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The group sat at the dinner table laughing and having their own conversations. Most of the group had already left to take care of assignments or paperwork, or because they were piss drunk like Tsunade. Naruto sat at the table with Kushina, Tenten, Sasuke, Yugito, Kakashi and Rin.

"But really Rin-chan, how was Demon country?" Asked Naruto as he settled down with his conversation with Yugito about chicken ramen being better than tuna ramen.

"It was pretty good. Not too difficult. Met a priestess there that had a very interesting outlook on life. She seemed very hell-bent on my death. But in the end the mission was a success, and she also seemed to see things rather different once me and her got to talk," Said Rin as she sipped on her drink.

"Any souvenirs?" Asked Naruto with a hopeful look on his face.

Rin nodded before reaching into her pouch and tossing a scroll at Naruto.

"Don't read that until later tonight though. It was directly from the priestess herself, her name was Shion, she seemed to have visions about your life and decided to send something back with me. She also said that she would come to Konoha during the Chunin exams so expect a visit from her," Said Rin seriously.

Naruto nodded, the Chunin exams were about a month away. Though most of the 'Rookie nine' were of Chunin level, the village definitely needed to show off the skill level so they would surely not be upgraded to Chunin until after the exam.

Besides, he was sure the other villages were preparing to bringing in the best of the best. Hopefully some really beautiful women he could get to marry.

Somewhere in Kiri, Kumo, Suna and Iwa, a girl sneezed.

"Ok, how was your trip to Suna by the way, and when am I going to see your cousins?" asked Rin suddenly. She knew something was wrong about her question when Sasuke coughed and spat out his drink and Naruto became rather pale and wide eyed.

"No… no... they are away on a long term mission Naruto, they cannot be back, they won't... they will not be back, tell me they won't be," Said Sasuke hysterically as he backed up from the table, in apparent shock.

"Relax, relax Sasuke. They will not be back for a while, last I heard they are apart of the twelve e guardians protecting the Daimyo in Fire country, they will not be back for three years," Said Naruto.

Sasuke instantly sighed and relaxed.

"What is so special about these two cousins of Naruto?" Asked Tenten to Yugito, who seemed rather amused at the two.

"Well to make it simple, Naruto and Sasuke met them in the second semester of the academy, they were revealed to be family after Orochimaru came across them on a scouting trip, and they were located in a small village as bartenders. Orochimaru recruited them to Konoha, did a blood test and told Kushina of her relatives; one of them is related to her from her mother's side and the other on her father, making them her cousins and Naruto's second cousins. From that day on the two got harassed from them every time they encountered one another. What's weird is one of them does not care if her and Naruto are related; she tries to jump his bones whenever possible. Which is kind of backwards for Naruto as he would most likely be in heaven if a woman threw herself at him, it's really funny to watch them sweat and become afraid of two girls though, why I remember the first encounter like it was yesterday…,"


Naruto and Sasuke sat down on a bench in the back yard drinking lemonade. Naruto and Sasuke were semi dressed in western clothing, Sasuke with a navy blue polo with the Uchiha logo on the left side and white long pants with a pair of navy blue desert boots. Naruto was wearing a white button down with the sleeves rolled up and a orange tie with khaki pants and no shoes on.

They had found out that Naruto's family had been found and they were arriving in Konoha today to meet with Kushina and him. Not wanting to be overwhelmed with the female presence, he had decided to ask Sasuke to come along with him.

"You nervous?" asked Sasuke.

"Yes. What if one of them fall in love with me? Then it would be weird, I mean, I know most clans like to keep it in the family but I have never really thought of sleeping with someone in the same clan. I suppose it depends on the kind of girl. But then if they fall in love with you, I can't date your mother anymore," said Naruto with a grin.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He wanted to play that game? So be it.

"That's alright, I hope they do fall in love with me, so I can marry them both, and then marry your mother, then I'd be you father and cousin and law. Then I could make love to all three with the door open," Said Sasuke calmly.

"How does Mikoto Uzumaki-Namikaze sound?" Countered Naruto.

"Just as good as Kushina Uchiha, I always thought a red haired, red eyed baby would be amazing,"

Naruto growled before taking it up a notch.

"Your mom has the greatest…"

Sasuke glared at him.

"Don't finish that statement,"

Naruto scratched his head.

