Author's Note: I wanted to do something silly and funny, but it ended up not being as funny as I intended. Somehow it ended up encapsulating the hopelessness of some of Charlie's (possible) feelings towards Ben Wade.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, unfortunately :(

The Outlaws' Little Alphabet

Charlie Prince

A is for angry, which I rarely am not,

B is for bastard, which I hear quite a lot.

C is for cheeky, it goes with my name,

D is for danger, my favourite game.

E is for effort that I eagerly give,

F is for fighting, the reason I live.

G is for guns, my favourite things,

H is for honesty and the pain that it brings.

I is for initiative, I have some of that,

J is for Jackson, a big ugly prat.

K is for killing, what I do to survive,

L is for love, I wish it could thrive.

M is for money, there is never enough,

N is for no, now I need to be tough.

O is for onwards, the only way,

P is for Pinkertons, who ruin my day.

Q is for quake, what I do when we fawn,

R is for restless, how I feel 'til the dawn.

S is for silence, the kind I hope you will break,

T is for trying, so hard that I shake.

U is for ugly, how I am underneath,

V is for victory, by the skins of our teeth.

W is for wondering, are you really my friend?

X is for kisses, how I want this to end.

Y is for yearning, what I do all the time,

Z is for Zion, a peak yet to climb.

Author's Note: This was quite fun and very easy to do, so I might make more of these for some of the other characters and add them as further chapters :)