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The groups of Konoha and Suna Nin were traveling at a nice and leisure pace towards Konoha. Throughout the entire trip, the Jounin sensei's had to deal with both Naruto and Gaara having words back and forth, or the chuckling trio every time Naruto would say something flirtatious to Hinata.

Finally, the group stopped for a break in a big and open field near to Fire Country. Naruto smiled… who could he bother right now?

Sasuke? He did that everyday… Temari, he already got a date out of her when they reached Konoha, he had training with Tenten next week, Kurenai? Nah, he didn't feel bothering her at this moment. Maybe in a few miles. Who did that…leave…?

Naruto zeroed in to Hinata…

Or her hair… and how it blew in the wind in slow motion.

Her midnight blue hair had grown out and she put them both in two big braids that stopped mid back. At the ends were to ribbons, but he was sure she wouldn't remember where she got it from.

Naruto chuckled evilly. Time to pepper her up some more… like a panther stalking its prey, Naruto slowly glided over to Hinata. Patiently waiting before striking… ten paces… eight paces… six…four…two…and…

Hinata's eyes bulged out.

"What do you want Naruto-san?" she said suddenly as Naruto was in the air about to pounce on her. She had seen him watching her ever since they asked for a break. His movements were silent… very silent. If she didn't have her Byakugan on at that moment she would have never knew he was there.

Naruto slowly came down out of the air and coughed to break the awkwardness.

Smiling, he made his way towards Hinata.

"I like your braided hair Hinata… it brings out your eyes… did anyone ever tell you that? Tell me now because I'll kill them for telling you first," Said Naruto, his eyes turning a bit red at the end of his sentence before smiling again.

Hinata sighed this had gone on long enough and quite frankly she was a bit tired… he had been like this ever since the first day at the academy, where he proclaimed his love for her in the middle of the classroom.

The fool…

That was only the beginning. Every day he would bring in a rose and place it behind her ear without her even knowing. She had begun having her Byakugan on every day before class. She learned a lot about detecting small movements from him, though she would never tell him that.

Enough about that thought… it was time to settle this foolishness once and for all.

"Naruto-san…" She said seriously. Naruto raised an eyebrow at the tone...when was the last time she ever called out to him? Probably that one time before she struck him in his gut… that hurt…somewhat…

She turned towards him fully and said two words that caused everyone in the circumference to stop walking and taking.

"Let's talk."

Slowly, everybody that knew Hinata, faltered… and Naruto's eyes were the size of dish plates. The entire field was silent before Naruto talked.


'Megumi… I'm scared.'

'I know Naruto-kun… me too….'

Naruto could only guess what was about to occur as he followed Hinata out of the area.

(Riverside- Fire Country)

Hinata walked towards the water and calmly took her ninja shoes off before putting her feet in the water and sighing in contentment. It was time to get her answers.

"Naruto, why do you continue your advances towards me, despite me telling you relentlessly that your efforts are all for naught?" Hinata asked calmly, not looking at him.

Naruto said nothing before sitting down next to her and dipping his feet into the water.

"Is there really a reason to want to annoy you?" he said seriously as he looked at their reflection.

The two just sat there looking at the area and fish around their feet before Naruto continued.

"I'm sure you get called princess, and get treated with the most respect of your branch house, I'm sure you get called honorary this and people are tight lipped around you. Well, in all honesty…I don't care about those foolish titles… I don't care about your clan or your history, or why you are the way you are. The only thing I care about…" Naruto stretched his hand out and a bunch of water formed at his hands before morphing into a figurine shape of Hinata in her clan stance.

"Is you…" He finished his sentence by blowing on the figurine, turning it into strong ice and putting it in her lap. Putting his hands in his pocket and slipping his feet back into the sandals, he made his way back to the campsite as he was sure that was the only question in her mind. Stopping for a bit, he spoke his final sentence, before heading back.

"I won't stop… until I get you Hinata… that's a promise… and I don't intend to break it anytime soon. So prepare yourself… Hi-bana( Sparks)" Naruto walked away with his head up and arms behind his head, leaving Hinata to her thoughts.

Suddenly her head hurt as she recalled images…

"See this Hinata?"

