Chapter 7

The waiting room in the hospital was empty, and only Trucker and Priestly waited. They just arrived fifteen minutes ago and were told that it may be a while before they heard any news.

Zo came rushing in and immediately rushed to Trucker hugging him tight.

"I heard what happened and they told me you would be here. Are you alright? How is she?"

"We don't know yet, but it didn't look good. She was shot and she lost a lot of blood." he said.

Priestly was just sitting in the chair, his fists wrapped together on top of his forehead and he swayed back and forth. It almost look… no he was. He was praying.

The same prayer over and over again.

"Please God, Let her be alright. Don't take away the only person I every loved."

Two hours of waiting was agony.

Priestly saw Blue in the corner of his eye and realized it was a doctor.

"Lisa Brady's Family?" He asked, but he already knew it was them. They were the only one's in there.

"How is she?" Gordon asked, one hand around Zo and the other clasped around the back of his hand.

"She's living on a miracle. The bullet hit through a major artery and she lost a lot of blood, we needed three transfusions before the surgery. We repaired as much as we could but she's holding strong. We are worried for infection considering she has a temperature over one-hundred. I'm going to be honest, a wound like that should have killed her. We're keeping in an induced Coma for her body to heal and if we see she is recovering we'll decrease the medication for her to come out of it."

"Can we see her?" Zo asked.

"Yes, but at some point you all should go get some rest. She's going to be out of it for a while." Doctor said and beach to walk away until Priestly found his voice.

"So, your saying she's gonna be okay?" Priestly asked.

"She's not out of the woods yet, but she's fighting." the doctor finished and walked out of sight.

The room was small, but made for only one patient.

She looked so pale, almost translucent. It broke Truckers feelings to see her back in the hospital. It was only a few years ago he was in the same place.

The sun was almost rising and Zo had to state the obvious.

" Trucker, We really should get some rest. We'll come back after we get some sleep." Zo offered. Trucker rubbed his face and looked over to Priestly who had took a seat and pulled it to her bed. He was gently holding her hand and tracing her veins on her wrists.

"Are you coming?"

Priestly didn't move.

"I don't want to leave her all alone."

Trucker understood and nodded. He patted Priestly's shoulder and walked out with Zo.

Nurses came in and out every had hour to take vitals and temperature. One nurse asked him to step aside so she could change the dressing on her stomach.

When Trucker came back the doctors asked him to sign a form stating they were to take away some of the medication to see how she does conscious. If her fever spiked or if she was in too much pain she would be put back on until she is fully healed. He signed and they began removing some of the IV Medication.

Three hours later and Priestly was still waiting for Lisa to wake up.

"How long until she wakes up?"

"Don't rush her, Priestly. She needs the rest." Zo reminded him.

He just shook his head and kept his head down.

Zo grasped his hand and spoke.

"You shouldn't blame yourself for this."

His eyes watered. " She threw herself in front of a bullet… she shouldn't have…It was for me.." his voice cracked with hurt and fear. " I should be here, not her."

"You can't change things now. There's Only hope." She stated, and for some reason it sent shivers through his body.

Trucker came in and took a seat on the opposite side of the bed.

"I'll be right back." Priestly said. Just before he left, he kissed Lisa on her head.

He leaned his hand over to her head and combed her hair through the top. Humming "Catch a falling Star" a song he sang to her when she was little.

With a little grasp in Priestly's hand, she breathed a few lyrics.

'Catch a fall..Sta… or Pocket. Sav..fora..ainyday."

"Lis? Angel, can you hear me?" Trucker asked, pulling her hand close to his chest.

"Too…bright." she whispered.

Zo quickly dimmed the light and was relieved when she watched her open her eyes.

"Sweetie? How are you feeling?" Zo asked, cupping her face gently.

"I was hit by a Train, then an airplane, then a spaceship." she explained.

Trucker grasped her hand tighter. "You had us worried again Angel. You can't keep doing this to us."

" Priestly okay? I..I tried…I …tried to…" she teared up and expressed fear.

"No No sweetie. He's alright. He hasn't left until just a few moments ago. He's been here the whole time. I'll go get him." Zo offered and ran out to get Priestly.

" What about Pete?"

"He will never hurt you again. The police took care of it."

She simply nodded and closed her eyes again.

"Priestly!" He heard as he almost got on the elevator. "She's Awake. She's asking for you."

He caught Zo back up to Lisa's room.

He found her icy blue eyes and the warmth in his heart felt like fire.

"Lisa!" he said and walked to her bed and kissed her lips. He could feel her respond weakly, but just as meaningful.

"I'm sorry.. I…got you… involved." she cried.

"Ssshhh, Don't be. I'm not." he said and moved his forehead to hers. He could still feel the fever on her.

" I heard you… Did you…Mean it?" Lisa asked as she rested her head down onto the pillow.

" Heard me?" Priestly was confused. It felt like years since he spoke to her.

"I heard you….say…you love me?"

He exhaled and smiled.

"I did, I Do Love you." he said.

"I Love you too…" she said and smiled.

"Ms. Brady? Good to see you awake." The doctor said as he came in unannounced.

"Took a while for the Medication to run through your system. How do you feel?" he asked.

"Sore…Tired…Medication?" she wondered.

"We needed to induce you in a coma so your body could have time to heal. As I told your Uncle, we may need to put you back under if your fever doesn't drop." The doctor explained as he went to check her vitals.

"I do not…wish to be placed in a ….coma again." she stated. Firm and demanding.

After three days in the hospital, her fever was gone and she was able to be released home. She was told to be on bed rest for two weeks and to take it slow.

Once home, she laid in her own bed, with Priestly right beside her.

Everyday was better and better. Jen and Fuzzy visited along with Tish, Piper, Noah and Julia.

After a month back home, she was able to go back to work at the shop.

A "Welcome Back" banner was posted by all the local customers.

She had her uncle, her boyfriend, and the life she has been waiting to get back.

"So, Any Plans tonight?" Priestly asked, hugging her gently.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked.

"Celebration Dinner? You, me, Trucker, Zo."

"Celebrating me coming back to the shop? not really a big deal." she stated.

"Not that, maybe about this?" he asked and placed a small black box in front of her.

She froze, could it be?

She reached for it and with shaky hands pulled it open and it revealed a small band with a diamond.


"I know, it's too soon, and we've only been dating for a few months…but I know I will only want you. It's always been you. I Love you! You are the girl i've been praying for to come in my life and accept me for who I am. A weird - face pierced -Kelt wearing -tattooed -multi colored hair guy…"

She smiled and took another look at the ring.

"So what do you say? Marry me?"

She smirked and took the ring out.

" I'm still coping with a lot Priestly… And I need you to be here for me…"

"I promise, even if you say no I will still be here." he said, looking right in her eyes and she knew right then and there that he was the one.

" I love you and I wan't no one else but the man standing right in front of me. Yes!"

"Yes! You'll marry me?" He grinned big.

" Yes, I'll marry you." she laughed and placed the ring on her finger.

"She said yes!"Priestly yelled and the shop cheered for them as he picked her up in his arms and squeezed her tight.

So in the end, it wasn't just about sandwiches or Love, it was Only Hope.

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