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CHAPTER 4 – Are You Happy Now?

"Hey." He tried to catch her attention.

"Hey.." She answered back.

"So, how are you two..?" She asked him, skeptically.

"Everything's good I guess.." He replied.

"Well t-that's good.." She tried to put a smile.

They walked together at the overpass to go back to their dormitories. The sky is so beautiful, it feels the world is a very peaceful place, with no violence at all.

"Beautiful sunset.." She said suddenly.

He looked at it too.

"Yes.. it looks so calming isn't it? Even though it's the end of the day…" he said sincerely and smiled at her.

She blushed at the sight of his blue eyes. They reflected sincerity.

"Let me hold your groceries." He offered his help to her.


He got them from her nevertheless.

"T-thanks.." She uttered.

"You look… different today.." He asked her suddenly.


"Are you all right?" He asked her again.


They continued to walk down the overpass.


"Mibuya.." He tried to speak.

She looked at him. Those eyes. Her eyes, covered with so much grief.

She looked away.

Deafening silence.

"If you have any problems.. and you think I can help you with it.. or uhm.. just lend you an ear… you can always count on me.." He broke the silence.

"It doesn't matter if I don't understand it.. right?" He looked at her again with sincerity.

"I mean.. those things you have to say… or even though I couldn't give you anything.. any help.. or any advice… well, at least I'm here to listen…" He finally smiled.

"You're undoubtedly talkative today.." She finally answered him, without looking at him.

"Thank you…" She continued, blushing.

She looked at him.

You are the reason….

"Am I talkative today? Hee." He smirked.

"I'm just like this when I'm with you, well I'll stop if I'm annoying you." He asked her with that innocent face.

"You look annoying with that face." She tried to concealed her laughter.

"Eh? At least you already laughed." He said.

"Well, you finally laughed and smiled! You just!" He walked in front of her and looked at her face.

"Am I annoying you?" He asked him again with that face.

She giggled.

You always find simple ways to make me happy… small gestures that affect me much… it's funny how you could make me cry and smile at the same time…

"Maybe we should hurry back, everyone's waiting for us." She smiled at him.

"Well yeah, shall we?" He motioned to put her hands on his arm.

And she did.

Both of them returned at their dormitories. The return trip felt much longer and sentimental and it made both of them wished it would be this way.

"Oh, I will just place these at the academy's kitchen. Oh and I'll call them too, so that we could start the celebration for Takigawa's birthday." He smiled at her.

"Okay then, I'll wait for you here." She smiled back.

While waiting outside, Mibuya saw her. Her biggest rival ever, or shall we say mortal enemy?

"Where's everyone?" Shibamura asked her.

"Hayami called them already." She answered numbly.

"Do you like him?" Mibuya asked him, now looking at her with determined eyes.

How impolite and sudden!

"What do you mean?"

"You don't know what I mean?"

Shibamura tried to look at her thoroughly, exquisitely. Of course she knows what she meant.

"Please don't play with his feelings. He likes you too much that he don't know what he's doing.."

"Maybe you should tell him that?" Shibamura answered her irritably.

"You're jealous?" Mibuya looked at her with playful eyes.

"Why should I?" the pony-tailed girl answered back.

"Do you think I could like a guy like him? All goofy and clumsy?" she continued.

"When will you stop fooling yourself?" Mibuya's eyes pierced hers.

"If you won't stop acting that way, he would end up being with me." Mibuya looked at her fiercely.

"You like it that way, don't you?" she continued.

"Or you're just enjoying using someone for your own sake? Oh, I meant using him for you to move on?" Mibuya asked with sarcasm.

Shibamura just stood there, unable to move. She can't think of anything but anguish. Was it because what Mibuya told her was true? Partly true? Or was she really doing this just to occupy her mind with something else? She can't think of anything. She was confused all of a sudden. Her words buried on her chest like daggers.

Shibamura flushed. Angered, she slapped Mibuya heavily, her fingers plastered onto the latter's fair cheeks.

Mibuya smirked at her.

"Are you happy now?"

"Hey, I've just called the others!" Hayami looked at the two of them.

He saw a red mark on Mibuya's face while Shibamura's hands were clenched. He looked at Shibamura, then Mibuya.

Shibamura bowed her head, her eyebrows not pretty to draw.

"Hey… what happened.. here?" He asked to no one in particular.

Are you happy now?

The pony-tailed girl walked out without uttering a word while she left him there, perplexed.

He stood there staring at her, walking far from him. He can't even fathom the fact that these two girls might be fighting over him. But why would they? Are they serious though? Maybe he's just dreaming or something, because in his whole life, he never imagined to be fighting over with… he just imagined himself stopping the fight, but in this case, how to stop it if you're the cause? Or maybe they are just real rivals. He knows how Shibamura could be kind of sarcastic, not mentioning Mibuya too.

He looked back at Mibuya.

"Did you two just…" He doesn't want to think about it.

Mibuya stared back at him. Her eyes transpire that of regret. She can't even answer him. She knows this would hurt him.

"The others are waiting for us.. I think we should go now.." He started to walk.

"Hayami…" she uttered.

He heard it and stopped. She was tracing his back with her eyes.

"I like you." She suddenly told him.

What have you done?

He thought about it for a second and faced her.

"Mibuya…" he gathered his thoughts.

"I'm s-sorry.." he continued.

"But… but I like someone else already." He finished his sentence while looking at the ground.

She was expecting this, right? But why did she still insist on telling it to him? What was she thinking? She was expecting this but why it hurts so much? She was expecting this but still… she hopes him to love her back. She was drowning in her own tears. She tried to wipe it with her hands but it keeps on flowing, flooding her heart.

"I k-know it already." She tried to smile.

"I k-know you would say t-that.." she wiped her tears.

He touched her shoulders. He never wanted this but he thinks it's better that he said it now while giving false hopes. It was just so sudden, yet he feel the need to be really honest. He doesn't want any lies. He doesn't want hurting someone else.

"I guess there's nothing m-much left to do b-but to m-move o-on, you k-know.. find other guys.. w-who deserves m-me. You w-would regret this Hayami Atsushi, you'll say y-you should have picked me." She punched him kiddingly.

"M-Mibuya-san.." he uttered.

"Do y-your best and make her fall in love with you.." she finished and smiled.

She smiled but still sadness could be traced in her eyes. She was expecting this all along.

Let go.