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"ASTRID! STOP!" Hiccup shouted as he tried to hobble as fast as he could, trying to catch up to her. He didn't understand what had happened. One minute she was fitted perfectly in his arms, causing his heart to flutter madly as they were spinning across the dance floor. The next she was crushing his heart with that with that horrified stare before running off...away from him. What had he done? "PLEASE ASTRID!"

Hiccup winced but urged himself forward. His thigh was beginning to ache...the prosthetic was certainly not made for running on.

As he pushed forward, the pain began to spread from his thigh towards his hip. That horrible aching...the throbbing that shot pain throughout his entire body.

'Please let me catch her...' He prayed inwardly. But it seemed that the Gods were dead set on laughing at him and his plight for he was answered by suddenly tripping on a fallen log.

Hiccup bit his lip as he struggled to hold off a cry of pain. His body was shaking in pain. His damn leg was throbbing, making it impossible to stand on it. He looked up and saw Astrid's figure getting further and further away, shattering his heart more.

"DAMN IT!" He shouted as he pounded the ground.

Astrid skid to a stop as she heard a thump and a shout that sounded as if it were coming from Hiccup. Astrid spun around to see Hiccup on the ground, gripping his leg. Her heart shattered at the sight.

"Hiccup!" She whispered to herself in concern as she suddenly began to run towards him, her mission of getting as far away from him as possible forgotten.

The second she reached his fallen body she fell to her knees,

"What happened?" She asked, slightly out of breath.

Hiccup looked away, embarrassed that she was seeing him in such a weakened state. Wincing in pain, he sat up and straightened out his legs.

"Nothing...it's just my leg..." He tried to play it off as he lifted up his pant leg.

"Hiccup!" Astrid gasped in shock, her hand flying to her lips.

Hiccup's thigh was swollen and red, looking horribly painful. Grumbling, Astrid scooted closer and pushed his hands aside as she began to unbuckle his prosthetic.

"Hiccup you have to be more careful!" She hissed as she threw the metal contraption aside and pushed the pant leg higher up. Her heart broke at the sight. There were cuts and bruises all across the bottom of his stump. "You will get an infection if you keep this up!" She snapped.

Hiccup shrugged. That was the least of his problems as of late...

Suddenly she grabbed the bottom of her dress and ripped it. Hiccup's eyes widened as he reached out and grabbed her wrist.

"Astrid! Your engagement gown!" He argued.

Astrid frowned and yanked her hand free.

"Oh hush!" She hissed before beginning to tie the ripped piece of cloth around Hiccup's leg, stopping any infection from getting into the multiple little cuts.

When she was finished she sat back on her hunches and just stared at Hiccup, confused and unsure. Hiccup returned her stare before rubbing his leg.

"Thanks..." He mumbled.

Astrid looked away and sighed, a small smile gracing her lips.

"Oi...what am I going to do with you..."

Hiccup looked at her confused for a moment before shrugging, returning her small smile.

"Maybe start by not running away from me and making me chase after you."

Astrid frowned and looked away, her jumbled feelings rumbling inside of her.

"You didn't have to come after me...I didn't ask you to! I didn't want you to!"

Hiccup felt as if his heart had been squeezed painfully at her words.

"I wanna know what's wrong..." He said softly, unsurely.

Astrid looked back at him, her eyes wavering.

"Is that why you followed me?" She asked, shocked and confused.

Hiccup nodded, embarrassed.

"You just ran off...please...you said I was your best friend right? You know that means you can tell me anything...right?"

Astrid's bottom lip began to quiver at his words. Damn him! He would NOT make her cry! He would not make the strongest girl in their generation to cry! But curse him if he didn't break the barrier with his next words.

"I'll always be here for you, Astrid...even when you are miles away..."

"Damn it..." She hissed as she turned away from him, tears burning her eyes and breaking through their lashy barrier to roll down her pale cheeks.

Hiccup's eyes widened in shock as the moonlight caught a tear falling down her cheek. His heart wrenched. HE hadn't meant to make her cry! Oh Gods, he never wanted to do that!

"Astrid...please...I didn't mean to..."

Astrid interrupted him by doing the most un-Astrid like thing; she lept into his arms and buried her face in his chest as she let her tears flow freely. Hiccup's eyes waivered in shock, his hands shaking uncertainly above Astrid's shaking form. Slowly, uncertainly, he brought his hands down and wrapped his arms around her in return, trying to comfort her.

"Astrid...what's wrong?"

Astrid gripped his fur vest tightly in her fingers.

"I don't want this..." She choked on her tears.

Wincing, Hiccup began to pull away.


Astrid shook her head furiously as she gripped him harder.

"No, not THIS." She said as she pulled away just enough to look at him, wiping her eyes madly.

"THAT!" She snapped, pointing towards the village they could no longer see. "I don't want to marry HIM...I don't want to move away! I Iove it HERE! I love..."

Astrid stopped and looked away, letting her arms fall away from Hiccup. She bit her lip. Why was this so hard? Why was it so hard to tell him that she loved him?

Hiccup stared at her in shock, blinking.

"You don't want to marry Edgar?"

Astrid laughed and looked back at him.

"No! Hiccup...I don't even know him...but I HAVE to...It'll combine our tribes...we'd be more prosperous..."

Hiccup fought the urge to bring her back into his arms and forbid her from leaving, to claim her as HIS. But he knew he couldn't...she already had enough on her plate...he couldn't bother her with his selfish infatuation...his love.

