Set during New Moon, the near-kiss in the kitchen. My musings on what would have happened if the phone didn't ring. Alice was not there when Jake got Bella home, but Bella did rebuff the kiss in the truck (that part of the score is my favorite!). Alice did see her jump, however and did come to Forks, but was observing the house from a distance, watching for Charlie or anyone to come to the house. She sees Jake bring Bella home, is relieved she's okay, but quietly leaves, for she knows that as much as she misses her sister, she can't see her.

Rated M for sexual content.

All characters and the Twilight world belong to Stephanie Meyer.


"Bella," I whispered as I took another step toward her. "Que Qulowle," I breathed as I closed my eyes and moved the few inches to her lips, daring to hope that she will finally let me in, and yet just waiting for the eventual interruption or her quick evasion. This time my hope was answered. Her lips met mine in a sweet, tender kiss that was perfect, as first kisses go. Two firsts, actually. My first kiss EVER, and the first kiss I gave Bella. I pulled back only slightly so that I could see her clearly, and opened my eyes. She looked right back at me, and I could see that she wasn't just trying for my benefit; she promised me that she would never be more than what she could be to me just to make me happy. She had wanted that kiss and lifted her chin asking for another one. I was happy to comply. I placed my hands on each side of her face and bent to kiss her again. This time, she melted into me, and answered me kiss for kiss. I held her to me, memorizing how she felt in my arms, still not believing that this moment had finally happened.

I was hesitant to say anything, but she was still wet, and cold, and while I was a toasty 108°, she needed a shower and dry clothes. "Bells? You're wet and cold. I need to leave so you can shower and change."

She looked at me with wild eyes. "NO!" Then she wrapped her arms around me and softened, saying, "Don't leave me. Please don't go. I'll be fast and then I can cook some supper for you. Please?"

I can never say no to this girl, so I nodded and kissed her forehead and then watched as she scooted upstairs. I wandered into the den and lay on the couch, and watched some television while I waited. True to her word, she was back down in no time, all pink and warm from her shower, wearing comfy dry clothes. She surprised me by kneeling behind me, wrapping her arms around me and nuzzling my neck. "MMMM. *MY* Jacob." When I turned to look at her, she kissed me. She moved around to kneel on the floor, her arms still wrapped around me, and kissed me again. I, of course, was all too happy to kiss her back. I gently pulled her up and sat up, putting one foot on the floor, and raising one knee so that there was room to sit her in front of me so that I could hold her and kiss her, as I'd waited so long for this, I didn't want to be without her for a second. She sighed happily, I lay back, taking her with me. I fit her head under my chin, and she doodled on my chest with her finger.

After a time, I caught her hand in mine, and pulled her fingers to my lips, kissing them lightly. She looked up at me and whispered, "You don't want dinner, do you?"

I shook my head and shyly lied, "Nope. Not hungry. For food, anyway," and cupped her face, kissing her again. The kisses started out tender, and gentle, but I suddenly needed more. I began to deepen the kisses, tangling her tongue with mine, feeling almost frantic. My brain about melted when her hands tugged at my t-shirt in an effort to take it off, breaking the kiss only long enough to pull it over my head. I'll admit I helped move things along. She turned to sort of lay *on* me and we continued to kiss and cuddle for several more minutes.

She lay with her head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat, when my stomach betrayed me with a very loud growl." She sighed happily and stood, moving to the kitchen to prepare supper. I followed her, and watched as she found the lasagna from the day before and put it in the microwave to heat. I stole several dizzying kisses before it was done, and then we sat down to a huge helping for me, and a normal size helping for her, with two glasses of milk. We didn't say much while we were eating, but we did laugh as she clumsily held her fork in the wrong hand - as her right hand was firmly in mine. It took her as long to eat as it did me, and some ended up on the floor. We laughed as we took the plates to the sink, and washed the dishes together.

I don't know who started it, but somehow a soapy bubbles fight started, and ended when I saw the sweet expression on her face, with bubbles all in her hair and on the tip of her nose. I was mesmerized and again cupped her face in my hands, and bent to kiss her, saying "Que Qulowle," once more. This kiss was *not* tender, nor was it sweet and tentative. It was hungry, needy, and fierce. I picked her up and sat her on the counter so that she didn't have to reach up to me and she wrapped her legs around the backs of my calves, pulling me close to her. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, trying to let her know in those kisses that she was the only girl for me, and would be the only girl for me. I knew I'd sort of told her that, in so many words, but I was afraid that if I came right out and spoke those words, she'd pull back again, and I never wanted this to end.