Modern Day Romeo and Juliet.

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Pairing Sookie&Eric, naturally.

Alright this is a bit confusing, it includes things that happened in all books, she knows Bill, she doesn't know Eric. It has information from Dead in the Family. I also have changed the Fae Royalty around a bit to suit myself, which I will explain.

Rating: T for now. Undecided if it will stay.

Summery: After meeting Sookie Stackhouse at his Great great-well really great nephews Masquerade she's all Eric Northman can think about. But Sookie, who is part Fae, is already arraigned to be married to another man, and vampires and Fae are not to mix. What will Eric do? Break the rules naturally.

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Louisiana, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes Civil hands unclean
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-cross'd lovers risk their lives…

Niall silent as a mouse, strolled the halls of his home, every so often peering into a few rooms. He made no sound as his feet hit the white marble tiles. A soft pop sounded in front of him, a tall man with long black hair and green eyes stood waiting for his approach. "What is it Lyl?" Niall inquired.

"I do not feel right, spying on these vampires. They want nothing to do with us. The do not seem to care, Appius Livius Ocella has been noticing I'm around, I just don't feel right doing so." Lyl sighed softly.

"You will watch them carefully." Niall replied.

"Niall!" a female voice boomed, both of the men jumped as a figure wearing a black cloak walked toward them, the only thing you could see were bright red curls hanging out. Everything else was hidden, "you will not go meddling with his affairs, neither of you will. That is an order. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes ma'am." Lyl replied immediately, taking a knee.

"Yes, your highness." Niall replied, kneeling before the woman. She nodded and with a pop she was gone again.


"Tara, it's so tight!" I groaned loudly as she pulled the corset strings together. A chuckle sounded from over near my bedroom door. My body guard, Ricca, was smirking softly shaking her head. Princess, don't be such a wimp. I stuck my tongue out at her in the mirror. She shook her head.

I gasped again as the corset closed around my ribs. Fucking ow! Ricca laughed out loud this time. She had a musical laugh. Which was expected from such a tiny girl, she stood at about 5'2 with long curly red hair that fell to her waist. She was curvy and well filled out. She had a heart shaped face, and full lips that reached up to her jade green eyes when she smiled. Her tan milky skin seemed to glow, which in actuality it was.

I glanced at my own reflection. My blonde hair was pulled up into a messy wet pony tail at the top of my head; my blue eyes were wide from the pain of the corset, my cleavage, already perky enough was being shoved out of the top of the corset squeezing my waist in. I stood around the same height as her, maybe an inch or two taller, I haven't had my height in a long time. My skin also seemed to glow, but not as much compared to her.

Behind me I could see Tara Thorton's brown hair, in intricate corn rows. Her brown eyes smiled at me in the reflection. Tara was at least 5'4, she was small, not very curvy, but still very pretty. Her hands worked trying to get the corset to stay tied.

"Damn it all to hell!" she sighed throwing her arms into the air, "I'm sorry Sook, its just not working!"

"Let me try." Ricca said crossing the rooms, I felt a tug as the corset was loosened, then it tightened again and she tied it.

"How did you do that?" Tara asked, dumfounded.

"I've had a lot of practice." She replied, "Lets get you into yours." Tara took my place in front of the mirror and stripped down. Ricca settled the corset on her and tied it on. Tara let out a gasp and her eyes widened to mirror mine, Ricca laughed yet again.

"Now do either of you think you can get me into mine?" Tara nodded and Ricca took her place, stripped down, and pulled her hair out of the way. Tara quickly tied the corset on, and got it to stay.

"I think we need to have a little snack come on." Ricca walked out and we followed her down the stairs of my house. Gran was sitting in the living room reading a book when we came down. A tray of sandwiches were already laid out for us on the table. Tara and I grabbed towel's to wrap around ourselves, Ricca having no sense of moral right and wrong just grabbed a sandwich and perched on the end of the couch a napkin in her hand beneath her sandwich.

"Sookie, take your hair down or it will dry with a kink in it." Gran chided, I reached up and pulled the tie out.

After we ate our sandwiches and re-brushed our teeth Ricca set to work turning on all of the irons. Tara's hair was unbraided, mine was combed out and Ricca's was twisted into a bun so she could focus on what she was doing.

First she sat Tara down, combed out her hair, put some product in it and curled it in big lose curls so they framed her face. Ricca quickly applied some cover-up and a small amount of eye shadow, telling us it was "just in case something magical happened".

Then she pulled me down and straightened my curly hair, braiding two pieces near the front and pulling them back and tying them together. She added a bit of blush to my face and again some eye shadow before moving to her own hair.

She straightened it, and teased it up a bit, bobby pinning her hair to the side before adding blush, cover up and eye shadow to her own face. "We have an hour to finish and get there." We walked into my room again where Ricca laid out a few dresses.

