Only Hope

This takes place a few weeks after The movie ended…

Part one

It has been a few days since priestly and Tish called it quits. They were always just gonna be good friends who bickered about everything. Sure he made the first move and even bought clothes at Banana Republic…But it wasn't him!

Tish explained to Priestly that he had to be himself, and They both understood and ended on good terms.

Jen moved with Jeff "Fuzzy" to Moralbay and they put the Help Wanted sign back up. Everything was changing…everyone had someone to be with and he was all alone.

Trucker was sitting in the last booth Reading the paper. Priestly went into the kitchen and grabbed his apron.

"Morning Trucker. "

"Hey Priestly" Trucker replied as he looked up to see him prep the stove.

"Welcome back" he added as he saw the piercings and hair dye return.

"Thanks. I see you still have the sign still up. Any Takers?" Priestly asked as he unlock the doors and welcomed the usual two customers into the shop.

Lisa was driving down the coast and exploring her new home. It only took 3 days to drive, She got little sleep and stopped only to pee and Grab a quick bite. The California sun shined through the car and the warm breeze was perfect. She pulled up to the building and shut off the engine. She sat there for what was forever…she didn't know whether or not to get out. How was she going to explain herself to Trucker.

Piper and Julia were putting the finishing touches on the Wall Mural and Tish was taking an order.

Priestly was turning on the register when he noticed the small Ford in the front.

"Hey Trucker, we have a car in the Fire zone. Should we warn them?"

Trucker pulled his head up and looked at the car. It was so familiar.

I know that car he thought.

"Is that?" he whispered and got out of his booth and stormed out.

Priestly, Tish, and Piper watched as the boss circled to the driver side of the Car.

Lisa got shocked as she felt a knock at the window. She was relieved to see a smile on the man through the window. She opened her door and came out. She was pulled into a strong hug."Hi Doll Face"

"Hey Uncle Gordan!"

"Now now, Here in California you call me Uncle T. I have a reputation to protect." He was surprised to see her. She pulled off her sunglasses and he could tell she was exhausted.

"Are you alright Sweetheart? You look like you haven't Slept in days."

"uh…I moved out. My boyfriend...and I broke up I quit my job and I couldn't think of anywhere else to go. I mean your the only family I have left and I…." She started to tear up but Trucker gave her another hug and spoke

"shh, You can stay here. I've been waiting for you to come out here and visit me." She smiled and Wiped the tears away. "Besides, there are a few people I want you to meet"

Priestly watched as Trucker and the unknown girl walk to the door.

"Look casual" he warned the girls and continued to cook.

The hanging door bells rang as the two walked in.

"Everyone, This my niece Lisa. She's gonna be working in the shop for while." he said with a big smile on his face.

Piper smiled and walked over to them.

"Hi, I'm Piper, and This is Tish" she pointed to the brunette behind the counter.

Priestly cleared his throat and waited for Piper to introduce him.

"And That cool looking Smurf is Priestly. Don't Worry, he changes his look everyday so you don't know what he'll be next"

He waved his spacial and smiled. He could see she was tired, but something about her hit his heart.

Her eyes were as blue as the sky before sunrise. They were her uncles eyes, with as little more white. Her hair was light brown, and her smile was big.

Lisa read priestly tshirt and smiled "Nice Shirt"


She pulled her jacket off her waist and showed him the words on the back

I can Only please one person a Day…today is not your day

His eyes grew bright and everyone in the shop could tell he was head over heels.

"Uncle T, Is it alright if I go upstairs and rest for a while?" Lisa asked with glassy eyes.

"Of course, Come back down if you need anything."

She walked to the back door and turned back "Nice to meet all of you"

"Likewise Lisa" Tish said and continued to take orders.

Trucker sat back at the booth and Piper took the seat across from him.

"So where did she move from?"

"Philadelphia. Her mom moved out there while I was in the war. I haven't seen her in five years since her mom died."

Trucker explained and they all got quiet.

"I'm sorry Trucker. May I asked how she passed?" Piper asked.

"Drunk Driver. Lisa was driving home and her mom was on the passenger side. Drunk Driver ran the light on her side and she was gone instantly."

Priestly grew worried.

"What about Lisa?"

"She got pretty banged up, but she was fine. After Her father collected the Insurance Money he sold her Mothers Flower business and left Lisa to fend for herself.I asked her to move and stay with me but she insisted on staying.

"Wow, and we all thought we had it bad" Tish noted.

Some time went by and Shop had closed. Priestly was cleaning up and Trucker had made a sandwich.

"Priestly, Could you do me a favor and Bring this upstairs to Lis? I've gotta head over to Zo's, I promised to help organize her spices before we go upstairs."

"uh… Sure. No problem Captin." he said and soluted.

Trucker laughed and thanked him.

"It's good to have the Real Priestly Back."

"Thanks" he said and walked to the back.

He walked up the stairs and through the Slider door. The house was all dark.

"Lisa? Its Priestly. I brought some food"

He placed the plate on the kitchen table and went to go find her. The only room left to check was the guest bedroom. The door was closed and her bags piled next to it.

He opened the door to see her scrunched on the small bed still asleep. She hadn't moved since she laid there since the covers were still neat. She wasn't resting, she was passed out.

He observed the goosebumps on her arms from the cool coastal breeze blowing in from the window. He picked up the Blanket from the end of the bed and laid it over her.

"Goodnight" he whispered and closed the door behind as he left.

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