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A heart wrenching cry echoed through the Persian Prince's chambers. The prince's long, dusty blonde hair that was around his face was tipped with drops of sweat. His pants were loud and ragged as he tried to calm himself down. His fists were balled up in a fist so tight that he feared that he ripped the comforters that surrounded him. The prince's blue eyes darted across the room as if to figure out where he was. The prince let out another ragged breath before releasing his death grip on the comforters. He brought his tan hands to his face and began to wipe the sweat off his brow. When he had done this, the prince brought his sweat palms to his face and began to rub his eyes in a comforting way. After a while, he ceased his actions and let his hand slither into his messed up hair. He gripped his scalp and began to take large breaths, trying to stop the shaking. Dastan squeezed his eyes shut and began to try and attempt to calm himself down.

"It was just a dream," Dastan chanted I'm his head. "It was just a dream. Tamina's somewhere in the palace, safe and sound. She did not fall off a cliff; you did not have to grab on to her wrist in order to keep her from dying a horrible death; she did not let go of your hand; you did not let her slip away."

"Then why does it all seem real?" he asked himself aloud as he squeezed his eyes even more, pulling his face to a frown. "Why do I still see her eyes filled with tears and fear? Why do I still feel her delicate hand in mine? Why do I still hear her defeated voice telling me to let go? If it's all a dream, why can I still feel her hand letting go of mine and slipping little by little? If its all a dream, why can I still hear her screaming as she fell down to her death?" by this point, sweat no longer flowed but was replaced with tears. Dastan gripped his long hair with such force; he knew that he pulled a few strands out. This was the fifth night in a row he had the same nightmare.

"She's alive," Dastan whispered to himself. "She's alive," Dastan said a little louder. "She's not dead and she won't be for a long time because I will protect her. I won't let her die like that again. If she dies she will die because of old age surrounded by family. She will not die because I couldn't protect her."

Looking up at the moon, Dastan took deep breaths to calm him down. As the moon leaked its rays into the room, it illuminated Dastan with a soft, gentle glow. His sandy blonde hair seemed to glow in such a way that he almost seemed unearthly. His tan skin was kissed by the moon's rays, softening his usually brutal appearance. But his deep blue eyes were not at peace like the rest of his body; rather the moon only amplified the fear and anguish that swam in his eyes.

"She may have not died in this reality," Dastan whispered to himself. "But she did in another reality. That was real; those memories I cannot erase nor deny. Tamina died; my Tamina died."
Dastan closed his eyes and winced as he heard Tamina's cry as she fell down. In a way, Dastan was glad that he was the only one who could remember what events transpired. That way, no one could remember all those horrible experiences.

"But sometimes I wish she could remember," Dastan whispered to himself. True, Tamina was his betrothed and he was able to spend time with her; but sometimes, Dustan wished that Tamina remembered what they were before; what they had done before. Dastan did not deny that he enjoyed trying to get Tamina to fall for him again, but sometimes Dastan wished that she could remember how much they loved each other. Dastan wished that he could embrace her without her pulling back or looking at him like he was crazy. He wanted to be able to hold her like he did before; he wanted to be able to kiss her like he did before. He knew that eventually he would be able to do all those things again, "But it won't be the same as before." he whispered to himself. "We won't be as close as we were before; 'cause you really don't get any closer after traveling everywhere trying to protect a stupid dagger."

Dastan, smiled softly to himself as he recalled all the times that he and Tamina spent together. He remembered when they were first alone together and how she attempted to seduce him for the dagger. He remembered as he foolishly attempted to try and fill the dagger with ordinary sand and how she ridiculed him about it. He remembered the first time she tricked him and ran away with the dagger before he caught up to her again. As strong willed and strong armed as she was, he always seemed to come and save her. Not that her minded; on the contrary, Dastan loved saving Tamina because he knew for her, he would and could do anything. He laughed as he recalled when they both dressed as servants to get to his father's funeral; he never knew that one man could weigh as heavy as seven horses. He remembered when they entered the shrine of the dagger and how she told him that she would have to die in order to destroy the dagger. He remembered how his heart dropped to his stomach at the thought of losing her. He remembered when she said, "I'm ready," with a tear stricken face and how he replied, "I'm not." He remembered how his only wish was to have more time together, to have her at his side for always. And now suddenly, he had his wish. He was to be married to Tamina in two days. She would be with him again.

"Ill protect her this time," Dastan spoke firmly to the night sky. "I swear I'll protect her, even if it means my life. I will not lose her again." With that, Dastan sighed and laid back down. Closing his eyes Dustan attempted to let his mind go blank. In a few moments, Dastan fell into a dreamless sleep.

Unknown to him, his little speech did not go unnoticed. His audience let out a shaky breath as they recalled what they just heard before slowly returning to their chambers.

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