A/N: Last act!

Previous Chapter: The fusion broke, and they managed to communicate briefly. Long enough to bid farewell, too brief to find out if fission meant death.

Goku opened his eyes. The rocky surroundings were a blur at first, but his eyes adjusted. With a fair amount of surprise, Goku found himself back at the battlefield. He looked down at himself. His own gi, his own hands. Did we kill Buu? I'm hungry…

Vegeta sat up, weary and confused, but he regained his composure when he saw his own body. Did what I think just happened really happen? Or is this...?

Clearing their confusion, the events which they had hitherto only felt, now passed before their eyes. Vegeta saw Goku, and tested their mind-link. "Kakarott?"

Goku looked up. "Hey! 'Geta!"

"What did you just call me?"

Goku skirted around the complaint, in the very way that irritated the Prince the most. "Why did we see the fight like a movie?"

Vegeta gaped at his long-time ally (friend?). "You didn't ask where we were and you understood what the memory flash was? Did the fusion shuffle our powers? Can I do Super Saiyan 3?..." Vegeta stopped, surprised by his own very Kakarott-like torrent of words. "Holy crap. Now I'm talking like you. It sure did."



"What was that inside the fusion?"


"Oh come on. You were as scared as a… umm… cat…"

"Shut up."

"I was scared too, don't worry."

"What the…?"

"Come on V, we're alive."

"Took you that long to find out?"

"Buu not there!"

"I know. Stop talking like an infant."

"So what happened?"

"Whatever it was, it was damn illogical. If you're interested in keeping your head intact, don't tell a soul. And break this mind-talk. You have a voice."

"Hmm". I'll tell Chi and the boys. And Ox-King. And Krillin, Piccolo and Master Roshi, and Eighteen,… and I'll ask them not to tell Vegeta… heh heh. And I'll tell Bulma too… or will she tell Vegeta? Oh, I guess Vegeta will tell HER at least…"

Just the Woman. Yes. I'll tell just the Woman. And I'll ask her not to breathe it to another soul. She'll tell the brats behind my back anyway…

The link slipped and they rose, and the world knows the rest of the incredible story that the Old Chronicler had recorded for all to know.

Behind The Scenes: The Chronicler rose from her machine, glad that she managed to avoid first person even in that last sentence. Though she had to omit out the 'my predecessor' part…