over the country, making it look like a war was about to happen. They arrived at the house where they were greeted by his daughter, Tsunami (to which Naruto began peppering her hand with kisses, to Yugito's ire), and her son, Inari, who told them they were going to die before leaving the room.

"He reminds me of you Emo-san," Naruto said with a smile as he walked inside further and sat down.

"Shut up," Sasuke said in reply.

The group then decided it was time to gather information.

"Change into some civilian clothing and go out into the village to gather Intel. Naruto and Yugito will be on the Northeast section and me and Sasuke will cover the Southwest. We will meet back here in three hours. Make sure nobody follows you," Said Kakashi. The group got changed into civilian clothing and Naruto's Weapon poofed and changed into a small girl with blonde hair and green eyes.

The group played a couple visiting with their daughter as they walked into the village, Naruto had on a simple white button down with blue jeans and regular getas while Yugito wore a white shirt under a yellow dress with two straps, the length of the dress stopping at her ankle. She decided to let her hair down, to which Naruto smiled and said she looked beautiful, earning a glare and a 'shut up' while inwardly sighing in contentment of having his attention on her. Megumi had on a simple green shirt and white shorts with white sandals.

Yugito held back her blush as Naruto grabbed her hand and the two walked through the village, making small talk with the villagers and listening to snippets of conversation.

From what they gathered, Gato had over two hundred bandits throughout the village and was currently looking for the location of Tazuna, to which the villagers either had no idea where he lived, or feigned ignorance, causing many of the villagers to pay with their lives…or their families being taken away, specifically the woman and daughters. Naruto shook with fury and planned on killing Gato very slow.

All of a sudden, a hand grabbed onto Yugito's arm causing the group to stop.

A bandit with horrible, yellow teeth wearing no shirt and a pair of slacks and a huge katana on his back smiled at her as some people from the village stopped and looked on.

"Hey pretty lady, how would you like to spend some…quality time with me?" said the bandit as he began to invade her privacy.

A hand grabbed his wrist and twisted it, causing him to gasp in pain.

"Thank you for the offer, but I would prefer if you keep your hands off of my wife," Said Naruto in a smooth voice as he began staring the man down. The group of bandits slowly brought their hands to their weapons before Megumi began talking, breaking the near conflict.

"Daddy! Can we go? I want to get out of this village, these men are ugly. Can we go to Kiri yet?" the small sentence took the tension away from the situation.

Naruto smiled while still looking at the bandit.

"Of course dear, we are just passing through. We'll be making our way out of the village. Come honey, let's get away from this swine before more trouble arrives," Naruto said as he and his family made their way through town.

He made it about ten steps before looking at Yugito with a knowing expression.

'We're being followed.'

Yugito nodded in affirmation. The group continued on out of wave before stopping and turning around as about twenty thugs, along with the group from inside, walked up to them before circling them.

"I don't think you understood me. I want your wife, which means I am going to have her," Growled the lead bandit as he stepped forward.

Naruto said nothing before smiling and stepping back, confusing the group.

"You want my wife?" Naruto said before slapping her rear and crossing his arms with a smile on his face.

"Good luck,"

Immediately Yugito threw a hidden kunai into the throat of a bandit in front of her before running to her right and backhanding a bandit across the face, as he was trying to regain composure, using chakra scalpels, she cut his throat and he crumpled to the floor in an array of blood, his face shocked along with the other bandits. She then jumped back as a bandit came down with a katana and swiftly rushed him and in three taps to his abdomen, neck and chest, ran to another bandit as he crumpled with blood pouring out his nose, eyes and ears.

In five minutes, all of the bandits except the initial one who began this whole thing, was still alive. Naruto and Megumi were chatting about something that had both laughing and Yugito had a katana to his neck.

"Now, you have me, it's time for me to have…you!" Yugito let demonic chakra run through her for a few seconds as she disabled him and dragged him into the forest for interrogation.

Three minutes later she came back, blood all over her yellow dress and a content look on her face.

