There's No Forever
by: ShinJinIchi23


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Chapter 1
The Preface


"Shinichi…" Ran mumbled, looking at the window of the Detective Agency of his father. Conan, who was sitting in a couch, heard her.

She was sad. The expression that Conan doesn't want to see. It hurts to see her sad because of him.

It's been already 5 years since he was shrunk and a year since the Black Organization was disbanded by the FBI, CIA and Japan Police. They were under the supervision of FBI in America. Thanks to the unexpected return of Akai Shuichi, after the tough fight, they succeeded in disbanding them and at the same time arrested the high officers of the organization.

He wanted to tell her that he was Shinichi. But fear takes over whenever he tried. He wanted to explain everything to her when he returned to his original body.

"Ran-nee-chan…" Conan mumbled worriedly. Ran looked at him and smiled.

"I'm alright Conan-kun. I just miss Shinichi. I don't see him for years." Ran stated sadly.

"I'm sure Shinichi-nii-chan will come back soon." Conan said trying to cheer up Ran.

"I hope so. I will wait for him." Ran said with an assuring smile. Conan smiled at her childishly.

Suddenly, the image of the reddish-brown haired girl popped out on Conan's mind. Somehow it made him feel excited.

"I just call Haibara, Ran-nee-chan." Conan excused. Ran nods and Conan left.

"Conan-kun and Ai-chan? They fit for each other." Ran said to herself thinking about the two kids. She smiled at the thought.


Conan went to his room and dialed Haibara's cell number on his phone.

"Hello? Haibara?"

"What do you want, Kudo-kun?" Haibara Ai answered with her usual bored tone.

"Haibara, when will you finish the antidote?" Conan asked. Even if they are talking over the phone, Haibara can sense the excitement in his voice.

"Who knows, maybe a month, a year, a decade." Haibara replied, keeping her cool.

"Aren't you working on it?" Conan frowned.

"I am, but I'm not perfect Kudo-kun. If you can't wait to return to your girlfriend, then you do the antidote." Was Haibara's last word before she ended the call.

"He-he, what a girl." Conan mumbled before folding his phone and returning it to his pocket.


At Professor Agasa's House…

"Oh Ai-kun, is that Shinichi?" The old professor asked to Haibara who happened to closed her cellphone hard and put it on the table.

"Yeah, he's begging me to finish the antidote."

"It must be because of Ran-kun."


*Ai's POV*

Yeah, it's because of her. It's always because of her.

Sometimes I'm jealous of her. No. I'm always jealous at her.

She has anything I don't have.

She has family that's always on her side.

She had Suzuki-san, as her bestfriend.

Most of all,

Kudo-kun loves her.

Sometimes I wish I was her.

So that, Kudo-kun will always on my side.

An impossible dream I kept on dreaming to become reality.

* End Of POV*


Haibara looked at the professor. He was talking on the phone. She just returned back on reading a magazine.

Sadness was in her eyes.

But her cold mask always hides it.

No one will understand her anyway. That's what she always thinks about.

"Oh, Ai-kun, I need to leave tomorrow for a science convention. I guess it's my time to show the world what I can do!" Professor Agasa proudly said.

"And how many days is that convention this time, Hakase?" Haibara asked, not even looking at the cheerful professor.

"One week."

Haibara look at the professor coldly. The professor laughed nervously.

"I'm going to call Shinichi to stay here with you."

"I can handle my SELF. By the way, don't eat food with high calories while you're away if you still want to live another 5 years. And please wear a formal outfit." Haibara reminded after hearing his name from the professor. She stood up and went to her room. The professor sweatdropped and laughed, but he noticed something.

"She acts weird. Wonder what her problem…is." The professor said to his self.


The professor called Shinichi immediately. He can't miss this science convention. It's his time to shine!

"Hello, Shinichi?"

"Yeah, Hakase?" Conan replied why wearing his shoes. He just finished taking a bath.

"Can you take care of Ai-kun for me? I'll be gone for a week for a science convention."

"Again? That's the 30th convention this year." Conan said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"This could be my break. Well can you?" The Professor pleaded.

Conan becomes silent for a second. He didn't want to leave Ran. The he thought about Haibara being alone. He can't afford if something bad happened to her.

"Ok, Hakase, I'll be there tomorrow morning." Conan agreed.

"Thank you Shinichi. Regards me to Ran-kun." With that, the Hakase ended the call.

"Conan-kun! Time for dinner." He heard Ran shouted.


Conan immediately went to the dining area where Ran and Kogoro were.

"Ran-nee-chan, Hakase told me that he will be away for a week. He asked me to take care of Haibara." Conan said and sat beside Ran.

"Huh? Take care that creepy kid again? Scary." The drunken Kogoro snapped.

