(Ok I am completely obsessed with this movie and this couple! They are TOO ADORABLE! I just had to write a short story on them. :) :) :) This takes place a year after the end of the movie. Astrid and Hiccup are now very close friends but have not admitted their feelings towards each other. But now Astrid's hand is promised to someone else...hmm...however could this go? Haha! Of course I own nothing, if i did there would have been even more romance in the movie. ;-) So onwards!)

Chapter 1: Struggling

Astrid ran through the woods, leaping over logs and dodging low-hanging branches as tears stung her eyes. Finally, out of breath, she reached her destination. She skid across the loose gravel, stopping herself from falling off the cliff. Her hair blew in the wind as she searched the skies. Above she saw Hiccup and Toothless gliding through the sky. Her cheeks pinked softly as she remembered the first time she met Toothless…and the flight Hiccup took her on. Her heart fluttered. Frightened at her feelings, Astrid shook her head, trying to clear her mind…her heart.

'What's wrong with me…?' She wondered as she watched Hiccup sail through the air. Her eyes widened suddenly as their eyes locked. Her blush returned. He saw her…

Hiccup looked down, a grin on his face as the wind stung his face and his hair flew around him. Suddenly he saw a small figure with blonde hair staring up at him from the mountain cliff. His heart stopped. Astrid…

Hiccup's heart suddenly started racing as he steered Toothless towards her. Every since he was a young boy she had made his heart race. He was so smitten with her…so…so in l-

Toothless jerked to a stop, causing Hiccup to jerk forward slightly, stopping his train of thought. Embarrassed, Hiccup glanced up at Astrid as he slid off his dragon.

"H-Hey…" Hiccup stuttered as he ran a hand through his ruffled hair; making it even more tousled. Astrid smiled warmly at him as she leaned forward and smoothed his hair out. Hiccup fought the urge to lean against her touch.

Blushing, Astrid jerked her hand back. It had been a year since the battle against the queen dragon. A year since their lips had made contact…However, Astrid and Hiccup had become very close friends yet both refused to admit to themselves, let alone each other, the feelings they harbored for one another.

Breaking the tension the two burst into laughter.

"What are you doing out here?" Hiccup questioned, leaning on his good leg.

Astrid's smile faded as she was reminded of why she had come out here…and now she was unsure if she should even tell Hiccup. She was suddenly afraid…and she HATED feeling afraid. She glanced back at the woods sadly. Hiccup caught this despite Astrid's attempt at hiding it.

"Astrid…?" Hiccup questioned, daring to reach a hand out towards her.

Astrid tensed, resisting the urge to jump into his arms…where she knew she'd feel safe.

Hating this weak feeling, she tensed every muscle in her body, faced her best friend and put on a fake smile.

"I'm getting married!" She said in a false happy tone.

Hiccup felt his heart fall right through him and down through the earth towards the core. His whole world began to shatter around him.

"M-married?" He choked.

Astrid nodded, brushing her hair behind her ear, false smile still in play.

"My father arranged it with our neighboring tribe's chief's son, Edgar. I-I met him this morning."

Hiccup swallowed.


"He seems nice. He has huge…big muscles!" Astrid forced a laugh.

Hiccup felt as though his whole being was just thrown to the wolves, tearing him up into little pieces. He wanted nothing more than to grab the girl in front of him, pull her to him and tell her she was meant for HIM. But he refrained…this man…he was big…able to protect her…where he, he wasn't even whole anymore… Subconsciously he reached a hand out towards her before looking away and jerking his arm back to his side.

"I…well…that sounds…that will be good…" Hiccup stuttered.

Astrid felt her heart sink. He thought it was good? She blew at her bangs, moving them out of her eyes as she looked down at the ground.

"Yeah…W-well I just wanted to let you know since…" She glanced up at him. "You are my best friend…"

Hiccup's head jerked up at her words. His eyes were wide. Had she just called him her best friend? She smiled slightly as he stared at her, eyes wavering. He returned her smile before reaching out to hug her but caught himself and began to fiddle with his fingers.

"ASTRID!" Came a voice from towards the village.

Astrid winced before brushing a stray hair behind her ear. Hiccup glanced towards the village then back at Astrid.

"I…I gotta go. The celebratory feast is soon and I…I gotta get dressed."

"Oh…" Hiccup scratched the back of his head nervously before turning towards Toothless to get back on him. Suddenly he felt long fingers wrap around his wrist, stopping him. Shocked, he turned to look at Astrid. His heart clenched. She looked so…desperate.


"You'll come won't you?" She almost begged.

Hiccup blinked. What was happening? He had to be imagining things. Astrid couldn't be as nervous…as desperate as she sounded. She was always so strong and collected.

"Won't you?" She pressed, causing Hiccup's heart to melt. He smiled at her lovingly.

"I'll be there." He said softly, almost a whisper as he thought heartbrokenly. 'But I can't guarantee I'll be able to give my blessing…'

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