Sparked by Magic

Written by: Ie-maru

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"What God is to the world, parents are to their children." – Philo


His face twisted into a visage of distaste as the sun fell. He'd been locked out of the house by his horrid cousin, Dudley Dursley, and hadn't been let in. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon decided they were suddenly deaf and ignored his attempts to get their attention. So here he, Harry Potter, was. It was summer, but the temperature dropped as steadily as the sun and it was getting dark. He cursed the underage magic laws and double cursed his uncle for locking his wand away regardless. His search for whatever Order guard was supposed to be watching him proved futile; either Dung went to pawn something off or Snape was just enjoying his misery. In fact, he wouldn't be surprised if their shifts were back to back, seeing as how he'd been out here for hours, trying half-heartedly to use wandless magic to unlock the door.

He eventually gave up on the door and tried to pry open the garage door, which also yielded no positive results. Harry sighed in resignation and used the street lights to navigate in Mrs. Figg's general direction. He wasn't sure if she'd be awake or not, but he was sure that she'd let him in out of the cold.

That was when things went bad…well, worse than they already were. Just as he made his way across the street, someone gagged and dragged him into the back yard of another house. When the man pulled out a knife and started cutting his shirt off Harry gave a desperate kick and turned to run out the back. He was just taking the gag out when he crashed into something metallic in the dark. It was, ironically, the very same car the would-be rapist was planning to toss him into after he had his 'fun'.

The shadowed man chuckled a little and began to advance again. He was too close to make it past him and the car blocked the gate of the high fence. The man descended upon him again and Harry used what little strength he could to keep the knife back. Unfortunately, Harry had very little muscle; however, Harry did have magic that made up for it.

Harry tried to call for help, but the man pinned him with his body and used his free hand to cover his mouth with a bruising grip.

"Now, now," the man purred, "you're not going anywhere little pretty."

Harry's eyes flashed and almost glowed with fury and defiance. He tried to pull on his magic, but it escaped him.

'Come on,' Harry mentally urged. He alternately tried to use his magic to somehow call for help or push the man away, but his aching muscles and struggling breaths took the majority of his attention. As the knife got ever closer and he was pushed even harder against the car, Harry's fury was replaced by a spike of panic and he mentally screamed.

'HELP ME! Somebody, anybody, please HELP ME!'

Harry's magic reacted even as his vision darkened. No one was close enough to help though, not close enough to save him. Harry would need a protector, as the loss of oxygen and the physical struggle left him with little to fight back with; therefore, his magic shoved the man away and created a protector for its host that would actually be reliable.

As Harry leaned forward away from the car to try and catch his breath, he faintly noted the noise of metal across metal behind him. He looked up at the man that had attacked him and was prepared to run if he could, only to pause at the terrified look that said man was sending over his shoulder…in the direction of the noise.

Harry sighed mentally and debated the pros and cons of actually turning around to check what the noise had been. Just as he decided that he would take advantage of the situation and run away from what was most likely to be another life hazard, he heard a deep static-like voice.

"Drop your knife," the voice ordered, "face the house, and put your hands against the wall."

The man quickly did whatever was behind him said and Harry really couldn't think him a coward for it. Whatever was behind him spoke in such a way that he could make "I like ponies" sound like a death threat. The only reason Harry wasn't wetting his pants himself was because the being seemed to be on his side…maybe. He was stopping the man that had attacked him and hadn't turned that mean tone his way quite yet, so he took that as a positive sign.

"Now," the voice continued, "you are going to stay that way until the police, who I've contacted, arrive. Am I understood?"

"Crystal," the man managed.

All during this Harry had begun to slowly stand up, using the fence to help. He still hadn't turned around and was worried about what would happen when the police finally did arrive. He was pretty confident that the being didn't mean him any harm, but the police were likely to shoot what Harry was sure to be some magical being on sight. What would this being do in retaliation?