Electricity sparked in their hands

"This is electricity… bright, fierce and powerful…the element...is hard to control... unpredictable...wild...but strong and elegant at the same time...this... this is what you are… you're going to be my Hi-bana…heh heh, just don't spark me…"

Hinata shook her head before staring at the ice figurine in her hands…

Despite her ugly facade, she thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

(Konoha Gates)

The groups finally arrived to the village gates to find the gates freshly painted and a bunch of decorations put up.

"They are really going all in for this exams aren't they?" said Sasuke to Naruto as they walked closer to the gate.

"You're not lying…" Naruto and Sasuke began twitching before their manly nature kicked in.


"So, what do you want to bet this time around that I'd win the entire exam?" said Naruto with a grin, to which Sasuke smirked back.

"You know what must be done then…"

"I do… let us wager…"

With a head nod, the two silently walked to the corner to see what they can trade.

Once they reached a nice area to discuss, Naruto and Sasuke were silent as they began thinking of what they would put up...

"Icha Icha Paradise book four, with the signature for Jiraiya and 10,000 Ryo," Said Naruto with a straight face.



"Does it include the pictures in this edition?"

"In color? Yes it does.

"So be it, I'll put up the Special edition Icha Icha Paradise: Teacher's Pet, in addition to 10,000 Ryo as well" Said Sasuke as he pulled the book out of his pouch.

"Alright we got a … is that…Suzumi-sensei…and… Itachi?" said Naruto suddenly, eyes wide and in shock.

Sasuke blushed and looked away.

"She wanted to keep him for extra studying... don't ask me questions about it…" Sasuke turned around and swiftly walked away fast before Naruto could get any ideas.

"Hey, wait up, what happened afterwards… I'm your friend! I won't tell a soul…even if I was the one who wrote that book…" Naruto mumbled with an evil grin.

(Konoha Bathing Houses)

Jiraiya suddenly remembered the day he left Naruto with the scroll for his half written work.

The boy was a genius… He made Jiraiya proud to have a grandson like that.

Now, back to research.

Before he could though, he had a person to address.

"How are you? Still peeping on woman like an old perverted geezer who can't get none,"

A pale face man stood right next to the still crouched Jiraya and looked dead at him.

Unperturbed, Jiraiya continued peaking.

"I'm doing well. Not touching little boys and girls to do research with might I add."

The two said nothing before chuckling and sitting down next to each other.

"Move over, I heard the ANBU were coming today,"

"Really?" Asked Jiraiya surprised.

"Yeah, I work in that department after all," Said Orochimaru with a chuckle.

The two froze as they felt killer intent slowly coming upon them.

"Dude… do not tell me Tsunade was with them," Jiraiya said fearfully.

Orochimaru said nothing before closing his eyes and looking at Jiraiya.

"Tsunade was not with them,"

The two jumped and turned around when they found Tsunade and Kabuki , captain of the ANBU force with a full squadron of over twenty ANBU woman all armed to the tee.

"Not, me not now ninja," Said Orochimaru and Jiraiya at the same time as they both broke up into earth and mud clones respectively.

Tsunade was silent before turning to Kabuki.

"The anti-pervert seals are amazing. Good work Kabuki,"

Said ANBU captain nodded her head in agreement. It definitely was a success.

(Back To The Group)

The groups split up to either go to the Hokage tower to fill out the complete mission details or off to find a hotel to stay at.

Naruto offered to walk the Subaku's to their hotel, waving his goodbyes, as Tenten had to go to the tower for another assignment, the group of four headed off to stay at 'The Flowing Tree Inn' for a week before the exams officially begun.

Making small talk with the group, Naruto found out the reason why their Sensei wasn't there with them.

He was on a mission. His uncle also said he had a mission and would be in Konoha for the exams. Naruto figured that it was a group mission thing and that he would meet their Sensei in a week and then hang out some more with his uncle.

Arriving at the inn, the group turned to say their good-byes.

"Don't forget my date Naruto-kun," said Temari sweetly as she crossed her arms. Suddenly demonic chakra began flowing through her, changing her appearance a bit as an aura of dark blue began wrapping around her.

