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And another note: This is set after the episode "Flesh and Blood"!

0700h in the morning. He was standing in the lift with a cup of steaming, black coffee. He had to think about what happened yesterday, and had to talk to Tony again. Tony had to know that he does have a family that cares for him. With the familiar "bing" the doors opened. He walked slowly through the doors, standing still to watch his senior agent; Tony was working on his computer, seeming busy. Then he heard McGee's voice and smirked.

"Tony's mask is back."

He just did not know if it was a good or bad sign...

"Oh, not again! Tony!"

When Gibbs entered the bullpen he saw McGee with this fingers glued to the keyboard. Gibbs just rolled his eyes and looked at DiNozzo who had a big grin all over his face. As soon as he saw Gibbs staring at him, his face went blank. Gibbs heard Ziva laughing at her desk, turning around he looked at her with a rasied eyebrow.

Ziva immediately stopped, looking at Tony, who said smirking:

"You learn fast young Padawan."

"Thank you, Master" Ziva replied giving him a huge smile.

Gibbs tried not to smirk, but was a little bit glad that Tony was back, although he knew that Tony had hidden his real feelings once again.

"Gibbs..." McGee began to whinge.

"McGee!" Gibbs turned to him, "Will you ever learn?"

Shaking his head, Gibbs went to his desk.

Tony grinned at McGee, "Take it easy McCranky!"

After McGee had freed himself from the keyboard, Gibbs got a call. Slamming the phone back he gave the order: "Grab your gear, we've got a dead Marine."

"Wow, that's unusual." Tony said. The head slap which came was not unexpected.

After arriving at the crime scene, they entered the huge warehouse. It was located at a harbour in a large industrial area. They discovered the body between wooden pallets. He had been stabbed several times in his abdomen and chest. The whole floor and wood were covered with blood.

After they finished bagging the evidence and Ducky had loaded the body into the truck with Palmer's help they drove back to the NCIS building.

Tony was smiling like always when he sat down on his chair. But then it hit him.

Gibbs noticed Tony was looking nervously down from behind his desk and then searched for something.

"What is it DiNozzo?"

Tony's head snapped back and looked at Gibbs, flustered.


"What?" Gibbs became quickly impatient, they did have a murder to solve.

"Well, I...this is kinda embarrassing..." he blushed.

"Dammit DiNozzo, spit it out, we've got a lot to do!"

"I think I've forgotten my bag at the crime scene..."

"You did what?" Gibbs didn't even try to hide his anger any more.

"I don't believe that, for how long do you work for me now?" he shouted and got up from his chair.

"Go get it, but HURRY!"

He didn't have to say it twice, Tony was out of the bullpen in a blink of an eye.

Gibbs stared after him, shook his head once again and continued with his paperwork.

Tony cursed under his breath as he arrived at the warehouse. Storming in he stopped suddenly.

Voices? Who is that, I thought everyone left.

He stepped closer and thought of calling Gibbs, but decided against it, just in case it would blow his cover. He could call him later, after he listened to what the people had been saying, maybe it was important.

He hid behind a large pile of pallets, looking at the two men who seemed to arguing.

"...told you we should have stayed! Now he is gone and they'll find us!"

"Ewan calm down! They won't find us. The Marine won't tell anyone anything!"

"Of course he won't, we killed him! Well, actually, you killed him! That wasn't necessary, Charlie!"

"Yes, it was. He knew what we look like, and what we've done. Would you like to be in prison now? I can arrange that, let me just give them a call."

Charlie made a move to dial a number on his mobile phone, but Ewan grabbed it out of his hands.

"No, I don't. Stop that!"

Charlie smirked.

"Well, I just hope they won't find any evidence on.."

Charlie stopped mid sentence. A mobile phone was ringing.

Is someone else here?

"No, no, no, no, no, no! Not now!"

Tony quickly got his phone out of his pocket but hoped he hadn't attracked any attention.

"What?" He tried to whisper.

"Where the hell are you DiNozzo?" Gibbs didn't sound happy.

Instead of answering, Tony checked if Charlie and Ewan noticed something. He looked back at the place where they stood just ten seconds before.

They were gone.