It didn't take long for the sirens to be heard, and Harry wasn't any less worried. In fact, he'd been so worried he hadn't even tried to leave. As he had magic he might very well be the best equipped to deal with whatever saved him if it decided to attack. At the same time, he was loathing to turn his eyes away from the man in front of him. The man wasn't very far away still and whatever was behind him hadn't assaulted him like the man did.

Just as the cars were around the bend, he heard a shifting of metal behind him again. Neither he nor the man turned to see what it meant. The man was busy hoping not to die and Harry was busy watching the policemen's reactions, hoping he wouldn't have to attempt an obliviate without a wand – it could end up with a case of full blown amnesia or might not even work at all. When the policemen cuffed the relieved attacker, Harry was confused. He turned as one of the cops walked passed him to talk to a man leaning against the car…a man that had not been there before…and one that apparently had a gun.

More confused than ever, he watched as the man pretty much made up a story on the spot, which he backed up when they turned to him. The police took his contact information and then left. Harry turned to the man again and was treated to the man flickering out like a bad light bulb. And then the voice came back…from the car…that apparently could open its own door.

"We should leave now Creator, it is not safe."

As Harry wondered at what the car meant by 'Creator', he absentmindedly slid in the car. He must be dreaming, so what was the worst that could happen? This was even more absurd than Mr. Weasley's car deciding to retire in the Forbidden Forest. There was no way…

'But,' he mused, 'the impossible always happens to me, so why not this?'

The voice, with a much nicer tone, interrupted his musings. "Creator, would you mind telling me where your current base is? We should not remain here."

"Number Four Privet Drive," he responded dully, feeling like he was on autopilot.

The car seemed to make a humming sound before it pulled away from the side and made its way to the right street.

"What's your name?" Harry asked suddenly, not really knowing why.

"You haven't given me one, Creator."

Harry hummed and looked through shaded windows at the night sky above. "How about Night Watch?"

"That seems like a very appropriate designation," the newly dubbed Night Watch commented. "We have arrived at your base, Creator, though it could use much more security…"

"My name is Harry," he offered, "and I'm very tired. Will I see you tomorrow? We can talk about security then."

"I will be here and shall stand guard all night," Night Watch replied. "I will be just there, by the curb."

Harry smiled tiredly, wondering at the fact that a talking car made him feel even safer than the Order's guards did.

"Thank you, for everything. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Creator."

Harry couldn't even bring himself to sigh as the door opened without fuss. Someone must have unlocked it for him. How thoughtful.


When Harry woke up to his aunt's shrieks, he went about his daily routine. As he cooked breakfast, he couldn't help but take a quick peek out the window, just to be sure that he hadn't only been dreaming the night before.

There was a car. It was a very sleek, black car. It was at the curb.

'Not a dream then,' he concluded. 'I said we'd talk about security today, didn't I? Yes, but how to do it without looking insane to both my relatives and the Order?'

As Harry thought about what to do about Night Watch, he finished making breakfast and didn't bother to stay and eat it with them. Mrs. Weasley made sure he had enough food to bring with him before he was dropped off. So, he gathered some of the food he'd hidden away and went to sit on the front lawn, in easy sight of both guards.

'Two guards,' he thought with a smile, 'one invisible and one in disguise. I wonder if Night Watch is aware of the Order's watcher - probably.'

He watched the shrubs and grass out of the corner of his eye, waiting for any disturbance that signified the presence of an invisible individual. Once he caught it he looked right at where he guessed the person to be. "Who is it today then?" he asked off-handedly.

"Oh," said a familiar, female voice, "what gave me away? I didn't trip this time!"

"The grass," he replied. "That's not what I'm concerned about though. I really need something from Diagon Alley."

"Harry," she whispered, much closer now, "you know I can't leave my post!"

"Can you contact anyone else?"

"Well, not right now."

Harry smiled disarmingly at who he was sure was Tonks. "It's really important, and I'd rather have you go than say…Snape."

"I can't blame you there," she replied. There was muffled laughter and then, "I really shouldn't, but…what do you need?"