"You better take me to the best restaurant in Konoha and then take me to a nice walk… or else…" with that, the demonic chakra faded and the jinchuuriki turned around and made her way to the inn, leaving a shivering Naruto.

"Weird demon carriers…the whole lot of them," mumbled Naruto.

"Good luck playboy, I'll be laughing when you come back in a sand pen," said Kankuro.

"Yeah yeah, stuff it you doll playing kleptomaniac," said Naruto as he wiped ear wax out of his ear, ignoring the growling Kankuro.

"I shall see you in a week Naruto," Said Gaara as he held his hand out. Naruto smiled as he accepted it. Even though they were rivals, they still considered the other to be friends and would die for one another.

"I'll crush you if we fight at these exams you know that right?" said Naruto as bloodlust began leaking out of him.

"I'll enjoy bashing you face in until your crimson blood drips all over the village floor," replied Gaara calmly, equally leaking killer intent.

The two suddenly stopped their flow and let go of squeezing each other's hands.

"Stay safe…" Naruto said suddenly.

"Stay strong…" replied Gaara as he walked inside the inn.

Naruto smiled as he remembered the swordsman quote they came up with when they both picked up swordsmanship.

"Stay swordsman…"

(Uzumaki Residence)

Naruto entered the house to see Rin and Kushina at the table sipping tea and talking about whatever women talked about.

"Kaa-san… I have arrived home," said Naruto as he bowed before sitting down.

"So how is Karura?" asked Kushina, the two had met and shared many tips about raising their kids as the Kage stayed at their house for the week as Temari got her seal fixed by Jiraiya.

"She is well… Now, Rin-chan… when are you going to forgive Kakashi-sensei for not returning you affections until eight years ago? You know he still has the roses he gave you that night before you left for your mission right? Anyway, I have to get ready for my…date," said Naruto cryptically.

Kushina nodded with a smirk.

"Have fun, and I'll know if you did something fourteen years old shouldn't. You won't have a sword to cut anything if I find out you have you understand sweetie?" said Kushina in a sweet tone with a Genjutsu of screams and death behind her.

"U-understood… gottagobye!" Naruto crumbled into a mud Bunshin.

"He's getting better, he switched the minute you blinked," Said Rin as she sipped her tea.

"Yeah…maybe I shouldn't have let him learn that jutsu… too much of a mess to clean up...oh well, he does have a point… what's taking you so long to forgive Kakashi?" said Kushina suddenly, making Rin sweat.

"Well…the thing is…"

"Yes…" said Kushina leaning in…

Rin blushed before putting her tea down and sighed... now came the hard part.

"I already forgave him… before he left for the mission to Suna…and…"

"Good, that's good to hear, now he can finally stop moping about and drinking all of my sake…that brat," Mumbled Kushina as she sipped her tea.

To spit it out as Rin finished her sentence.

"I'm now pregnant."

The room was silent as the clock in the background ticked before the voices spoke.


"WHAT HAPPENED!" Naruto flashed back into the room wearing a Khaki jacket over a white button down shirt with matching khaki slacks and brown shoes.

"You look so handsome sweetie… anyway, RIN-CHAN IS PREGNANT!," Yelled Kushina as she smiled at the blushing woman.

Naruto paled.

"Then that means…" Naruto's cheeks filled up and his eyes began watering before he let go a booming laugh to which Kushina soon began joining.

"Kakashi? A father? HA!" Naruto said as his face began turning read.

"Could you imagine how late the kid will come?" said Kushina as she began holding her stomach and chuckling.

"Sorry I'm late mother… I had to help you push before realizing the umbilical cord was wrapped around my leg so I had to unwrap it but here I am now…"Mocked Naruto as he was suddenly a mixture of Rin and Kakashi with a miniature face mask and lazy eyed look.

Rin grumbled.

"Uzumaki families…"

(Hyuga Residence)

The training post was shattered beyond reorganization.

Hit after hit decimated the wood to nothing before moving on to the next one.

A realization of your chakra affinity and a couple of hits here and there and the Jyuken was a deadly mix.

But to have an affinity with both fire and water?

That was unheard of.

Hinata Hyuga was a prodigy, always training hard in the perfection of her affinity. She was almost able to create electricity from the sky with each strike. The first couple of tries had to be supervised as she almost killed herself.