"Otou-san! Ai-chan is not scary. She's just not that …-uhm…. friendly. That's fine Conan-kun, Ai-chan needs you." Ran said.

"Ahh! Another week without this four-eyed brat again. I'm so happy!" Kogoro declared with his drunken voice. He kept on drinking even if they're eating dinner.


'He-he, another 'free from this old man' week. I guess it's the best choice to be with Haibara after all.' Conan thought.


The next day… Conan arrived at the Hakase's house past 8am. Conan sweatdropped at the sight of the Hakase. Indeed, he was wearing a really formal outfit. He guessed that Haibara chose it for the professor.

"Oh, Shinichi, I need to go, there are enough food on the kitchen. I also leave money to Ai-kun, enough for the two of you." The professor reminded while putting his baggage on his car.

"Ok, be careful Hakase." Conan said in sleepy tone.

The Hakase entered his beetle car and dashed away. Conan sighed and entered the house. The house of Hakase was big but it's too quiet. Oh, how he will miss Ran and the detective agency. It's been their summer vacation so no need to think about school.

Conan sat on the sofa and yawned. He was still sleepy. He closed his eyes and less than a minute, he drifted to sleep.



"It's been a long time."

"Yeah, how are - ."

"Shinichi. I thought you'll never come back so I decided to marry Araide-sensei."


"I'm sorry." He saw her walk away. Walk away from him. He tries to follow her. But everything was in slow motion.

"RAN!" Conan yelled. That dream woke him up.

"Sheesh. What a nightmare."

"Having a bad dream, Kudo-kun?" A girl voice asked which made Conan almost jumped out on his seat.

"Ha-Haibara!" Conan said in surprise. He saw Haibara sitting on another couch while reading her oh-so favorite magazine ever. He looked at the nearby clock. It said 10:05am.

"You're watching me while sleeping?" Conan added while composing his self.

"I rather watch a dog sleeping than to watch you." Haibara replied sarcastically.

"Geez, that's good to know." Conan replied with a teasing voice.

"Well, you don't need to do this, Kudo-kun." Haibara said, changing the topic.

"You can leave me alone here. I don't want to take you away from your pretty girlfriend." Conan sighed from what Haibara said. He can't see the expression of her face because she's hiding her face behind the magazine.

"She's not my girlfriend." Conan retorted. Haibara lowered the magazine and look straight at Conan's deep blue eyes.

"Really? Then you're lover. I can handle myself. You can go back to her now." Haibara said tossing the magazine on the table and then stood up and started to walk to the laboratory.

"I don't need to, but I want to. The Hakase entrust you to me, I can't broke his trust on me." Conan explained. Haibara stopped from walking and turned her gaze back to Conan.

"Is that really the reason Edogawa-kun?" Haibara asked emphasizing the 'Edogawa-kun'. Conan frowned.

"What do you mean?" Conan asked in confusion.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." With that, Haibara starts to walk again on her way to the lab.

"Geez, what an unpredictable woman." Conan mumbled under his breath.


It's been lunch time. Conan looked at the kitchen and saw that there are foods already. There is a small note on the table.


I already prepare lunch for you and Ai-kun. I also prepared the dinner. It's on the fridge. Just heat it on the microwave.

With Love,

Hakase Agasa Hiroshi

Conan almost burst in laughter after reading the note.

With Love? Ha! Well that's the Hakase for you.

"Wait, where's Haibara? She might be hungry."

He looked for her on her room. Well, her room was a very nice room. Same arrangement as he entered it 5 years ago.

But she wasn't there. She looks all over the house.

He didn't saw her.

Somehow he felt nervous, worried, anxious, tensed - whatever word would that be.

He thought she run away. Away from them. Away from him.

He panicked.


Then he slapped his forehead in realization.

"In the basement! How come I didn't think about this immediately?"

Conan went back to the kitchen and put their lunch on a tray. He planned to join Haibara in the basement. He walked carefully on his way to the basement.

He knocked.

"Haibara. I bring you your lunch."

No response.

"Oi, Haibara." Conan put the tray on the floor for the mean time and opened the door.

Then he saw her.

Typing rapidly in her computer, headset on her ears and eyes fixed on the computer. She looked so serious and determined.

"Haibara…" Conan walked silently to where Haibara is. He removed the headset on her ears.

Haibara almost jumped out of her seat in surprise. She glared at Conan.

"Kudo-kun, are you planning to give me a heart attack?" Haibara asked looking furiously at Conan.

"Stop just for once." Conan said in low voice, his head low and his eyeglass hid his blue pools. Haibara narrowed her eyes.

"Is that even a sentence? And please don't disturb me, I'm finishing the cure." Haibara seriously said and went back on typing.

Conan saw how hard she was working on the cure. True, he wanted to have the cure immediately.

But somehow, another part of him wants her to stop, even for a short period of time.

