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Now, my story suggestions for today is:

"A Life of Ramen" by Razmatazz22. A NarutoxHinata story with hints of something else in between. It's mostly a Naruto that quits being a ninja and becomes a Ramen Chef. But DO check it out, it's not done in a bad way at all.

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The Konoha group consisting of Team 7, 8, 9 and 10, stopped for the second night in a clearing to catch some rest and finish the rest of the way to their respective villages. There was a road a few miles away in which teams would split up and meet back at Konoha as Team 10, along with Ino, had to go to Mist and Team 9, with Sakura and Yugito, to Kumo. The rest would head off to Suna.

After the camp site was made and the tents were up, Naruto and Yugito were called to do first watch.

Naruto sighed as he stared up into the stars, leaned up against a thick tree bark. So much to do, so much to train for, so little time. The Chunin exams were around the corner, his favorite auntie had returned from her mission, not to mention that his uncle was awaiting his arrival in Suna. That should be pretty cool.

Naruto suddenly dropped down from the branch and stuck to the tree with chakra, kunai to the throat of the person who interrupted his thoughts.

"Your movement is getting faster, I guess you were not sleeping on the job," Said Yugito with a smirk as she slowly pushed the kunai away from her. Naruto sat on the branch and patted next to him for her to sit.

"I'm guessing you left clones on the other side of the camp site?" asked Naruto as Yugito leaned on his right shoulder.

"Yes," was her reply as she purred at Naruto's contact as he brushed through Yugito's hair.

Yugito figured this was the best time to ask him the questions she needed to ask.

"Naruto, who do you like?" Yugito asked randomly.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that question. What a very forward question. But honesty is the best policy.

"Well, if I have to be honest. I like a lot of people. I like the way the ramen chef makes my food in the morning, I like the maid that cleans the house. She always leaves my fresh clothing on my bathroom counter. I also…"

"I meant girls Naruto. Who are you attracted to and why?" Yugito asked with a tick on her forehead.


Naruto weighted the pros and cons of telling Yugito who he was feeling at the moment. He knew this would either make her really mad or it would make her pretty happy. But he had to be honest. Because lying would just create a deeper hole for him to dig himself out of.

"I am attracted to Anko, because she is allusive and intelligent. I respect a strong, confident woman and she exemplifies that. Not to mention she has that exotic beauty about her, what with being trained by Orochimaru. I like Tenten. She has been one of my first female friends growing up and seeing her grow into the strong Kunoichi she is makes me that much proud to be a part of her growth. She cares for me, she puts up with my foolishness and is down for training until exhaustion and then sitting down and talking about the future. I like Ino, she was my first girlfriend. I actually don't know if we are still together, because it was kind of sort of a relationship done to make my friend jealous, I don't know what happened but we kind of started getting serious, and the boy got forgotten; but I like Ino because she is more than what she gives off. She could be quite shallow, but she speaks her mind. I respect a girl that can tell me how it is straight up. I like Hinata, but I have always liked Hinata. She has changed though, but I know she is still there. The kind and peaceful girl I used to like so much. She is strong now and was strong then. Then there is this other girl that I am feeling, but I have not seen her in years, so I do not know if she moved on or not. Finally there is this girl, her name is Yugito…" Naruto trailed off, watching said girl blush as her face had gotten a bit down trodden after the mention of Ino, which was a total of six girls he was currently crushing on.

Later on, Naruto would sit down and really ask himself how he got himself so deep. But for now, that was how it was. Oh well, he was a young boy growing up. Either they would all find another man in their life that provided more than what he could offer or would find true love. He knew there was nothing he would do if it happened like that.

"But Yugito is so much in one person. She is strong; she is beautiful, she is confident. She is respectful; she is very protective of her friends. She knows how to have fun. Me and Yugito share a bond that will never be broken. I want to see her happy. Nothing more. If I am the one to bring her happiness, then I will be successful. If I do not, then the man she does find will. Or I will kill him," Said Naruto calmly. He was speaking the truth, and he was sure no one else heard him speak about who he liked so he did not mind.