Hiashi could not have been more proud.

Hinata was the strongest of the family…

The Branch Families number one prodigy.

Oh how Hanabi looked up to her sister… she too would be something special, already learning Kaiten at such a young age.

Her mother trained them with love and affection, but for Hinata, her mask was firmly in place.

Never show weakness. Never give up, never let the Main family know you were weak. Hold your head high.

As the strongest of the branch, she was supposed to be married off to Neji, the strongest of the Main and his brother Hizashi's son. But it was not to be… as much as the elders tried to change the arrangement, it was set in stone.

Once Hinata Hyuga became a Chunin level, she would be married off to Uzumaki Naruto.

Better known as the Son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, Nephew to Uzumaki Sasori of The Red Sands, Godson to Jiraiya and Tsunade the Sannin and Grandson of one man on his father's side who's name struck fear in the hearts of many.

The boy was destined of great things.

Including removing his daughter of the curse seal on her forehead.

The caged bird would be free with this arrangement.

But the time had come for the meeting.

"I'll be back," Said Hiashi suddenly. Hinata nodded before continuing her training. His wife nodding before whispering words that only he could read.

Not knowing Hinata learned the way lips moved as well.

'He must not fail his mission…'

Hinata stored that information, she would soon find out who this person was.

(Uchiha residence)

Naruto rang the door bell and waited patiently for the door to be opened.

As it was, Naruto smiled as he looked dead into the eyes of the one man he was never able to beat, even when he went full power.

Uchiha Itachi. The prodigy of the clan and big brother to Sasuke, he was also to be the next clan head the minute he turned eighteen in two months.

He would probably kill him for what he was about to say.

But Naruto loved getting him riled up. He was the only one to do such a thing whenever he could seeing as how Shushi Uchiha still had that mission in Kiri.

"Itachi! How are you? Is your mother ready yet, we have reservations for 8:30. I don't want to be late," Naruto said with a grin.

Itachi's eyes slowly widened. Was that the reason his mother was giggling and getting dressed up? Was she really going out with his little brother's best friend?

"What are you hiding Naruto?" said Itachi suddenly, hands slowly going towards his kunai pouch.

"Nothing…nothing at all… though I wonder," Said Naruto as he grinned a perverted smile.

"What is your mother hiding behind all of that…clothing?" Naruto chuckled as Itachi began tossing kunai at him, dodging with grace.

He never left his spot, simply turning with his waist.

"We also have a hotel reservation… don't stay up late… you won't see her until the morning," Said Naruto with a laugh as Itachi began swinging at him, the hits were nonexistent as Naruto kept dodging with a nice grin plastered on his face.

"How does Mikoto Uzumaki sound?" said Naruto suddenly. Itachi stopped swinging and started shaking with his eyes closed before opening his eyes to reveal his Mangekyou Sharingan.

"Prepare yourself… Tsuki…"

"ITACHI! No eyes… not on my date," Said a heavenly voice. All heads turned around before eyes widened and mouths opened on both sides.

There standing in a beautiful purple dress, showing her hourglass figure, length of the dress stopping mid thigh into some high heel red pumps with a small purse and her black hair shining under the light, red lip gloss and purple blush on her cheeks was Mikoto Uchiha.

"Are we ready to go Naruto-kun?" said Mikoto as she walked up to the boy, who with his growth spurt, was up to her neck as she had high heels on.

"Of course… as always, a pleasure Itachi," Said Naruto with a grin as he held his arm out, to which Mikoto took as they walked out of the clan house making small talk, laughing and chuckling away.

Sasuke would find Itachi glued to that spot hours later after hanging out and training with Kiba.

(Restaurant Alleyway)

Naruto and Mikoto made their way towards the side entrance before being allowed entrance into the back. They then made their way down a flight of steps before arriving into total darkness.

With a quick fire jutsu, fire appeared on Mikoto's fingers as she came upon a seal. Channeling chakra into it, both of them heard the seal fade away before the wall silently crumbled away revealing a chamber with seats that rose to the top of the room. This was one of the locations of secret meeting between Konoha clan members. This was the exact place where the Fourth Hokage was determined, where secret S-class meeting were held in addition to what was about to take place.

