Under the red-hot afternoon sun, the scorching rays hit smack-dab on the middle of a, shall we say, conversation, heating with the day, stagnant, immovable and repetitious as the seas beneath them, as the Black Pearl was stuck in the doldrums for third day straight.

Perfect time for a tantrum, the beginnings of which stretched all the way back to Chapelton, of all places, two weeks prior, and precisely the moment when Jack, so he claims, saved Will from a pick-pocket, and Will, as is his adamant version…Well…see for yourself

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you're being jealous."

"What makes you think you know better?"

"You do, by making such a piss-poor act of trying to hide it."

"Big words coming from someone who can't stand a bloke looking in me direction without swishing his blade around."

"He was about to slice you in half, Jack, and for good reason."

"Oh? And this girl, undressing you with her eyes, she was only going to wish you a good day? Thieves, all of them. I was only trying to protect you."

"The only person I need protection from is you, Jack Sparrow."

At that moment, Will Turner, the polite young man would've left indignantly, if only there had a been a place to go. As it happens, miles after miles after miles ad nauseam of motionless water surrounded them, and, although being a ship of respectable size, the Black Pearl offered not much in the way of privacy. Even the Pearl seemed somehow smaller now that it was fully crewed, not to mention the size of her Captain's head.

"I agree."

"You do?"

"Well if you bloody well keep this up, I very heartily agree."

"So you admit you were being jealous."

"No, I am merely suggesting you to get the hell out of my sight before I demonstrate the actions she'd taken upon yousself hadn't I been there. Topped off with the throat-slicing…William, you really didn't see the knife in her hand? You were looking straight at her!"

"Of course I saw the knife, Jack! She was coming straight for you!"


"That's why I stopped her, told her all those things. She was after you, not me."

"You're saying you saved me life?"

"No, I'm saying you're an insufferable ass."

But if that wasn't a lick of the wind they felt there…

"You chatted her up to save me arse, and I made a fool of meself to save yours?"

"If you insist on claiming me as your own as foolishness, then I suppose.."

It was. The wind was finally picking up, faintly rattling the black sails with her kisses.

"Means we're even."

"You still owe me an apology."

"You were still wooing her."

"I was not!"

"Fine. There. Apology accepted."


"You still owe me a kiss though."

"For what, exactly?"

"For saving your life, of course. Darling, the heat must be getting to you, you're not making any sense."

Once again Will considered just flopping himself over the railing to escape the nonsense, but the other half, the half which enjoyed said nonsense and would listen to it until all eternity, won out, stepped closer, and pecked a kiss on Jack's pouting lips.

With the wind growing stronger behind his back, Will walked off slowly, in silence, except for a long drawn out sigh, and left Jack baffled, watching as his mate climbed into a long boat.

For the time it took until Will was needed, Jack, smiling lovingly at Will's back, had no objections to letting Will have a place to call his own.