"Too much?"

Sasuke nodded.

"Too much,"

Naruto nodded and put his cup down before walking to the river.

"I wonder how it would feel to touch it though,"

Sasuke growled and put his cup down before chasing Naruto, the two flipping over the picnic table with somersaults, Naruto in the front, using chakra, he stuck to the tree before back flipping over Sasuke. Turning around while laughing, he froze as he knocked over somebody in front of him.

The two crashed onto the ground with a loud 'oomph' before Naruto shook his head and apologized as he opened his eyes.

Then he made eye contact with who he was laying on and froze up.

She had red hair that looked a little pink and brown eyes that were currently glaring at him. She was wearing a lavender v-neck short sleeved shirt with a long brown skirt that went to her thighs, on her feet were black ninja sandals and a pouch on her hip. She was also wearing a hitai-ate of Konoha on her arm and was currently still glaring a hole in Naruto's eyes.

After an awkward silence, Naruto spoke.

"Uhm…hey pretty lady, did you know that in some worlds, it is considered good luck for a man to fall into the arms of a beautiful lady. It means one day the man will fall for her, and she would catch him," Said Naruto smoothly as he picked her up and dusted himself off. He noticed a blade of grass on her shoulder and reached to brush it off before the girl suddenly slugged him in the face, making him stagger back in shock.

She held quite a punch. But she did not seem like she wanted to talk things through as she began swinging on him again, making him dodge either to the left and right, even moving out of her range and to the side as her movements became faster.

Kushina walked in the backyard with her arm around another red haired girl, Sasuke noted, as he stood by and watch this girl try to hit Naruto. Her movements seemed rather fluid, yet gritty and a bit street, kind of like a refined street fighter. She then surprised him and Naruto by suddenly grabbing his arm and pulling him into her, receiving a knee to his face, before she tripped him onto his back and crashed into his face with her fist maiming him in the nose. Straddling him, she began raining blows on him with his elbows up blocking every hit, she continued to try and catch him in the face repeatedly, waiting for his defense to break before striking him again.

Kushina, acting like nothing was going on, walked over to Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, I would like to introduce you to Karin, Naruto's and my cousin. That over there is Tayuya, also our cousin,"

Sasuke looked at Karin's outfit, to find she too had on the same exact ensemble. She had red hair and red eyes, and had glasses over her face, she seemed a bit shy as she suddenly hid behind Kushina. Pushing her glasses up she looked right into Sasuke's eyes and time literally seemed to stop.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as her shyness seem to evaporate and she squealed before slowly strutting over to him before grabbing him into a hug, beathing into his neck.

"It's a pleasure to meet you…Sasuke-kun," she …purred?

Sasuke was confused, but accepted the greeting nonetheless.

Naruto meanwhile, finally seemed to get out of the situation he was in and had Tayuya's arms on the grass as he straddled her this time and was looking at her with confusion.

"Who are you, and I can understand the hostility but can you stop trying to punch me in the face?"

Tayuya stopped struggling suddenly and looked at him with a equally confused expression.

"You're not afraid of me?" She asked?

"What? Afraid of you, I have fought over three hundred things made of wood that can reform after cutting them to pieces with one hundred pounds on me and my eye swollen shut from getting it punched in, the least of my fears is you. How can I be afraid of such a pretty lady like you, and you're strong too. Just another plus in my eyes, now let's say we introduce ourselves and act like none of this happened, my mom said I had relatives coming and I would like to not greet them half beaten. Now, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, son of Kushina Uzumaki and the next strongest Shinobi in Konoha, and you are cutie?" Asked Naruto slyly as he stayed straddled over the girl, his hands over her hands, pinning her down. The girl, who Kushina mentioned to be his actual cousin,( though he did not hear her) slowly smirked before grinning evilly.

"Can you let go of my hands now Naruto-kun?" She asked politely.

"Sure," He slowly let go, only to get grabbed by his shirt and viciously pulled closer until he was nose to nose with the red head.

"My name is Tayuya Uzumaki, and cousin or not, I am going to make you mines," She said hotly.

Naruto's mouth opened wide, giving Tayuya easy access to his mouth as she greedily kissed him and rolled in the grass with him.

Kushina raised an eyebrow at the scene before thinking of the possibility.