Sitting in the chamber was Hyuga Hiashi at the moment, patiently waiting for to assign Naruto's next mission.

Naruto was stronger than most Genin. As such, the Sandaime assigned him special Genin, meaning he could take up missions solo for clan members. As of now, his mission during the academy was to get all the clan heads to be stronger. He had achieved each objective through 'underneath the underneath' methods such as:

Almost 'killing' Uchiha Sasuke, awakening his Sharingan eye.

Challenging Nara Shikamaru to long hours of Shogi, while dodging kunai thrown from Yoshino Nara for an extra… 'spice'. This produced a higher thinking rate for the lazy genius, which worked out for the better. In addition to putting some…special things in his meals, Shikamaru was one of the most unlaziest Nara's in the entire clan.

Taunting Haruno clan members Sakura relentlessly about her forehead to get her taijutsu and stamina up while dodging her.

Lifting weights with Akimichi Chouji to build strength and endurance in exchange for rare brands of potato chips.

Detection training with Hyuga Hinata… highly successful range now stretching from twenty meters to over one hundred... this was after one year at the academy.

Communication skills with Shino through the usage of holding bugs and having him work out methods of talking about them.

Harsh interrogation with Yamanaka Ino about who he liked, then harsh endurance training after stealing her first kiss...and second…and third…and fourth.

She stopped fighting of course. (Inoichi still wanted him dead…he got that a lot from female's dads)

Detection training with Kiba… Naruto simply hugged Hana or Tsume, riling up Kiba daily into a chase, leading him all over the village. It was extremely fun to see him get riled up...and to hug his mother and sister... they were hot! He could now detect his mother from almost halfway across the village.

His next mission however, would prove to be a bit challenging…

"Uzumaki Naruto. Your next mission is to protect my Daughter Hinata and Mikoto's son Sasuke. Furthermore, if you are paired up, which we have no doubt of it, you must defeat Hinata Hyuga in battle. And only you," said Hiashi sternly.

Naruto was silent, already accepting the mission in his mind. But he had one question. With a raise of an eyebrow, Hiashi nodded, giving him the signal to talk.

"Why is that? I mean… I've never see her fight more harshly against the boys against the academy, I always figured there was a reason behind that…" said Naruto, trailing off at the end at Mikoto's chuckle.

"Naruto-kun…it's simple. The person who defeats Hinata Hyuga in battle becomes her husband."


Naruto ate his rice in an almost mechanical fashion.

Marry? If a future clan head defeated her in battle, the way her clan wished to get rid of her was to marry her off to that person?

What if Sasuke beat her in battle? (Naruto bristled at that before realizing Sasuke was not aiming to be a clan head)

What if Ino did? (Naruto giggled perversely)

But the fact of the matter was, he now understood furthermore the way she was besides the fact that was learned in the beginning of the academy.

"Naruto-kun…you look so concerned. There is nothing to worry about," said Mikoto as she lifted his chin up. After the mission parameters, the two actually did go to the restaurant to eat, the waiter shocked at the age difference as Mikoto was at least half of Naruto's age. Even if he was reassured it was just a friendly dinner…the way they were dressed said otherwise.

"Just a bit bothered by that is all… sorry Mikoto-hime… how was your day?"

The two talked until the restaurant was empty with those two, discussed missions, life, friends, Sasuke's hidden habits, such as sleeping with a kitten, Itachi's pocky addiction, joking about how Kushina would kill them if they were to really go out, how Itachi getting mad was funny… the topics kept going.

"So Naruto-kun how's the training going in getting to the second form of Megumi?" asked Mikoto, who knew all about his sealing.

Naruto sighed.

"The way the sword works is so weird… First, I had to mentally bond with the sword, which I did when I was four… she was trying to tell me her name, but I couldn't hear it. Me and Kaa-san learned …heh…that I have to get put into a near death state for the sword to fully be utilized as I learned her name once I turned eight…after my mother almost killed me…heh…" Naruto took a sip of his sake, feeling a bit tipsy (the room was spinning and Mikoto looked like she had angel wings on her back and he couldn't feel his face) he continued.

