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The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt #: 1

Pen name: Evil Black Poppies

Pairing: Alice and Jasper

Rating: T for language

Photos for prompts can be found here:


Run, run.

Fucking run.

I had to get to Bella.

I had to get there now. If I didn't, all was lost. There would be a fight and the results would be catastrophic.

"Quickly," I whispered to my companions. I felt hope settle over me. Smiling, I shot a smile back at my mate. Jasper. My constant, my everything. And with just one glance at his beautiful face, my resolve grew stronger. I ran faster.

Because his life was depending upon our getting there in time.

My footfalls echo in the forest. I had to make it.

I couldn't not make it.

Now let me explain... the first prompt is a picture of an hourglass. This is from Alice's POV in Breaking Dawn when she and Jasper are running with Nahuel and Huilen to the clearing to save the day.

Why did I do this because of an hourglass? Because Alice can see the future, I went with the assumption that she saw a dark fate in store for her family and friends if they didn't make it in time. Going with that assumption, she had a limited amount of time (time, hourglass...) to get to the clearing.

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