Modern Day Romeo and Juliet

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Pairing Sookie&Eric, naturally.

Alright this is a bit confusing, it includes things that happened in all books, she knows Bill, and she doesn't know Eric. It has information from Dead in the Family. I also have changed the Fae Royalty around a bit to suit myself, which I will explain.

Rating: M.

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2 months later.


I opened my eyes slowly, the light causing my head to scream out in pain. I closed them again and leaned back against the cold, hard, naked chest behind me. Eric's arm was clamped tightly around my waist, not that I minded at this instant, but at some point I needed to get up and get to work.

I heard music slowly drifting through the door, I couldn't make out the words but it had a loud guitar in it. Ricca must be cleaning, and Gran must be at church. I wiggled my way out of Eric's grip, kissed his cheek softly, grabbed my uniform, shut off the light and rushed into the bathroom across the hall.

20 minutes later the lyrics of Demi Lavoto's "Until Your Mine" found my ears, a cup of water and aspirin in my hand.

"Morning Sookie." Ricca greeted with a grin. I turned the music down and nodded in reply. She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"How do you not have a hangover?" I grumbled, "Or like…need more sleep."

"Vampire." She retorted pulling off the yellow gloves she had on, "going to work?"

I nodded, I really didn't want to. "Have an ultra fun time." She said, way to cheerily. Last night Ricca had thrown a surprise party for me at Eric's house. Pam, Eric, Jason, Lyl, and more people I couldn't remember right now attended, even Claude and Claudine.

Most of the night was spent with Ricca and Pam dancing, Eric had managed to not be there for more then half the night, which he made up for, Ricca left a few times to check on her kids and I was left with the blonde vampire, not that I remember much.

"Well have fun at work." She commented with a half smile.

"You're not working?"

She shook her head, "I have…other priorities having dead time upstairs." A caught a small twinkle of amusement in her eyes, "and Gran will be home with the kids and Lyl soon."

"They're all at church?" Ricca shook her head no, "what then?"

"Shopping, go you'll be late." She said pushing me softly out the door, "keep your hair down." She yanked the hair tie from my hair, and closed the door. It took me a lot less time to get to work today, "Happy Birthday."

Sam, Arlene, Terry and Holly each gave me a smile when I walked in, along with a happy birthday.

I vaguely remember Sam showing up last night and by vaguely I mean I had a flash of his face and that's it. I blushed slightly at the thought as I began my shift. 5 hours later I was heading back home, feeling much better then I had that morning.

Ricca and Pam were outside, each leaning on different sides of the porch, Ricca looked angry, Pam annoyed and the overall feel of everyone in the house was anxiety. The two vampires didn't notice me as I approached.

"She tried to eat my kids Pam!" Ricca was whispering harshly. Pam sighed, and then noticed me.

"Sookie, you're home."

I stopped, my foot on the bottom step of the porch, "What's going on?"

"Felipe and Sophie-Ann are here." Ricca grunted and narrowed her eyes at the door, "Sophie-Ann is the Queen of Louisiana." Pam continued, "she would like to meet you."

Do not argue with Eric under any circumstances that you are not his. Do. Not. Ricca's voice rang loudly in my head as she lead me into my own house where Gran, Eric, Lyl, the two kids, Felipe and the woman I assumed was Sophie-Ann sat.

Ricca stalked straight over to Lyl, and dropped into a crouch in front of him and Gran, baring her teeth, no fangs, at Sophie-Ann. Something tells me that trip outside was a quick break. Eric strode over to me in 3 quick steps, took my face in his hand and kissed me long and deep.

"My Queen." He said in a tone of submission, "this is Sookie Stackhouse, my bonded." His eyes went to Felipe when he spoke the last part.

Sophie-Ann eyed me, every inch of me, and I was suddenly ticked off that I was still in my Merlottes uniform. As soon as Sophie-Ann finished her examination I rushed upstairs, put on a pair of jeans and a nice top before going down stairs and sitting between Eric and Lyl.

It crossed my mind that Ricca was putting herself in danger by acting in such away in front of the queen. But I realized in that instant she was faking her breathing and her heart was probably beating. A trick I still didn't get how she pulled off.

"Felipe, I don't see what you want with this girl. She's plain and boring. She's already at our disposal because she is Eric's bonded and we control him. We needn't disturb them. You have plenty of playthings. We're leaving now." Sophie-Ann said not actually moving, instead her eyes fell on Ricca who snarled, "now that one is actually interesting."

A low growl rumbled through Pam who was standing behind me, it said everything for her. Mine.

Sophie-Ann held her hands up in defense, stood up and strode out. It was only when they were leaving I noticed the few vampires in the room standing hidden to protect the two vampires.

"What was that about Eric?" I asked as I heard their cars crunch on the rubble.

"Felipe says I stole his toy."

"You did."

"No, I stole you back. You were mine first." He replied simply, "Lyl you might want to get them home."

Lyl nodded and took the two children out of the room with Ricca. She came back in 5 minutes later, and sat down next to Pam.

"What happens now?" I ask dumbly after 10 minutes of complete silence. Ricca looked up and met my eyes, her green eyes sparkling.

"We enjoy life until someone fucks it up." She answered simply, "and we enjoy it by fucking our mates." She said, and with that she and Pam were out the door and off into the night.

I heard a distant 'happy birthday' from Pam as they left.

Eric pulled me outside to his car, "I don't want to do that to your Grandmother again." He smirked, and I blushed, smiled and grabbed his free hand giving it a squeeze, "happy birthday, lover."