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I have to reference my inspiration because I'm not sure if that will violate any laws or rules, so…I got my ideas from: The Legend of the University of North Carolina (links can be found on profile all the way down at the bottom). It won't exactly follow that legend to the littlest details, but rather is loosely based on it.

Time-frame is set around the beginning of the series, so Dean's 26 and Sam is 22.

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~You, Me,…Equal Them?~

"Dude, so why we headed to North Carolina anyway?" Dean Winchester asked his little brother, who was riding shotgun as a classic rock station played in the background with the windows down riding the curves of a back road doing about 80 mph.

"Well," Sam started picking up some research he printed up from the library they were at about a few hours ago. "it seems that a couple goes missing in Chapel Hill every so often. Problem is there's no pattern that I could find."

"Sammy, we aren't the police. We can't go around helping every person in need of help. I mean, how is this even related to what we do? It could be some serial killer."

"If you'd let me talk and finish a thought I would explain it." he glared at his older brother. "There's this legend that awhile back some guys got into a duel over a girl and one got killed. Other student's that gathered for the duel covered it up. So it could very well be a spirit. Oh and by the way, it's Sam." he corrected.

Dean chuckled, "You'll always be a little kid to me, Sammy." he backhanded his brother's arm and laid harder on the gas.

A Few Hours Later:

"Why didn't you tell me it was in a college town?" Dean asked biting on his lip as he watched some pretty young blond walk by with a mini skirt on that pretended to act shy. Dean knew better. 'That girl definitely is not shy.' he thought to himself. "I'll see ya later." he stuffed his keys in his pocket and followed the blond.

Sam huffed as he watched Dean walk off completely forgetting that they were there to work a case. He decided that he'd go to the local library and see if they had more information that'd help them with their latest adventure. Though he wished that they could find Dad, but he knew how to cover up his tracks. If he didn't want to be found, there was no way anyone could find him.

"Girl, you need to get over him." Macy explained to her roommate Charlie. "He broke your heart by breaking a promise. He knew what he was doing."

Charlie sighed annoyed with everyone telling her that and continued to read through a book for one of her classes. Though what she really wanted to do was call him. "Mace, what have I told you before stay out of my personal life. Just because you let me know every detail about yours, doesn't mean I want you to know everything about mine."

Macy shook her head as she huffed turning on the television, "He's going to be on in a few minutes anyway for that press conference on his promotion."

Charlie moved her brunette bangs out of her eyes to glare better at her roommate. "I don't want to see Jeff right now." she said, then told herself, 'Liar.'

"Really? Is that why you're so spaced out over there?" Macy smirked.

More than anything in the world Charlie did not need romance or dating advice from the girl who had a different guy every week. She grabbed her camera and sketch pad putting them into her messenger bag, "Later." and opened her door to see a young man about her age with long blond hair to his shoulder and a black leather jacket with 'biker' chains. "I take it this room belongs to your latest muse for you first big hit?" she glared unamused at the wannabe rocker.

"Yo! Mace you in there?" he yelled over looking Charlie.

"Go nuts." she pushed the door open wider, he walked right in and was all over her like feathers are on a dodo bird. "Call when you're done." she looked away from them disgusted and nearly regurgitated her breakfast.

"I'm telling ya, Sam, she could so this thing where…" he started to explain the skinny blonde's…*coughs*…ability…or if you will, technique.

"Dean," he closed his eyes trying to block out whatever he was going to say, "I don't want to hear about it and we're working a case here. You have to focus on this."

"You so need to get laid." he chuckled, but then Sam stopped on the sidewalk to glare at him. "What'd you find?" he asked raising his right eyebrow, bored with actually having to work. If that's what you want to call it.

"The only thing I could find that was new info was well…nothing." Sam explained.

Dean's face changed from bored to annoyed, "You called me and told me to meet you, just to tell me you have nothing?"

"It's not like you can't find another fun toy tonight. Remember we're in a college town." he stated logic.

"Sam! She could…" he started moving his hands wildly in the air, complaining.

"Dean! We're here to work a case. Not get laid." he said wide eyed.

The older Winchester took in a deep breath calming himself, "…Alright. Where do we start geek boy?"

"I found about as much research as I'm going to find, so I was thinking about checking out the location." Sam explained.

"Let's go." Dean said fishing the keys out of his pocket getting into his beloved Impala.

"Is that a castle?" Dean asked unbelieving.

"Yep, it's Gimghoul Castle." Sam explained getting out and stretching his long legs.

"Okay, so what happened around here?" Dean asked, not really paying attention.

"Do you not listen? Gosh, Dean. I only told you everything on the way." Sam said irritated.

"Humor me." he smiled annoyed meeting up with Sam in front of the Impala.

Sam huffed, "Alright. Well…"

"Wait." Dean said holding out his hand to stop him. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Sam asked after a moment, confused.

Dean walked away from his little brother towards a faint clicking sound. He walked through some trees and the sound grew louder. He was about to pull out his gun, but then saw a young girl taking photos of the scenery. "Miss, what are you doing out here?" he said in an authoritative voice with a serious face.

Charlie raised an eyebrow at the two men standing in front of her. One maybe a few years older than herself and very tall. The other much older compared to herself, about mid-twenties. "Taking some photos."