Of course, the Byakugan that had been reading their lips had turned off after that, so technically no one HEARD him speak, but had knowledge of what was spoken.

Yugito seemed silent, thinking to herself before nodding. She realized she did not care about the other girls, she would make him hers.

No matter what.

But she had more questions to ask.

"What about Tayuya?" She asked him.

Naruto shook his head slowly.

"I love Tayuya. That is family. I find it a bit weird that she keeps trying to jump my bones, but I think if she stops that and tries to really get to know me we could be better friends. Her methods are weird. Not to mention the fact that my mother finds it adorable how she… bothers me. Which makes no sense to me personally; I think she wants to see her clan members be happy, and if that means liking someone in their own family she has no qualms. I never thought of that… But yeah, I don't know much about Tayuya, even if when she is not playing around like she does, we do talk," Said Naruto.

"Playing around?" Asked Yugito surprised.

"Yeah, everything she does is playing around. Her sensei is Anko. So her methods of having fun are very different from the norm. But I am sure after the guardian job she will be different. I enjoy my family. Especially Karin, she is funny but very shy. It is kind of like she is schizophrenic. Crazy confident one moment, quiet the next," Said Naruto.

Yugito nodded to herself. She was learning a lot about him.

"How do you feel about Kumo coming to the exams," Said Naruto suddenly.

Yugito looked around, gathering her thoughts before smiling a little.

"I feel happy. I get to see some of the friends I made before I left and even my old sensei," Said Yugito. She continued to keep in contact with her friends and sensei, and that was how she learned about their arrival. She had asked Kakashi to allow her to go with the team heading to Kumo to see them early.

"That is good to hear, I would not mind meeting that Samui chick. The pictures do her no justice," Said Naruto with a teasing grin on his face.

Yugito smacked him softly.

"Why do you act so… flirtatious Naruto-kun?" asked Yugito suddenly as she looked at him.

Naruto looked at her for a moment, wondering if he could trust her with the answer. Finally sighing he grabbed her and pulled her into him before leaning up against the tree.

"Get comfortable, this is a long story," Naruto said. Well really it wasn't, he just wanted her in his arms in case she did not like the response and got scratchy.

"When I was ten, I would see people come into my mother's house with women the same age as me. They would talk while leaving me and the girls to go play around in the backyard. I realized that each girl would try to kiss me and try to get me to like them in that one day. My mother always said I was a bright boy and finally explained to me that I was basically meeting… potential wives," Naruto said, cringing in as he said that.

"I hated it. I hated the fact that these girls had so much in their lives to look forward to, just to get told they were being married off to someone who they barely even knew. So I told my mother, no more meetings. I want to be married to someone who fell in love with me. Not told to love me," Naruto said with a smile on his face.

"That and women playing hard to get makes the challenge all that more fun. Just like you… keep it up. It makes my life more complicated. But if there is one thing I've learned in the art of flirtation, it is how not to address a women from my godfather. Seeing him getting punched in the face, electrocuted, burned, frozen solid, chased by a mob of half dressed women from the hot springs for lecherous statements or actions kind of does something to you. Now I'm not perfect, but I get by. I have notes from my trips with him on how not to touch, look, say or act around a woman," Said Naruto proudly.

"Where are these notes?" asked Yugito. Naruto suddenly whipped out a scroll. Then pulled the pages.

The scroll whipped out so long it hit Kakashi in the face.

He was on the complete other side of the camp.

"Rin-chan not now… we're on a mission," Kakashi mumbled.

Naruto and Yugito were silent.

"I'm disturbed," Said Naruto with a straight face.

"Heavily," Said Yugito in return.


The Team 7, 8 and Tenten of Team Gai finally arrived to Suna ready to pick up the teams participating in the exams.

Naruto was oddly silent as he walked among the group, a sign that made everyone weary at meeting this Suna group.

Suddenly, Naruto whipped his sword out and rushed toward the gates at speeds surprising half of the group.

Sasuke sighed and closed his eyes before he opened them again, his Sharingan blazing.