"How was it?" asked Naruto.

"Got everything needed to bring Gato down in one week and have all his money for us and the village," Said Yugito before slapping Naruto in the face, sending him flying into a tree and grabbing him by the neck.

"Don't…you ever… slap my rear like that again or I'll kill you… understood?" said Yugito in a sickly sweet voice with a Genjutsu of death and screaming permitting in the background.

Naruto was silent for a few seconds with a blank look before his eyes became glazed.

"Ooh…so feisty…take me now!" purred Naruto as he begun unbuttoning his shirt. Yugito crashed her fist into his head before walking away, blushing hard as she was actually a little excited at Naruto touching her like that, if it was just her and him then…

She shook her head of that thought and walked away; knowing Naruto was already up and next to her with a serious expression.

"Times up, lets meet with Kakashi and share our information, I'll be sending my clones to impersonate these bandits and bury the dead ones. From there, every night until the sixth day we will be periodically wiping the bandits out and replacing them. Keep this between us. The less people that know, the better," Naruto said as he suddenly grabbed Yugito and placed her up against the tree before staring into her eyes.

"Your thirteenth kill was very sloppy. Your taijutsu had a lot of openings for counter attacks and you were not paying attention to the bandits that ran away, I killed them for you. I give your assault a B minus total. You have work to do. Now let's go," Naruto said as he walked away. Yugito shivered when he got like this, it was scary. His eyes became cold and his face stoic and unreadable. He was so serious and such a leader. She knew he would become something great. She wanted to be there with him. Be there for him. It was then that she finally came to grips with something she tried to deny for the past three years.

She wanted him now more than ever.

(Tazuna's Place)

Naruto sat across from Tsunami. The group went to the bridge for the day to watch over the bridge building. Naruto volunteered to watch over Tsunami and Inari as they were left behind in the house to prepare supper.

Naruto was staring at her for a few minutes before he reached across the table and grabbed her hand.

"You are the essence of beauty… did anyone tell you that?"

Tsunami broke into a small blush.

"Your physique is so appealing. I'm just saying if we were together I would die without you by my side."

Bigger blush.

"I would give everything up to be with you… my life, my soul, my spirit. Just to be blessed with one minute of your touch, your caress, your kiss… your…feel...I want to comfort are a strong woman...let me hold you and give you my strength... can I take you to the moon and stars, showing you true affection? I know I am young, but… maybe you can show me what it is to make love…what do you say my sweet?"

In a flash, the table was tossed aside and Tsunami lunged at Naruto, kissing him with passion and want, and lust in her eyes and movements.

That was the scene that Tazuna, Inari, Yugito, Kakashi and Sasuke walked into.

A series of events occurred.

Yugito growled and flew out the room in anger for reasons unknown (well, actually it was pretty obvious)

Tazuna drank his whole jug of Sake and smashed it over his head, knocking himself unconscious immediately.

Kakashi stood straight in proud admiration of his student.

Sasuke sighed and looked away.

"Always kissing girls and making enemies. What an idiot,"

And Inari?


(One hour later)

After prying Inari off of his mother and Tsunami off of Naruto, said person was seen cooking while a smiling Tsunami leaned back and forth in her seat in obvious bliss.

"Do I even want to know what happened?" asked Sasuke as he sat across from the still giggling and smiling Tsunami as she looked to be in heaven.

"Where did Yugito go?" Kakashi asked all of a sudden.

Naruto sighed.

"She's just playing hard to get, she likes me but thinks that I won't accept her because of who she is, plus she's kind of insecure despite being seventeen and doesn't think I like her back seeing as how I flirt with countless woman. What she needs to understand is that I am the last of my clan and I have two clans to resurrect and need to be single as I can have many women and I fully intend to love them all equally and would love to show her that I indeed do have feelings for her. She's strong, courageous and smart; those are qualities of a strong woman…" Naruto's rambling stopped and his body froze up suddenly as he realized he had been rambling on and the others heard him.

