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Oh and this is mostly gunna be in Bella's POV but if it isn't then I will say for example -Esme's POV- but if it doesn't say that then its Bella and if it says end POV it goes right back to Bella unless someone else's POV starts. I hope that isn't confusing.

Chapter 1

So here I am once again lying to my mom about wanting to go live with Charlie. Well I guess it's best if she doesn't know that I'm leaving so she can go travel with Phil.

"Mom, its fine I want to go." I lie convincingly for a change. Normally I can't lie worth shit.

"Hunny you know you don't have to leave. I need you Hunny." She pleads with me thinking that it will make a difference.

"Mom you have Phil now so you don't need me." I tell her once more.

"Flight 52B for Seattle boarding now." The intercom beeps.

"Mom I have to go."I say hugging her with tears in my eyes.

"Fine." She pout tears already streaming down her face. She hugs me and I think she won't let go.

"Mom you're gunna have to let go." I joke trying to lighten the mood and then Phil comes up to me and gives me a hug.

"Bye kiddo I'm gunna miss you." He says. He's always treated me like a daughter.

"Bye Phil." I say hugging him back."Bye mom. I love you." I say hugging her one last time before getting on the plane.

"Bye Hunny." She calls, tears running down her face."Call me when you land!"

"I will!" I call back right before I step onto the plane.

And then I am off to the place that I haven't been in almost 4 years.

So when I landed in Seattle I had to board another plane to take me down to Port Angeles. Thankfully I had a break to go outside and get some fresh air. It was raining again no big surprise there. Sarcasm you gotta love it.

"Bella it's time to take off." The pilot that was taking me down to Port Angeles called out.

"Okay Jim." I call back.

So here I was wondering around Port Angeles waiting till I had to go to the airport landing site for Charlie to pick me up. I'm here three hours before he even thinks I'm getting in. I told him that on purpose so that I could look around and go buy some proper clothing for forks weather.

As I walk into Wal-Mart I go straight to the woman's section looking for the darker clothing. Don't get me wrong I wear bright clothing and I'm not goth or depressed or shit like that(A/N: sorry if you are goth or depressed I mean no offence I'm sure your nice people but I don't know you so I can't be aiming that at you :D on with the story). But I like the darker colors more than the lighter, it's just who I am.

So after leaving the store with 3 long sleeved shirts 1 in plum purple 1 in coal black and the last in navy blue, 5 t-shirts 1 in plum purple 1 in coal black 1 in navy blue 1 in crimson red and the last one was a t-shirt with the words "I don't like you, so get your face away from mine before I break it" written on a ring, that is across three fingers, on a fist. I also got 2 dark wash skinny jeans and 1 black pair of yoga pants for gym because Charlie told me that I had to have gym again.

So as I start on my way back to the landing area these four guys come up to me. And I can tell that they don't want to be friends.

"Hey little girl why don't you come with us." It was more of a statement more than a request." We can show you a good time."

"No thank you I'm perfectly fine." I say trying to get them to leave me alone.

One grabs me and I threw up my shield in hope that it will help. It does and the guys start to run but I don't think I will let them go get some other little girl and have their way with her.

I take them all down with my shield and when they hit the ground they pass out. I command my shield to beat them up a little, and by a little I mean a lot.

I guess you don't know what I mean by shield do you? Well I have a physical shield that keeps me safe from anything I want it to I have trained it enough to the point where I can fly at high speeds.

So I calmly go walking over to the landing area and put my new purchases in my bag before Charlie gets here he doesn't need to know that I went shopping.

After waiting half an hour for Charlie to get to the landing zone, I was thinking about the other reason that I wanted to get away from phoenix. That fact that my best friend went missing for three days, then came back and tried to eat me… well not me just my blood but you get the point. Yes that right she tried to suck my blood like a vampire. Because that's what she became a vampire. So I did a little research and found out all that I could about vampires. So I know that instead of burning in the sun they sparkle … I always find it funny thinking about a male vampire out in the sun. Nothing says "I'm a real man" like sparkling in the sun. Okay back to the point they sparkle in the sun, they don't sleep, they are inhumanly beautiful, they are super strong, super fast, and have better hearing, sight, and sense of smell then the rest of us. But they don't all drink human blood. There are a few covens out there that drink animal blood and live with the humans that have the most caring hearts that I could ever imagine. They fight off the urge to eat their natural food source so that they can save other people's lives.

Well I needed to get away from Breanna. So I left and I don't plan on going to see her anytime soon. Well not for a few decades anyways. She died by my hand after having my shield rip her to pices I thought well the best way to get rid of the evidence is to burn it. Well that day I also found out how to kill the vampires and I didn't even know it at the time. So in the end I used Breanna as an excuse to let my mom go travel with her new husband.

I can see Charlie now pulling up in the cruiser. Oh I don't think I mentioned this but Charlie is the police chief of forks, or chief swan as everyone calls him.

As he gets out I gather up my bags and then start walking towards him but being myself I tripped over nothing at all and went flying to the ground while my bags went sliding toward Charlie.

"Well Bells, looks like you haven't changed a whole lot." He laughs while helping me up then grabbing two of my three bags.

"Not really I'm still a klutz dad. Who's fault is that because mom isn't a klutz?" I tease him back unyielding in the constant battle that we had between us. We were always trying to see who could come up with the better joke at the others expense.

So as we got in the car I asked when he could take me out to Seattle so that I could get a decent car. He knew that with my job in phoenix that I could afford a car so he said he would take me this weekend which happened to be tomorrow.

So off we went to forks making fun of each other the entire time.

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