"Might as well enjoy the show,"

Naruto jumped into the air, avoiding the rush of sand that went up the exact spot he was running. He parried the shiruken that came his way and in a blur, another opponent was in front of him blocking his katana and gritting his teeth while in the air.

"Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Gaara Sabaku!" Naruto sent chakra to his blade and fired it at point blank range, sending Gaara rocketing at full speeds towards the Suna gates. Naruto then landed and then jumped over the sand sent his way and sliced the puppet coming behind him from the sand in a downward slash.

"You have got to do better than that Kankuro," Said Naruto with a grin before he felt a sledgehammer of sand crash into him from above, creating a crater of sand, which soon filled up, leaving him neck up in sand.

Three blurs and three figures were standing there with their Suna hitai-ate on in various places.

Sabaku Gaara, wearing a tight beige t shirt with brown ninja slacks and black combat boots with a huge Zanpakuto, shaped like a big butcher knife strapped to his back. His hitai ate was fastened on his arm and the end of his hilt had a fat smiling Shukaku demon medallion with the peace sign hanging down. He currently had an insane glint in his eye and a huge grin.

Sabaku Kankuro, wearing black ninja shoes with brown ninja slacks and ninja scrolls wrapped all around his waist, kunai pouch wrapped around his left thigh, he had on a white shirt underneath a tan coat with his clan symbol in full view. On his face was purple war paint in the shape of weird hieroglyphic symbols and a hitai-ate on his forehead.

But it was the female of the three that made the genin's blush.

Black ninja shoes with fishnet socks on for nice ventilation, navy blue skirt that went up to her thighs, tight lavender shirt that showed her developed figure nicely, red obi around her waist with her suna hitai-ate wrapped around it. Her blond hair was tied in four pony tails and around her eyes was what looked to be black eyeliner.

And a huge gourd on her back.

Sabaku Temari, 'Jinchuuriki' of the One-Tailed Shukaku.

Her teal eyes pierced into Naruto's and a small smirk made her way across her face.

"It's a clone," She said smoothly before sighing as hands wrapped around her waist.

"I see you've grown up my little desert rose," Said Naruto as he purred into her ear. The clone that was in the sand melted away into an earth clone. Temari turned around in his arms and grabbed him by his shirt, smiled then…

Then kissed him.

Shock was displayed on everyone's face at the bold movement. Tenten subconsciously emanating killer intent and this…hussy who would kiss her Naruto-kun.

Hinata looked at the scene with a bit of fury before catching herself and shaking her head. Her braided midnight blue locks swaying with each shake. She would not show any signs of want or foolish anger at the gesture.

She had begun thinking about killing Naruto over the years and decided she did not need to do such a thing. He was not the cause of her problems. In actuality, he was the solution. She found whenever he was around she would remember facts of her life before she had received the sealing. So she had decided that instead of brutally killing him to solve her problem, she would do battle with him and defeat him. Then she could figure out the mystery surrounding him. How could he be so carefree one moment, and strong, intimidating and silent the next? He was the epitome of a Shinobi when he wanted to be. If she was to find anyone who was true mate material, it would be either Naruto or…

Hinata blanched at the thought of it. Never would she want to be married to her own cousin Neji, and she would gouge her eyes out if she was to ever get together with Sasuke. It seemed Naruto was the one.

Kankuro sighed before talking to the Jounin's of Konoha.

"Sorry about the mishap, we always welcome each other like this."

Kakashi nodded his head.

"So we've been told."

The kiss was rudely interrupted however, as a hand grabbed the back of Naruto's head and pulled him away from Temari, whose shock turned into anger.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Yelled Temari.

"Simple, we didn't finish our fight, "said Gaara back in an irritated tone.

"So much bloodlust, good grief, keep it down, can't you see I'm busy?" mumbled Naruto as he walked into the village with Temari in his arms, being carried away bridal style. The Naruto Gaara was holding melted away into mud. The guards at the gate sweat dropped at the sight of the 'feared' jinchuuriki being wooed off her feet by a simple Konoha Genin.

