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Chapter 1

"Oh My God this day has been sooooo long!"

Bella stood at her patio window looking out into the night, the lights twinkling below. In her hands her favourite Ben and Jerry's. She dipped her spoon in to get the last of it and sighed.

It had indeed been a long day, she'd been woken up very early from the most erotic dream to date by something attacking the garbage outside, and she wasn't pleased, she rolled over and looked at her alarm clock. Her alarm clock was set to go off at 6:45am; it was now only 5:30. She shut her eyes and willed herself to sleep, but in the end, she gave up trying to get back to sleep. Therefore, she got up and bleary eyed strolled to the bathroom. She showered, shaved her legs, and washed her hair. She then got out, dried herself and applied moisturiser. Bella then went to the draw in her bedroom and took out the hair dryer and hot brush. After eventually taming her hair, she put them away and went on to paint her toenails in a neutral colour, as she wouldn't be wearing tights for the interview.

Today, Bella had something planned knew she would have to take a change of clothes that were more suitable for an interview that she had later that day. Bella had applied for another job, and had received a letter to go for an interview that her present manager knew nothing about.

She had chosen a black linen pencil skirt with a slit up the side that came to mid thigh, her best shirt (which on her meagre current salary was the most expensive she'd ever bought). It was royal blue, satin and had delicate embroidery on the collar that just dipped to the valley of her breasts, which accentuated them, and she loved it. When she first laid her eyes on the shirt, she didn't care how much it cost; she had fallen in love.

She managed to find some stunning 3" heeled strappy sandals that matched the shirt perfectly, with the detail of the embroidery from the shirt echoing on the heel. They would show off her shapely legs.

With her interview attire chosen, she carefully packed it all into her only case. She placed it by the door of her apartment; she would pick it up on her way out.

Bella was still in her bathrobe as she wandered back to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast and a large cup of coffee. As she sat eating her breakfast, she mulled over what she was going to say in her interview. She'd done the research into the organisation; she had the data down pact. She couldn't blow this one. She needed this new job, the salary was better and she was facing losing her apartment if she couldn't find the rent.

The landlord was a pig, he'd put the rent up a couple of months ago and she was struggling to make ends meet. The apartment wasn't particularly special, but it was a roof over her head. Her apartment consisted of a small kitchenette, bathroom, one bedroom and a lounge. A small table was crammed into the corner, along with her sofa and TV. She tried to brighten the place up by putting some tasteful pictures on the walls, but even so, it was nothing elaborate.

She was not eating properly; she lived on best before date food from the market and waited for discounted food just to survive. Her cupboards had very little in them. A couple of pans, a few miss-match plates, odd cups and cutlery. However, she had to have the all-important coffee maker – she couldn't survive without her coffee.

Looking back now, she wished she hadn't bought the shirt, but she'd gamble on it getting her that new job.

She finished her breakfast, washed her pots and left them to dry on the side. She walked back into the bedroom and got ready for work. She dressed in what she'd thought appropriate dress wear for the office, black trousers, and a white blouse with a light blue cardigan that flowed over her hips. She went back to the bathroom to apply a little make up.

With being so pre-occupied with the interview, she didn't think to look at the time. Going for her bracelet, she noticed the time on her alarm clock. It was later than she thought, it was 8:30 am, and she was supposed to be at work at 8:45.

"Shit, I really am going to be late, what the hell was I thinking, today of all days" she muttered to herself. She grabbed her purse, phone and keys and flew out of the door, slamming it behind her, leaving her interview clothes in the case besides the door. If the case had been alive, it could have been a puppy, left all on its own.

Bella got to work five minutes later than was expected and her boss wasn't happy. Her boss had okayed her having a couple of hours off to attend an appointment with her dentist, (or so her boss believed), but because she was five minutes late, he said that she would have to make it up and go five minutes later than she'd agreed.

Kate was in on the deception, and knew Bella was desperately unhappy with her financial situation. She knew that staying in the job she was presently in, was just not an option.

"How petty can you get?" she muttered under her breath.

Thankfully, she had a good colleague in Kate, who knew exactly what the boss was like, she told Bella she would cover for her for those extra five minutes, citing that Bella had gone to the bathroom before she went.

It was nearly time to go to the interview when Bella had remembered she'd forgotten her case with her interview clothes.

"Holy crap, I'm running late as it is, I just don't have time to go back home, get changed and get there. The journey alone will take me 20 minutes." She moaned at Kate.

Being the good colleague she was, the only thing she could offer were words of comfort.

"Hey, it'll be okay, they're going to want to know how great you are, not what you're wearing. What I mean is what you're wearing now is fine, and if you have to have a second interview, then you can stun them with the other outfit."

"Thanks Kate, you're the best."

At 3:30, Bella sprinted off to her car that was in the staff car park, she didn't feel like going for the interview now that she didn't have the clothes, but thought nothing ventured, nothing gained.

