Disclaimer: Marvel owns Cable and Domino. I merely borrow them.

Edana dared Timey to write this, but Timey doesn't take dares. And, apparently, I'm scatterbrained enough that it came together properly.

PG13ish... Sexual innuendo, etc. But very light.

Dedicated: To Allie for snickering, Timey for stating she doesn't do dares, and Edana 'cause she started it.

by Ana Lyssie Cotton

"Are you sure we're allowed to do this?"

"Nate, stop trying to back out like a scared little kid."

He turned guile-less eyes to Domino, "But I'm not."

She snorted, hands on her hips. "Riiight. Next you'll tell me that winning the battle means we fast for ten days."

"But according to long-standing Askani tradition--"


Nathan Dayspring Summers studied his current companion as she flopped full-length on the hotel bed. "You sure?"

"I'll get up and kick your ass out of here if you even think of suggesting it again."

He joined her in a lazy sprawl. "I'll eat if you eat."

With a smirk, her eyes travelled the length of him, "Oh, I plan to eat. Maybe even try dipping sauces."

"Dipping?" He blinked, trying to figure out her meaning.

"Yes. I'm sure chocolate would add a nice flavour."


"Of course, it's not Cablicious. But then, only you are." She smirked harder as he blushed, finally realizing her meaning.

"You're an evil woman, Dom."

"But you love me anyway."

He sighed, "Sadly, I do."



"Uh-huh." She snorted, "You'll pay for that later, Summers."

"Really?" He looked almost hopeful.

She laughed, "Really."