Far From Home


6 months later

Warren looked around the fantastic garden with its manicured trees and fragrant flowerbeds and anxiously tugged on his collar and tried to center himself. He felt so uncomfortable wearing the gleaming white robe and traditional Jedi tunic that he thought anyone a mile away could tell that he was an imposter. He was no Jedi—well, not really. Since discovering his Angel's mother's side of the family he had wholeheartedly tried to embrace the ways of the warrior. The Clan's strange acceptance of all things emotional seemed to work better for his former Sith frame of mind than they way of the Jedi. And oddly enough he discovered he had a great ally in resolving his emotional conflicts with both of Kiya's parents.

Obi-Wan was practically his new Master. Teaching him anything and everything Jedi and though he was a traditionalist at heart, he was actually very lenient about his past. Yet, Warren soon discovered that Obi-Wan's acceptance was beneficial to both of them. Apparently, Warren's reform was like Obi-Wan's because the elder Jedi still seemed to carry the height of Vader's fall. It mentally helped Ben to finally bury Anakin in his past by helping to save his former apprentice. And even though Warren didn't like being compared, he understood how his presence was healing.

Meanwhile, Lady Thrice proved to be a deceivingly harsh taskmaster who taught him the ways of warrior like a demon. The eerie-eyed beauty was a living contradiction of motherly affection and lording Mistress. He learned she didn't take anything from anyone, but oddly enough she only ever listened to her husband like a willing slave. Obi-Wan was right when he said he had a lot in common with his wife. She was a witch who knew darkness, but her loyalty was a pure as gold.

Force! He felt like he'd been adopted.

"Warren. There you are. Hurry it up, son or you'll miss your own wedding," said Ben.

"I—I'm not your son, Obi-Wan."

Ben smiled and patted Warren's shoulder while he ushered him towards the altar. "Well, you soon will be after today. Don't tell me you're getting cold feet?"

The Dark Knight shook his head. "No, it isn't that. I love Kiya. But, I'm just concerned that you see too much of Anakin when you look at me."

The Knight sighed. "Yes, I must confess that I do see much of the old Anakin in you, Warren, but I also realize that you are your own man. It's just that I can't help thinking of the sort of future you will have and the one Anakin didn't."

Warren gave his future father-in-law a glance and said, "I miss him too, Obi-Wan. I think you and I are the only ones left who really got to know him."

"Yes, indeed. And I am thankful we have that in common."

Suddenly, Lady Thrice ran up the two men and said, "Warren! There you are. We can't have a wedding without the groom, now can we?"

The Dark Knight smiled and gave the lady-warrior a bow. "No, we can't, Lady Thrice. I'll be the altar right away."

Warren then jogged towards the altar and got into position next his lovely veiled bride. Kiya was dressed white silk beaded gown with slit sleeves and a long train. Her raven hair was braided with white ribbons and a crown of flowers that set her sheen veil. Warren could see that his Angel was smiling brilliantly under the veil and her beautiful gray-blue eyes sparkled with joy. Without hesitation, Kiya raised her hands and together they held hands in front of the presiding holy man, Lord Blackswan. The mad scientist stood proudly dressed in shinning purple and gold robes. He gave young Warren a bow and smiled with self-satisfaction. He then picked up a mallet and struck a large bell that echoed throughout the garden in a great boom.

"Good people we are here today to bear witness to the union of Jedi Knight Warren Starling and Lady Kiya Kenobi. Today they make holy promise to pledge each other to the other in all things in mind, body and soul. And may the Great Spirit of the beyond bless you both with its eternal grace. Now, as one, repeat after me:

I do so pledge to give all that I am unto you,

We shall be one, now and until death

For you, I shall keep in my heart and my soul forever

"Warren, do you honor this vow?"

"I do."

"Lady Kiya, do you honor this vow?"

"I do."

Smiling, Lord Blackswan said, "Now, as head of the Blackswan Clan, I pronounce you both husband and wife."

Warren happily removed the thin veil off his Angel's head and leaned in to give her a tender kiss. A loud cheer came from the wedding party and the couple was then bombarded with handfuls and handfuls of multi-colored rose petals. The couple laughed and Warren tried to shield his new bride with his arm and pressed her to his chest as they slowly descended the altar.

However, someone caught Kiya's eye and she quickly shouted, "Jinn!" Then before she knew it she was swept up in her brother's embrace. The warrior hugged her tight and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"You look wonderful, darling. Congratulations to the both of you. I'm sure you and Warren will have a fantastic life together."

Teary eyed, Kiya smiled and kissed her brother's cheek and said, "Oh, Jinn. Thank you. I'm so happy I think I could burst."

The warrior laughed and moved to embrace Warren and shook his hand. "Warren, I'm counting on you."

"I know, thanks Jinn. Have you heard anything about the elder Warren?"

"Yes, as it happens I heard he has taken up a Padawan and his currently involved with a nurse from the Temple Medical Ward. He seems very content, though probably not as content as you two are."

"I'm happy for him," said Kiya. "But, I'm also looking forward to the reception and then the honeymoon on Paradise. Oh, it should be so wonderful this time of year. I love the forests so much."

Playfully, Warren wrapped his arms around Kiya's waist and said, "Hopefully, you love me more, Angel."

The lady-knight giggled girlishly and replied, "Oh, I love nothing more than I do you, Dark Knight."

The two shared a kiss while Jinn discreetly turned his head and flushed. He didn't practically like seeing his little sister make out with her new husband, but luckily he wasn't alone for long as his parents approached and greeting the couple along with several of the other wedding guests. It didn't take long after that that the wedding party made their way into the Great Hall and had the reception.

Lord Blackswan and Lady Thrice held nothing back for their special girl's big day. They decorated the hall with floating orbs of light and flowers were displayed everywhere along long white serving tables arranged to resemble a circle. Food and drink was plenty and dancers and singers were hired from off world to perform while the entire Clan were all dressed in their very best for the Lord's grand heiress.

Ben took in all the sights and spender and said, "The wedding was simple compared to the reception. It's like being at the wedding of a princess, not a Jedi Master's daughter. Why are all these dignitaries here?"

Smiling, Thrice replied, "Because, Sir Knight, Lady Kiya is the former apprentice of Grand Master Luke Skywalker. They came to make a good impression and besides, you aren't a nobody, love, you're the Great Obi-Wan Kenobi. Plus, my father, Lord Blackswan loves big events. I just can't wait until Jinn has his wedding."

Ben laughed and kissed his wife sweetly. "Oh, Milady. You need to have patience and wait until Jinn finds someone first. Though, Warren and Kiya do make a lovely couple and I'm sure you will not have to wait very long for future grandchildren."

The red-eyed beauty in surprise replied, "Well, isn't that a thought? Just think, you and me as grandparents. How amazing."


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