"Well, it isn't really against clan rule to marry your cousin, in fact it is encouraged back in Uzushiogakure. I suppose this can work," Said Kushina to herself as she simply turned to Sasuke, who was still being held and… was she licking his neck?

"Kushina-san, is it possible to get her off of me?" Asked Sasuke, his face slowly turning red.

"What's wrong?" Asked Kushina confused, the girl seemed nice enough when they met, calling her auntie, even if she was simply her cousin. She was really smart too, no doubt a good fit in if she was to enter the interrogation department.

"Well, besides the fact that I feel her rubbing against me, she's kind of biting my neck, and while I feel like chakra is entering my body, this is getting kind of weird because her hand is down my pants," Said Sasuke in a monotone voice, to shocked and afraid to do anything.

Kushina sweat dropped.

Yes. They were definitely Uzumaki.


Naruto was now rocking back and forth in the corner, whispering to himself and Sasuke was somehow holding the chandelier like a cat.

"They kind of did that to them every day from the first day to graduation. Tayuya attacked Naruto and beat him to a pulp then dragged him off to do stuff couples did, like go to the movies and shop. Karin meanwhile simply became good friends with Mikoto and somehow got a job as a cook at the house. So she had seen Sasuke every day. The beginning of the final semester however, they were recruited to be a part of the twelve guardians for the Daimyo," Said Yugito finally.

"How do you know about that encounter?" asked Tenten suddenly, she was kind of mad that another girl was in the race for Naruto's heart. That made Yugito, Tenten, Ino and now this Tayuya girl. She recalled seeing her chasing Naruto around, but only thought of her as a minor occurrence. Now it seemed she would have to get serious with this race for Naruto's heart.

She would become an Uzumaki and get training from her idol Tsunade if she had to kill for it.

Ok… maybe not kill, more like knock unconscious and ship away onto a lost island in the middle of nowhere with a bomb timed to detonate the minute they exited the boat.

"I was there of course," Said Yugito as if discussing the weather.

meanwhile, Rin and Kushina had headed to the kitchen to drop the leftovers.

"Now, what about the trip to Suna, how was that?" Asked Rin.

Kushina smiled.

"We never went, they came here to work out some parts of a new treaty with Konoha. They actually stayed here for the week, it was pretty interesting. Naruto and the Kazekage's daughter hit it off pretty well, he even got a bit of a healthy rivalry friendship with the sons. All in all everything worked out well," Said Kushina, a knowing smirk as Rin looked at her then Naruto and then blinked once.

Kushina returned the blink and pointed at her finger and then tapped the counter three times.

Rin smiled and nodded her head.

This action went unnoticed as Sasuke landed and stretched.

"It is getting late," said the boy, breaking all conversation and making people realize what time it is.

Kushina, meanwhile decided to play matchmaker.

"Well Sasuke-kun, you are right, it IS getting late, Tenten, Sasuke, Rin, Kakashi, you are all welcome to stay the night if you want to," Said Kushina.

"While I thank you for the hospitality, but I would rather head home first, after I returned I headed straight to the tower then here so I rather go home and freshen up," Said Rin. Missing the smirk Kushina had on.


"Well then Kakashi, it would be nice if you could walk her to her house, you two can catch up a bit," Said Kushina. But Kakashi knew it was not a question or suggestion.

He slowly nodded and put his book away. He knew better than to read smut in front of Tsunade or Kushina, so he was reading a book about a Phantom menace, it was an interesting read.

"Shall we?" Said Kakashi as he opened his arm.

Rin smirked as she hooked her arm with his.

"We shall…" The two left for the night, Sasuke opting to head home and Tenten deciding to stay the night.

Yugito instantly knew something was up when Tenten accepted, looking at Naruto. Making eye contact with Tenten, she raised her eyebrow. But was shocked when Tenten simply smirked and shrugged her shoulder before making her way to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, it's ok, Tayuya is gone, you have nothing to worry about. Now can you show me to my room?"

Naruto, shaking out of his fear, looked at Tenten and nodded, grabbing her hand and leading her upstairs.

Yugito growled a little bit, snapping her metal chopsticks in half.

An unspoken battle just begun.

The battle for Naruto.