"Eat first. I bring the foods here." Haibara raised a brow at Conan.

"I will eat later."

"No, you will eat now."

"I'm not hungry."

"You are!"

"How did you know?"

"I'm a detective. You forgot it already?" Conan said confidently. Haibara glared at him. But Conan replied her with a warm smile. Haibara sighed in defeat.

"Alright Tantei-kun, I'll eat now. I don't want to see you pleading at me just to eat the food you deliver here."

Conan put the food on a small table inside.

Stop doing this, Kudo-kun.

Haibara and Conan sat on a chair then began to eat their foods.

"So Haibara, how's the cure?"

"It's 85% done. I need to do more research then it's done." Conan flashed a smile after hearing this.

"Ah, it's almost done. Ano, Haibara, don't push yourself too much on finishing it." Conan reminded her.

"I thought you want me to finish it as fast as I can?"

"Yeah, but your health is more important." Conan said while munching his food.

Stop caring about me so much.

"So my health is more important than Mouri-san." Haibara said dully. She wanted him to say yes.

"Of course! I can't afford if something happened to you!" Conan covered his mouth in sudden outburst. He immediately hid his blushing face. Haibara face also heated up but immediately hid it.

Stop making me feel special.

"Nevermind." Was Haibara's replied.

"Here." Conan scoop rice on his plate and offered it to Haibara.

"What was that?"

"Rice." Conan said in a-matter-of-fact-tone.

"I know, but I have hands to feed my self."

"Sheesh, we've been doing this when we are 7." Conan said remembering when they are still 7.

"Correction, that's 17. And for God sake, we're 22 now." Haibara replied, mocking him.

"But look at us; we're still in the body of 12 years old girl and boy. So say 'ahhh'." Conan said, acting like a child and smile widely at Haibara.

Stop acting sweet on me.

"Stop it, Kudo-kun." Haibara seriously stated and stood up. She went back to her computer.

"What's the matter, Haibara?" Conan asked worriedly. He watched Haibara types furiously at the computer again.

"It made me want to throw-up when you're doing that." Haibara lied. Conan frowned.

"I'm sorry." Somehow, Haibara's word pierced his heart for unknown reason.

"You don't need to do anything for me. You'll be back being Kudo Shinichi soon."

Stop before I fall deeper.


It's almost evening. Conan was bored. Super bored.

"Mattaku, so boring here. That woman locked herself again in that room." Conan mumbled under his breath. He was in the living room, tapping the remote continuously, changing the channels repeatedly.

Then he remembers the antidote.

"It's 85% done." Conan remembered and chuckled.

"At least I can be Kudo Shinichi again." Conan said in happy tone.

'But what will happen to Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara?' Conan thought. Haibara's image forming in his head.

They do not exist in the real world anyway. He's Kudo Shinichi and she's Miyano Shiho.

He's sure to miss Haibara when they returned to their original bodies.

"Matte, did she have plans to be Miyano Shiho again?" Conan said to no one.

"Of course. I have my plans." Conan heard that almost made him jumped for 100 miles. He sighed heavily and watched Haibara sat on a couch.

"Taking your revenge – eh?" Geez, this woman almost gives me a heart attack.

"Well blame your weak senses for not sensing that I'm just behind you." Haibara replied mockingly.

Conan fell silent for the time being. Then an idea popped out in his mind.

"Hey, want to go to Tropical Land tomorrow?" Conan suddenly said out of nowhere.

"Bringing me to the place where the great high-school detective shrunk because of the medicine I created, well that's ridiculous. You really want me do blame myself for what happen to you huh?"

"That's not it! I thought it's boring here. And I know I blame you at first, but now, not anymore." Conan explained.

"Why not bring your wife with you. I'm still working on the cure. I can't waste a second." Haibara replied emphasizing the word 'wife' this time.

'Oi. Oi. You speak like Sonoko now huh?'

"Ran and I already spend many times together. It's you I want to be with this time."

"Ah, I guess it's your way to say farewell to me?" Haibara said in low voice. It hurts to know that they will be apart soon. She doesn't want it to happen. She wants to be with him… forever. But it's just way too impossible.

"Think it that way." Conan replied. He looked at her. Being an observant, he knew that something was bugging her. He wanted to asked, but he hesitated. After a minute of silence, Haibara finally spoke.

"Okay." Was her only reply.

Conan watched her every movement. He saw her picking up those magazines again.

Honestly, when will she stop reading those magazines? It looked like she read it a million times.

But Conan's eyes diverted to her blue one that was currently fixed on reading the magazine.

It was sad. Conan blinked. But with that blink of an eye, it was back to its usual bored expression again.

Conan narrowed his eyes, secretly observing her. He acted like he's watching the TV while stealing glances on her.

'Could it be…? Iie. That can't be.'


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