"If you want a fight, save it for the Chunin exams," Said the boy before heading to the tower, the team from Konoha soon following.

Gaara was silent before shaking his head.

"No. Soon we will fight...and I'll win...heh heh,"Gaara said, Kankuro slowly backing away from the demented red head sibling.

Sasuke sighed simultaneously with Kiba.

"Does he cause trouble every time?" asked Kiba.

"Yes, yes he does, but he knows how to get it in gear when the time comes. Something most ninja don't know how to do," Said Sasuke with a smirk.

"Sasuke," Shino said suddenly, making Kiba and said person jump just a little bit as the silent Aburame never really made conversation with them.

"I have some information you may find…humorous. Seeing as how we may not be needed to go to the tower, we should talk somewhere…away from the others," Said Shino as he turned around and headed off to find a restaurant, knowing the Uchiha would follow.

"What was that about?" Kiba asked himself before shrugging and talking to Akamaru.

(Kazekage Tower)

Naruto waltzed in with Temari in his arms talking about how life had been with the girl before arriving at the front door. Naruto put her down before making his way inside, knowing how the Kage was with herfamily.

Karura Sabaku… current Godaime Kazekage as her husband sacrificed himself sealing the Shukaku In his daughter, taking with him the madness of the monk mixed with the demon. The village loved her for her efforts in convincing the Wind Daimyo not to lower their funds and the way she ran her village. Her children loved her more.

She nodded to the guards as they opened the door to let the Konoha Nin in with her children, her daughter having the most serene smile on her face at the moment. Karura smiled. Being a jinchuuriki was tough. She was glad that her daughter was happy at the moment and that her village treated her like a human being.

Naruto smiled at seeing the Kazekage. He knew when to flirt and when not to, and this wasdefinitelynot the time not to.

"Kazekage-sama. It has been a while." Naruto said as he bowed down to the floor in front of the curtain that had the Kage as she sat down on a very soft bed with many pillows and had a veil covering her face.

The room was silent as everyone watched the Kage stand and make her way to Naruto. She pulled the curtain away and softly touched his chin before bringing it up.

"Nonsense Naruto-kun, there is no need for you to bow to me, you've earned my appreciation and respect years ago," Said Karura as she wrapped Naruto in a motherly hug.

It seemed as if the shock today was just continuously occurring today.

Kakashi dropped his book, Temari's sand leaking out and catching the book before putting it away, Temari not even knowing about it.

Tenten was silent, but in her eyes were something.

Naruto would soon find out what later.

Kurenai inwardly shook her head. Who was this boy who receives hugs from the Kazekage and Treated the Hokage like a grandfather?

The group was brought back to reality as the Kazekage looked towards the Konoha Nin.

"I insist you all stay in the hotels for another day. I wish to speak with Naruto-kun and catch up a bit, I hope that this agreement is suitable for you all," The Karura said kindly, to which Kakashi nodded.

"That and me and my nephew have a lot to catch up on," Said a calm voice. The group looked to the window to see the strongest Nin in Suna perched up on the windowsill with a plain face before a small smirk appeared.

Sasori Uzumaki of the Red sand. Naruto's uncle and Kushina's Brother. S-class Nin of Suna.

Kakashi fainted.

(Hotel -Four Hours Later)

The Konoha Nin set up their room arrangements with the females in one, the males in another. The rooms were like houses as there were various beds and bathes to accommodate the group.

Currently, in the female room, was Tenten and Hinata in the hotel room. Kurenai had went to grab dinner for the girls.

Tenten said nothing as she put her stuff down. Finally she sighed and silently stepped out of the hotel room. Hinata sat on the bed wide awake and saw her leave but thought nothing of it.

Then she let curiosity get the better of her and she arose and soon followed to see where she was going.

(Hotel Roof)

"So, this scroll is the best chakra control training techniques ever?" said Naruto as he looked at the techniques described and knew his mother would be having a field day with him once she got the scroll.