Harry quickly tried to find something that would suffice to get her away and was hit with inspiration. "I need Dreamless Sleep Potions. I haven't been sleeping well." He didn't even have to lie about that, and he was sure it'd get her to at least leave for a while.

Tonks sounded understanding and said that she could go get some quick, but only if he stayed within the wards. When he asked her how far the wards went, she said the curb, and he smiled.

"Who was that?" Night Watch asked when he was close enough.

"A guard assigned by an Order that's against another group that's trying to kill me," he admitted bluntly.

Night Watch's voice seemed to harden when he said, "This base is definitely not safe enough if people are trying to kill you. There are too many unguarded entry points, no security system, and no panic rooms! It's a death trap waiting to happen. We must relocate immediately!"

Harry nodded along, understanding his new guard's point, but also needing to make his own.

"There are wards around this place, centered on the blood bond between my aunt and me. The wards keep the Death Eaters, or the group trying to kill me, from entering the property. I think there is another in place so that they cannot truly see it."

Night Watch was quiet for a moment before he spoke again. "I can feel the energy surrounding this place and it is powerful; however, if it was failsafe then that human female wouldn't need to be here, would she?"

Harry nodded. "She's here in case anything goes wrong. You can't be too careful."

"You said the wards were centered on the blood between you and your aunt?" Night Watch waited until his Creator affirmed statement and then continued. "Then why can your aunt just come with us to a more secure location?"

"It's because my aunt won't come with me anywhere else. This 'base' is her home and forcing her to leave will weaken the barrier."

Night Watch almost seemed to sink on his tires before he went back into neutral again. "Is there a way to encourage your family to make this location more secure then?"

"I'll put the idea forward," Harry replied. "I can't promise anything though."

"I'll try to make up for any slack in security, but I need to sleep sometime," Night Watch stated. "Perhaps you should bring another of my kind into creation – something you can bring with you at all times and can alarm us if something happens."

Harry looked off into space, becoming lost in thought. 'So, I really created him then? I don't know if I could even recreate what happened, I was just so scared. Also, what about ethics? Is it right to just bring something to life to serve my purpose? There are responsibilities that a parent has to their children but, Night Watch doesn't seem like a child at all – is it because of what situation he was made to resolve? Was it because I needed someone to help me that this being skipped an entire stage of development? Would they even have one anyway?'

"I'll," Harry started, "I'll think about it."

Seeking to change the topic, Harry asked "What happens if someone starts looking for a 'lost car' that just happens to look exactly like you?"

Night Watch sounded smug when he replied with: "I changed the online records of the car's ownership to you and the previous paperwork is in me, so they won't have enough evidence to stake a claim."

Harry whistled, but cut off when he heard the tell-tale sign of apparition. "Tonks is back," he declared needlessly. "We can talk more later."

"Be safe, Creator," the car said as he began to move away.

"I've survived this long," he muttered in return as he went to meet Tonks at the door.

She quickly handed him a set of vials just as he went inside so that others wouldn't notice and he heard a quick "you owe me!" before he closed the door.


Turns out his uncle wouldn't mind more security, but didn't see why he should pay for it because they 'didn't need it'. Harry would have paid for some things himself, but he knew that if his uncle found out about all the gold he had, there would not a good conclusion. So, he figured he'd have to make his uncle see that more security would really be best.

"How about a little presentation then?" Harry began. "A friend of mine is in that black car outside. If he can break into this house, then we don't need more security; however, if he can get in then we need more."

"Isn't there one of your freaky friends outside, guarding the house?" his uncle spat out 'friends' like it was a curse.

"Yes, there is," Harry confirmed. "And my other friend will have to get past him or her to get in the house. If he can get in here, even with the guard outside, then we obviously need more security."

Petunia nodded reluctantly. "What do you suggest we do?"

"Some night," he began, "after we're all asleep, my friend will try to get into the house. He'll come into each of our rooms and 'attack'; that should show you how easily some robber can get in and possibly kill us."

