Sonic Chronicles 2: Infinite Empire

Time is an endless, ever ongoing and changing line with no beginning and no end. Each occurring event changes the pace and shapes a new future.


Short after the Cyclon with Sonic with crew entered the Twilight Cage and Eggman stopped his evil laugher…

››Now I got rid of this annoying Hedgehog and his friends and with the Data and Technique the Nocturns left behind it won't take long to re-build my city and soon the dawn my Egg Empire will arrive. No one will interrupt me any more and additionally with the belts of this Echidnas I will be able to slow my ageing so I can live for centuries or even millennia, this day marks the beginning of an infinite Empire. Muhahahahaha...‹‹

Then later, after Ix lost to Super Sonic in the Twilight Cage somewhere in an rift between Space and Time he is drifting in nothingness. He hears a voice just too familiar.

It's the same voice he and all the other Nocturnus heard while they got imprisoned but this time it is much louder, controlling, commanding…

››Where am I? … Yeah, I remember, I fought this Sonic just when I was about to conquer the Planet and he defeated me. Now I'm dead? A least I took these hated pest with me‹‹ ››Unfortunately you didn't but you're also not entirely dead.‹‹

››What, who are you, who is speaking in my mind‹‹ ››You know me, just too well. I am Argus, creator of the Twilight Cage.‹‹ What? You imprisoned us? You're responsible for this? Then you will pay.‹‹ ››Oh, sweet hate and anger,… so good. Yes I did but only to determine the fittest. And your clan proved to be it.‹‹ ››And for which purpose did you do this?‹‹ ››To grant them my infinite power. My power needs a vessel to be utilized. You are exactly what I searched for. With my might you will be able to take revenge on this inferior Hedgehog.‹‹ ››This certainly sounds interesting I care pretty less what it needs to cut this Hedgehog down but there must be some drawbacks and I want to know which.‹‹ ››You're sharp but I know this, why else should I have chosen you. There indeed some drawbacks. It will be a painful process and it is necessary to re-create you and shape a body who can hold the power. This will takes a long time but then you will hold power beyond a god. You will be able to alter time and space freely at your will. You will be a being standing over time and space itself. Will you accept this gift?‹‹

››Yes I will.‹‹

››Good, then sleep until your transformation is complete.‹‹

At some point before, Eggman Nega got his hands on information about Argus in one of his experiments and later finds the drifting and still sleeping Ix. He retrieves the still changing body of him.

››I see, so he was chosen by Argus to become it's vessel. If I pass the right timing I will bind him to me and can freely govern over this ultimate power but first I have to find a way to get to the point where it is possible to enslave him…