"Precisely, now, tell me about sister. Is she still mad that I didn't visit for Christmas?" asked Sasori as he ran his hand through his red hair and looked at his nephew.

"Well, she did say that she would slash a hole into your favorite puppet and then beat you with it until your arm would have to be replaced with a puppet, something along those lines," Said Naruto as he chuckled at Sasori's pale expression.

"Hn, well, she won't have to worry anymore, I'll be there for the Chunin exams. Now, we'll finish taking tomorrow, you have a friend making her way towards you. Ja ne." Sasori did some other hand signals that Naruto recognized quite easily before he blurred off into a weird display of a puppet falling apart and disappearing into dust.

"Weird family members I have wouldn't you say Tenten?" said Naruto as he stood up and brushed his pants before facing a very serious looking Tenten.

It didn't fit her character.

"What's wrong?"

Tenten said nothing.

Naruto walked up to her and touched her shoulder softly.

"Tenten-chan…are you…" Naruto words were interrupted as Tenten swung on him, her fist crashing into his jaw before he staggered back, in a flurry of movements, Tenten grabbed a scroll on her left hip with her left hand, tossed it in the air and unraveled it with her right, pulling out two huge black metal daggers before her scroll snapped back into place, Tenten rushed Naruto at high velocity and came at him with a downwards slash, to which Naruto dodged, a bit shocked at this sudden attack. His sword formed into Megumi, who looked at the scene to the side of it, not offering to help Naruto at all.

"Tenten what are you…" Naruto couldn't finish because she began swinging and stabbing at him faster and faster, so his body went into auto pilot.

Dodge left, dodge backwards, move right arm, move left leg, dodge to the right, jump upwards, kawarimi with fallen shiruken, grab shiruken, dodge, grab her!

"WHAT ARE YOU…?" Naruto's voice dropped as he seen her suddenly start giggling with her hand covering her mouth. Naruto was extremely confused. Why was she laughing?

Suddenly, Tenten threw her hands in the air and laughed out loud. Naruto was confused.

"What was that for?" Asked Naruto.

Tenten shook her head while still giggling.

" Nothing. Just wanted to see how much you have been improving. You are something else," Said Tenten suddenly as she slapped his face twice.

"I want to do some training, but I know we are supposed to be escorting teams to Konoha so I figured I get some swings in while I still can," Said Tenten as she shrugged her shoulders.

Naruto raised an eyebrow but shook his head.

" Weirdo,"

Tenten laughed.

"It takes one to know one," She said.

Naruto nodded his head before looking around.

"Want to go explore the village?" He asked suddenly.

Tenten smiled and ran towards the ledge.

"Last one to the ground has to buy everything," She then jumped.

"HEY! YOU CHEATED," Naruto yelled as he chased her off the roof top. As he disappeared from view, Hinata, who had seen the whole encounter from behind the roof door, jumped as a voice sounded out suddenly.

"You know, spying on two talking Genin on the hotel roof makes you a stalker hime princess," A voice whispered behind Hinata, causing her to jump and get into a defensive stance.

How did he know about the Hyuga blind spot? Furthermore, when did he create a clone?

"What do you want?" Naruto said suddenly as he folded his arms and leaned against the wall.

"Nothing you need to know. I'll take my leave," Hinata said coldly as she turned away and made her way down the steps.

"You know, I heard a rumor saying you have a grudge against me. Is that true?" Naruto suddenly asked.

Hinata paused in her steps and faced him. Should she reply was her question, but she finally decided to humor his sudden question.

"It's not a grudge. It is simply an issue I have with you not taking being a Shinobi serious," She said calmly.

"So what? You want me to walk around all smug and straight faced like…well… you?" Asked Naruto.

"No. I do not, I want you to stop playing around with these females and stop hiding your skill and be a mature Uzumaki clan member like your cousins. You have just graduated the academy yet you still flirt your life away and act a fool, wasting away time to train by taking these 'girls' on dates and neglecting your strength. It makes me sick, it makes me angry and I do not like you because of it," Said Hinata as she looked him dead in the eyes.

