A/N: So this is a challenge my friend and I gave each other... basically she picked a random book and choose 10 quotes from said book and I have to base a story around each quote. The book she choose for me was Gone by Michael Grant. As you may have guessed the underlined line is the quote in question! Enjoy!

Incidentally, I have never read the book so... I have no idea what these quotes are talking about... on we go!

Disclaimer: Sadly, White Collar does not, and never will belong to me.


He touched it, but not really.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Alex murmured as Neal drew his hand away.

"Exquisite," the ex-con agreed and Alex smiled mischievously.

"The security has some major drawbacks," she murmured enticingly.

"Hold on, Alex," Neal interrupted quickly, raising his eyebrows. "What are you getting at here?"

"Oh, come on, Neal," Alex said, turning to look at him. "It would be fun. Sort of ease you back into the game; what do you say?"

For a long moment Neal stared at the display case, his expression pensive before shaking his head. "That's not me anymore, Alex," he said finally.

Alex sighed exasperatedly. "Then who are you now?" she demanded. "Neal Caffrey the do-gooder? The fed has got you on a leash, Neal! This isn't you! Come on. Pull this job with me." Alex smiled, leaning closer to him. "You know you want to," she whispered.

"Peter has nothing to do with this," Neal murmured. "I have a different life now."

"One that the fed forced on you!" Alex said, frustrated, her eyes flashing. "I know you, Neal! This isn't you."

"It is now," Neal told her softly, sincerely. "I'm sorry, Alex."

And with that Neal Caffrey strolled out of the museum, disappearing into the crowded New York streets.

A/N: I'll leave it to you, the reader, whether or not Neal has actually turned a new leaf... maybe, after all, he's just playing his own angle... or maybe he just doesn't trust Alex...

What do you think? And should I continue with the rest of them or not?