"We're going to have to ask you to leave." Dean moved towards her with a matching stuck up, bravado walk.

"Who are you to ask me to leave?" she huffed with a tight glare standing her ground and took another photo of how the sunlight streamed through the leaves of the trees, creating the clicking sound Dean had heard.

"Security." he smirked with a quick head tilt proving he was cocky.

Charlie turned and snapped a picture of him. The flash catching in his eyes, temporarily blinding him and walked away shaking her head knowing that he had lied.

Dean widened his eyes, blinked a few times, and shook his head to get his eyesight back. "Hey! Where you going?" he asked as Sam snickered over how his brother was stumbling over some twigs to catch up with the young girl.

"Anywhere, but where you are." she said over her shoulder ignoring him.

Dean was still adjusting his eyes as he watched her walk away. She was about average height for a woman, mid-back length brown wavy hair with brown eyes. Though he could have sworn they turned a slight reddish color when she glared at him and a golden amber color when she looked up to snap that picture of the trees. "Don't be coming back around here for your safety!" he called out to her.

"Screw you!" she waved her hand in the air over her head as she continued to walk away.

Dean pulled his head back shocked that he got that response.

"This is the rock." Sam said snapping Dean out of his thoughts.

"What?" he asked turning to face him.

Sam hung his head, then looked back up at his brother. Who he thought just might be more than half stupid. "Seriously, pay attention." he scolded.

"Get on with it." Dean yelled.

"This rock it's called Dromgoole Rock. A local landmark that supposedly marks the grave of Peter Dromgoole."

"Interesting get to the point." he said bored.

"Long story short," he sighed, "he was killed up here and was buried underneath that rock. That red stain on the rock is symbolic of his blood and he supposedly haunts these grounds."

"Sounds like an urban legend to me." Dean shrugged.

"Dean, this guy really died up here."

"Got anymore info?" he asked putting his hands out in the air for more of an explanation.

"Yeah, uhh…" he looked off in the distance and saw some stocky men wearing expensive suits headed towards them. "I'll explain later. We got company."

Dean turned to see who Sam was looking at, "What's our cover?"

"Journalists out here for an article?" he shrugged.

"Names?" Dean asked quietly as the men got closer.

"Jack Turner and William Sparrow." Sam replied.

"Dude, still stuck on that pirate movie?" he asked with a 'what the hell' face.

"You're Jack because you don't know jack about this case." Sam gave his brother a slight glare.

"What are you two gentleman doing out here?" bald stocky guy #1 asked.

"We were gathering some information for an article." Sam answered with his innocent charming smile.

"In order to do that you have to make sure with the grounds keeper. There are 'No Trespassing' signs posted." bald stocky guy #2 stated.

"We'll make sure to do that next time." Dean smirked cockily with a nod.

'Why must he be so condescending? It puts our cover in jeopardy.' Sam thought to himself. "Yeah uhh, sorry. We didn't know. Thanks. We got everything we'll be needing." Sam said shoving his brother forward to get back to the Impala.

Charlie walked back to her dorm room and was hoping that Macy's boy toy was gone, but when she got to the door she wasn't surprised to hear sounds she so didn't want to hear. "Might as well go get something to eat." she huffed heading back out of the building and down the street to the Chinese restaurant. She ordered her favorite dish, teriyaki beef, "Mmm!" she smiled digging into her meal.

About half way through her meal, she decided to look back through the pictures she took up at Piney Prospect. It was her spot to get away from all the drama lately. She got to the picture of that cocky prick claiming to be security and went to delete it, but the look on his face was priceless.

"Maybe I should send it into one of those ugly pet contests." she said to herself with a laugh.

"Dean, I swear it's like you have to eat every freaking hour." Sam yelled in a whisper at his brother.

"Shut up, Sammy." he said annoyed and looked up at the menu in the Chinese restaurant.

"Ugh." Charlie rolled her eyes, "Can't catch a break today." she mumbled pulling herself further into the booth slumping down a bit hoping that they don't see her. "Do not need any more problems."

Sam moved around to his brother's left side to get his attention, "So as I was saying about this case, Peter Drom…"

"Sam!" Dean turned to look his little…well, he wasn't little, but…he turned to look his younger brother in the eye. "I'm hungry and…" he paused looking beyond his brother's shoulder at the girl that was taking pictures up at Gimghoul Castle.

"And?" Sam asked after a moment.

Dean ignored him and walked over to the booth the young girl was sitting at, "Hey." he sat down across from her with a smile.

"Yeah?" she said bored with his presence.

"Just hey." he smirked leaning forward onto the table.

"Uh-huh." she looked to her right putting her camera into her bag, gathering her things, and stood up to leave. "Just bye then." she gave one firm nod paired with a glare and left.

"DENIED!" a group of college jocks yelled from the other side of the restaurant poking fun at Dean Winchester getting the cold shoulder.

Dean looked at them, none would stand a chance against a vampire. Let alone a 'friendly' ghost. They'd be too busy playing corn jerkers with each other in the locker room to defend themselves. He laughed them off and decided to follow the girl, but when he went outside he didn't see her anywhere.

"Dean, are you going to get something to eat or what?" Sam asked annoyed with having to remind him of his hunger.

"Yeah." he said giving the busy street one last look in both directions before heading back inside.