"Then…hee hee… once I got her name down I said… words that came to me quite easily… 'Roar for me…Kyuubi.' And it changed into a katana… it used to be a large dagger, so that was cool. From here… I have to learn the partial release and then the full release. But that won't happen until I prove myself to Megumi," finished Naruto as he looked into his empty sake cup before refilling it.

"I just want to protect the people I have grown to care for… that is all I want to use my power to do… whoever comes to take them away from me…I won't let them while I'm still breathing," Naruto said with conviction. Mikoto looked at him with admiration in her eyes before smiling…

"I believe you will get what you want achieved. I have full faith in you Naruto-kun. You will be something great. I want to be one of the ones to see it," Said Mikoto, cheeks a bit red at her confession.

Naruto… let's be honest, he was drunk. So was Mikoto. So saying things like that at this moment wasn't a good idea…

Naruto looked into her eyes… and fell into her black orbs.

"Your eyes… they are so dark…buh pure… dey reminds me of swimming through the ocean late at night…" Naruto slurred suddenly.

Mikoto blushed and chuckled, her yes glimmering under the lights.

"Let's get out of here…" she whispered as she got up… the two walked off into the night leaning on one another and chuckling on their way to the Uchiha clan house…

Or not.

(Clan House hours later)

The walk was funny to say the least. They got lost twice, ran into another drunk group, chatted about troublesome interrogation and food, and kicked three alley cats. Then they actually came across a lake, and went swimming.

Yugito would kill him once she found out about the cats though...oh well.

They silently entered the house, knowing both sons were asleep but would wake up with the slightest of movements.

But Naruto learned how to move silently since he was five in order to get back in time before his mother killed him when he went on ramen feasts.

Naruto walked Mikoto up to her room and tried to put her on the bed gently only to fall over and land on top of her.

Silently laughing and putting his finger to her lips to silence her, Naruto froze once his finger made contact. His breathing became hard and his blue eyes bore into her black eyes.

If they were sober, they would realize how wrong this was… how this could be considered breaking the clan laws if it went any further then what they were about to do…

Their lips touched...and they would have continued...

But they both knew better than that, even when their brain wasn't functioning properly.

"We can't do this…" Naruto said silently.

"I know… but just… just stay one night… I just want to be held…" Mikoto whispered. Naruto nodded his head. He didn't see a woman desperate to have wild sex and neither did he see a broken shell. All he seen, was a woman in need of a friend to comfort her. So as Naruto removed his coat and shoes, also removing her shoes, and climbed into bed, wrapping his arms around her, in his mind, he had no regrets.

Well…maybe a few…

"That's not my waist Naruto-kun,"


'Ok…now I have no regrets…'

The two fell into a deep dreamless sleep. For Mikoto, it was the first one in years since her husband's death... she felt comforted, relaxed and... happy.

The two had no problems... but for Naruto... He should have been worried.

At three in the morning, since she was little... Mikoto's hands moved on their own accord.

Poor Naruto.

Naruto was running . The reason why he was running?

Simply was because of two Uchiha's.

How was he supposed to know that they came in to wish their mother bye every day before they started the day together?

It wasn't like he did anything wrong with her? He just slept in bed…wrapped around one another…

Ok… he understood their anger…especially with what she had on…

What he didn't understand was…


As he said that, fifteen shiruken appeared in front of him, paper on each end, with fire appearing soon after causing him to somersault over them and continue running.


"Come back here and face me like a man!" said Itachi as he continued running, he throwing shuriken, Sasuke sending fireballs right after him.

Mikoto forgot to mention one very important fact before they nodded off.

She liked skin to skin contact.

Poor Naruto.

(One week Later)

The day was there. The Chunin exams were finally here. Naruto smiled as he leaned on the wall to the door leading them into the examination room. He was already on the third floor next to Kakashi as he didn't feel like dealing with Sasuke trying to kill him. It's already been a week and the two brothers didn't allow him to see their mother at all.

Didn't stop him from relentlessly taunting them about how he could be their new stepdad.

Naruto smiled but grimaced.

"So the black eye Itachi gave you hasn't come down yet," said Kakashi, face in a parenting book.