"I think the red one would look best on Sookie." Tara stated; Ricca nodded in agreement. The dress in question was a soft red Victorian ball gown. The skirt was cinched at the side by a black rose, the bodice was covered in a black lace and it was strapless.

"I think Tara would look great in the purple one." That dress was deep purple, the skirt was cinched in five places with gold flowers, and the bodice had a gold design on it.

"I guess..." Ricca murmured eyeing each one. She settled on a green dress with light green skirts, and a darker green bodice that had a small design in black and two ribbons, one just above her rib cage and the other right above her skirts.

Tara and Ricca helped me into my dress, Ricca and I helped her into hers, and Tara and I helped Ricca into her dress. Ricca retouched up our makeup, and then handed us our masks. Mine was a black cat mask, whiskers & ears. Tara's a simple gold one, and Ricca's a peacock mask.

We each descended the stairs, Tara, myself, and finally Ricca. Gran took pictures and then hugged as each as we exited the room. Outside my grandfather Niall was waiting for us. Tara slipped into the limo while Niall pulled Ricca and I aside.

"Sookie, you know I do not approve of this, right?" Niall was my grandfather, and the reason I was like I am. Why I can hear Ricca's thoughts, as well as many other humans thoughts. I'm a telepath, and part Fae. My grandfather Niall was Royalty, and by birthright, so am I.

"But of course, you approve of nothing." Ricca replied sarcastically, and daringly.

"Ricca." He warned, she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I can take care of her." Ricca replied.

"And if there are vampires?"

"I. Can. Take. Care. Of. Sookie." She snarled. Niall sighed.

"I want her home tomorrow at 11 a.m." Ricca nodded and pulled me over to the limo. I slid inside and she followed me. The ride took like 40 minutes, we pulled up outside a huge house, the outside was lighted like we were back in Shakespeare's times; that bit of information I got from Ricca who had been around back then. All three of us slid out of the limo and approached the front door.


"Sookie Stackhouse." The man scanned the list, and waved me through.

"Ricca Horror." The man scanned the list again, and waved Ricca through.

"Tara Thorton." He scanned it, and waved her through as well.

We walked through the front room to the back where everyone was assembled, and spilling into the back yard. People were dancing everywhere, some were standing to the side talking, and the band was playing loudly.

We mingled with the few people standing for two hours, then Ricca and Tara were scanning the room, but my eyes found themselves on a tall blonde across the room. He had piercing blue eyes behind his black mask. My feet seemed to be moving closer to him. Ricca's hand shot out.

"There are a few vampires here." She commented, and then let me go. Half way to the blonde another man, a vampire, stopped me.

"Would you care to dance?" he had deep brown eyes, and brown hair. Never one to turn down a dance I nodded and he swept me onto the floor. Ricca soon came up beside us, dancing with another Fae, a black haired male with green eyes. Both made sure to dance right beside me. The vampire seemed slightly worried, and he seemed to be growing hungry. Ricca danced away just as the blonde man, oh I mean vampire, came up. He was tall, with broad shoulders and long blonde hair, "May I?" he inquired the other, Bill, nodded. I nodded.

"You're very light on your feet, I'm Eric."

"I'm Sookie, pleasure to meet you."

He smiled down at me, "The pleasure is mine." He replied spinning me in a circle, away from Ricca and the man, who followed us across the dance floor.

"How obnoxious." He murmured mostly to himself, "What does a beautiful woman like you do for a living?" he inquired causally.

"I'm a waitress." I replied, "At Merlottes. What do you do?"

"I own Fangtasia." He replied, "the vampire bar in Shreveport." The song we were dancing to came to an end as Eric walked me off of the dance floor. We were walking through the back yard when a shriek ripped through the night. Ricca and Tara came bounding out the back door, Ricca skipping the steps all together, practically flying to my side and yanking me away from Eric.

"Lyl, take Miss Thorton home." As soon as Tara was out of sight Ricca was baring her teeth at the tall blonde vampire, "Keep away from her vampire." Her arms wrapped around me and black soon surrounded me, I felt that weird sensation of being pulled into a too tight space that came with teleporting.

It ended quickly with both of us sprawled out on the living room floor, "Ricca what happened?"

"Fellow Ship of the Sun showed up." She sighed softly, sitting up, "don't do this to me again, Niall is going to smell the vampire. I'm going to die." Ricca wasn't angry, or upset, just worried about me and her position at my side. We have been together for a long time; since I was little and my parents died Ricca has been at my side.

"I'm sorry Ricca, you know I can't say no." she nodded and stood up, extending her hand to help me to my feet. I took her hand and she yanked me up.

Ricca was different from most Fae, she was old that was for sure, but she was also a vampire. She led me upstairs and helped me out of my dress, brushed out my hair, and then left to go change in her own room.

I curled up in my bed and looked out the window; the sky was bright with stars, the moon high and full in the sky. I closed my eyes and all I could see was Eric's face, and more as I dreamt of him.

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