Naruto made his way to the room Tenten would be staying at, which actually sort of became her own room after the many times she had stayed over, weapons were strung out all over the room, which was a big room with purple painted walls, a lavenda ceiling and a queen sized bed with red velvet sheets and a window on the wall over the bed, giving a nice moonlight shine on the room. To the wall on the left was the door to the bathroom, with a huge dresser next to the door, which held many weapons she had left behind, swords, daggers and kunai, slingshots, chokuto and spikes. On the right wall was a closet that actually had some of her clothing in it. If Tenten decided to run away from home, this would be the place she would live.

Walking inside, Naruto looked around the room.

"I have not been in here in months," He said to Tenten as he looked around. Nothing really changed, a weird target dummy in the corner on his right and a bunch of scrolls all over the closet floor. Yep, same ol Tenten.

Tenten closed the door behind her and slowly made her way towards him.

"You know what else I have not done in months Naruto?" She whispered with a bit of sensuality in her tone.

"What? Spar?" Asked Naruto, generally interested in what she meant.

Tenten laughed, sometimes Naruto could be so on the money with woman yet so lost when they responded.

But that was mainly because Jiraiya never told him what to do when they did accept his flirts.

Slowly grabbing him by the shirt, she brushed her nose against his and licked her lips. Naruto felt his heart racing. The two of them were alone in this room and she was in his face, was she trying to get him killed? Kushina and Yugito were still up!

"No Naruto, it's not sparing I have not done in months, it's…"

A knock on the door interrupted her sentence, making her growl inwardly.

"Who is it?" Asked Tenten, a bit mad at someone interrupting her time with Naruto.

" Yugito, Kushina sent me to get Naruto, is he in there with you?"Asked the voice on the other side.

Tenten shook her head inwardly, so this was true. Yugito really did have feelings for Naruto, well two can play that game.

"No, he isn't. I think he might be in his room," She lied.

"I just knocked on his door, no one answered," Yugito said, lying as well as she came straight there.

"Well I don't know where he is. But I am going to sleep so I will see you in the morning Yugito-san," Said Tenten.

The other side was silent before an 'ok' was heard and footsteps faded away.

Tenten turned back and was about to continue her train of thought before she looked at the training dummy she was holding that had a sign on it.

"Sorry Tenten, I'll come back in a few minutes… mother would kill me if I did not come within three minutes…- Naruto. Silly boy, your mother did not call you, but I am going to wait for you to get back," Said Tenten as she laid on the bed and sighed.


Yugito turned the corner and nearly bumped into Naruto.

"Where's my mother?" he asked.

"Oh, she should be in the kitchen, I think she wanted you to help her clean up a bit," Yugito said.

"Oh, well, let's go," He said as he made his way downstairs, Yugito walked next to him, breathing his scent and smelling Tenten on it.

'So he was with her… hmm…' thought Yugito to herself.

Getting to the kitchen, Naruto looked around as everything was still left behind.

"I guess she went to bed, no problem, I'll clean," Said Naruto as he created clones to bag the leftovers and wash the dishes.

Sitting on the counter, Yugito smiled.

"Can you get me some milk and cookies? Maybe we can talk while you clean," she suggested.

Naruto nodded.

"Fine with me, just know that if something happens on the kitchen counter, I am not cleaning it up," he said in a flirtatious tone.

Yugito said nothing but jumped down and grabbed the fridge door he was about to open. Turning around, he looked right into Yugito's eyes as she smirked at him.

"I don't mind if you don't Naruto…" She purred.

Naruto smiled. So it seemed she was finally admitting she was ready to do …it… in the kitchen.

"You're on cutie, just don't make to much noise when you get a little taste of it,"

( Half an Hour later)

Tenten came down stairs but froze once she heard moans.

"Oh, this is soo good Naruto, how could this be so big?"

"What can I say? My skill with it is amazing,"

"I can't keep my hands off of this,"

"I know, sometimes I can barely stop doing it,"

Tenten's eyes widened as Yugito moaned louder.


"You like that?"


"You want more?"

"Give it to me…"

"You want the long one don't you?"

"Give me the long one, I want it in my mouth,"

"There you go…"

Tenten heard enough and rushed to the kitchen. She came into the kitchen and froze up at what she seen.

Thirteen ramen cups, fish packets of sardines, pots and pans cleaned and tons of vegetables on the table. Yugito had a huge fish stick in her mouth and a big bowl of ramen in front of her. Naruto was sitting across from her with a clone making more ramen.

