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Charlie POV

We remained in Forks for two weeks, staying at the Cullen's home in order to spend time with the new wolf cub. I'd needed it actually, having been apart from Bella too long. Ireland and Italy weren't that far apart, but after the separation when I'd looked for her, anytime away from each other felt endless.

As I watched my daughter interact with her extended family and her husband, it reaffirmed my sense that everything was right in the world. She'd literally come out of the shy shell that she'd buried herself within. Her acerbic wit pleased me as she kept the Cullen men, particularly Emmett, in line, and the closeness between her and the other Cullen women was astounding. Added into the whole mix, was her "other" father's iron control over the things that went on in Volterra and his apparent adoration of my child. She'd found the large family she'd always desired.

Some would have believed the situation to be odd…my sharing "custody" with Aro, but after having experienced the divorce from Renee and the repercussions, I was well versed in sharing Bella. In reality, I felt closer to her in immortality. She was a woman grown now, and there were no secrets between us.

I'd also needed time with Billy, to strengthen our ties. The wolf gene, buried within the blood that pulsed through his human body, protected him. I'd quickly determined that although his heart sounded luscious, the smell of the warm liquid moving through his arteries and veins repulsed me. That combined with my affection for him kept him safe from me. I spent hours by his side harassing and challenging him, much like I'd done when we'd both been humans. When I'd first returned to Forks, he'd been uneasy with my choices. It had taken him a spell of time to come to acceptance, and I believed that the only way I'd earned his forgiveness was the reality of what I'd become. Billy could respect the idea of providence.

It was with a sense of some sorrow that I left my daughter and her family in Forks, shook my best friend's hand, and said goodbye to the boy I'd watched grow into a man, his wife, and new baby. I'd be back, sooner than later, but for now, I needed to spend some time with my other half.

~~ UU ~~

"Mags, this way," I said softly, blurring down the alley in Seattle. We were hunting and had chosen a particularly dark night to prowl through the streets.

When I'd woken from the fiery hell that was my change, it was to see my daughter's and love's anxious faces peering from across the room at me. Of course at that time, they'd seemed strangers, and my unease had compounded.

"Daddy?" Bella had spoken quickly. The use of the endearment had been perfectly timed, as my memories of her had come rushing back to be stored in my immortal mind.

When I'd smiled at her, her gasp had been one of pleasure. "Bells!" had been all I could force out.

She was mesmerizing…my perfected baby. Then distraction in the ultimate form had occurred as Maggie moved slowly toward me, holding her hand out to me. The feelings of belonging had overwhelmed me, and although my instincts had been to run from the group of individuals watching me, my heart had quickly remembered the woman who'd stolen my heart.

The Cullens had taken me for a hunt, as had been planned, and my first meal had been of deer. It had been filling, but like Edward had warned me, not quite satisfying. As fate would have it, I'd never been able to stick to a vegetarian diet. I'd tried, but being around the luscious smells on Maggie, Siobhan, and Liam had made it all but impossible.

So I'd decided to make it work for me.

Even as a small town cop, I'd seen my share of evil, and I wasn't speaking of the immortals who I'd been oblivious too. I was talking about the other evil…humans with no morals or souls by which to be guided. These men and women had hungers that had nothing to do with the need to feed. The hunger that vampires experienced when in the presence of human blood was generally too overwhelming to play with the ones they fed off of…the hungers of the ones I hunted; well, they generally feed off the misery of others. And, so…I fed off them.

Maggie was my perfect partner and mate. If I ever doubted my instincts, all I had to do was ask a few questions…Maggie was never wrong. We were a perfect pair.

Aro had stumbled to find a name for my gift. It was something between a shield, a tracker, and a strategist. Marcus, of all individuals, had pointed it out to them.

"I can't believe I am the one that sees the truth. Carlisle Cullen…where is your head?" Didyme had turned to her husband and grinned at seeing him tease Carlisle. I'd never met him when he'd been lifeless…it was hard to even comprehend the man in front of me as anything but the vivacious leader he was. His wife, I knew, had also been through an ordeal, yet she was probably one of the warmest individuals I'd ever known. You just couldn't help but smile in Didyme's presence.

Aro had waved his hand at Marcus in an agitated manner. "Okay, Marcus, enough. Reveal your insight to us."

"Simple, Aro…his intuitiveness, his ability to see a pattern even when exceptional minds have attempted to cover the trail…" he smirked at his brother "…his need for law and justice, his limited shield, can't you see it? 'Lest the avenger of the blood pursue the slayer, while his heart is hot, and overtake him.' Deuteronomy 19:6." He rolled his eyes at Carlisle. "He's an Avenger…the perfect assassin."

As I led Maggie down the dark alleyway, I remembered the chaos that had occurred afterward as the discussion of my gift echoed through the room. Aro had shown unusual humor when he'd elbowed me to say, "Where were you, Charlie, when I needed rid of Stefan and Vladimir? How much more simple it would have been for me, rather than traipsing across the countryside…"

I'd absolutely given little thought to my gift until Maggie had attempted to skirt around London with me. Hearing the thrumming heartbeats of the nightlife, I'd been intrigued. However, within minutes, it was as if a force within me was dragging me toward an unknown location. We'd ended up in a seedy section near the docks. Within minutes of prowling the rooftops, my interest had been captured by a man. It was if my thirst settled on him, and nothing else would quench it. It wasn't the call of a singer, like Bella had been for Edward; it was the call of justice…that addictive zing in my blood, now venom, that was a high when I'd settled a crime in the past. Now it filled me when I "sensed" evil. It wasn't quite like Alice's gift where she saw the future; it was that I just "knew" when the person was the one that enjoyed another's suffering.

My job was to, little by little, one by one, do what I hadn't often been able to do as a law-abiding man…provide swift and perfect justice.

Now, in the dark streets of Seattle, a harsh voice in the distance caught my attention, and I felt the familiar burn of need set in. Maggie sensed my interest, and in silent agreement, we leapt to the roofline heading for the unsuspecting fiend.

~~ UU ~~

My body hummed from the blood that filled me, and as the weighted dead body slipped quickly into the sound, I turned to capture my mate. A husky chuckle of pleasure purred out of her throat.

"Shall we go back to the hotel, Charlie?" she murmured, stirring the fine hairs of my neck.

Thinking the hotel was entirely too far away, I was eyeing the wall of the building behind us, and my eagerness must have shown, because her next words were more along the lines of my thoughts.

"Or…maybe not."

I chuckled, fully pleased in the life I'd found - My daughter secure, happy, and living out a charmed life, an extended family with ties to the most powerful beings in my world, a woman by my side who loved me and was tied to me forever, and fulfillment of my every desire to seek out justice. As I pulled Maggie to me for a passionate kiss, I marveled at what had risen from the ashes of my human life.

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