Naruto spun around to find wide eyes from Kakashi and Sasuke.

Tsunami… simply looked hungry, but not for food.

Naruto said nothing for five seconds before an after image of him blurred away, revealing cooked food and a note saying: 'Be Back Later' with a chibi image of a Naruto with his thumbs up.

"Kakashi-san?" asked Tsunami as she looked at the said Jounin.

"When does he turn eighteen?"


The field was littered with damaged and uprooted trees. A sobbing Yugito was in the middle curled up with a cat rubbing at her legs and arm, trying to comfort her.

"I don't get it. Why should I be so mad? Why should he make me feel so emotional? This shouldn't be happening," Yugito whispered to herself. She hated feeling as weak as she did right now. Naruto to her was just a friend, but lately she began seeing him as something more, but it hurt. She felt hurt every time she seen him flirting with a girl, every time she seen him making a girl laugh, smile, every time a girl touched him. She felt her heart break.

Well today it crumbled and she did not know if it would mend.

"Be honest with yourself young one. You feel for this boy. You have affections towards him. Stop fighting yourself and maybe you will see the truth," replied the cat as it became known to be the Nibi, capable of coming out of her seal seeing as she did have abilities in Necromancy and could raise the dead and possess them. She currently had possessed a dead cat found in the village and was making efforts to getting her jailor to be happy.

"I…" Yugito closed her eyes.

Naruto held her in the night. His arms wrapped around her protectively.

"You know… I feel… complete when I'm with you. You are one of my friends that know everything about me. I can trust you with everything. Maybe it's me being naïve… childish… but I can put my complete trust in you… you know that right?...Yugito-hime?"

That's what he told her a year ago when he thought she was asleep. She cried then… but he didn't see it.

"I…" Yugito shuddered.

"As you wish…Yugito-hime,"

"Take me now!"

"Good job, I am proud of you. You are amazing!"

"I like him…I do… oh gosh, I have feelings towards Uzumaki Naruto."

"Now was that so hard to say?" said a voice that made her jump up in shock.

"A Shinobi should always be aware of their surroundings… right?" said Naruto as he came into the field, surveying the damage. He whistled in surprise.

"Wow… you must have been pretty mad at me to do such damage. No?" said Naruto as he stopped across from Yugito.


"Heard it all. Yeah. I have," Naruto said as he took one step closer. Yugito remained in the same spot.

"Do you want the truth Yugito?" Naruto whispered as he stood in front of her. Inwardly Yugito was wondering how he got over here so fast.


"Do you think I feel the same for you?" Naruto asked, his eyes betraying no emotion. Facial expression blank.

"I…I don't know," Yugito replied, putting her head down. She felt so depressed right now… it seemed as if now he would deny her; tell her he sees her as a friend. Deny her. Just like her old village used to do. Turn his back on her and leave her. Like her friends did once they learned of what she was.

"What if I told you that you were one of my first crushes?" said Naruto as he picked her up and hugged her.

Yugito eyes widened and her disbeliefs cracked.

(Midnight, Gato Corporation building)

Three figures stood in front of the gates, in two seconds they were on the other side. Three seconds and two guards had shuriken sticking out of their jugular. They crumpled in a soundless heap. Ten seconds later and all of the guards outside were disposed of.

All twenty.

The ninja each decided that each would take two floors of the six story building. Yugito: lobby, basement. Naruto, second, third floor, Sasuke, last two floors. He was tasked with killing Gato as the whole top floor was his complex and office. He would then retrieve the money and place the necessary equipment to bring the building down. Yugito, free the slaves and place the explosives to destroy the foundations. Naruto, destroy every guard and bandit.

Kakashi sat on the tree directly across from the mansion, earpiece in ear. Icha Icha in hand.

"You have ten minutes. Go,"

The three blurred away.

Kakashi turned to the next page.

"They'll probably be done in eight though," he said to himself


The lobby was silent.