Naruto was silent before closing his eyes.

"Did you know that I have been training for over four years, every single day. Three hundred and sixty five days nearly twenty- four hours, seven days a week. I have gotten sword cuts, I have been poisoned, I have lost teeth, blood, been paralyzed, burned, cut, stabbed, frozen and more. So yes, I fool around, and yes I do not train all the time, that is because all I have been doing is training. Do not act as if you know my life, because you don't," Said Naruto as he glared at her.

Hinata said nothing and the two stared at one another before she giggled.

"Maybe I underestimated you. But the fact remains you still need to take being a shinobi serious. You think life is sweet when it is not. At the same time, your statement is also true for my life, you know nothing. Nothing about the harsh world of the Shinobi, you are nothing but a petulant , spoiled and sheltered brat, sure you have gotten training from your mother, uncle, godfather and more, but it means little to nothing when you are out there in the cold world, dying from bloodloss and unable to seek help, so spare me the little training story you have went through and get your priorities in order," Said Hinata in closing as she walked away.

But she definitely froze for a minute when Naruto spoke up again, to the point that she turned around and attacked him.

"I would rather live life sweet instead of confused and unsure of what you are born for. That seal must be a pain to have, not knowing about your childhood and all. Should we all show pity and sympathy to the poor Hinata of the Branch clan house, with her seal on her forehead and seal over her heart, both unable to be taken off. But you're right, I have been shelthered. I have no experience and I am nothing but a child in the world. But so what? Do not worry about my lifestyle, get yours together first, I will be just fine. How have the visions you been having going by the way?"

Hinata screamed in a blind rage and rushed Naruto, punching him in the face and sending a brutal palm strike to the chest of Naruto, watching without surprise as the mud clone fell to the floor.

Breathing hard and trying to calm down, there was only one question on her mind.

'How does he know about my curse?' were her thoughts as she headed to the hotel room to dwell on this development.

(The next day)

The group decided to leave for Konoha that evening so the group went off to look around the village and buy souvenirs for their families.

Sasuke and Shino however, were silently shaking ever since last night. This made Kiba a little intrigued as to what would make the silent emotionless Aburame so amused.

The Inuzuka made his way over to the Uchiha and Aburame and asked what the deal was.

After a few hushed whispers, the group heard a howl of laughter; chuckles and snickers as everyone looked on to see the three holding onto each other and shaking with laughter.

"Something funny?" said Naruto as he stepped out of the room, coincidentally, the same time Hinata stepped out as well. The three looked at Naruto, then Hinata, and began chuckling again before walking away.

The group split up as Sasuke, Kiba and Shino headedout to go find something to do and meet other females (Kiba's idea) Kakashi and Kurenai went off to a restaurant to eat which left Naruto, Hinata and Tenten.

Naruto shook his head before putting his hands in his pocket and striding over towards the Kazekage tower to visit the Sabaku family and make small talk.

"You girls coming?" he asked suddenly as he looked at the two before walking off. Tenten soon followed, wrapping her arm around Naruto's on the way. Hinata was silent before finally sighing and deciding to follow the boy and his lackey.

(Sabaku Residence)

Naruto calmly walked up to the gate after being told by the guards at the tower that they were all home for the day, even the Kage. Naruto rang the doorbell before the door was open and a kunai was tossed at him.

Naruto grabbed the kunai and growled.

"Oh, hello Naruto-san. Didn't know you were coming, thought you were an enemy," Said Gaara as he sat down on a couch and sipped on tea.

The house was huge. The minute they walked inside, they were in a massive lobby that was bigger than a training ground. Directly in front of them were steps that led to one big door at the top and two hall ways on the other side leading to rooms. The floors were tiled in a beige color and the walls were all red with countless battle fans and swords aligned all over. On the left side of them was a huge dining room with black leather seats and tea sets, on the right was a huge kitchen.

Naruto smiled as he threw the kunai back at him.

"Sure, sure, whatever you say," Naruto said with a smirk, he wouldn't let Gaara get him riled up.