"Nice of you to come join us Tenten, would you like some of my special ramen?" Naruto asked.

It all clicked. The Big thing was the shrimps swimming in the ramen, the thing she wanted in her mouth was the fish stick and the thing he could not stop doing was cooking ramen.

Hiding her embarrassment, Tenten simply nodded before sitting down, looking away from Yugito and Naruto as her perverted mind made her think they were doing something else.

Yugito on the other hand smirked to herself. She smelled Tenten the minute she left her room and decided to get back at her for the lie she did in her room.

Naruto opened the fridge and looked outside. But his back was still towards the two girls

"Hey, do any of you want some meat in you tonight before going to bed; it might put you to sleep faster?" Naruto asked.

Naruto became confused as Tenten and Yugito crashed to the floor blood spraying out of their noses.

Holding pork and Sausage links, Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess not,"

(One Week Later)

His eyes were closed… focusing on the air around him and the way it moved. He was the air.

The leaves felt like home. When the wind was blowing them, it was giving comfort throughout the field he was standing in. Hitai-ate covering his eyes as he held his katana in his left hand…relaxed.



Then the disturbance was heard…

No, the disturbance was felt.

A shiruken.

Upwards slash

The shiruken fell to the floor slashed in three halves

He was moving too slow

It should have been four

The weights would need to be raised up.

More shiruken.

In total, four.

Upwards slash, horizontal slash, diagonal and downwards

He felt them all fall down.

Three slashes on all but one

The fourth one was cut in four

He was getting better.

He gave the mental command to raise the stakes.

Twenty shiruken, ten kunai, and thirty wind powered leafs.

That's more like it.

Dodge, slash, slash, dodge. Repeat. Faster movements, that wasn't fast enough, too close a call, that's one strand of hair cut, don't stop moving, why would you block instead of… no, that block was a good idea, good slash, don't stress, don't lose composure, don't let that cut stop you, don't let that slash stop you, don't let anything stop you from achieving greatness in the midst of drama. In the midst of turbulating times, in trying times, you don't try… you do.

Believe me when I say… you're not trying… you're doing it…

But your process is not done my child.

You have just scratched the surface of your potential.

You know how to walk. But I will teach you how to walk silently.

You know how to hide… I will show you how to disappear.

You know how to kill… but I will show you… death.

You know how to be like me… but I will make you… better than me.

You know of legends my son… let me make youlegendary.

Your real training begins…Yesterday.

Because living tomorrow is not promised and today has no limit for a ninja.

Prepare for your journey.

Say goodbye to your friends and family. Because when you come back, they won't recognize you.

They'll understand you.

That… is much better then silent recognition.

Trust me… mother always knows best.

But I know better.

Naruto opened his eyes. Remembering the words his mother told him when he was four.

When he began training.

His training still was not over.

Naruto took his hitai-ate off to look at his mother as she stood in the middle of the training ground.

His strength was undeniable once he exited that chamber

At the age of fourteen years of age, he could hold Anko to a standstill.

Without his sword…

He could have been a Jounin and took a team already, bringing him much closer to the title of Hokage.

But his mother wanted him to go through the motions to achieve greatness the hard way. So he had to be a Genin.

He wouldn't have it anyway.

So at the academy, he held back half of his true skill and half of his knowledge to just reach the middle-class achievement while nights were spent getting beaten into the earth by two Sannin and a legendary kenjutsu user that spit him out the womb all those years ago.

He loved it. Hard sweat means hard work to make an easy world…

But he remained Genin for more than one reason.

One, he could see all of the Genin females his age and older and flirt his life away (inward perverted giggle)

Two, he was assigned to protect people, he would not fail.

Finally, he liked the sound of owning Jounin who underestimate Genin.

Kakashi learned that the hard way when he got the flak jacket beaten off of him.

But back to the main topic right now.

"Your movements are still wasteful and your awareness is not as big as it should be at your level, your control is getting there, but you still have work to do. You should always remain light on your feet for easy and agile movement. You are fast… but you need to be faster. Now, arms up, eyes closed. Kenjutsu over. Time for taijutsu, use your ears and use your hands. They will save you from eating dirt." Kushina then removed her hands from behind her back and bent her knees and put her left hand up and bent her elbow, her hand in front of her face, her right hand at her right side. Her eyes fierce, she dug her heels into the dirt for better traction. Naruto put his hitai-ate over and readied himself.