His uncle huffed, but seemed willing to go along with it. "This guy won't get the one up on me. He'll find his face on the barrel of my gun and that will show the both of you that our security is just fine!"

Harry shrugged. "I'll go tell my friend what to do. You keep that shotgun close and see how little good it can do you." He left before his uncle could try to cuff him and hurried over to Night Watch. He was glad that the windows were darkly tinted; it allowed Night Watch to create something like a hologram without arising too much suspicion.

"Did you hear what was said inside?" he asked.

"Yes, Creator," was the static reply. "I'll be quite willing to show our point to those people. I get to scare them a bit, right?"

Harry's lip twitched at his new friend's viscous tone when he asked about scaring them. "As long as you don't get yourself shot."

"Won't be a problem. Have you thought about what I said earlier?"

Harry didn't need to ask what he meant by that. "We'll see what opportunity makes itself available and I'll make my decision then."

"Very well."

Nothing more needed saying between them, but he did have to reassure Tonks that it was just a friend in the car when he started to go inside. He spun a story about meeting him over the summer and explained that he was just here to 'test' the security. She seemed to approve the idea and assured him that he would tell the others so that his friend wasn't accidently killed or something. He thanked her and went inside.


Night Watch's little invasion worked quite soundly and his uncle was going to install a new security system. If someone opened the door without putting in the security code after it had been 'locked', an alarm would sound. At least Harry wouldn't have to worry about guards falling asleep (read: Dung) again. It would also let Night Watch get some sleep every so often.

Night Watch still thought that another guard or watcher was necessary even after the security instillation and it hung over Harry's head like a dark cloud. Could he? Should he? Night Watch seemed to think so, but Night Watch was also hypersensitive about potential threats and it clouded the car's judgment sometimes as to what was reasonable.

As it happened, Harry didn't have a conscious decision about his second creation.


Vernon had, at Dudley's insistence, bought his son a new cell phone. It was quite a masterpiece and the most expensive one at the store. Vernon had hid it away to wait for Dudley's birthday, but Dudley had found it, took it out, and accidently broke it when he dropped it and stepped on it. His massive weight crushed the poor thing. Of course, that wasn't the story Dudley was going to tell Vernon, and both Dudley and Harry knew it.

Dudley smirked horribly and dark intentions reflected in his eyes just before he ran off for his father. Harry kneeled down to the broken phone, desperately hoping to do something that would result in not ended up in the hospital.

Harry's breath quickened when he heard "BOY!" and thundering footsteps that came ever closer. "Not secure…" echoed in his mind as his uncle stormed inside and his desperation to fix the problem resulted in a spark of magic that went from his hands into the phone.

Vernon and Harry simultaneously froze as the previously broken cell phone in Harry's hands not only repaired itself, but also transformed into a humanoid robot about seven or so inches in height.

"Hi Creator! My designation is, well, you haven't given me one yet! Oh, the weather looks nice today, doesn't it Creator? This house is nice. Why does that organic look like its head is going to explode?"

The little robot tilted its head in curiosity for just a moment before it continued. "Oh, look Creator, two more organics! One is thin and one is thick! You laughed? Yay, I made Creator laugh! You look nice when you laugh! Those organics are changing colors! Why are they changing colors? Are they supposed to do that? Oooooh, a cloud," the little thing chirped as it pointed to a cloud outside.

The little robot looked like it was going to continue again before Harry held his hand up for silence. "I know the perfect name for you," he said dryly. "I'll call you Chatter."

"Chatter? Wow, I have a designation! Do they have designations? Did you give them to them? Why is that man pointing that metal thing at me?"

Harry's amusement quickly died when he followed Chatter's finger toward the barrel of the shotgun his uncle was pointed at his second-born. He shielded Chatter from his family's sight and the little cell-bot had to hold on to its Creator's shirt lest it lose its balance.

"What do you think you are doing?" Harry yelled incredulously.

"I won't have any of that freakishness in my house," his uncle bellowed in response.

