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by WainGuy

The three men stared at each other for a long, silent moment. Mustang looked at the two men, completely baffled at what had come out of both of them. Maybe this was some trick that they'd come up with... At any moment they'd laugh and say, "Got ya!"

But they didn't.

Roy Mustang frowned before he gestured that they go to his living and discuss. His two co-workers followed after him, their breathing returning to normal as they caught their breath. They all sat down and Roy told Maes to start.

"Riza was in a maternity shop and she was looking around. I thought she was going to get a gift for my darling Gracia but then the clerk came and asked what she needed. Riza asked when it was appropriate to wear the clothes and the clerk told her. But then the clerk asked if she was pregnant and Riza gave a nod and told her that the doctor had told her that she was three months along."

Roy and Havoc blinked at the man. Before they all shared a look. 'So, Riza Hawkeye the strict and trigger happy lt. was actually pregnant... That's hard to believe...'

"How'd she get knocked up?" Havoc asked.

Maes frowned and shook his head. "I didn't stay to hear after Riza said she was three months pregnant."

Roy then looked at his 2nd lt. "Alright let's hear your story then."

Havoc rubbed his face - disguise off - and sighed. "Well, I was following the boss like you instructed us to and a bit earlier he was approached by a really lovely lady - beautiful redhead with a damn good body - that was most definitely looking for some fun and asked if he'd like some company. The boss turned her down but she then removed her jacket and showed her body to him. She was hot!" Here the other two men rolled their eyes but said nothing as the blonde man continued, "But then he took off his glove and told her that he's married and that his wife was expecting."

Silence. Complete silence enveloped the room and if you dropped a pin you'd be able to hear it loud and clear. Then the Flame Alchemist thought about something.

"Maes you said that Riza's pregnant right?"

The other man nodded.

"And Havoc you said that Ed has a wife who's expecting, correct?"

The blonde lieutenant nodded, eyebrow quirked in question. "Yeah... But how does that fit?"

"You two also said that the two of them apparently live in the same apartment building as well, yes?"

Maes' jaw slackened as he looked at his best friend. "You mean that they could...?"

The Colonel nodded while the blonde man just glanced between the two of them, confusion showing clearly on his face. "What? What is it?"

Roy looked at his subordinate, a grim expression on his face. "It could be possible that Riza and Ed are married and they are both having a baby..."

Havoc backed up waving his arms in front of him, blue eyes wide. "Wait, wait, wait! You mean to tell me the boss and Hawkeye hooked up and somehow Ed managed to knock her up?"

Both men nodded and Jean crumbled against the chair. "That's," he swallowed, "quite... unbelievable..."

The other two men agreed and Mustang frowned, anger bubbling in the pit of his stomach. "What I don't understand is why they didn't tell us... They should have at least told somebody..."

"Well, you know the military, they don't allow military personal to get married to each other so it could be the reason why they didn't tell anyone in the military or anyone related to the military... So maybe Alphonse and Winry know since they aren't in the military and such..." Maes suggested.

"We'll deal with this tomorrow and then we'll see from there."


Edward breathed in deeply, savoring the sweet scent of vanilla that clung to his wife's lemon blonde hair. His left arm was around her, his hand resting against the barely noticeable baby bump. He was wide awake whereas Riza had long ago drifted off onto the shores of dreams.

Edward was worried. What if the others found out? What would they do? The both of them could be court-martialed and they both didn't want that to happen no matter what. He couldn't resign because he had just renewed his state license and they'd discussed that when it appeared that she was starting to show much more than she'd mail in her resignation with her uniform and such.

Enough thinking for now, he thought, we still have work tomorrow and it'd be best if we worry about this later...

He closed his tired eyes and sleep came to him slowly but all the while the sweet scent of vanilla accompanied him.


The next day started as usual. Riza woke up first before she woke him up then she'd go to the bathroom and he'd brush his hair and wait for her to be finished before he'd go into the bathroom and shower. When he came out she was dressed in the standard military blue uniform before she went to the kitchen to feed Black Hayate and make a pot of coffee.

They never ate breakfast at home. They'd go out at different times and go to different places to have their quick breakfast before they went to the office where their work of reading and signing paperwork would continue for many, many hours of boringness.

Riza and Hayate left first as he looked at the fridge for a moment, deciding if he should buy groceries or just leave it until Saturday. It looked like it could last them a few more days so there wasn't a need to buy any groceries then. That's good then.

He grabbed his keys, shrugged on his black overcoat with the red flamel on, walked out the house and locked the door. He walked down the stairs and out the apartment building. He went to the nearby bakery and paid for the bread.

He arrived at the office on time and saw that Riza, Breda and Falman were there and muttered a good morning to each of them. They greeted him back and he walked to his desk and sighed. There was a nice, tall pile of files that needed to read and signed. Absolutely boring, it was fantastically wonderful!

He collapsed onto his chair and put his coat on the chair before he took the first file for the pile and read; eyes trailing over the words - spotting a mistake here and there - and signed. He placed it on the other side of his desk; one done and another sixty plus more. What a long day he had... Great.

This continued until Colonel Shitface exited his inner office. "FullMetal and Lieutenant Hawkeye please come in here for a moment."

His voice gave nothing away and Ed didn't have the chance to catch a glimpse of the man's face because when he looked up the man had already retreated into his office. He looked at his wife before he stood up and followed her into the office.

"Close the door please."

He closed the door behind him and looked at the man who was his superior officer. His black eyes were steely, his brow furrowed and he was standing by his desk, arms crossed over his chest.

"What is it you want, Colonel?" he asked. He didn't say any of his many names because he knew now wasn't the time to call him that especially when he was in this type of mood.

"Is there something that you forgot to mention to me?"

Ed thought for a moment and Riza answered, "No, sir."

Ed shook his head, "Nope. I don't think I forgot to tell you anything in the report."

The man sighed and gave them both a disapproving look and casually said, "I think you did. You forgot to mention that you were married and the lt. Hawkeye is pregnant."

Riza stiffened at his side and he felt his insides turn to ice as the sharp claws of fear gripped his heart. How? How did the bastard find out? They had made sure that no one knew! They had tried so hard and, yet, he found out.

Then a more important question filled his head: What was he going to do?