"Bring it old lady…"



Then the killer intent filled the area.

It was over for Naruto…

(Four grueling horribly brutal hours later)

"Good job blocking, your pain resistance is amazing. But taunting your opponent can throw their form off. Just make sure the opponent doesn't know you like the back of their hand," said a barely sweating Kushina as she sat on her son who's face looked heavily damaged and clothes were hardly recognizable as it looked like he ran through a lion's den with meat on.

He would never ever do training with Anko again… no matter how bad she begged him…

With her shining brown eyes and her smooth porcelain skin as it reflected off the sunlight and brought out her exotic beauty.

The way her full lips would whisper his name when she was taunting him…

"Stop fantasizing about Anko and clean yourself up, you have to meet with your team in an hour."

Naruto shook his head as he got up and dusted himself up.

"H.K time?" asked Naruto. This was known as a three hour wait which meant if he said 11am, show up at 2pm.

"No, apparently you guys have a mission so you got an hour," Said Kushina as she clubbed Naruto over the head and dragged him to the bath by his hair.

"You may be fourteen, but I'm still your mother. I'm giving you a bath," Said Kushina, waiting for the argument.

"with bubbles and a rubber ducky?" asked Naruto in a low voice with a small smile on his face as he let himself be dragged, inwardly wondering where his mom got a club from.

Kushina's eyes softened a bit. He may be able to ay waist to entire cities and fight the strongest nin in the nation, but he would always be her baby.

"Of course. Even Mr. Ramen if you would like."

Kushina blinked and she was in Naruto's bathroom. The entire room was blue tiled with a Konoha leaf on the ceiling. From the door, the left side had a huge mirror with a sink in front of it. To the right of the sink and mirror was a toilet and on the right side was a stand up shower. The middle of the bathroom was a big tub that had a seal on the wall that when chakra was channeled would fill the tub up with warm water (perks of having a seal master for a husband/boyfriend and a son well on his way to becoming one)

"Alright! Let's go!" Naruto yelled as he jumped into the tub, suddenly clothing-less, his katana morphed into Megumi who joined him in the tub and with a loud…


Kushina was soaked.

"That's for pounding me in the face Kaa-san," Chuckled Naruto...

Before his face was underwater.

"You brat, that was not funny! Now you have to mop the floor!" growled Kushina as she picked him out of the water and choked him.

"Naruto… maybe you should listen to your…" said a nervous Megumi, but Naruto would hear none of it.

"I'm not cleaning anything… except you!"Naruto then pulled Kushina into the water and soon the three were splashing at each other and laughing.

Finally the three settled down and the fully-dressed Kushina sighed as she sat there with her son and the 'Kyuubi.'

"If only Minato could see us now…"Kushina whispered.

Naruto smiled.

"Sometimes… I feel like I can see him… sometimes I feel he's watching us… I think he is," Said Naruto in a somber tone.

Kushina smirked at that thought, knowing she felt it too. She finally hopped out the tub and ruffled her son's hair.

"Have fun on your mission and don't get into any female trouble. I don't want to have another Inuzuka Tsume coming at my door for finding my son kissing her daughter in the veterinarian room," Said Kushina with red demonic eyes as a Genjutsu appeared of death and screams.

"Y-yes mother…" Naruto said in a scared voice.

"Good, see you later," Said Kushina as she walked away.

Naruto brought his face down into the water with his nose still above to breathe.

'Women are weird…but I can't live without them…'

(Training Ground Seven)

The field was empty as the wind blew the leaves and grass on the floor.

In a swirl of leafs Kakashi came.

"Sorry I'm late but I had to… help… old…lady?" Kakashi stopped talking as he realized his team was not here.

Ten minutes later Sasuke Uchiha appeared.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to do some laundry." He said before leaning on a training post.

In another ten, Yugito appeared.

"Sorry I was late. I had to go to the weapons shop where they ran out of kunai so they had to make new ones for me," Replied Yugito.

In another ten, Naruto appeared.

"Sorry I'm late. I was taking a bath and fell asleep for half an hour," Naruto said with a yawn.

"LIAR!" said Kakashi in a loud voice. The four were then silent, before they shared a laugh.

