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Spoilers for the second movie.

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Death and Broken People
by Moonbeam

Chapter 1 - Explosions

"Ironman is dead!"

Pepper heard the news report and saw the horrible footage of Ironman blowing up in hideous blue and red fire. "Tony!" she gasped before sitting down on the couch. "Jarvis!"

"Miss Potts?"

"Call Tony, or Rhodey. Now!"

"I cannot access Mr Stark. Lt. Colonel Rhodes is on the line." The artificial British voice said.

"Rhodey. What happened to Tony?"

"How did you-?"

"It's on the news. Is he okay?" Pepper's voice was desperate and she could feel her entire body tense waiting for his answer while she found it hard to breathe.

"He's...I'm not sure Pepper. All we have found is a panel off the suit. There is nothing else here."

"Oh God!" Pepper whispered burying her face in her hands.

"Pepper, we don't know anything."

"I saw that explosion Rhodey. Tell me the truth!" Pepper demanded.

"It looks bad Pepper, I think unless we find some evidence of something different that ... he is dead." Pepper could hear the dread in James' voice and knew that he really believed they would find nothing; that his best friend was dead.

"I'm so sorry James; I'll leave you to the search. Please call me regardless of what you find."

"You'll be my first call Pepper. Will you still be at Tony's?"

"Yes." Pepper and James said their goodbyes before Pepper disconnected and stared out the window in front of her. She knew that what Rhodey had not been telling her was that he could not have survived an explosion like that, even if the suit was completely intact. But she had to know the truth.


"Yes, Miss Potts?"

"Do you have the footage of the explosion?"

"I am accessing it now, from multiple sources."

"Can you run a diagnostic, or simulation or something to see what the likelihood of him surviving that is?" Pepper didn't know how to ask the computer if Tony was dead.

"Certainly Miss Potts, I will notify you as soon as my simulation is complete." Jarvis went silent and Pepper left him to his work, staring out of the window as she contemplated how she could very well be losing the most important person in her life.

An hour later Pepper had not moved.

"Miss Potts?" Pepper jumped at Jarvis' voice.

"Yes Jarvis?"

"I have finished running my simulations and have found the chances of survival to be 1:100 000. In all likelihood even if Mr Stark survived he would be critically injured."

Pepper started crying, Tony was dead!

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