"Tell me what I can do..." He said, looking at her with a mix of sadness and desperation.

Astrid stared at him, resisting the urge to beg him to take her away from here and be with her forever. Quietly, she looked up at the sky, returning the stars twinkling gaze. She smiled softly before looking back at Hiccup.

"Fly with me..." She said softly. 'Just like that first time...' She added inside of her heart.

Hiccup stared at her in shock. She wanted to fly with him? His cheeks tinted a pretty pink as he stared into her eyes, which were plainly pleading with him. He smiled softly before bringing his fingers to his lips and letting out a loud whistle. Within minutes Toothless flew in, landing behind them, his head cocked in question. Hiccup winced slightly as he stood and walked over to his buddy. He patted him before mounting him. Astrid stood and walked over to the two.

Hiccup looked down at Astrid, locking eyes with her. His heart lept as she held his gaze. Slowly, unsurely, he reached his hand out. His heart pounded in fear of being slapped away as she had done before. He knew she could mount Toothless herself but he wanted to feel her hand in his, he wanted to help her even if she didn't need it. As the seconds passed his heart sank and he began to pull his hand back when suddenly he felt the warmth and pressure of her hand slipping into his. His eyes shot up to meet her once more. She smiled at him warmly before allowing him to help her up on to Toothless. The second she sat onto Toothless' back he jumped up into the air, flapping his wings vigorously. Taken aback, despite being through this before, she wrapped her arms around Hiccup's waist tightly. He laughed at her.

"Hold on!" He chuckled before urging Toothless faster.

Astrid let out a squeak as her stomach lept into her throat.

"Hiccup!" She snapped. "Slow him down NOW!"

Hiccup just laughed.

"Hiccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!" She screamed as Toothless spun downwards. "I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!"

Hiccup glanced back at her, grinning madly as her arms and legs tightened around him, warming his body.

"Ha-ha! Fine! Fine!" He chuckled as he pulled Toothless' reins back, slowing his dragon down and evening out the pace.

As soon as Astrid realized they were not hurtling towards their doom, she loosened her grip on Hiccup and smacked him upside the head.

"Idiot!" She snapped, though a small smile was playing on her lips.

"Ow! Hey now!" He chuckled, turning to glance back at her.

Astrid crossed her arms across her chest and tried to keep her frown but was failing miserably. Damn him, even when purposely scaring her to death she couldn't help but feel so safe around him...so happy. Hiccup returned her smile, his heart fluttering. She was so beautiful...

Blushing madly, he turned back around to stare ahead. Astrid shook her head, confused, before looking up at the night sky. The stars smiled back at her, encouraging her. Falsely telling her it would be ok. She sighed. And just this once...she wanted to believe them. With the stars whispering encouragement, Astrid leaned forward, her arms slipping around Hiccup's waist. She felt him stiffen beneath her fingers. She wasn't sure why but she ignored it, laying her head on his shoulder. The wind blew his soft strands of hair at the nape of his neck against her face. She breathed him in, his scent teasing her nostrils. His sent of sandalwood and earth made her feel warm and dizzy. Feeling as if she had too much mead, she nuzzled his neck subconsciously. His skin was so soft...

Hiccup stiffened even more as he felt her soft lips and the tip of her nose brushing across the nape of his neck and her arms locking around his waist. His heart was fluttering madly. She was driving him insane! He wanted nothing more than to wrap her in his arms and kiss her torturous mouth. He let out a sigh of content as she continued to nuzzle him. He leaned into her, letting himself believe that, even for just a moment, they could be together...that HE was the one she needed, HE was the one she wanted...that she loved.

After what seemed only minutes, but was truly hours, Toothless became tired and ended their magical ride all too soon. Swooping down he brought them to the small clearing where he first met Hiccup...where he first met Astrid as well. He looked back at his two humans and purred.

Hiccup patted Toothless.

"Thanks bud...alright Astrid let's go." Hiccup said then frowned when there was no answer. He glanced back, concerned. "Astrid?" Still no answer. "ASTRID!"

Hiccup twisted his body to look at Astrid who slumped against him, making a small snore-like sound. Hiccup's shoulders slumped in relief as he smiled softly. She must be so exhausted...

Adjusting his body, Hiccup slipped his arms around Astrid ,one hand behind her shoulders and the other under her legs, before sliding off his dragon. Toothless shook his body at the lighten in load before walking in circles and laying down, tail wrapping around his body. Hiccup shifted Astrid in his arms as he moved to a soft patch of grass next to Toothless. Trying to be as gentle as possible, Hiccup laid the object of his affection down into the soft grass. Smiling adoringly, he slid off his fur vest and wrapped it around her form before settling down next to her. Hands behind his head, he stared up at the sky he had just come down from. He sighed. He wished this night didn't have to end. Tomorrow...Astrid was going to be wed...given to another man and sent away. His heart clenched. Tonight had been the last time he would be able to fly with her...hold her...just BE with her. Suddenly he felt something snuggling up next to him. He jumped slightly but then calmed as he looked down and saw Astrid's sleeping body snuggling up next to his. He smiled. She was probably just trying to keep warm...but he enjoyed feeling her pressed against him in such an intimate way. Endearingly, he moved her bangs from her face, stroking her cheek. In response, Astrid snuggled closer, her hand snaking up to rest on his chest. Hiccup blushed madly but smiled as he leaned his head against hers.

"I love you Astrid..." He whispered after kissing the top of her head.

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