The guards never seen what was about to occur coming.

A small cat came in through the window and meowed, dispelling the conversation. One guard came over to pick it up and throw it out the window.

The guard picked it up, but exploded into nothing seconds later. Yugito would have to pay Naruto some thanks for teaching her the Bunshin Daibakuha(Clone Great Explosion jutsu).

After her cat exploded, Yugito received the memories, including the explosion. After almost losing composure from the grotesque image, she seen how many guards there were and where and sprang.

Kunai to jugular, shuriken between eyes, kunai to heart, shuriken to neck, dodge, stab, jump, kick, throw, slash, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead , dead, dead and breathing.

Naruto then entered and went up the steps; Sasuke deciding to enter through a window on the fourth floor.

Tapping into a little demonic chakra to make her threat level even worse she crouched down to the last guard.

"Where is the basement…?"

(Nine Minutes and Twenty seconds left)


It seemed as if there was only one female on this floor.

Sadly, her shell looked broken, must have been taking advantage of her too much. How long had she been here?

No, do not think about that.

Naruto let his demonic chakra take effect.

Only thing on his mind was to murder.

Was death


Naruto slid his katana out from his sheathe behind him. He then tossed a kunai across the hall as it killed the guard it was aimed at, that was currently about to start another sexual assault on the slave dressed in a French maid outfit.

Blood was now all over her.

Then the kunai poofed and another Naruto was there.

"You are now saved. Come,"

A quick chop to the neck to keep her quiet, and the Naruto clone left down the same steps he came up, Yugito by now would have cleared the room. Naruto decided to get things over with and send a wind powered push throughout the hall, hitting each door before smashing a glass vase.

Immediately, the four doors on both sides opened up and thugs poured out, some dressed, some not, some sweaty which meant one thing.

They had woman in there.

Naruto's eyes went red and chakra nearly exploded off of him.

His katana shone in light.

"Growl for me… Kyuubi,"

The katana glowed in chakra and Naruto smiled.

Naruto ran and with one diagonal upwards slash upwards, a thug was cut in half, another diagonal downwards, and another followed. The blood lust rose with each cut, each decapitation, and each stab.

These thugs, these rapist, these monsters deserved no mercy.

In five minutes, the entire hallway was filled with blood and dead bodies of these thugs.

Ten clones appeared seal less.

"Take the woman outside and bring them home. Be very delicate and if they have no home to go to, bring them to Tazuna," Naruto said in a calm voice as he whipped his sword and the blood came off in a quick spurt.

Naruto then made his way upstairs. A camera watching his every movement.

(Three Minutes ten seconds)


The whole floor was a training room

With pathetic men lifting weights, slashing at training dummies and throwing sloppy punches.

Sasuke wasted no time turning his Sharingan on.

The first thug died as the weights he was bench pressing collapsed on his chest, as he had no arms to support them.

Sasuke then jumped high in the air.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu."

Half of the room was incinerated by the flames. Sasuke dispatched the rest with shuriken and kunai.

Then he made his way upstairs.

Well would have if a kunai hadn't stopped his approach.

Sasuke turned and his eyebrows rose.


(Two Minutes thirty-two seconds)

Top floor.

Was nothing but two bodyguards and the boss stuffing money into a duffel bag.

"Hurry up, they are coming, we must get out of here before they arrive, stuff that money inside. I don't know if my door would hold them off," Said a nervous and sweaty Gato. He did not expect that the ninja he tried to hire would leave him once they learned of the ninja coming to get him. This was unexpected. This was not the plan. Curse the betrayal of that ninja. He would kill him if that strange purple power had not reacted to his thugs and killed them swiftly before they left.

Then the door had a dent. They packed quicker.

Another dent. They picked up the duffels.

The door creaked a bit. They reached the button to turn on the red lasers that would send every projectile known to man. Then the door flew opened and the Shinobi came in.

Two. Their movement was flawless.

Three shuriken. Two killing his body guards and one sticking him to the wall by his shirt.