"You know… The Katana you got looks horrible in your hands, maybe I should have it, you know, since I'm way better then handling a sword then you'll ever be," Gaara said calmly, inwardly laughing at his friend's irritated face.

"Or…Maybe your sword is compensating for something eh? Naruto-kun," Gaara said, cocky smirk on his face as he sipped his tea.

"One, you're the one with the 'big' sword, you probably can't even swing it around any , you shouldn't talk about lower regions when all you've been doing since I've arrived here is try to touch me, I'm not your sword so I don't swing that way, thirdly and lastly, don't let my sword fool you. I assure you butcher knife, I can beat you with ease, I just choose not to. Besides, why step on an ant to get to the picnic table?" said Naruto with a smirk, satisfied with his rebuttal.

"Cut it out, it's early in the morning and you two are making me irritated," said Kankurro.

"As you wish; so, what did you eat this morning...boy? Was it that disgusting squid-like meal of piss you call ramen?"asked Gaara with a smirk, knowing it was the final piece pulled to crash the wooden pieces.

It did.

That comment alone was enough to get Naruto riled up. Killer intent rolled off the blonde in waves as he growled.

No one… talked bad about Ramen.


"You keep egging me on you idiot! Fine! You want a fight! You got a fight!"

"Where?" asked Gaara as in a second his cup was down and his sword out.

Naruto's face morphed into a manic grin.


Naruto whipped out his sword from behind him and rushed Gaara, the females watching on in anticipation of the fight.

In the middle of the room , Naruto parried a sword strike from a grinning Gaara, bloodlust leaking off of the two.

"Your guard is weak," Said Naruto as he kicked him in his shin and sent a downward slash, Gaara rolled away and slashed upwards, Naruto blocking with his sword before the two began slashing and swinging, dodging and parrying in rapid succession.

Finally, the two blocked and struggled to get the upper hand.

Naruto smiled.

"Do you even know what's about to happen?" he said in a dark tone.

Suddenly Naruto held his leg up and yelled.

"YOU ABOUT TO GET KICKED IN YO CHEST!" Naruto yelled as he sent Gaara flying to the other side of the room before sending two fingers across his blade, red chakra following his movement.

"This is it! Phoenix Slash!" A red beam of crescent-shaped light went flying at Gaara, who smirked and held one finger up.

"Tanuki Roar!" out of his finger, a huge chakra with the face of a Tanuki sent itself into the crescent beam before crashing into each other, shaking the room.

Hinata, Tenten and Kankuro were in awe of the power shown by the two, all three never seen that move being done.

The room suddenly became really windy as the big door upstairs flew open, almost sending the doors off the hinges. The Kazekage was awake.

She was not happy.

"GAARA! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT FIGHTING INSIDE OF THE HOUSE!" yelled Karura as she glided down and grabbed his sword awake from him, which soon materialized into a small brat with black hair and green eyes with a multicolored hat, yellow shirt, navy blue shorts and red and white sneakers.

"Karura-sama, I told him it was not a good idea but he wouldn't listen to me."

"Shukaku, shut up!" hissed Gaara, as he began shaking in fear at his mother; he forgot what happened when she was interrupted from her beauty rest.

"Not to use any beams of chakra or damage the walls…" mumbled Gaara.

"Yet you disobeyed my orders and sent out a chakra beam when you know you could have absorbed the chakra beam instead. As such you will be punished," Karura smiled wickedly as Gaara paled.

Naruto, throughout the whole idea, was nowhere to be found. Tenten was wondering however, when did she have a second weapon…pouch?

Yugito closed her eyes and threw the pouch to the floor, which poofed back into the hiding Naruto.

"Don't run baka. Nobody told you to fight inside the house," She said with a smirk.

Gaara screamed and the group sweat dropped as they witnessed his punishment.

A huge kiss mark was on his forehead.

For a fourteen year old, that was death. What made it worst was that the mark wouldn't disappear for twenty-four hours.

Naruto nervously chuckled.

"So, how was everyone's morning?" Said Naruto with a grin.