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The Phantasmagoric Images

Chapter One

It was quiet in Amity as Danny roamed the streets patrolling for ghosts with his two best friends, the nerdy, techno-geek, Tucker Foley, and the independent and strong-willed, Sam Manson. It was just like any other night it seemed. They'd run into a ghost or two, Danny would throw a few punches and then Sam would suck the ghosts into the Fenton thermos because Tucker was no longer allowed to keep track of the thermos due his clumsiness and absentmindedness. Still, Danny had an undying, eerie feeling in the pit of his stomach. He could explain why, but he'd believed he'd felt this feeling once before. This feeling only got worse as a mysterious voice from behind called his name in a soft whisper.

"You guys hear that?" Danny whispered, believing it was just another ghost and trying not to think about the sinking feeling he had in his gut.

"What are you talking about, dude?"Tucker asked, giving him an inquisitive look. "Hear what?" Danny tried to brush it off, but he kept hearing that voice. He landed on the ground to walk in front of his two friends and closed his eyes, trying to find where the voice that, for some reason, only he could hear was coming from. He heard it call again, sounding wildly seductive in its trance-inducing tone. Danny abruptly stopped in surprise. He recognized the voice! Sam and Tuck both ran into him in shock, knocking him face first, into the ground.

"Ow… can you guys get off me?" Danny choked out, his face still buried in the pavement. Tucker immediately stumbled to his feet and dusted himself off. He took his PDA out of his pocket and examined it, making sure it suffered no injury from the fall. Sam, on the other hand, stayed sprawled out on Danny's back. "Sam, please get off. You're crushing my spine and I only have one of those."Danny tried to push her off, taking care not to harm her, but he couldn't.

Sam laughed at his effort. "You fight ghosts every day, but you can't get a fourteen year old girl off your back?" she asked teasingly.

"Please, GET OFF!" Danny yelled, giving up his attempt to push her off. He could always just phase his way out of this, but he didn't really mind. He let Sam have her fun. Besides, He kind of liked the feeling of Sam next to him, or, in this case, on top of him. He felt a sick feeling in his stomach again, but it wasn't the same as before. It was a feeling he was all too familiar with and wished he didn't feel for her; Love. Or what he wished wasn't love. He tried so hard to hide it and yet, it still kept coming back. If she ever found out about his feelings, it would change everything and he was afraid that she would feel bad to not return his affection. She'd feel obligated to be with him. He didn't want that. Sam noticed his silence and stood up enough to be able to roll him over on to his back and promptly sat herself down on his pelvis, causing him to wince from the new pressure.

"Are you alright, Danny?" Sam asked softly, still seated upon him in a way he had only dreamed of. He tried not to enjoy those dreams, but couldn't help himself. She was beautiful. "If you're tired, we can go home and call it a night." Danny couldn't stop his mind from rushing from one lewd thought to the next, his face growing redder and more shocked with each one.

"How can I think about her like that? She's my best friend!" Danny thought ill of himself and his face reflected his disgust. Sam watched is changing expressions wondering when he'd finally reply. She could she a fight raging inside him. "Stop! Please, stop! I hate thinking like this… I'm not in love! She's just a friend!" Danny screamed in his thoughts. Really, Daniel? Really? Fine. You're not in love with her. You just want her for your own pleasure. "No… You're wrong. I care about her. She's not just some cheap fuck!" Who said anything about fucking, Danny boy? "No, wait! I didn't mean… I mean… I… Sam is my friend!" Sure, Danny… Sure. That's why you have a hard on, right? Because she's you friend? "Oh, crud…"

Danny quickly snapped back to reality to see Sam standing above him, a shocked look on her face. She noticed. He sat up quickly trying to hide his very noticeable member. "Why does my uniform have to be so tight?" Sam bent down beside him and placed her soft hand lightly on his cheek. Danny's gaze rose to meet hers and their lips met. Danny's blood turned hot and he felt light headed, like he would faint at any moment. She broke this kiss to look into his eyes and Danny's faced turned pale. Sam's face was blood stained and scarred. She had horrible burns on her arms and thighs. Her clothes were torn, her body exposed. Danny stammered to his feet and backed away quickly to take in the entire picture that he didn't want to see. She reached out to him, still sitting on the ground, and called his name. Danny's head started spinning, Sam calling his name ringing in his head; a combination and fear and seduction. He could hear a faint heart beat. Was it his or hers? It got louder, escalating in speed. He looked down at Sam to find her an inch from his face. This time he reached out his hand to her, placing it softly on a cut going down her cheek. Tears sprung to his eyes. Why? Why was she like this? Why was she hurt? Was it his fault? The heart beat got louder. Sam still called his name. He felt faint, dizzy. He couldn't move. The heart beat escalated. He began to shake uncontrollably. Sam grabbed his shoulder and jerked him into a kiss that burned through his heart. This isn't happening! This can't be happening! She pulled away and whispered in his ear, "Why?" His heart fell. The heart beat stopped. A chill filled the air. The city around his began to spin. His stomach churned. He felt ill. His legs gave out. He fell to the ground. He woke up in his bed to the sound of his alarm clock ringing in his ear. It was just a dream.

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