"Nope… didn't see the punch coming…nor the fact that you're taking this father thing seriously. Good job. See she actually did burn the books," said Naruto, as he pulled out an Icha Icha Paradise and slipped it into Kakashi's pouch.

Hatake was silent.

"Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite student?" he asked suddenly.

Naruto patted him on the back as his two other teammates came finally.

"I know…I know. Keep it well hidden, may the force be with you," said Naruto as he nodded to Yugito and smirked at Sasuke.

"Ready to take this exam by storm my son?" said Naruto in a sagely voice.

Sasuke gave him a blank stare.

( One Scream and Two Seconds Later)

The Chunin hopefuls all jumped once they heard the door bang to see a tall blond hair boy wearing a white v neck sleeveless shirt with a few seals on his arms, white ninja slacks, gray tape wrapped around his lower shin into his white combat boots, with a sword behind his waist in a horizontal sheath and the standard kunai pouch , fly into the room before spinning in the air and landing in a crouch.

The room was silent as the doors closed and his teammates walked in, none of them seeing a pink hair Kunoichi enter alone.

Kakashi suddenly jumped.

"I forgot to tell them about their new teammate..." He shrugged his shoulders then blurred away with one final thought.

'Poor Sasuke.'

'FINALLY... THE TIME IS HERE! Remember your lines... This is my moment! I hope you're proud... Godfather.'

"From the sky… dropped an Adonis… pure and stronger than the usual man… quicker than a bolt of thunder, stronger then fifteen rhino's with a soldier pill…he had one objective. One mission. Be the best. With that being said...prepare for the handsome…the strong…the mighty…"

The lights dimmed and one spot light shown on Naruto as guitar strings began playing in the background. Naruto, suddenly with a rose in his mouth and a Kiri Kunoichi in his arms, smiled charmingly, causing women to blush and swoon. He put the rose behind the girls ear and slowly moved towards her. When their nose touched, he kissed the girl full on the lips. As he pulled away, he pulled out a notebook and put another dash on the paper.

'Girl number five...lucky me.'

He began speaking again.

"Naruto Uzumaki. The greatest Genin swordsman that ever lived; remember it baby," he then picked the girl up, who soon fainted, and handed her to a tall swordsman with jagged teeth and light blue hair who was looking at him in...Shock? Surprise? Anger? Naruto couldn't tell.

"When she wakes up, tell her to look for me after the exam… what's her name?"Said Naruto silently.

"You…you just swooned the Ice Princess of Kiri… her name is Haku," said the boy, his teammate also shocked.

Naruto smiled.

"Well…she's been thawed. I hope to fight you later in these exams my fellow swordsman...Suigetsu Momochi," Said Naruto as he put his hands in his pocket and walked back to his group, missing the apparent shock. How did he know his name? He then smiled. Strong people always knew stronger people.

He'd enjoy cutting him up whenever they fought.

Naruto made his way back over to his teammates, who were now trying to hide from him.

"Good throw Sasuke… you must admit, my improv skills are amazing," Said Naruto once he reached them.

"You fool, every man in here wants your head," growled Sasuke. Naruto looked at him with a blank look before grabbing Yugito's hand and holding his heart with his other hand.

"Well… as long as they don't take my Yugito-chan from me, I will have nothing to worry about," said Naruto with a confident grin. Yugito smiled.

"Well… looks like I'm about to go bye bye Naruto-kun, because of two things." She said sweetly…a bit too sweetly.

"Why is that… my cute kitten?" said Naruto slowly. Yugito pulled him into her before laying a harsh punch to the gut and whispering something in his ear, causing his eyes to widen, she then twisted his arm and chopped him in the neck, causing him to look up and groan. She finished by kicking him to the floor and stepping on his back.


Sasuke and Naruto were shocked… if she was just promoted to Chunin, then who…was…

Naruto smiled as he seen a figure move swiftly.

"Sakura-chan! How nice to see you!"

A hand grabbed Sasuke's face before licking the left side of his face and a soft whisper sent a shiver down his spine as arms wrapped around him.

"I'm back Sasuke-kun… and I'm all yours," purred a voice before kissing him on his neck repeatedly.

Sasuke closed his eyes and did something he had never done in years...

Sasuke prayed.


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