As she opened the car door, she happened to look down at the tyres.

"Could this day get any worse?" For now, she could see a flat tyre.

Hastily, she locked her car and ran to the bus stop, praying to any god that would hear her plea that a bus would come and at least be going in the right direction. She got to the bus stop, huffing, puffing, and frankly a little red faced and sweaty as the bus came trundling down the road. She stuck her arm out for it to stop. The bus halted with a screech of brakes, the driver opened the door, he gave her the once over. Bella looked past that as she just thought he was admiring what she was wearing. Unfortunately, her red face was more the focus.

"Are you getting on?" he asked.

"Does this bus go by the cathedral?" Bella asked.

"I don't go that far, but just a block shy."

"Oh that will do, thanks, but can you let me know when to get off." Asked Bella.

"Sure thing."

Bella got on the bus, paid her fare and sat on the first empty seat.

Now Bella didn't like buses, all sorts of oddball people would get on. People that had their music on too loud, or they smelt of smoke, or booze, or drugs or all of the above, also guys who appeared to have forgotten how to wash were by far the worse. There were the women of course, with their overly painted faces, wearing lashings of perfume. It was almost as if they were trying to make up for their own poor hygiene.

Bella anxiously looked at her watch every minute. Her interview was at 4:30, it was already 4:05. The bus still had some distance to go, and she was becoming more and more anxious. She spotted a huge line of traffic and wondered what the hold up (holdup) was, as the bus had slowed down to a steady crawl.

"I'm never going to get there in time, this is a disaster." Then the bus driver called to Bella.

"You'd better get off here, because it looks as if we can't go any further," he said rather grumpily.

Now as Bella sprang off the bus, she realised that she had a further three blocks before she even reached the cathedral, and it was now 4:15.

"Holy shit, I'm never going to make it."

She took off her shoes to run the remaining way, for she would have never have managed it in the shoes she was wearing; she would probably trip and fall several times if she were wearing them.

By some miracle, she made it to the cathedral by 4:23 but still had another block to go. At 4:27, she arrived at her destination, hot, sweaty and in no real condition to go into an interview.

As she walked through the doors to the rather impressive building, she looked up and felt even more out of place. The reception was a light coloured marble with sofas in the middle and tables at either side with bunches of flowers that gave off a wonderful perfume. Behind the desk was a very well appointed receptionist who was dressed immaculately, this did nothing for Bella's self-esteem.

Hot, sweaty and tired, she made her way across to the receptionist to let her know that she had come for an interview. The receptionist gave Bella a clipboard with a form attached and asked her to complete it, she then showed Bella to a room where she was asked to wait until she was called.

As she entered the room, she saw a whole lot of other people there doing exactly the same thing, all immaculately dressed, men and woman.

"Oh my god, I'm way out of my league" she thought, but she battled on and completed the paper works as best she could.

The receptionist reappeared ten minutes later to collect all the clipboards. Bella nervously chewed on her nails and looked at the floor. One by one, the other candidate's went for their interview until only Bella remained. The time was now six o'clock and she started to worry that they had forgotten about her. Five minutes later the lights started to go out, Bella began to panic.

"Maybe they have forgotten about me after all," she thought.

Then a smooth voice called her name "Isabella Swan, would you please report to the reception area."

Bella stood up, nervously ran her hands through her hair, trying to tame it, or at least make it more reasonable; she smoothed her clothes down. She reached for the handle of the door, grabbed hold of it only to find the door was stuck. She tried pulling it, it didn't budge, then she tried yanking it, but it still wouldn't open. The smooth voice requested once again.

"Isabella Swan to the reception area please."

She gave the door handle one final tug, but it still wouldn't open. In the end, she started shouting for help; she banged on the door with her fists. Her hands began to hurt, she yelled even louder. After what seemed an age the door finally opened. In the doorway stood the receptionist and a security guard, looking quite alarmed.

The security guard whose nametag said 'Felix' looked at her as if she were crazy.

"I was suppose to have an interview at 5:15 and it's now" she looked down at her watch "6:30, it appears I have been locked in this room and now I've missed my interview," she sobbed.

"I'm so very sorry," said Felix "we thought everyone had gone, with you being so quiet."

"What about my interview?" Bella blubbered.

The receptionist assured her that she would get the personnel department to rearrange the interview, as Mr Whitlock had now left for the evening, they could do nothing more than apologise.

"Well I'm sorry too, it was the only time I could make it, please pass on my apologies, but I will have to try somewhere else."

With that, Bella left the building feeling thoroughly pissed off. She managed to catch the bus back to her apartment. When she got home, she opened the door, she saw the sad puppy of a case sitting by the door just as faithful as she'd left it. She really wanted to kick it, but really, what was the point.

She went into the kitchen, went to the fridge freezer, pulled out her favourite tub of Ben and Jerry's, and with spoon in hand she stood at the window looking out into the night sky, yes it surely had been a long day.

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