"Ahh, that never gets old. So what's the agenda today Kakashi-sensei?" asked Naruto.

"We are going on a joint mission to Suna," Said Kakashi. Naruto smiled.

"Alright! That means I get to see Gaara...and Kankuro… and Temari-hime… with her teal eyes, and sunny blonde hair… her dazzling smile that reminds me of the sky…" replied Naruto with a dazed look. Sasuke sighed and Yugito face palmed.

Gaara was Naruto's pen pal from Suna. They met when the Kazekage traveled to Konoha to check up on their Jinchuuriki's seal as Jiraiya would be in town that week. Naruto just happened to be chosen to greet the sand family.

He met Gaara who had a calm disposition and after a silent sequence of sentences heard between only the two of them, became the best of friends.

Then Naruto seen Temari and called her a sand angel that deserves the biggest sand castle on earth. Then he kissed her hand and asked for her hand in marriage.

She was speechless… not many boys would treat her like that; especially with her reputation as the young wind mistress of Suna… they became fast friends.

Then Kankuro called him a brat and to let go of his sister. Naruto in turn, called him a drag cat woman and refused to let Temari go.

The Kazekage and Gaara had to hold back Kankuro from fighting Naruto.

Needless to say, Gaara and Naruto had weird rituals of friendship, Temari was smitten with Naruto, and Kankuro and Naruto hated one another, though it was only now funny playful bantering.

"When do we leave for this mission?" asked Naruto.

Kakashi closed his book and sighed.

"In one hour. It would have been three, but since we all met up late we don't have much time,"

Naruto and Yugito smiled.

"That's alright, we're Kage Bunshin," The two simultaneously said before looking at one another.

"Wait… you're a Bunshin?"Asked clone-Naruto.

"Yep," replied clone- Yugito with a nod.

Had Yugito known what the grin Naruto gave her meant, she would have dispelled her clone.

She would soon know exactly why he was grinning, why he pulled her away from the others, and why he…

(Uzumaki Residence)


Naruto sighed as he sat in his bed reading a sealing book for geniuses. He wondered what his clone did to her now. He prepared to dispel all his clones that were each in different places currently.


Naruto got what his clone did… his eyes widened.

"Oh…no,no,no,no…" Naruto tried to open his window and jump out but failed miserably.

The door flew open.

A heavily blushing Yugito stomped into the room, demonic green chakra pulsating off of her like a raging monster.

"YOU'RE LIFE…IS FORFEIT. HOW DARE YOU DO SUCH A THING TO ME?"Growled Yugito, the demonic voice making her much scarier.

"Yugito-hime…my sweet, I didn't know my clone, nor did I tell my clone to do such a thing…besides…" Naruto's cheeks reddened and he looked away.

"You're a good kisser,"

Yugito screamed and jumped at him.

Naruto screamed so loud his voice could reach Ame and Iwa.

Then the beating began.


Konan looked at Nagato oddly.

"Did I give Yahiko a paper cut again?"

Nagato sighed.


The Kage looked at his son and then the mountain. Then his son.

"I believe you… after all of these year, you were right… the shrieking mountain are alive…"

Kurotsuchi sweat dropped at her grandfather.

"Old people," she mumbled to herself.

The lady next to her simply shook her head. Her blonde locks swaying in the air. A white face mask covered her face, revealing only her eyes.

"I believe that is the scream of a tortured soul abused by the error of his ways," She mumbled to Kurotsuchi, who scratched her head.

"You may be right, poor soul," Kurotsuchi said.

The girl nodded as well.

"Poor soul indeed," She replied, her aquamarine eyes looking outside.

(Konoha Gates)

Teams 8, 9, and 10 awaited the final team before heading to Suna to pick up the escorts. Two females in heavy anticipation for Sasuke, one in anticipation for Naruto and one hoping he died suddenly.

"So, happy that 'Naruto-kun' is coming along with us this mission?" asked Kiba with a chuckle as he looked at Hinata.

Even if she would probably seal his entire chakra system for a whole day, he loved poking fun at her. He knew she had a little bit of a thing for the blond and just liked playing hard to get. Well, in his mind anyway. Even Neji wasn't as cold anymore now that Naruto put him in the dirt all those months ago.

The air started to get cold and people started to see their breath.

Inwardly Kurenai beamed with pride at passing on her legacy of ice princess onto her student.