Both moved in smooth transition. Back flipping, somersaults, cartwheels, flips, dives, hand stands. Not one red laser was touched.

Then a katana came out.

And a head popped out.

It took Gato a few seconds to register it was his.

His last thought was simple.

'They are good.'

Then his body was littered with the same projectiles he bought.

And the duffels he packed were taken by the same two that killed him.

"This is fox and hawk. We have finished out assignment. We have the money, his head and the blueprints, are the slaves evacuated yet? Over,"


"Slaves evacuated, explosives charged. Building ready for detonation. Over," a voice replied.

Naruto nodded before looking at Sasuke.

"Let's go,"

In a shunshin, the room was empty of everything living.

All of this was done in thirty seconds.

(Outside complex)

"Eight minutes, two seconds. I am proud. Mission accomplished. Woman and children have been freed and sent home. Except two. They are at Tazuna's house currently. Let's go," said Kakashi.

The group left in a blur.

Then the explosion happened.

The feel could be felt as far as Kiri with the amount of explosives placed in the house.


The ground shook as the explosion could be felt that far.

Zabuza looked at the sake and then the chuckling Raiga with a straight face.

"Don't ever burp again,"

Kisame sweat dropped.

(Tazuna's residence)

The group entered and spread the money out before taking half and giving the other to Tazuna.

Two hundred… fifty billion Yen.

Tazuna fainted, Tsunami jumped into Naruto's arms and Inari shook in shock.

In a week the bridge was built and thanks to tsunami threatening to kill Tazuna unless he did it.

The Great Naruto Bridge was made.

With a Naruto statue on the other side.


"Good job on the mission. Your pay shall be sent to your houses. Kakashi, stay behind for the Jounin meeting, the rest of you are dismissed.

As the three left the office, mission completed, they bumped into the three they so did not want to see.

Well two members of team 7 did not one to see one of them. And one from this group could not be bothered with any of the members on team 7.

Hinata Hyuga. The Ice Princess reincarnated. Her stoic expression and cold words could turn men to stone. The aura of ruthless and unwillingness to care usually made her very not likable.

The only man she was unable to get rid of was Naruto.

The boy would, not, give, up!

Continually pestering her for dates, marriage and the like; she planned on killing him soon…real soon.

The next one would be Inuzuka Kiba. Prideful and arrogant, but still a great guy in Naruto's book; next heir to be in the clan after his sister. His dog Akamaru stood on his left, the dog now the size of a Great Dane. His dog the complete opposite of its master and was waiting for when Kiba would be brought down to size.

Finally, the member that made up the team was Shino Aburame; the epitome of very calm and calculative, he was one of Naruto's friends and spoke only when needed.

Finally, the Sensei of team 8 was the red-eyed Kurenai Yuhi, new Jounin and girlfriend to Asuma Sarutobi. Naruto had tried to put the moves on Kurenai a while back, the forest still wasn't clean of the damage Asuma did when he found out.

Sasuke stopped and glared at Hinata. It was very well known that the two clans had a huge history of dislike between them and would always get into long arguments about who was the more prominent and powerful.

But that argument was not going down. Not today.

Suddenly harps began playing and the lights when whiter before everything became a nice sunset as Sasuke groaned and palmed his face and Yugito sighed in exhaustion.

"Not again," They mumbled. But alas Naruto already begun.

"My sweet… you have arrived," In a flash, Hinata found herself cheek to cheek with a red in the face Naruto as he peppered her hands with kisses and whispered words of love and affection.

"Naruto Uzumaki. You have ten seconds to remove yourself from me before I Jyuken you into next week…hopefully to your grave," Said Hinata in a cold voice, dispelling the Genjutsu and making Naruto's soul come out of his mouth.

"So cold… Hinata-hime," The soul whispered.

"I aim to please." Said Hinata to the soul with her Byakugan activated.

"Now move out of my way, you lowly insignificant worm," She growled as she backhanded Naruto into a wall, sending him crashing to the floor.