"Tony? What's wrong? DiNozzo? Say something!"

Tony turned around and looked straight in Charlie's face. Then he felt a sharp pain on the side of his head and everything went black.

Charlie picked up Tony's phone. He could hear Gibbs' yelling.

"Who is this?" Charlie asked.

"What? Who wants to know that? Where is Tony?"

"Well Tony here can't answer at the moment. If you want him back, come alone, now. No tricks, understood? Oh and I guess you know where to find us."

He hung up before Gibbs could answer.

It was quiet in the bullpen. Ziva and McGee just staring at Gibbs who was gazing at the phone in his hand.

Why always you, Tony? Why?

"Gibbs! What happened? Where is Tony?"

He was a bit surprised and looked over at her. Of course, they'd heard everything he'd said on the phone. He didn't know what to say. They said go alone. But he knew that Ziva and McGee would never stay here, especially knowing that Tony is in danger.

"Tony is in trouble." Were the only words he could manage. Ziva stood now in front of Gibbs desk.

"What are we going to do?"

"You two aren't gonna to do anything. I have to go alone." He tried.

"You want to go alone? You don't even know who that is or how many there are! You don't know anything about what's going on there. And you want to go alone? You might bring yourself and Tony in danger!"

Gibbs stared a few seconds at the floor until he looked back at Ziva and McGee finally giving up.

"Alright, you come with me, but you stay outside and do everything I say. Got it?"

They both were already getting their guns, saying "yes" in unison.

Gibbs made the 20 minutes drive in about 5. When they arrived nothing seemed suspicious;

they left the car and made their way to the entrance.

Gibbs looked at his junior agents and told them to wait there. Slowly, he made his way into the warehouse, trying to be quiet but knowing that they had to be aware that he was there when he heard a familiar voice.

"Gibbs! Please, just go back. I can handle them. Just run!" He could hear the pain in Tony's voice.

"Boss, they are two..." Tony suddenly stopped, Gibbs heard a thump and a small moan.

"You bastards, what have you done to him?" he hurried towards the group. His eyes flew to Tony who lay crumpled on the ground with his eyes shut. He held his head in his hands, blood was trickling trough his fingers.

One of the men had a gun pointed at Tony's head, which Gibbs indentified as Tonys's own, the other one standing a few metres away. The one with the gun was grinning at how angry Gibbs was.

"We haven't done anything really…Let's just say we now have a broken bottle and a dent in the side of your agents head shaped like a SIG grip."

"What do you want?" Gibbs growled, trying hard not to show his anger, but it was easier said than done.

"Well for one, give me your gun. And no tricks or he'll regret it."

Gibbs slowly reached for his gun and put it on the floor, kicking it over to the man.

"Ewan, take it!" he pointed at the other man who hadn't said a word since Gibbs came in.

Ewan did as he was told and gave the gun to Charlie.

"Your name is Gibbs right?" Gibbs simply nodded, his eyes never left Tony. "I want you to sit next to your boy, but move slowly!"

Charlie moved back from Tony but had his gun still pointed at him. Gibbs sat down next to Tony. Before he could try to wake Tony up, Charlie ordered Ewan to cuff them.

Ewan first cuffed Gibbs and then turned to Tony, looking at him he decided not to cuff him. "He won't do any harm anyway, Charlie, there is no need to cuff him." Charlie hesitated but finally nodded. Ewan got up on his feet and whispered something into Charlie's ear, which Gibbs couldn't understand. But now that he had the opportunity, he turned to Tony.

"Hey, Tony, can you hear me?"

Tony opened his eyes and looked around blearily. "Where, where are we?"

"Don't you remember? You went back to the warehouse to get your bag." Gibbs tried.

Tony cocked his eyebrows. "Which warehouse? Boss, why does my head hurts so much?"

Tony tried to get up in a sitting position but stopped when he saw his bloody hands.

"Is that my blood?" Tony answered with a small voice.

"Yeah, Tony it is." Gibbs frowned and put a hand on Tony's shoulder. That wasn't a good sign at all. He really hoped Ziva and McGee were still there and would call for back up. There was no way Gibbs could do this on his own.

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