"That is impossible," the woman stated, staring at the Doctor. "The Doctor has very short hair. Has a better taste in clothes. And he travels with a blonde." She nodded at Amy. "That is not blonde. That is fire."

Amy opened her mouth to speak but, before she could say anything, the Doctor spoke hurriedly.

"I died and came back as this. Well, technically I died twice, but let's not go into details. Here I am, here you are, and it's time we sorted out whatever you called me here for." He stopped, but she said nothing. "Erm, what did you call me here for?"

"Come," she said. "I will tell you soon."

Turning, she walked off. The Doctor hurried after her.

"Come on, Pond," he called over his shoulder. "Time to go meet the natives."

"Blonde?" she muttered, before running after him.

"Oh, now this place is really quite something," the Doctor cried, spinning round. "A whole network of caves located under the Silg. Completely safe from the weather and no attacker can stay alive long enough to even reach you. I love it!"

"Doctor, now is not the time," Matthia snapped.

"Of course it isn't," he said. "But it never is here. And that's the problem. Something's always happening. For a small rock covered in ice you really are quite popular with invaders. Which isn't right. This period of time should be nice and quiet with you ruling for two centuries and fighting no battles. What's gone wrong?"

"You left, Doctor!" she shouted. "You promised you'd help us but you never came back! Why? And why should I trust you now? You've betrayed me once, what's to stop you doing it again? Well?"

"You believe me," he said quietly. "You've gone from not believing to having faith in who I say I am in a few short minutes. Why should I trust you?"

"You know me. And when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. You are not the only one to have read Mr. Doyle, child. There is evidence to say that you are the saviour my people need, but you are here and you are willing, which means I must believe. Also, all that sounds like the kind of crazy the Doctor would be involved in."

"You knew me too well, Mati," the Doctor smiled. "So, what's the problem this time? Who's invaded, and who messed up your face?"

"Ice Hearts," she said, glancing away. "But they have not yet conquered our minds, for they need their queen for that. And she is locked deep in the planet. It is impossible for her to return."

"It should be impossible for him to change, but he does it," a voice said quietly. A tall man walked towards them.

"This is Matthew, my brother and Captain of the Palace Guards," Matthia said. "Matthew, this is the Doctor and that is . . . ?"

"Amy," she said, glaring at Matthia.

"Pleasure to meet you, Amy," Matthew said, picking up her hand and kissing it. She smiled flirtatiously at him. "It's nice to know the world still contains beauty, even when evil walks your streets."

"Yes, well, as I was saying," Matthia interrupted. "He knows the situation better than any other."

"I like him," Amy whispered to the Doctor. "Do you think we can maybe stay awhile after the whole saving-the-world thing?"

"Shush," the Doctor muttered back. Amy glared at him this time.

"I have 16 spies in each different quarter of the city," he explained, stepping back to stand next to his sister. "So far none have been caught. We pray it shall continue like that. How are you back here again, decades later, yet with a younger face than before?"

"Never mind that, how can I help? I don't even know what these Ice Hearts are. And what evidence is there to say that I can save you?"

"You save almost every planet you go to. Also, there is a prophecy. It says that the traveller will come when we are in our hour of greatest need. Just like you have done." Matthia glanced at her brother after saying this. "Matthew, as Captain, holds all the memories of the prophets. Most refer to you, Doctor."

"Me? Well, I guess I'm . . . honoured, really. So, the Ic-"

"There's another prophecy surrounding you." Matthew's voice had turned cold, and harsh. His eyes were blank and staring into the distance.

"Matthew?" the Doctor asked, snapping his fingers in front of his face.

"This is normal," Matthia said. "It's how he is when he's remembering a prophecy. There is no need to worry."

"She must go!" Matthew suddenly shouted, eyes slowly returning to normal.

"This prophecy, Matt, what is it?" The Doctor moved closer, curious now.

"The fire companion of the ever changing traveller will destroy your world forever. Beware the Queen of Spirits."

"That's nonsense," the Doctor snapped. Amy turned pale. "I'm not ever changing. And I've never had a companion that's fire."

"She is," Matthia said. "Her hair is fair. You have changed since we last saw you. And you are a traveller, are you not?"

"OK, maybe that does mean something. But you would have said that Donna's hair was fair as well. Doesn't mean it's talking about Amy."

"Queen of Spirits," Matthew said sadly. "Ice Hearts are spirits. They're waiting for their Queen so they can finish taking over this planet."


"The timing can only mean one thing. You cannot stay here."

"Matthew, we need him!" Matthia cried. "We cannot win without the Doctor. He's like an army all by himself. However, we do not need the girl. She is surplus to requirements."

"She stays with me," the Doctor said, his voice as cold as the ice that surrounded the base.

"We must make our decision now, before it is too late," Matthew decided. He looked troubled. "Sister, you are Queen and a higher rank than me. Therefore I must bow down to your choice, however much I disagree with it." With his eyes, he apologized to Amy.

Matthia straightened her back and glared straight at her.

"The girl must leave at once."