Chatter was getting scared, Harry could tell, and all it did was serve to make Harry angry in turn. "Put the gun down, Uncle, or Chatter will be the least of your worries," he spat.

There must have been something in Harry's tone, or perhaps the viciousness in his eyes, that made Vernon lower the weapon and pale. "Just," he managed to say, "Just get it out!"

Harry snarled one last time before he hid Chatter as well as he could and went to Night Watch's side. The car's door opened and Harry thankfully settled in the soft leather seats. Even Chatter was silent.

Harry sighed. "Night Watch, this is Chatter," he introduced. "Chatter, the car we are in is your older brother, Night Watch."

Chatter's blue eyes brightened and the small 'bot lost all signs of tenseness. "I have an older brother? That's so cool!"

"Well met," Night Watch said. "Now, perhaps you should transform back into a cell phone for practicality."

Chatter whined, but relented when the Creator backed up the first-born.

"Now you can be safer, Creator. If Chatter stays with you at all times then he can contact me if it looks like you might be in trouble."

Harry smiled grimly. "They probably won't let me back in the house with him."

Chatter shifted through some ringtones for a moment before he declared that he would sneak in if he had to. That was quickly followed by "Why do we have to go into mean-scary-person's house again? I don't like it in there! Why can't we stay here?"

Night Watch explained patiently, which Harry was glad for. It just seemed like such a busy day. He wanted a break.

"Right, so, Chatter will stay out here with you until he can get past the other guard and sneak in through my window. I'll leave the window open a little to help you if I'm not in at the moment."

Harry waited until both of his creations understood the plan before he left to go inside.


Harry sighed when he woke up and saw Chatter on his nightstand. He softly put the small 'bot in his pocket and went downstairs. As he went about his morning routine he couldn't help but wonder if Night Watch could become a bipedal humanoid as well.

'Probably,' he thought privately. 'There was a sound before Night Watch threatened that man that sounded a lot like when Chatter transformed. No wonder the man was so frightened. I would be too if some car just up and came to life.'

Harry sighed again when he heard a cheery ringtone. The caller ID said it was Night Watch. Night Watch had a phone number? He held the cell to his ear, pretending for a moment that it was just a regular phone, and said: "This is Harry. Everything alright?"

"Everything is fine, Creator," came the static-like voice he associated with his creations. "I called to check that this form of communication would go through. A number should be in Chatter's memory now, so if you need to contact me for any reason then just ring me. It will work for regular phones too, so make note of the number."

"Will do," Harry promised. "Did you sleep well?"

"Knowing Chatter was there helped, but I couldn't help but wake up every so often out of paranoia. I'm still not happy with the amount of security here."

Harry smiled tiredly. "Try not to let it bother you too much. Like you said before, you need sleep. If you're tired then you won't be at your best if the security does fail."

"I know. I'll let you be now so you can eat. Chatter should get some sleep now that I'm awake," Night Watch said.

"I'm not tired," Chatter joined. "I don't want to go to bed. You can't make me! You can't make me!"

"Just try to get some sleep," Harry said, "for me."

There was a static sound that Harry guessed was the equivalent of a sigh. "Fine."

Harry nodded. "Bye, Night Watch."


Harry hung up and placed Chatter gently in his pocket, resolving to let him have the pillow upstairs so he could sleep more comfortably.


That process repeated for about two weeks. There was little change, really; mostly the change was which of his creations took day watch and who took night. Chatter found he liked the day watch better because he got bored during the night. Night Watch didn't really have much of a preference as long as their Creator remained safe.

After two weeks…Riddle's Inner Circle somehow found them and got past the wards. Harry wasn't sure how, exactly, they managed to find where he was, but it mattered little at the time. It had been late at night and his Order guard managed to hold them off long enough so that he could make his escape with his 'friend'.

"This place is no longer secure," he remembered Night Watch saying. "It's been compromised. I'm searching for an appropriate replacement…we may need to go abroad."

And so their life changed.


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