"Let me make this clear to you Kiba. I do not in any way, shape, or form, care if Naruto is coming along on this mission. If there is trouble, he had better not get in my way or I will step on him to get to the threat. He could disappear off the face of this earth for all I care; life will go on for me," Hinata finished her monologue and a clap was heard in a distance.

Then she felt arms wrap around her waist, warm breath on the hairs of her back and was that a saxophone playing? And just where did everybody go?

"Oh… Hinata-hime, I wasn't even in your presence and I get an entire monologue on how much you would miss me, and to actually waste energy, stepping on me to fight for me in the case of my absence. It just shows your eternal love for me. My princess… I feel the same. I would destroy nations for you, I would take on Kami itself just to get to you. My love… let us hold ourselves under the sun and be blessed with each moment with one another," Said Naruto, his warm voice making Hinata a little hot and bothered.

"Gai-sensei! Their youthful embrace encourages me to hold someone under this youthful sun!" Beamed Lee.

"Yosh! You are right my cute and youthful student! Let us-…" he was cut off as a towel appeared in both of their mouths.

"You're ruining the moment," Said Kiba with a growl.

"Naruto," Said Hinata with her eyes closed. Her body began shaking.

'This is it! I've finally got her to accept my love, now she'll turn around and kiss me, I've wanted her since the academy, I'll have her now!' was Naruto's thoughts.

How wrong he was.

"Prepare yourself… Kaiten!"

Naruto went flying into a tree, in two seconds Hinata was a foot away from him.

"You are in my range; Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!"

"Two palms"

"Four palms"

"Eight palms"

"Sixteen palms"

"Thirty-two palms"

"Sixty-four palms"

Naruto slumped to the floor with swirls for eyes.

"I…think...I am in love," Mumbled Naruto.

"Hyuga ignorance…wasting time with such a weak technique," Mumbled Sasuke as he stood next to Kakashi.

"SASUKE-KUN!" yelled Ino and Sakura as they hugged him.

"Ladies," Replied Sasuke with a sigh, it wasn't as bad as it used to be. He inwardly thanked Naruto for introducing them to Anko and asking her to accept the two in as students in the remedial courses. They were slowly being implemented back into their teams and as such were allowed to join the teams as well.

Kin Tsuchi was a really good fit with Team 10 as far as Shikamaru was concerned; she was smart and not as scary as Ino. It also seemed she too taught he was smart, as the two could be seen playing Shogi from time to time or just laying around looking at clouds with Chouji.

But that was not the main focus, it was what happened to Sasuke next that made Shikamaru think this.

"So, Sasuke-kun, I didn't bring a tent with me… I think me and you will be bunking tonight…" whispered Ino in his left ear.

"I too have no tent, I guess it'll be just…us…three. No, Sasuke?" whispered Sakura in his ear.

Sasuke said nothing. Then his nose twitched. Once, twice, three times.

Then he put his head up, and a fountain of blood rushed from his nose.

To which a fully healed Naruto caught into a cup and handed it to a nurse that came from the tree. The nurse nodded then in a blur was gone.

"Troublesome, Naruto can you please get things going?" Said Shikamaru to the boy, who nodded and got serious.

"We are all here. Let us go to Suna. The trip should take us approximately three days full speed, and the return trip will be five days with the Suna teams being escorted. I currently have fifty shadow clones scouting the area ahead in case of an ambush. Let the mission begin now," Naruto then turned away and walked ahead.

"He'll be a good leader," Said Asuma to Kakashi as he walked with his cigarette smoke dispelling in the air.

"Just like his mother," Said Kakashi in agreement, his face deep in a book with no cover. It seemed after the walk home with Rin he had begun reading different books, which made most of the ninja who knew him raise their eyebrow, but after the second day, things went on as if nothing happened.

Other people had other thoughts about Naruto however.

"How did he recover so fast?" asked Hinata to herself as she watched Naruto talk seriously with Tenten and Yugito.

"That is because Naruto switched himself with a Tsuchi Bunshin the minute you sent a Kaiten at him," replied Neji from her side.

She peered up at her cousin and then at the tree she sent him to, finding mud.

Hinata nodded subconsciously and narrowed her eyes.

'He might be the one.'


Soon answers will come; you will see how differently things play out.








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