That night seems so long ago.

Fleeing from the burning castle,

Screaming my heart out for you,

Throwing you the Ocarina.

So much time has passed.

But ever since then,

I've waited for you.

Hyrule castle has been replaced

By an ominous shadow of itself.

The Castle Town citizens -

Zombies, apparitions, transformed

By the Dark Lord himself.

And they're waiting.

Waiting for you.

The Gorons are starving, one by one.

They don't dare to challenge

Ganondorf's monsters.

They're waiting.

Waiting for you.

Zora Domain, encased in ice,

The Zoras can't hold on much longer.

Heartbeats slow beneath

The cruel weigh of ice.

They're waiting.

Waiting for you.

Yet you won't find me when you come.

I am Sheik the Sheikah,

At Ganondorf's disposal.

But I cry at night,

Watching Hyrule crumble.

This once-great kingdom

Won't last much longer.

We're all waiting.

Waiting for you.

I've grown and changed

In those seven years,

From a young girl

To a young woman.


You haven't.

Suspended in time,

You're the same.

You haven't changed, no.

And I doubt you.

Your face dims in my mind.

I can't recall your voice.

You're only eight in heart.

How can I face you?

But still, I'm waiting.

Waiting for you.

A/N: Kind of a companion fic for A Destiny Never Wanted. Kinda. If you liked this or my other Zelda fic, watch out for another one I'll be posting in the next couple weeks or so, about Sheik. Reviews would be awesome.