Hehehe…I don't have anything to say, just sorry for the long absence.

Hong Guk Young watched her. He was still watching her. Maybe he thought that she was the reason of his sister's death. But she couldn't help being happy, she was marrying the love of her life, her dear San.

Hong caught up with her a few days after and the look he gave her made her heart stop. So this man really blamed her for his sister's death and his eyes spoke of revenge.

She didn't even feel the pain as the poison took her away. The only thing that connected her to the living world were her husband's screams and then no more.

She had to tank Hong for her painless death. Her way of thanking him was having him executed without being tortured.

This is it and don't go cursing me. I was just in the mood for something evil & twisted. I'll make it up later.