Hello all…I know you are waiting for the next chapter, and I HAVE been writing. And thinking. And reading. And doing more writing. But doing a LOT of thinking. A lot. Thinking about how I've been reading a lot of M fiction that would be AWESOME if it weren't so dratted full of explicit sex. Having conversations with my best friend, who wants to read my story, and realizing I can't let her or anyone else see it. Husband has been very interested in what I am writing, and I won't let him have a single peek. Granted, I write this stuff for me, because it is in my head, and I want to see how it all plays out. What is mine should be mine, right? But then I blabbed to a friend in another country about it (I Carry Your Heart With Me) and she begged to see it. Instead of emailing a ton of documents to her, I published it here so that a friend in another country could see it because she begged me to. If I can't let anyone who really knows ME read something, should I be writing it? Probably not.

So, I have come to a decision. I love the actual PLOT of the story, which is Bella with Jake. I'm going back and reworking it. I hope you'll stick with me because you love where the story is going, not because they slept together twice, and described it once. I promise more is coming soon, and when you get notices about an update of an earlier chapter, please go back and read it and let me know what you think. Though, if you decide to leave the story, I'll understand.

Thanks. MLL