Naruto smiled as he rose up straight as if from the grave.

"You are so feisty Hinata-hime, if there wasn't so much people here I'd kiss you until your pupils dilate," Said Naruto as he grabbed her again before laying a smooth kiss on her hand. Hinata quickly put her head down over her hair to hide her blush. As much as she hated when he did this, she'd be lying if she said she didn't get flustered when he acted like this.

"Continue to play hard to get my sweet. Soon, I'll make it easy. Then you'll be mine… MUWHAHAHAHA," Naruto laughed as he floated out of the hall way and down the hall before coming back and grabbing his teammates.

"Shino-san; Thanks for ridding the house of those insects last week. Kiba-san, stop ogling my mother whenever you visit or I will break your arms, hands, fingers and nose. Kurenai-hime, whenever you decide your man is not enough for you and your ready for a REAL man, I'll be waiting my dear. Hinata-hime, as always a pleasure. Tell your family I say hello. Must be off now, JA NE!" in a shunshin of fire, the three was off.

The hall was silent before Kiba barked in laughter.

"That man is amazing, did you see that Shino, how smooth he was? He made sensei and the ice princess blush!" said Kiba, still laughing.

Then the fist came.

And his face met the floor.

"Shut up mutt. Before I have you neutered. Fate has determined that he will never make me his. If he was to ever get me to fall for him, I tell you now I will change my outlook on life. But that will never happen as fate is a constant in life and already made its path clear," Said Hinata in a monotone voice as she went inside to receive her next mission.

Shino inwardly smirked.

'If you have heard what I've heard, your outlook will change in about three months'

(Uzumaki residence)

After passing by the Uchiha residence and almost getting burned alive after telling Itachi and Sasuke to their face to tell their mom to be ready for the date next week, Naruto and Yugito walked inside the residence for dinner as was their customary tradition seeing as how Yugito moved into the Uzumaki clan house since she came to Konoha and after every mission a few people would arrive and they would all eat together.

"KAA-SAN I HAVE ARRIVED HOME!" screamed Naruto. The only thing he heard was giggles.

Naruto and Yugito arched an eyebrow as they walked inside. Once they entered the living room. Naruto froze then soon collapsed as his soul once again came out and screamed in horror.

In his living room. Next to his mother were Tenten and Anko.

His best friend and his older woman crush.

Looking at his baby pictures! How embarrassing!

Kushina smiled.

"That's revenge for painting my hair pink you brat," She chuckled as an evil aura wrapped around her.

"So let us eat dinner," She said, the aura leaving suddenly as she left the room for food. Tenten and Yugito sweat dropped.

But Anko?

"If I marry Naruto that would make her my mother in law… I like the sound of that. Fufufufufufu…"


The table was a full house for lunch as many came in once Naruto was revived. Jiraiya, Kakashi, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Naruto on one side of the table with the 3rd Hokage in the middle, Anko, Tsunade, Shizune, Yugito, Ten Ten on the other with Kushina in the middle.

For the first time, Naruto was nervous.

He needed something to distract him... Yugito, Tenten and Anko kept sending him weird glances... and why was Tenten sliding her foot up his...

OK... that was not her...

Naruto was just about to jump out of his seat as he looked down into the purple eyes of a snake. Anko winking at him from the other side of the table in the midst of the conversation.

But then the doorbell rang. Naruto went to get the door. As he opened it, a cruel smirk laid across his face.

"Kakashi-sensei will flip, which creates comedy for me. PLEASE, Come inside!"

Naruto led the person into the living room.

When the person came into the room. Silence was instantly created. In a chain of events things happened.

Tsunade drank more sake.

Jiraiya chuckled perversely.

Kushina spilled her drink.

Shizune and Anko had her mouth wide open.

Sarutobi smiled knowingly.

And Kakashi?

Yeah he fainted.

"So Rin, how was the mission in Demon Country?" asked Naruto as if referring to the weather.


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